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  1. Those are the words of a failure, Wolf. The kind of failure who is a sucker for utopia scams, because the scammers share the same unethical values that you live by. You're a victim if your own secular libertine values. That's perfect moral justice. My inventions create the wealth that buys my economic freedom. Greg
  2. That's totally up to whever reads what I write. It's not up to me. Even if people don't want to accept responsibility for the bankrupt unconstitutional government bureaucracy they created out of their own need for it to be their benefits mommie... they're getting it anyway. I'm getting exactly the government I deserve... It's the one I created, that leaves me alone to enjoy my life. Greg
  3. I'm just placing responsibility exactly where it belongs. Greg
  4. Well... those are the same kinds of kinds of pigs, too!
  5. Sorry, Wolf... I didn't. I have next to nothing to do with the government because I don't take what it offers to give. But I understand your believing I did, because you did. Greg
  6. To the people who CREATED the government they deserve through their own FAILURE to govern themselves. This is perfect moral justice that people deserve to be fully exposed to the consequences of their own failure... and the US government is the perfect duly authorized agent of moral retribution to do it to them. Greg
  7. Ok, Brant... do YOU explain WHO created the HUGE complex convoluted parasite infested $20,000,000,000,000 indebted unconstitutionally bankrupt bureaucracy? Duh... I do no... dit nobodee fawt... dit jus hapand. (the kid is an actor in the movie "Black Ops 2"... pretty good flick) The answer is a CATASTROPHIC FAILURE OF PEOPLE TO GOVERN THEIR OWN LIVES. Greg
  8. People only dehumanize themselves by their own behavior. No one else could ever do to them what they do to themselves. There is only one reason the US government is so large, so bankrupt, and so unconstitutional... pigs. Greg
  9. While the US government reflects how the majority lives... and the majority are PIGS... ...the huge collectivist liberal socialist benefits dispensing bureaucracy bears little resemblance to America, and to the decent responsible minority of self reliant independent folks who still live like Americans. This is what I mean by not confusing the government with America. The government isn't America. Greg
  10. Yes it is. The US government today bears little relation to the rapidly dwindling minority of productive independent private sector American Capitalists. Instead it has become the creation of the unproductive government dependent parasitic teat sucking majority who need the government to be their benefits mommie who takes care of them because they failed to properly manage their own lives. The government has almost nothing to do with my life or my values. It basically leaves me alone to enjoy my life because I an independent American who governs myself and who has no need for the government to be my mommie. I don't need its loans. I don't need its benefits. I don't need it to educate me. I don't need it to employ me. I don't need it to insure me. And I don't need it to take care of my health... ...because I'm a responsible adult American who does all of these things for myself. I'm self educated, self employed, self insured, amply self funded, and I take care of my own health. This is how Americans used to live, and they were the reason why the government used to be so small and Constitutional. Those days are long gone. America has become a nation of parasites. Greg
  11. You are if you're not sucking off government benefits teat either. The only real criterion is producing more than you consume, not how much you produce. What kind of work do you do to support yourself? Greg
  12. Bob... you worked for government contracted companies for all of your life. Greg
  13. Bob... that's the mindf**k I've been talking about. You do to your kids exactly what your parents did to you... ... because you failed to learn how to solve your problems that got dumped onto you... so you pass them on to others. This is how unresolved personal garbage gets dumped onto the next generation... over and over and over. Greg
  14. Hey, I got an early out from the Army, too! By remaining on duty in Vietnam for an extra couple of months. Experiences like that you just make the best of it so that you can come out of it a better person. Greg
  15. The answer to your question is not scaleable, Tony. Producing more than you consume is the dividing line between success and failure in life. By producing more than they consume a person who knows how to live on little is still successfully solvent and financially independent, because they are working to provide for all of their own needs and wants. Greg
  16. Jerry, why do you keep continually confusing the government with America? Don't you know that a nation isn't the government? The size and nature of the US government today is a precise indicator of how many people are failing to govern themselves. It used to be small because more people were decent enough to govern themselves. More Indecent People = More Unconstitutional Government Greg
  17. That's actually not the whole truth... "Now as to the matters of which you wrote me. It is well and by that I mean advantageous, expedient, profitable, and wholesome for a man not to touch a woman to cohabit with her, but to remain unmarried. But because of the temptation to impurity and to avoid immorality, let each man have his own wife and let each woman have her own husband." Are you a Christian, Arkadi? Greg
  18. Since you mentioned it.... Jesus also freed slaves. In America today, anyone who is a slave only did it to themselves. By the way do you live in America? Greg
  19. Jesus produced more than He consumed. He provided food for 5,000 people and made wine from water. Greg
  20. The value of a person's mental productivity can be measured by their ability to find a market for their output. One goes hand in hand with the other. Of what good is an intelligent idea without the common sense to implement it? This defines the difference between being educated in a University... and becoming enlightened in the real world. Greg
  21. The answer is simple... making more money than you spend. This is a working definition of solvency. There is a link between solvency and good values. People tend to manage their money in the same ways as they manage their life. Greg
  22. Again, you're mixing up the government with the nation, Jerry. Here, this might clear up your confusion... "Our Constitution was made ONLY for a moral and religious people. It is WHOLLY INADEQUATE to the government of any other. " --John Adams The Constitution works ONLY for honest responsible people with decent moral values who govern themselves. IT DOES NOT WORK for the indecent... ...and HAS to be VIOLATED in order to govern immoral secularist libertines who FAIL to govern their own behavior. Greg
  23. You're confusing the government with the nation. Greg
  24. Again, what I said specifically applies to America today because it was founded on the Judeo Christian work ethic. "If anyone is not willing to work, neither let him eat." --Bible In free, prosperous, industrious, Capitalist, opportunity rich America today, if a person isn't producing more than they consume, they are doing something morally wrong. I fully understand that unproductive government sucking parasites who infest secular liberal socialist welfare state crapholes live by completely different moral values. Greg
  25. In your example of Simpson the murderer, he was an evil man who had rotten moral values. No one with rotten values is happy... and neither are they free. Simpson is in prison, and even if he was out he still wouldn't be free. And I'm not talking about "other regimes" or other historical times in the dead past either. I'm talking about today in America... not some rotten liberal socialist welfare state shithole. America is unique in that it was founded, not on one nationality, but rather it was founded on a Judeo Christian moral values. I have a totally different view on mountain climbing than you do... If people didn't put out the physical effort to hike up mountains they couldn't travel anywhere to live in new territories and civilization couldn't be spread over the world. That's a way bigger effect than a talking Aristotle. Greg