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  1. I edited it out, Peter... for the sake of the "children". Greg
  2. That's the indiscriminate secular doctrine of moral equivalence Bob was brainwashed with by his liberal government schools. Like I've been telling you... he's been mindfucked. Greg
  3. Yes... but I didn't create it. It was clearly defined thousands of years before any of us ever existed... "You shall not commit murder." "...if, in enmity, he struck the victim down with his hand, and he died, the one that struck the victim shall certainly be put to death; he is a murderer. The blood avenger shall put the murderer to death when he meets him." Greg
  4. ...because that requires no deliberation at all. Greg
  5. Bob was just a paid bureaucratic chimp... ...however, he should take that as a compliment since he chose monkeys as the ideal model for his own behavior. Greg
  6. There may be a distinction for others, Tony... but my point is that to the extent that I'm internally just... that is the extent to which I'm protected from external Law and Justice. What's inside of us overrides everything outside of us. In my whole life, I've had zero involvement with the justice system here, except for serving on jury duty. It's a fascinating experience to be a participant in rendering a just verdict in a trial. Greg
  7. Being personally just is what protects you from the Law and Justice in the world over which you have no control. That's why I don't make any distinction between the two... ... when only one is the sole determinant of your own personal experience of justice. Greg
  8. I don't make any distinction between the two, Tony. There's no need to chase after justice as if it was externally elusive. When a person is just in their own life first by being fair and honest in their dealings with others, they will naturally find their own kind who will be just with them. Those are truly beautiful words to live by. Here's a few more... "Owe nothing to anyone except to love and seek the best for one another" Those two are the bedrock foundation of American Capitalism. Greg
  9. Agreed, Peter... ...and the size of that bureaucracy is directly proportional to the failure of people to govern themselves. It sure will be for me... but then again I've consistently prospered over many decades no matter who happened to be the President. That's what American freedom is, Peter... freedom FROM the government created by others. And without the Capitalist freedom of private property ownership, none of the others matter. My freedom depends on my own budget, and I'm a wizard at managing my finances. So it has nothing to do with the government's budget. I have no control over what the government does... but I do have control over what I do. And in America, I work to earn the money to buy my freedom. He's a wild card for sure! Greg
  10. There is no "we" except in the amoral secular liberal collective. Only the unjust "see so little justice in reality", because they have chosen to be blind to the connection between what they do and what happens to them as the result of what they do. This requires an abysmal lack of self awareness. Greg
  11. This is a question only a secular amoralist who hasn't the slightest idea of why murder is wrong could ever ask.. Greg.
  12. The Freeman's Constitution will always be an unattainable intellectual fantasy to those who fail to govern their own behavior... ...just as those who fail to govern their own behavior will always create a bureaucracy to govern them. Greg
  13. Bob looks up to monkeys as ideals for his own behavior. This is the disease of amoral liberal secularism. Greg
  14. They had no morality to govern. Those secular dictators were a natural consequence of secularist populations who were just as evil as they were because they failed to govern their own morality. It's a perfect match of evil people getting exactly the evil leaders they deserve. Dictators could only scream from inside a padded cell wearing a jacket with the sleeves tied in back, if it wasn't for millions and millions of evil people eager to do their bidding. Greg
  15. Wise move, Wolf. You should run away from this topic like a scalded cat, because I know the real reasons the extreme right shares so many views with the radical left. No one would ever dare to address the libertine secularism which is shared by the seemingly two opposite ends of the political spectrum. It is this shared lack of standards of people who have failed to govern their own personal behavior which unites the "ends" of the political spectrum and forms a circle. No issues are ever political. They are always moral. Greg
  16. I got your number, Wolf. So many of your views sound exactly like the radical left... but it's not because of leftism itself. It's because you and the left share the same libertine secularist values... ... and that's what makes them your ideological bedfellows. Greg
  17. I'm speaking to you, not plenty of people. What's right isn't dependent upon how many people ascribe to it. Your view that it's "fallacious" is identical to Zinn's... even though you're on the right while he's on the left. This is just another example of how the secular libertine radical left and the secular libertine extreme right share so many of the same personal moral values. This is because the political spectrum is actually a circle... ... and if you go far enough to the right you'll meet up with the left on the dark side of the circle. Greg
  18. Tony, I don't believe Bob actually recognizes moral volition. For him, human behavior is exclusively amoral deterministic neuro-electro-chemical reactions in the brain and nothing else. Greg
  19. You're right, Tony. The secular libertine radical left refuses to identify evil for what it is. Case in point: Radical Islam Overt evil is clearly identified in the Bible... ...but it goes much further than that by identifying covert evil which poses as good as being worse than overt evil. "The unholy which stands in the place of the Holy." This is what makes the secular radical libertine left, as well as the secular libertine extreme right, so corrosive to Western civilization. One corrodes from without by public behavior... while the other corrodes from within by personal behavior. Greg
  20. A contentless baseless empty response, Wolf. Zinn pisses on Judeo Christian values just like you do... ...and it is this very fact which unites the secular libertine radical left with the secular libertine extreme right. They both share the same personal (im)morality. Greg
  21. Bob, you freaking dummy... this is 2017, not 1692! This is just one problem with secular liberal government educated dummies. They don't even know what year they're living in. Greg
  22. You'd love him, Wolf. He's a secular statist like you. His screed, "A People's History of the United States" is the most widely read textbook in government medrasas. According to him America is purely secular statist nation which had nothing to do with Judeo Christian moral values. Right up your alley. Talking with you reminds me of how the secular libertine radical left and the secular libertine extreme right are alike in so many ways. You both share so many of the same values. Greg
  23. I know your Howard Zinn secular leftist revisionist history, Wolf. I just don't subscribe to its lies. Greg
  24. That's a lie, Wolf. Without Judeo Christian values of which words were written in the Bible to describe them so that they could be transported from generation to generation... ...there would be no America. Greg
  25. This is a statement only an amoral secular leftist statist could ever make. In Judeo Christian America: "Fighting evil." In leftist secularist America: "Fighting IS evil." In secular leftist America legalism replaces morality. There is no morality... only moral equivalence... where there is no distinction made between good and evil. The secular leftist statist America in which Bob lives does not know why murder is wrong, because it does not know the difference between murder and destroying evil in defense of the good. Bob is in total agreement with Obama's weak amoral leftist pacifist foreign policy of "fighting is evil". Greg