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  1. I didn't need a smoke before reading this post.
  2. Seems out government can not distinguish the difference between immigration and invasion.
  3. I have just noticed most self improvement books always covers Affirmations and auto suggestion and it seems to work for those who keep at it and turns these techniques into habits. I've read all of Napoleon Hills work (enjoy it) but loses me on the whole infinite intelligence part. He does say that it is a practical science using brain waves and using the brain as a receiver for ideas.
  4. Exactly... What the mind can conceive. The mind can achieve.
  5. Over the years I have studied and researched many wealthy and successful individuals. (Prime movers of the industrail progress age) What I find is most have habits in common. These habits have lead to a movement in positive thinking and Affirmations said to ones self over and over. I was curious as to what everyone feels about Affirmations and other techniques of self improvement. Is it all a way to building self esteem and helps with achievement and success? Or dillusions of mysticism?
  6. Gun control Bill was SB249. Banning any semi automatic weapon that has a conversion kit to make the rifle a fixed magazine rifle. He also proposed bills SB108 and SB 47. 108 deals with storage of the weapon and 47 is a ban on "assault rifles" detachable magazines.
  7. In Florida a judge ruled living off the grid illegal. It was fine until she went public, then the state said she HAD to sign up for their water service. This concerns me due to the survival niche is one of my hobbies. If this continues its the Feds telling you that you have to use their services. (Besides what we already have to use). Source:
  8. I can get along with most Anarcho - Capitalist. (chatted with some on forums) But what I find strange is most straight Anarchist I know are fond of Socialism. I've read a few books where they teach Anarchist techniques but then promotes socialism in their political philosophies. What the hell? Can anyone explain this? I can understand Anarcho - Capitalist point of view, disband the government and replace with a Capitalist system.....But to replace with a socialist system seems to be hypocritical.....
  9. California Senator Leland Lee was arrested for possibly running guns. (AK47s) The irony is he proposed two anti gun bills, which are currently the toughest gun legislations in the country. Definition of hypocrite.
  10. I have read all of Robert Greene's books, five in total. I cant help but to enjoy his books and the strategies behind the cut throat business type philosophy. It offers an alternative to the happy positive self-help books. Its more nitty gritty and more realistic approach to life, career, business, and trade. I was curious if anyone else read and enjoyed his books and what's your opinion?
  11. So I went to the flea market (redneck sidewalk mall) over the holidays to look for Chinese military texts in a book stand they have there. They have a lot of different books on many subjects. Digging through the Philosophy section I found a first hard back edition of The Fountainhead, First edition of Anthem, and first paper back edition of Atlas Shrugged. I paid $16 bucks for all. Id say that was a score.
  12. The Mathematical idea helped end that whole curse on the Redsox jazz.