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  1. I didn't need a smoke before reading this post.
  2. Seems out government can not distinguish the difference between immigration and invasion.
  3. I have just noticed most self improvement books always covers Affirmations and auto suggestion and it seems to work for those who keep at it and turns these techniques into habits. I've read all of Napoleon Hills work (enjoy it) but loses me on the whole infinite intelligence part. He does say that it is a practical science using brain waves and using the brain as a receiver for ideas.
  4. Exactly... What the mind can conceive. The mind can achieve.
  5. Over the years I have studied and researched many wealthy and successful individuals. (Prime movers of the industrail progress age) What I find is most have habits in common. These habits have lead to a movement in positive thinking and Affirmations said to ones self over and over. I was curious as to what everyone feels about Affirmations and other techniques of self improvement. Is it all a way to building self esteem and helps with achievement and success? Or dillusions of mysticism?
  6. Gun control Bill was SB249. Banning any semi automatic weapon that has a conversion kit to make the rifle a fixed magazine rifle. He also proposed bills SB108 and SB 47. 108 deals with storage of the weapon and 47 is a ban on "assault rifles" detachable magazines.
  7. In Florida a judge ruled living off the grid illegal. It was fine until she went public, then the state said she HAD to sign up for their water service. This concerns me due to the survival niche is one of my hobbies. If this continues its the Feds telling you that you have to use their services. (Besides what we already have to use). Source:
  8. I can get along with most Anarcho - Capitalist. (chatted with some on forums) But what I find strange is most straight Anarchist I know are fond of Socialism. I've read a few books where they teach Anarchist techniques but then promotes socialism in their political philosophies. What the hell? Can anyone explain this? I can understand Anarcho - Capitalist point of view, disband the government and replace with a Capitalist system.....But to replace with a socialist system seems to be hypocritical.....
  9. California Senator Leland Lee was arrested for possibly running guns. (AK47s) The irony is he proposed two anti gun bills, which are currently the toughest gun legislations in the country. Definition of hypocrite.
  10. I have read all of Robert Greene's books, five in total. I cant help but to enjoy his books and the strategies behind the cut throat business type philosophy. It offers an alternative to the happy positive self-help books. Its more nitty gritty and more realistic approach to life, career, business, and trade. I was curious if anyone else read and enjoyed his books and what's your opinion?
  11. So I went to the flea market (redneck sidewalk mall) over the holidays to look for Chinese military texts in a book stand they have there. They have a lot of different books on many subjects. Digging through the Philosophy section I found a first hard back edition of The Fountainhead, First edition of Anthem, and first paper back edition of Atlas Shrugged. I paid $16 bucks for all. Id say that was a score.
  12. The Mathematical idea helped end that whole curse on the Redsox jazz.
  13. I think we should let the whole region slaughter themselves. Sit back, build wealth = mighty military. Americans sit nicely at the end. We always get in the middle of things and it drives me crazy. Here's an example of the American government way of thinking. "OH you mess with us...we will bomb you but no worries.. we will pay you to rebuild, and as a bonus, here, take a few tanks for good luck".
  14. Would a Blog count? It probably would help get audience and readers. If the Blog was related of course. I personally have been pondering the idea, but "advertisement" or getting readers takes hard work.
  15. I took it as, crime can happen anywhere. or, crime will happen.
  16. To some, they maybe against it. But in a way I would like to tell this kid, spot on spot on. The reason why is I may disagree with his religious views but it took courage to do this and shoved political correctness in the face of many with "free speech". (im kinda a rebel myself) Some will say, "but it was a public school". I would say, "yes, but I don't agree with public schools, if they were ALL privatized then people would have a choice to go to a "certain religious" school, or a "non religious school". Secondly, prayer in schools doesn't bother me. I say let all religious kids pray, let the ones who are not religious NOT pray. But again, let all religious or "lack of" prey or whatever. Of course, this is a "federal law"? Uncle Same knows best right? TRUE FREEDOM. So instead of looking at this kids speech as him pressing religious views on people I think it was more of a cry for free speech. Of course he may be saying this as a point to allow prayer in schools again. That's his right to do so. I don't think Americans could handle TRUE FREEDOM. For example: The Chick Fila controversy. I debated many that,if you don't agree, DONT EAT THERE! This is simple and to me, TRUE FREEDOM. The owner of a business can say what he wants. If it harms his business its his fault, his choice...... I may be wrong on this, however it is a thought and may start a good conversation.... But again, "spot on kiddo"
  17. This is very true, Hitler did not use his lead and best General wisely.
  18. Your latest post went off topic. Far as the current topic "see my post above" However since you moved on to this...I also would like to counter...... This concerns me, I would tell Criminologist what I tell Politicians. Get away from the pen and pick up a hammer. A politician knows nothing or has forgotten what its like being a working gentleman. Example: The president, Has never worked in the private sector nor served in the military yet, he can try to pass laws that concern both. Most politicians know nothing of the "workingman" environment. Yet they supposed to represent "us". Now, on to Criminologist... If you or other "card carrying criminologist" actually believe this I would say similar to the above. Get out from the desk and nose out of the book. Street knowledge in criminology would be better than what you will ever learn in a college setting. Take a trip to the projects. For this discussion I will use my home city as an example: In Mobile Al, there is a area known as Happy Hills. It is a place the city calls "The Projects" society calls it "The Ghetto". This is a place in the city that cops don't go. There's one way in, one way out and down a hill into a valley. Its a nightmare for cops. They go there they get sniped! So the only city workers allowed there is EMT, Firefighters, and utility workers. Everyone knows about it, it is not a secret, all who live here knows "you don't go there" Happy Hills and similar places account for most of the cities unsolved crime and homicides for obveise reasons. Lets move across town. West Mobile is a wonderful place with good people that makes a decent living. Nice homes, nice everything. Is there still crime? sure... But nothing compared to "the projects" or downtown. So the term "Crime knows no neighborhood" is only true in one sense. Because crime can happen in all neighborhoods, BUT, crime can be greater in different neighborhoods. This is a fact. Also this can not be learned in a book but on the streets. When I was young my since mother was broke. We lived in the ghetto. I lived this way much of my life until she built herself up after a divorce and I myself did as well. Moving on... Yes rich men in the country may molest their nieces, but for ever niece molested a gang banger shoots 10 rivals. Again, this is fact. Next.. Prostitution among wealthy women is not prostitution because in reality what happens is she wants a real man. haha couldn't help myself.. "the electrician" the dirty construction worker that knows how to use his hands. She wants the "tough dude" that fries his chicken when she may have a pen pusher with Master degrees that eats sushi. (I like some sushi, just a thought) There's low crime statistics in rural areas because there's low crime. Something I think criminologist apparently do not think of is "more people, more crime" Also it depends on your neighborhood and part of town, which I have proved. "Tractors are not produced on farms" huh Farmers don't need tractors to produce a product either..... and it doesn't matter where the marketplace is as they will travel to the nearest one. I don't see how cities make rural living possible when rural areas doesn't even need the cities to live. As I've stated in previse posts I myself could survive without a city, economy, or government. Many individuals could. So Rural folks can easily survive. They may not want to.... or its very easy to "drive to town" but this certain theory by Jane Jacobs is incorrect. With no dis respect to you, I just disagree with these theories and statements.
  19. When thinking of the controversy surrounding the topic. I ask people to think of "Rearden Metal". For profit, engineers or anyone will design better, faster, and more productive ways. This results in achievement and advancement.
  20. He invested Billions in "new energy" Yet the company went bankrupt. We have energy alternatives and its all around us. Huge in the states. These are issues I do not understand. Almost complete answer to our current affairs, problems, and bankruptcy. This personally hurts me beings I am in the Petroleum field. Anyway I wanted to share the article. Notice 100K jobs on the Gulf Coast alone. "sigh"
  21. Also one last thought. Im not saying its the best or greatest place to live. As with anything its for some, but not for all. Some would love the culture, others would hate it. Up to the individual. Another thought: A house you could by say in the west or north, for what you pay there you could buy 2 of the same house in the south. Plus acreage. Low cost of living does not necessarily mean "Low standard of living".
  22. where do I begin. Your observation of the South is incorrect. Let me start...... If you are a multi billion dollar corporation looking to build a plant in the United States you will look for the following according to large corporations who have opened plants recently. (Airbus, ThyssenKrupp, Chevron, etc etc) Land tax State Regulations cost of living (because if cost of living is low then your payroll payout would be low). Land prices (per acre) State taxes Transportation (road, or sea access is considered) Again "cost of region" (Example: if fuel cost is low your profit will be higher, same with materials in area) Under all of these considerations the South would be ideal for ALL of the above. Yet, its bad for business? This is incorrect from a business perspective. So you mention facts... How can I prove this? The following companies stated these are the reasons they chose the South. There is a lot more to add to this list. Also consider this is just one state!! Under these considerations the South is a Gold mine for business. Ok, next...... Crime: One thing not considered is the population. The South is a very VERY very low populated area. Compared to other states the crime rate is very low. Your talking millions of people in one city in some states to thousands in states around the country. Also let me add that the Southern states have the most lenient gun laws over other regions. Example: one month ago I walked into Academy and bought a Remington 30 06 and a Marlin 410, filled out tow pieces of paper and walked out. I bought a Smith and Wesson 45. To conceal it I only have to 45 bucks a year, With this permit I can conceal on wear it on my hip. Their is no so called "assault rifle" bans and all that mess. The bad crime rates come from bad neighborhoods... pure and simple. However, the southern states does not have many "massive cities" therefore most is "country living". The crime rates come from the big cities it does have. However my debate does not steam from this, this is just a side note. My debate comes from facts. That the Southern region is of low population and in a lot of polls or statistically this is not considered. If it was the numbers would change. Besides in most polls there's only a couple states on the list anyway. Moving on: Ignorance: rather insulting, I typically would reword as to not insult. of course this is called "southern hospitality" we also call that manners. anyway... ignorance: Do not confuse ignorance with pace of living. The typical southerner lives a slow paced simple life. This is the culture and I,myself, enjoy it. They work, come home and enjoy time with family and personal hobbies. They enjoy sitting on the porch chit chatting with friends drinking sweet tea or Budlight. This does not mean their ignorant. Let me add that this "ignorant" person can typically build a house with his bare hands, feed his family without going to the grocery store if he wanted and doesn't need an Engineering degree to build something. This usually comes from home raising, tradition, and culture. I will quote Hank Williams Jr. "theres not to much these ol boys cant do, a country boy can survive". Yes, this may be a song by a singer but, theres a lot of truth to it. The hobbies of the stereotyped "redkneck hick" is fixing just about anything, hunt his food, fish, build some wild and amazing things, grow his own crops, make is own wine, and cook some amazing food from scratch. etc etc. I myself don't need a mechanic to fix my truck or change my oil. I personally do all the things described above and as an Engineer once told me, "If you can distill moonshine, then you can create gasoline just on a larger scale, and these people seem to be born with this knowledge". Hardly the ignorance you can speak of and keep in mind these survival skills are hobbies in the South. If the government ceased to exist tomorrow the last people on Earth to worry would be this region. Ill vouch for that. Also a BA or Master degree doesn't make you "non-ignorant". lack of common sense does. My writings above proves the region is Hardly the ignorant people you speak of. In reality their very smart, have high levels of common sense, BUT live slow paced lives. Furthermore YES! its true the south has the lowest educational standards of the country but under what observation? under public school system statistics. Even has the lowest the graduation percentage is in the 80 percentile. Not to bad, this is a government problem anyway. Our entire nations education criteria is low compared to other nations. I could write more but ive made my point.... Again.....Let me add again, Fact is..... Unemployment: Alabama: 6.9% 2 years ago before lord Obama cut out a lot of the drilling it was 3.3%, Florida: 7.2 Georgia: 8.2 Texas: 6.4 Louisiana: 6.5 Before regulations on drilling and the so called recession hit the south had the best percentages of unemployment. During and afterwards the south STILL had some of the best percentages. Tax Rate: Tenn is the 3rd lowest state tax in the nation Alabama is 5th in the nation Texas is 8th S. Carolina is 2nd Need I say more? Summary: Capitalism, self reliance, individualism, private property. Equals the South. It amazes me your lack of understanding of the Southern culture for a gentlemen who lives in Austin Texas. By the way, from what I gather and those i have worked with which is numorous. I have learned most Austin citizens are very VERY proud to be Texans. I will add Texas is a great state. Far as the "race and black people" comments.. ill pass. Enjoy Emanuel