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  1. RIP RBG I admire RBG for her accomplishments, though I will admit that my admiration comes especially with the public/press lauding of her career.Eg rising from a non-elitist backround to a seat on the Supreme Court, being regarded as an intellectual with a particular tenacity in defending her principles,the oft told stories of her friendships with and respect of her fellow justices. But, but I feel her tenure on the court was used as ideologic blugeon to further identarian politics. That her activism from the bench worked against the government's role of protecting individual r
  2. Snopes rated, by their rating standards, the claim to be ‘outdated’. Basically the truth or falsehood has been deemed irrelevant. Lol. A website whose claim to fame is being an unbiased fact finder dismisses inquiry with a relevancy wand.
  3. I wonder if this will have any effect on the HBCU funding. That would be a game changer.
  4. Peter I'm not talking about vaccines. I'm talking about people lining up to do whatever the people who want them lined up to do whatever , do.
  5. Peter At least half the population will line up to get the vaccine, a vaccine, the thing they call a vaccine. Not a departure from reality if Bill's plan is to get his stuff jacked into a large segment of the population, 'cause it looks like he may just do that .
  6. When I think of Bill Gates I'm usually reminded of the admiration I felt for his foresight in seeing the importance of software over hardware. Now I'm wondering if I was falling for a myth. Regardless now when I think of Gates my estimation is closer to the tweet above and Lex Luther, his insight may have been genius and his monetization of that insight is legendary, but it's now hard to see him other than a Bond super villian, only much worse in that he has agency in the real world. Putting the post in this thread seems right, though perhaps it's time for a new term or a refinement
  7. So an antidote could be driving the Q message to a younger demographic. Re-instantiating a major font of Enlightenment ideals, a neo christian zeitgeist , one focused on the benevolence of a creator and away from a vengeful retaliatory one. A focus on redemption and a space created for forgiveness. Through the lens of the Pincer movement , Q type movements can be seen as a metaphoric story, ie the satanic cabal as eating the young, in this sense they would be the future victims in the aftermath of the Pincer strategy's success. The ones left after the kill off would be the backs on which
  8. What’s the non Disney version of ‘black people’ and their ness? I assume you mean this Disney version is the incorrect way to know black people, what’s the truth about blacks? What’s the Disney version of whites or isn’t there one or a need for it ?
  9. D I don’t think it’s a media manipulation of the ‘whiteness’ of liberals, I think it’s manipulating the collectivism of liberal/leftist culture.
  10. Civilians chasing down and killing a suspected burglar and then not being prosecuted has what to do with basketball ?
  11. I wouldn't bet on the patriotism of Progressives, the very nature of a Progressive is to change the status quo, and you can't get more status quo-ie than a written constitution. I'm frankly more concerned about the compliance of the patriots to the unconstitutional dictates of the state(s) in the current health 'emergency'. We could use a little FDR, " all we have to fear is fear itself" , it seems risk aversion is the plague de jure. We currently need to be assured of zero death, zero cases , zero negative outcomes of any kind before we can feel free to act. Risk aversion is a good
  12. Ellen Are they cynically signaling , or trying to garner a stature that possessing that virtue would enable one to claim said stature? I suspect aside from the truly cynical, which is probably a sizable amount , the signallers at the very least believe the ‘gist’ of it. Meaning they don’t have a reasoned counter to the idea that to fight racism one needs to embrace racism and weaponize it. The KKK and other supremacists were ‘just’ (only) racists, this current movement feels different , racism 2.0. I don’t recall stories of black self flagellists.
  13. Michael, I agree the whole shebang is vomit worthy. My point was directed to Merlin and his #2, apropos btw. The founders of the organization are open Marxists, not sure how that point can be contended. they are and the group is a racist , marxist organization and most if not all their supporters are being duped. Not that there aren't willing adherents who know full well the intent, but I suspect the majority of the supporters lack critical thinking skills and are easy prey for indoctrination. Not sure what the motivations are for all the different varieties of apologists out t
  14. Racism is the dominant aspect of BLM the organization, those who ostensibly support the idea/movement are more likely to believe their support for the organization will help to eliminate racism. But the organization has not ever voiced that idea. The organization's recognized goals are the elimination of the alleged systemic police brutality of blacks and the promotion of black liberation. The main vehicle driving BLM(tm) is black identarianism, aka racist ideology.
  15. Ellen I've always respected your analysis and opinion and I agree with there being no "OM". A cabal of intertwined alliances yes, a homogeneous group following the dictates of a single master , no. Though, I am going to point out to my wife that ' I win' and lots to do with Ellen said so Believe it or not Mike Tyson said a very similar thing on Joe Rogan's podcast recently. Or at least in the same meta-narrative ballpark. JR was explaining he thinks certain therapies, involving psychedelics, are being blocked by Big Pharma. MT said (paraphrasing) ".. am not saying they are, bu
  16. My wife and I keep ending up in the same argument about the initial release of the China virus.God bless her, she has almost the opposite of TDS. But she is not at all a fan of his tweeting and seemingly unfair and callous meanfulness directed at personal targets. God bless me, I have almost the opposite of TDS , too. I love his 'tweeting' and defend it to her as a version of genius in manipulating the left and the MSM in using perceived petty meanness to be able to take advantage of the expected response strategically and tactically. ( I realized how good his tweeting is when he tweet
  17. Here’s one too, the majority of the world’s governments and their respective populations went all in on lockdowns. A situation that never existed in all of human history prior to Covid19. The ‘screens’ said “ shelter in place” and most answered “hm okay”. Something happened , something allowed or engineered the seemingly unanimous response. Especially, unfortunately in the home of rugged individualism. When the initial orders were announced, I fully expected to see National Guard units deployed . I live in a border area between states ,most people who live in this area transit the b
  18. I'd say practiced critical thinking is the hedge against persuasion in all its varieties. Ever notice Michael's obsession with story?
  19. I think we all know people who have been infected, we just don't know people who know they were infected .
  20. yep, the Arab Spring was a grassroots movement, happens all the time .
  21. I'd say it probably depends on the actual incidents of disease a opposed to incidents of virus infection. Had chicken pox as a kid, wondering when to start wondering about a shingles episode or the likelihood thereof. But the current coronal outbreak? Still don't know anyone, personally, that had any thing even remotely like serious disease, a few , very few who had symptoms akin to a 'flu'.
  22. I'd like to believe in the magic, too, I think there could be a scenario just like you say, all things possible and all. (there never can/will be no wealth creation, if there ever is/was most of us will be dead, lol, but not really we would be dead). I was just pointing to the blame the Executive branch bs, Congress has the purse strings and the two major parties have been utilizing the blame game for eons , that's what has gotten us to this point.