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  1. He should be removed for criminal negligence in managing a public health crisis. And that shouldn’t have anything to do with any DC administration , New York State officials need to take responsibility for their Governor’s actions. And they need to divest the current owners of the nursing homes in a punitive move. But I’m not holding my breath. Image if they did though.
  2. Is there such a thing as ghoulish optimism ? Is it a good sign that there didn't seem to be an organized , dare I say 'widespread 'operation to use the homeless as cord wood to stack up in front of all the auxiliary morgue capacity? Though it could be that the good governors where as successful as they were in number accumulation via nursing home policies that it wasn't necessary. It feels like they are losing steam with the fear factor, the homeless better start looking over their shoulders, only so many tricks left until the midterms.
  3. Unfortunately I don’t think those kind of numbers are surprising for law enforcement especially in higher density populations , but it does seem high for a force more akin to museum guards and guides.
  4. Since June one of the things I see the most of is 'Help Wanted' signs, I guess a lot of renters not able to pay rent looking for and getting jobs caused a lot of need for employees ?
  5. I remember seeing or reading something about how much thought went into the way people interact with their ‘screens’. That part of the engineering involved what they knew about tactile mechanics and associated psychological responses. Dragging a finger on a screen and ‘moving’ the images meshes with reward systems tied to task accomplishment. That action is purposefully engineered to promote interaction and habituated use will lead to an anticipated dopamine release , basically training people to ‘addict’ themselves to interaction with their devices. I wonder how much overlap in those mechanisms are operative in masking. Objectively I assume most would reach the conclusion that simple cloth face coverings, as opposed to more stringent filtration barriers, offer negligible benefit for protection against contact with virus size particles. But I bet there is some measurable dopamine effect to physically donning and there by acting to become compliant to a seemingly logical ‘should’. Something tangible to demonstrating to peers that you are acting in a certain manner that will be appreciated and positively reinforced by social feedback. But damned if every single time I had to put a mask on to enter some place or other , that my mind wasn’t screaming “ WTF, this piece of shit cloth won’t help, how stupid are we?!” It makes me feel shitty to have those thoughts and yet then do it anyway Fuck the CCP and all the bastards who know they are making people this way on purpose. And I’m done feeling shitty , no mask no entry in the future ? Well I suppose it will be curbside service or the equivalent if it comes back. Another sad , or sadder aspect , is that I fear people more now in a general sense. I think I have rational respect/fear for or of virus and disease , but I now see the ‘lemming’ effect of group think as an actual existential threat to my personal well being .
  6. If the room had high ceilings and overhead fans, you probably wouldn't need the shot or the mask. But.. that's not what 'they ' say so don't even think that way, just listen 'they' got it.
  7. When I saw that story the first thing I wondered was whether or not this was an ' honor' killing sharia style. So I started to look around to see how 'much' islam was in the area, searches brought up results like ' best mosques in Shakopee and there seemed to be quite a few. I also was curious as to the victim's name, search results showed she was arrested in GA in 2015. Or at least there was a link to one of those mugshot sites with a picture of a women who looks exactly like the victim. Did not come across the MyPillow connection.
  8. "The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have a very small piece of messenger RNA (mRNA), a type of material that our bodies already use to give the body instructions for making a protein from the COVID-19 virus." Oh thank g-d , it's very small. Certain classes of thinkers will be comforted by that descriptive.
  9. Wait I thought he was an audit official or regulator , has he always been the liaison?? Pretty sure it was his audit , if he quit the audit is probably bunk right? I mean he was like one of the three big maffas running it wasn't he?? Pretty sure .
  10. I was able to source some Ivermectin via the inter webs thanks to some links right here on OL , thanks to our host . For about 240 I was able to get enough to follow the FLCCC protocols for a few months for my family. Unfortunately the order arrived 14 hours too late to start a prophylaxis course for the vacation trip we are currently on, but we will start as soon as we get back. I had heard that our local Tractor Supply store has the tubes for horses , but I wasn’t sure about the dosage conversion and or equivalency of the chemical in that form to be comfortable with a substitution. Nice to know someone has lab tested the paste and will consider that route to be a good back up going forward.
  11. That Matt Damon makes a lot of sense. If a safe vaccine was available and large segments of the population were at risk , the rational thing to do would be for everyone that was at lower risk of adverse effects from a safe vaccine than becoming infected should receive the vaccine . These shots were developed and introduced in a manner unlike any other vaccine in the past , from the methodology of development to the criteria of safety, they can’t literally be considered ‘safe’ because the standard practices prior to covid have not been followed , the standards and practices that were used to deem vaccines ‘safe’ were not used . Is it because ‘medical science ‘ has changed and with it the standards ? Is there a rational explanation for this outcome , if one coherent one was presented , I’ve yet to see it. In a few years , it may well be that these new technologies and methods are more beneficial than not , but as far as I can tell that will by luck . If covid keeps traveling like other ‘seasonalized’ infections and the luck holds on the jabs , I’m in ! But for now and since last year I’ll just try and avoid getting infected . But thanks to y’all for being in the trial! Some people had really good reasons for foregoing future risk to avoid a present danger , but I think a lot of people that took the shot assume the medical community is presenting them with a safe and effective vaccine , but that’s not really true , and anyone who raises that point is targeted by those motivated to keep that point unnoticed and unexplained. Billions and billions and billions of motivations for making the case that these are safe and effective, billions.
  12. How does a six foot linear distance work in when considering the total volume of cubic ‘outside’? If you are interacting with a sick/contagious/shedding virus particles person the physics involved in you inhaling enough of a viral load to induce infection is very tightly correlated with the amount of circulation and volume of your ‘shared air’. I assume virus particles disperse and diffuse in the ambient ‘airspace’ of an exhale rather rapidly. Most infection occurs when infected people interact with others in a closed space for an extended time. Like if you live with someone , but that can be mitigated by a six foot rule inside the house and or opening the windows. Ever see historic photos from say 1918 ?, lots of outdoor hospital wards . Ironically the ‘big name box stores’ were the safest places to interact , they normally have more cubic volume per square foot and active air circulators. Cloth mask/face diapers have little if any protective efficacy. N95 and higher rated filtration used religiously and properly may have conferred some added protection , but even would be negligible compared to the cubic area/circulation factors. I will give you fear is a powerful thing , mostly from the unknown which if not a good foundation for response, is a fairly safe default ? Seems like evolution took well advantage , we all still have it as a default . I was scrubbing the crap out of hands for at least a week. The Chine Death Plague sucks , but what we did with it might be worse , you know ? It made us real dumber , well it showed how dumb we can get after we start listening to and believing it right to listen to the ‘screens’. (not the kind that allow for fresh air anyway)
  13. The Vaers system shows over 5k and the total exceeds the combined total from all reported deaths from vaccines in the last 29 yrs , combined . According to Vaers not necessarily the best mechanisms for true totals , and a comprehensive study will take years . So take the numbers as you will. They do suggest (a la Bret Weinstein ) a rather glaring ‘signal’. But whatever , handful here, handful there . Vaccinations are normally, rationally evaluated for use based on the threat of debilitating consequences of disease per individual. Guess we don’t do that anymore . Ps Oh and the hillbillies are eating Japanese dirt , inserts winky smiley face here.
  14. There was never a need for children , or anyone for that matter to wear a mask outdoors. Fear defeats common sense almost everytime.
  15. I am no longer 'above' speculating on any( or all lol) 'conspiracy theories' , but right off my layman's bat , the amount of energy that needs to/gets transferred during even 'small' 'local' weather events seems to be near the gigundous end of any spectrum. Not saying Luke didn't save the world from becoming a giant ice ball ( General Hospital circa 1980's)but man that would be a lot of energy harnessed, focused and directed, a lot. again layman here, and I am thoroughly open to and enjoy being amazed and enlightened, but that's a big one.
  16. Tucker Carlson had Brit Hume on his show last night on a segment centered on the Tx Demos. Brit made the point that what they are doing is somewhat comical and bordering on farce. He explained how the bill they fled to deny a quorum for voting has already passed the State Senate and all but assured to eventually pass given the machinations and institutional workings of the state's government. He laughed repeatedly about their claim of the severity of the issue and likening it to the level of seriousness of institutionalized slavery. Seen from that perspective it really is just fund raising theatrics. What first looked like insurrection by state officials , and in league with partisans in DC can now be seen as pathetic blustering and fund raising bombast. I hate to admit that when I first hear/see the stunts and shenanigans of commie wannabees my ire comes up , but thankfully practically every time after a closer look and more careful consideration most of their crap is just that crap , and it is apparent most of the useful idiots don't even realize how their own stupidity is played against them. ( their next election cycle is likely to have other non male , non white candidates who will spin this episode as the incumbents not having enough Texan in 'em to stick around for a fight) Tucker had a really good point though about Biden and his rhetoric around this shitshow, a sincere and worthy admonishment. His rhetoric in describing this buffoonish pushback against sensible ( and popularly supported) ballot security measures is dangerous and bordering on incitement.
  17. Ah dope, you know they never called it smart. Pot makes you think/feel 2+2=4 is a profound insight in the mere grasping. But it dulls the senses in realizing how trivial it is. I wouldn’t chastise non-habitual indulgences But by the time it’s a habit re-evaluation is called for. Indica , much more better for chill.
  18. MSK I think the phrase will be disremembered down the memory hole. Its utility was in getting the ire up of the opposition to facilitate bickering and caterwauling with no real push back. Reimaging policing is the real deal. The scheme will run something like local jurisdictions will head up social worker corps and bad think investigators , the federalized forces will be the guns and the paramilitary forces. They already seeded jurisdictions across the country with a ‘excess’ military equipment and funding for SWAT like response teams all they need to get the fealty of the locals. I think the usual regime tactic to move personnel from their ‘home’ districts to populations where they have no personal ties . But im cynical and paranoid , so practically a nut job , lol.
  19. Biz Insider interviews the Berkowitz Brigade ? No one else heard anyone say to storm a building and physically assault an armed force, but they did?
  20. "Stop the Steal!"( Trump supporters), yeah reads just like "Over turn the legitimate election!"( said no one , it's the narrative talking)
  21. Ted Cruz is a recognized constitutional law expert , I'm really eager to have him comment on the constitutionality of the lawmakers activities as they pertain to the Texas constitution. Real eager.
  22. Doesn't the Capitol Police have a rather limited jurisdiction , or it is only restricted by name? Maybe just legal expansion by the legally elected officials , all honkey dorey , nothing extra constitutional here , its all good , shut up and comply.
  23. Unsmart ? hmm I've repeatedly asked you if you think the riot was racially motivated and you insist that you don't, but when I point out the statements that seem to show you think it is true , you claim I am misinterpreting what you say. And then double down by explaining motivations of the participants based on racial considerations on their part? What am I missing ?