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    Science student.Experience with Objectivism: I've been dabbling for years. I've read Atlas, Philosophy who needs it, and parts of Objectivist Epistemology. Some of N. Branden. Listened to the entire Philosophy of Objectivism course by Peikoff. Many Ayn Rand estore recordings. All of Rand's interviews, and many of her estore recordings. Diana Hsieh's Atlas Shrugged series. Read from many internet sources, and watched many videos. So I'm not ignorant. If I seem that way, I'm probably only looking to chew on ideas and flesh them out and understand them in full.
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  1. I like your analogy. It's very insightful. Thank you.
  2. Yeah, I suppose you're right. It's so hard to believe anyone is gonna have a cure for the pain of living.
  3. If life is the problem, then not life is surely a solution. ;)
  4. I've read "Six Pillars of Self Esteem", and listened to the audio book, and I found it very revelatory. I really liked it. It's very useful if you already enjoy living, but not of much use if you find life to be endless drudgery. The ideas in the book were helpful for my self esteem, no doubt. But that's not really my problem. My problem is just that there's nothing in life worth the pain of living it. and I can't even envisage any life that would be worth living. I've gone about my business and found it to be drag. That was the question. Let's say you follow the logic and agree with it, you set about achieving life, and you find the whole affair utterly miserable. It's not a matter of permitting, it just is that way. Perhaps you have such power over your own mind but I don't. My emotions are not within my direct control. If they were, there would be no problem. Why would I want to feel miserable all the time? That makes no sense. I know not how to control my own mind that way. Perhaps you can explain it.
  5. Ayn Rand was clued in. I've had the thought that it makes total sense that only a woman could portray the ideal man. You should read the part in the Journals of Ayn Rand where she is describing Roark's character. It's pretty fucked up. She says he could essentially rape Dominique and feel justified about it. He wants her but it wouldn't bother him if he didn't get her. Just the most hardcore badboy who doesn't give af you can imagine.
  6. I frankly disagree. I can see the logic. It doesn't make the experience of living feel worth it. Logic and thinking isn't going to change how the experience feels. I can agree with your sterile logic all day. It doesn't change a thing about how life feels moment to moment.
  7. I'm not sure how any of this relates to my problem of not finding life at all worth living.
  8. Honestly, I don't think I have good bad premises. It doesn't matter how intellectually you agree that your life is your standard of value, it doesn't make the first hand experience of living it actually feel worth any value. Edit: I meant to write, "Honestly, I don't think I have bad premises." Sorry. That really changes the meaning lol. During writing it I edited the sentence and didn't fix the end. For future readers, I'll note that at time of editing, there were only two responses: the two responses were by Anthony and Wolf DeVoon
  9. I think you misunderstood my meaning. You don't need to know all things, you can specialize in your own field, to provide value for others who know other things, and then trade the products. ie. You don't need to know engineering, that's what earning money is for.
  10. In my life nothing has moved me as much as the beauty of girl. Am I the only one? I'm serious.
  11. Maybe they aren't distractions, but your true values. I dunno. Sometimes I wonder... if your values were really your values wouldn't you value them?
  12. Well they suggested to see a psychologist. I dunno how talking to someone is gonna make me enjoy life, but I guess they want me to do that before they drug me up. I'm pretty much ready to be a zombie.
  13. Are you saying everyone has to study astrophysics to be healthy or am I reading you incorrectly?