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  1. Do you mean the Neanderthal rendering looked to you like a Kenyan ? Or that you think Neanderthals and hominids that populated the continent contemporaneously appeared similar ?
  2. Since as per Dawkins, we are all Africans, yeah.
  3. Actually my parents think it’s a cute story , they used to recall it a lot. On a drive one night they were discussing names and they happen to see some graffiti on a bridge , turns out the knew the person whose initials they were. Pa not Boston.
  4. Well I suppose I could adopt a Clintonesque argument and debate what ‘for ‘ ‘is’. I mean from the smith’s perspective his goal is to produce a mechanism that delivers a projectile downrange, and the object he produces is the solution But I do see what you are saying in that the technology has its most utility in energy placement in soft things. So I guess they are not for pussies either , tell Yukon Vern.
  5. and don't get me started on pussies, you should have said wussie
  6. Guns are for concentrating a relatively large amount of energy in relatively small area.
  7. Say whatever you want, it doesn't matter, you 'll do whatever they tell you. maybe you could volunteer to shoot them? Probably earn you some points toward your social score.
  8. If I may, just one little tweak , small really, not much of concern to the public but, " governmentally approved experimental gene therapy injections" , there is no real universe in which they can be called scientifically proven , and one could quibble with the legal definition of vaccine, but hey get the shot !
  9. Nearly 75% of NBers following the science , that must be comforting.
  10. So who are the good guys , BLM(tm) and their BDS cohorts? No curiosity as to why the Left, and their media minions are so racist/identitarian ? Or why they try and conflate nationalism ( America First) with the wholly in-congruent ethno-nationalism of fascists? Take a small page from Rand and recognize the importance of ideas/ ideals , no ? And our esteemed host MSK and apply the cognitive and then normative approach to identification? Human life matters , hell all life matters or why bother.
  11. Don’t forget the Hong Kongers
  12. Yeah the coveted neo nazi base, you could lose Ohio and Florida but you better have the white suprematist votes. America is full of them , seriously there are white people everywhere here. Though most of us don’t actually have swastikas as tatts , little gauche , ‘88’ easier to disguise.
  13. all polls are either horseshit or spot on take your pick "do the right thing regarding world affairs" lfmao