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  1. Bob is simple to figure out... government educated to be a bureaucratic teat sucker. Greg
  2. You don't actually think about what you write, do you Wolf? The things you mentioned are just part of how what you do returns to you. Besides those, there are also many other ways for you to get exactly what you deserve as the consequences of your own actions. Everything you did returned to you. It's your own damned fault and no one else's. Greg
  3. It's actually quite simple, Brant. Secularists don't understand that when people do to each other they do to themselves because what they do to others returns to them. It has always been this way... it is this way... and it will always be this way. Whoever can figure this out will bless their life with happiness simply by giving up angrily blaming (unjustly accusing) others for the suffering they inflict upon themselves.. Greg
  4. Most murders are fully deserved self inflicted self destructs. Greg
  5. Brant, I'm not objective. I'm a completely subjective being... and so is everyone else. No one is objective. They can only either act in agreement or disagreement with objective reality. I can only subjectively choose to act in harmony with the objective reality of Divine moral law. What you, or anyone else chooses to do is completely up to you... ...and you and everyone else here have the objective reality of the results in your own lives to indicate to you how well you have chosen. You are spot on about the size of my reality, Brant. That's a truly insightful comment! The only objective reality I deal with is everyone and everything with which I am in direct contact. That is my personal sphere of influence over which I have control and for which I'm personally accountable. Everything else outside my personal sphere of influence is under the control and the responsibility of others. I have no control over what everyone else watches on network television news... and that's why I never watch it. I will not allow mainstream media form my view of the world. I have my own view of that which I'm directly connected and with which I'm personally involved. The stupid people who waste their time watching TV news have absolutely no control over what they're watching. They only think they do... which is a fool's fantasy. Television network news is designed solely to upset people by making them angry and fearful... ...because their own emotions to which they are slaves have the power to capture their attention and keep it fixated to the screen. In this society, captured attention is money and power and control. So while people are fixated on things over which they have no control... ...the things in their own lives over which they do have control go to hell. So you could say that my focus is completely local. It's one reason I live in a small rural village of 8,000 people instead of a city of millions. (and yes... this is a fun thread because I love to have fun... ) Greg
  6. Just take your aspirins, Brant, and you'll be fine. DNA has no God... only men. My Dad died at 50. His Brother died at 51. And his Sister died at 46. Genes aren't always determinants. People choose from an endless buffet of self inflicted self destructive behaviors which degrade the quality of their own lives. I don't count on God because I'm the only one who is personally responsible for how my own life unfolds according to the consequences of my own actions. So what I do count on is doing my very best to live according to the infinite wisdom of His moral laws... because by following their rational advice I'm acting in harmony with objective reality, and my life is blessed accordingly. "And we know with great confidence that God who is deeply concerned about us causes all things to work together as a plan for good for those who love God, to those who are called according to His plan and purpose. Anyone... regardless of what they believe... who acts rationally in harmony with the objective reality of moral law will be blessed with happiness and abundance. And those who stubbornly act contrary to the objective reality of Divine moral law get the self inflicted ass kicking they deserve. Greg
  7. I eat vegetables grains nuts fruit eggs and a little diary so there's really no need to get anything in my diet. There's also no reason to take aspirins either, although I believe it's just fine for others to compensate for the consequences of their lifestyle in any way they see fit to do so. We have our own blood pressure monitor and test anytime we want at home. It makes secular libertine intellectuals (not necessarily you) feel good about themselves to piss on God... ... but what they don't realize is that they're also pissing on the objective reality of totally rational Divinely designed time tested moral standards of behavior which exist for our own health and happiness so we can live a good quality life and become better people. Satan made an offer to Job: "Curse God and die." ...and he is still making the very same offer today... and the dumb secular libertines are flocking to him to take him up on his offer to feel good about themselves instead of actually being good. Doing what's morally right is for our own good... not God's. Greg
  8. That's your subjective opinion as a secular libertine, Wolf. The objective reality is that at 69 I'm quite healthy and happy. I'm vegetarian and do physical work outside as well as gardening hiking and bicycling. I don't drink alcohol, use drugs, or smoke cigarettes or pot. I haven't taken so much as one aspirin in over 50 years. I'm happily married to a good woman and together we cleared land and built our own Galt's Gulch like modern day pioneers. Long ago a very wise man said: "Don't you know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is within you, whom you have received as a gift from God, and that you are not your own property? You were bought with a price and were actually purchased with the precious blood of Jesus and made His own. So then, honor and glorify God with your body." I take good care of mine because I need it to do good by making the world a better place. And like any other high quality well maintained appliance, it's rewarding me with a long and useful service life. Doing what God advises me to do isn't the least bit irrational . It's perfectly logical because it's what's best for me and my life... and I have the results as my proof. What results do you have as proof that your life as a secular libertine is working out for you? (...crickets...) In my subjective opinion as a religious moralist, you're the sick puppy, Wolf. You're the sucker who got swindled by your own collectivist liberal fantasy that someone else would build your utopia for you and take care of you, instead of taking the individual personal initiative to build your own. Jeez, in your picture you look like a decomposing mushroom. Go outside and get some Sun. Greg
  9. Gang war is certainly not irrational to liberal secularists, Wolf. For them, fighting over drugs, money, and addicted customers is a perfectly rational way to exist and to perish. Only valueless creatures exist and perish... decent men live and die. Greg
  10. Secular liberal notions of God are certainly irrational... while the objective moral reality of God is completely rational. For He clearly stated: "You shall not murder." You're long gone, so do any of the other liberal secularists here regard that statement to be irrational? That evil people murder in the name of a god is not the fault of God. Only liberal secularists irrationally blame (unjustly accuse) God for that, not those who know He exists. For only the rational understand that people are held personally accountable for their own actions by the objective moral reality of the just and deserved consequences those who do evil set into motion.. Greg
  11. It's obviously rhetorical, Brant... Greg
  12. They're only fuzzy devils to Bob and the secular liberals who acknowledge nothing greater than the government that suckles them. Morality and immorality don't confuse decent people because they know by their Conscience what's right and wrong... why is it such a vexing problem for Bob? Greg
  13. Bob doesn't even know why murder is wrong, Peter. He only knows what his government tells him is legal because for him morality is only legalisms created by people, so it's all just subjective opinion with no objective moral standard. He'd gas Jews if he was a Nazi because his government told him it was legal. And this is because he has no objective moral standard. His behavior is purely a matter of whatever culture into which he happened to be immersed... ...which made him the perfect government trained monkey. Greg
  14. Don't you know that lying to evil people and even killing them in order to protect the lives of the innocent is doing good? Greg
  15. That would all depend on whether the god is Good or evil. With just that one short sentence you wrote, you have just explained why your weak amoral libertine secular government worshipping nation is such tempting low hanging fruit which is so easily being assimilated by Islam. Secular government dependent lambs with no moral standards deserve to be led to the slaughter by evil people with no moral standards. It's rather poetic justice. Greg
  16. Bob is so blinded by his secular religion he can't even explain how the liberal government scientists he worships could have been so completely WRONG about cholesterol... ...for 40 YEARS. "Potentially reversing almost 40 years of government policy, the top nutrition advisory board for the United States has dropped its warning against dietary cholesterol. The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee concluded that no evidence supports a link between dietary cholesterol and heart disease." So much for "various protocols" and "improbable falsehoods"! I'll take common sense any day over government education because it produces people like Bob who do whatever their government tells them to do no matter how irrational it is. And I'll bet Bob had been eating margarine for decades just because his government told him to do it. Bob is a perfect example of a secular liberal government educated idiot. Greg
  17. Does that mean we won't be seeing you at the Haj? Aw... too bad, Peter. You're missing all the fun. Greg
  18. Only amoral libertine secularist would need to ask that question. Morality is doing what's right. The purpose of morality is to make better people. To become a better person is not only for your own good, it is also for the good of others to help them become better people. If you become a better person, the government will leave you alone to enjoy your life... and if you don't, the government will be your worst nightmare. Notice that no matter what you do, you're getting the government you deserve. That's justice. Greg
  19. Morality and ethics are bound together. People who are immoral are also unethical. When Jesus said, "Treat others the same way you want them to treat you.", He wasn't just telling people what they should do. It was also an axiomatic equation of objective reality. As you treat yourself you will treat others. Treat Yourself = Treat Others Being a secularist your focus is solely on legality because for you there is no greater power than your government. Your complaints of government oppression are only because your own failure to govern yourself. This is because the US Constitution doesn't work for people who fail to govern themselves. When a critical mass of people fail to govern themselves, the Constitution needs to be violated in order to govern them... ...which is exactly what has been happening, and is happening right now. "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." --John Adams The Consitution was created solely for the decent. It does not work for amoral libertine secularists... ...regardless of whether they're on the radical left or the extreme right. Greg
  20. You share so many views values and behavior with amoral libertine secular leftists, Wolf. These affinities which unite the secular radical left to the secular extreme right, explain why justice to you only means lawyers and judges and legalisms... ...but not morality. Greg
  21. Being an amoral libertine secularist the only justice you will ever know is public litigation... ... which solely exists for people who fail to govern their own behavior to become prey of the legal system created by their own failure. It's all self inflicted, Wolf... there is no one else for you to rightfully blame... ...however you are perfectly free to wrongfully blame others for all the good it'll do you. Greg
  22. Well put, Tony. In America today, justice is not an unearned entitlement... ... for it can only be enjoyed by those who are just. Greg
  23. Honestly, that's sooo liberal to blame (unjustly accuse) God for the evil people choose to do. It's the ulltimate in infantile abnegation of personal responsibility for their own actions and the just and deserved consequences they set into motion. Only liberal secularists could hold that view of religious people because they don't have any personal knowledge of them. What they're actually saying is that they unjustly blame God, and the self imposed pain of believing that lie is what causes them to intellectually negate God in an effort to absolve themselves of hating God. I've personally known many religious people in my lifetime, and so far not one of them has ever blamed (unjustly accused) God for the misery created by people who do evil. Greg
  24. Justice is... the objective reality of the consequences of your own actions. Greg