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  1. I like to try and be optimistic as all get out but man the twin nuclei problem is a real bitch . Genius unlocked incredible power when they cracked the atom and genomes and just look at the type of people and the institutions they corroded are capable of doing with it.
  2. And as legal theory , and really in the weeds parlimentarianship-wise /constitutionality -wise , may not be ‘illegal’. Being aggressive , even really aggressive as long as it is within the rules , is um not breaking any rules. Sure as fuck isn’t conspiracy to commit sedition , if anyone even thought that they certainly wouldn’t tell someone to put in print they were involved in sedition in any way.
  3. Did NBC mention India at all ? Large parts there seem to doing better with lower percentages of jabbees, climate? population density? better gods ?
  4. In the vein of empathetic solidarity , I'll have a slice of pie also, but I'm gonna make it wet bottom shoofly pie , cuz you know crow , ick
  5. It's pretty clear that the rioting on Jan 6 was orchestrated and most likely aided and abetting by some alphabet agencies. One very telling point is that leaders of the groups that purportedly conspired and coordinated the fakesurrection are not themselves charged and most if not all of them have some ties to federal agencies. The only death that day that was a direct result of violence was Ashli Babbit and she was killed by law enforcement. 'Nobody' showed up yesterday because there isn't 'anybody'. Not in the way the narrative wants to convince there are.
  6. LOL ”General Mi Li” Tucker had that in a graphic , bwuahha
  7. And all those Spring Training games ,Fla keeps looking better and better.
  8. I saw that story on Drudge near the top .
  9. What's weird is reading that litany of grievances and given the fact there is a perceptual target and an active mechanism to vent the public's ire that the obvious answer isn't that his ass got voted out. That poll info sure has some sway eh?
  10. I hope DJT has rally 'insta-polls' on motto themes, MAGA is foundational highly name recognizable, but for a new campaign ( if needed ), maybe MAAA? , Make America America Again? not bad yeah ?
  11. Reading through the comments in that post , some are claiming the story is wrong in that the claims are based on clips of a utube video that concludes with 'proof' that the individuals are identified as not crisis actors. I haven't nor do I intend to watch the video , I am not skeptical that there are in fact crisis actors being used to spread propaganda just that these may not be some.