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  1. I always liked the line- " The problem isn't capitalism, the problem is the capitalists"
  2. Norah is one of the very few whose albums I buy as soon as they release sight unseen. She is also the only person who I would care to pay 100+ for a concert ticket
  3. Regina Spektor- Ballad of a Politician Norah Jones- My dear country
  4. 43 pages since july??! Is this the most popular thread ever?
  5. I used to worry about the SkyNet problem, but then I thought it through logically and I agree with you. If there is anything to fear it is the people behind the machines, not the machines themselves--even sentient machines.
  6. this is what I was going to say. It would seem that humans are/were better evaluators then computers who had speed and depth on their side, but that speed and depth gives a good proxy for evaluation. In fact it was/is good enough to win
  7. So both programs will run on the same computer? Sorry I'm new to this. Alsohelp me to understand the difference between "evaluator" vs "calculator"
  8. I dont belive in utopias Also I don't presume to tell others what they should place value in
  9. hmm... interesting.... Call me crazy but you sound to me like you've changed your tune 170 degrees (not 100 percent) in the last two posts. It could very well be that I havent been clear so you've misunderstood me or maybe I misunderstood you but it sounds suspiciously that you are now using mostly same reasoning that I've been stating over and again from the beginning of this post. Example It is a voluntary decision. Earlier you would have implied that for the hirer offer anything above average (my word "norm" your word "mean") he would have to be socialist or be putting the company at ris
  10. what? What does this have to do with anything? Of course there is no free lunch. Who said there was. Your statement above is the same thing from my statement. Its called running a business. Have to agree with you here but I get the distinct feeling that you are throwing this in as a stretch, as a desparate attempt to be correct. Why don't you just admit that your opening posts were too broad and moralizing especially when those posts were based on your assumption that Dan Price's decision was to average out salaries. Now you are trying to say that anything that falls outside of your id
  11. Who pays?! Of course it comes out of profits. WTF?!! Thats the way businesses operate WhyNot. Businesses hire people and they pay salaries, not out of some magically pot of gold but out of the money they make. Surely you must be joking cause if not, your business crediblity is quickly heading for laugh out loud land. If the business cannot pay for salaries/ raises/ inventory/ lights then that is one thing (and it happens to poorly run businesses all the time) but to say that base pay come at the expense of someone else's raise ..... Guess what, according to your logic, anyone's raise comes
  12. I agree with your ability to choose what to do with your money and I would argue against anyone who decided your above statement was immoral, evil or corrupting
  13. If it works, it works, and no harm done if it doesn't. Is that your drift? Nobody can detach morality from this since, for starters, the CEO instigated his scheme with his particular moral view in mind. Then look down the road a little, and you'll see copy-catting by many more "moral" companies like his, all averaging-out income in an effort to make all people equal - and you have the start of "for the greater good" utilitarianism. The State happily enforcing the policy on a national scale, usually will arrive next - laissez-faire capitalism is its enemy, after all. If this is all too moralist
  14. I feel the same way but in reverse. Only those who are worried about what others make are failures who need to spend more time worrying about themselves than others