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  1. Thanks for the suggestion Michael, but impotent political outrage is not my thing. I just noted the humorous gap between your statement and reality. The kind of people who deal with get exactly what they deserve because it matches the values by which they live, and I'm content with that. This is because I look for my own practical personal solutions which allow me to enjoy my freedom regardless of what others choose to do.
  2. I am in my late 70's One lesson I have learned is that good manners is more important than morality. Ba'al Chatzaf ... just as good behavior is more important than good intentions. Amen and Selah! What you say is true for the same reason what I said is true. Good intentions are internal. Overt behavior is visible. Ba'al Chatzaf This is one aspect I most love about Judaism... it is behaviorist. This is a shortcoming of Christianity.
  3. Intentions are irrelevant... as only our actions have the power to make the world around us what it is. Good done for the wrong reason has exactly as much beneficial effect on the world as the same good done for the right reason.
  4. It's a shame that fantasy does not apply to " Civic Action is a 501©(4) organization which primarily focuses on nonpartisan education and advocacy on important national issues. Political Action is a federal political committee which primarily helps members elect candidates who reflect our values through a variety of activities aimed at influencing the outcome of the next election." " Political Action and Civic Action are separate organizations."
  5. If you could remove all of the cultural, social, and religious trappings... it would be impossible to tell the difference between the moral behavior of a good Christian, or a good Jew, or a good atheist.
  6. I am in my late 70's One lesson I have learned is that good manners is more important than morality. Ba'al Chatzaf ... just as good behavior is more important than good intentions.
  7. Hey Stephen, Yes, that's me. I registered under the same screen name as in the other forum because I'm not into hiding. Regards, Greg
  8. While I don't personally know about the details because I wasn't there then... I do personally enjoy the results today because I'm here now. Today there is nothing between man and his Conscience, and so there is no longer any excuse for not knowing what's right and wrong.
  9. I see this from another viewpoint, even though our local Tea Party Patriots was one of the groups specifically targeted by the government. One of our founding members even went to Washington during the hearings. My advise at the time was not to pursue the government granted entitlement of non profit tax exempt status, so as to continue to enjoy the freedom to do whatever we wanted. When the board voted on this matter, I was a minority of the only no vote. If a group purports to promote small Constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free capitalist private sector markets, then it should operate on the very same principles it champions, by becoming a private sector Capitalist business instead of groveling to the government to be given an entitled status. It's downright demeaning to freely choose to stick your own neck into the government's noose and then complain about rope burns. Greg
  10. Classical music is alive and well today in feature film scores.
  11. This forum was recommended, so here I am. It's fair that you know up front who and what I am. Understanding from where a person's view originates is always useful in accurately crafting an effective response to it. I'm male, married, Grandfather, Christian, Conservative, independent private sector Capitalist entrepreneur businessman whose choices are heavily inspired by Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. I see no conflict between Objectivism and Christianity because I don't buy into to the weak feminized limp wristed liberal doormat interpretation of Christianity which has become the current popular collective cultural religious consensus. My main interest is in the moral aspects of life... so I'm moralist. I look forward to adding my input along with yours to this forum. Regards, Greg
  12. Very naive. If you are talking about a community totally separated from the main body, then you will need a sufficient high population to provide the mix a skills necessary to economic independence from the main body. Good luck! Ba'al Chatzaf Decent people naturally tend to form their own informal communities when they choose to do business with others who share their moral values. And this cuts both ways... as the unethical naturally seek out their own kind with whom they form their communities. These two kinds of communities are like oil and water. They're all swirled around together but without actually combining.
  13. I also see the government in a similar way. Not as an enemy in itself, but as a perfectly logical consequence of what the political majority have created in their own image. Each individual's own direct personal experience of getting the government they deserve is wholly determined by how they are living their life. So whenever I find myself muttering about the government, I remind myself to refine my own life so as to alter my relationship to the government, rather than engaging in the futility of trying to get the government to change. To my surprise I discovered that the less I need the illusion of what government only appears to offer... the more government leaves me alone.