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  1. I wonder have many grants away we are from when 'they' will be able to wipe that swarmy 'elitist' (crap) from your public vocabulary. It was much more palatable for some , when the unwashed knew their place , the uppity masses are becoming quite.. well uppity.
  2. I wonder if the Iranian was entering Iraq or leaving, and I gotta figure there is a lot of ducking and staying indoors on the northern part of the Korean peninsular.
  3. People who spend so much time and effort scoffing at a coming sekrit awakening seem to miss a larger point , the boat is already sailing. I’m ambivalent, agnostic as to the flesh and bone personage of Q, but if I got on knees before I lay me down to sleep , I’d ask for blessing and long living to Q.
  4. Hey on the dock there, no look the other way, see the boat or did you miss it
  5. hetero-normative AI , figures
  6. How many violations did Horowitz cite?
  7. I had the same thoughts reading through the conversation. Those and thoughts of how rights are violated and also how and by who are they protected.
  8. If it were a youtube video it would probably have been titled "phanom000 destroys pouncing randian sycophants"
  9. What does Assad say about all this border incursioning? Or doesn't it matter, Syria ain't what it used to be ?
  10. New Jersey requires automobiles to have license plates mounted on the front and rear, I recently bought a car and was issued a paper 'temp' tag for the rear, leaving the front open. I made a 'fun' front plate by fashioning a "Q" out of orange electrical tape on a white backround. I've noticed a few smiles and other approving gestures on the road. The only q quotes or drops I've ever seen have come from reading OL and my favorite ,and to me, the most important q- related story is the one about the deputy sherriff in Florida wearing a patch while welcoming VP Pence. To me the meme is more important and powerful than The Q, prove or disprove the personage , I'll always have Q. Who doesn't want a Q, yeh? Seriously who doesn't want to have the belief that there is a 'righteous' power to speaking ( and 'doing') truth to power?
  11. It was 304 to 227. Faithless electors and all that .
  12. I wonder how 'deep fake' videos will affect JE-like types and their handlers going forward. And whether or not 'normalizing' pedophilia 'weakens' the Cabal, are 'normalizers' unwittingly helping to bring down the cult?