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  1. After a blessed but too-short interval in which Linz had another fit of the vapors and took down his sandbox so that we need no longer pay attention to his intestinal vapors, he reopened his doors and posted his latest conspiracy theory, basically that Satan is alive and well and living somewhere like New Jersey: We're back, after I took time out to try to come to grips with the enormity—by which I had become beyond-gobsmacked—of the evil prowling through the universe... [Linzian rodomontwaddle deleted.] I still can't come to grips with any of it, except to think there has to be a force f
  2. So, after Bandler finally let the Holocaust denial flag fly one too many times and Linz banned him, SLOP sort of lay there basking in the sun like a fetid marsh stewing in its own juices until Linz's new Great White Hope, Bruno Turner, came along. They did podcasts and everything! The idea being that Yaron Brook is a lousy public speaker, so they'd produce something far better. The one I was able to watch any of began with Linz butchering Italian--I guess Linz decided that if Brook could butcher a beautiful language, then he'd butcher a beautiful language even more grotesquely. Anyway, some pe
  3. In a bit of free time, I read some of John Kim a.k.a. Madmax/Doug Bandler's older postings at SOLO Passion. At the risk of beating a brain-dead ass, I'll share this bit of what is either stupid ignorance (stupid in that he didn't even check Wikipedia for basic facts) or a deliberate lie--though in that case probably a deliberate lie he stole from some slightly less stupid driveler, since he doesn't seem to have the "brain power...or temperament to create" anything original: "Blacks do not have the brain power at the population level nor the temperament to create advanced civilizations. I know
  4. John Kim, a.k.a. Madmax/Doug Bandler, is dripping more of his diseased drivel over in SOLO. For example: "BTW, the fact that Charlize Theron did not reproduce her stunning Nordic genetics is a true crime (Google her up to see interviews she gives in Afrikaner; ie Dutch. What a stunning Aryan woman). To see her with her adopted black African "son" makes me want to cry. I don't care how much a person wants to preach "individualism" but if whites do become extinct, women like Charlize Theron bear partial responsibility. She didn't earn her Nordic beauty. She was bequeathed it. And she betrayed i
  5. (ETA correct attributions) Bandler started as an opponent of your type around 2007, then morphed into your type by about 2011 or 2012, as Neil Parille pointed out and Larry Auster publicized back in 2012, quoting a comment in which he logged on as Madmax and signed off as Bandler. More than that, Bandler posted on SOLO long before his morphing, so in 2010 he started a thread critiquing Larry Auster for his racial views but considered him the best thing since cat's pyjamas by 2012. He doesn't seem to have made any bones about his change of views; it's one of the few things he does seem to be h
  6. (I miscut that; it's a quote from Michael Moeller.) Yeah, Bandler's a piece of work. Here's part of his latest rant: "Still, if I was going to marry (and I still might) it wouldn't be to an Hispanic or Asian woman, even though I admit it is much easier to find a more virtuous woman from those groups than it is to find a virtuous white girl (and that is a real cultural tragedy that you'll never see the ARI write about). I would only marry a white woman because I would not want to have interracial children. I wouldn't feel connected to them. I don't care how that sounds." Well, unfortunately f
  7. What I read of him had a way of calling to mind a famous quote from Alexandre Dumas:"My father was a mulatto, my grandfather was a Negro, and my great-grandfather a monkey. You see, Sir, my family starts where yours ends." Skimming his flounce-gram you'd think he was about to quote Sinatra's signature song My Way. No wait, here's a performance by, could it be, DB himself? You give him far too much credit. Start at 8:20 of the following and you'll see a more accurate depiction of Bandler's self-image. Note, however, this character lives out his ideals in reality (or at least the reality of t
  8. Hmm, so Doug Bandler praising fascism in the name of liberty is not noteworthy? (I note that while the silly boy loves to flirt with self-proclaimed fascists, he probably doesn't care to sign on with some of the more, shall we say, challenging challenges to his mentally challenged world view: Just thought I'd mention all this, 'cause it looks like Daunce Lynam missed this post of his.