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  1. Who believes the people saying these things , believe the things they are saying ? Does anyone expect these same people would call for the same remedies against the fictitious VP for inciting rioting ? Have they mentioned given Kamala’s public statements about ‘the movement’ that she would be unfit to hold federal office , a vague mention , a small rebuke ?
  2. Don't tell Fauci , but I've been doin' it wrong , I was only using 6 feet
  3. Where the letter describes the seriousness with which the oath taken to protect the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic is the morale booster for me. IF , if q or like entity, has been biding time waiting for a person to have the specific qualities necessary to take a gigantic swipe at the Deep State , DJT is their man, and this could well be the plan.
  4. I haven’t seen that video, but watching the news coverage it obvious that some of the breachers are prepared rabble rousers, helmented , knee and elbow pad wearing , backpack laden, gas masked, not run of the mill Trump supporters. In one video at a doorway someone opens a black umbrella and others nearby have Trump flags but underneath / in between are other flags with symbols I didn’t recognize. It certainly looks orchestrated in some fashion. Unfortunately it seems like some actual protesters took the bait and followed. Some people really , really do not want the objections to be heard
  5. Do sitting Presidents normally follow the demands of former officials? Doesn’t former imply no longer in a position to demand ?
  6. I think it is a two step process or multipronged procedure . Sustained objections would result in throwing out slates of electors. If enough electors aren’t added to the count and neither candidate receives 270 , it is then a contested election that needs to be resolved in the House . Each chamber would recess for two hours for each(?) objection to debate , maximum five minutes for every member, not sure how that math works out for speaking time per member and a limit of two hours . But what I haven’t seen is any discussion as to what the members can speak to , just the merits of the subm
  8. It strikes me more of inside jobs, the picture I saw proporting to be antifa antics in Pelosi’s driveway is a little right on the nose and too ..something. It feels like a ploy to pretend DJT and the Nance have the same enemies . Throwing a little cocaine turtle in the mix is probably just a hamfisted artifact.
  9. They are celebrating their efforts since March ,the devastation they have wrought on the biggest symbol of capitalism in the world . They orchestrated the destruction and revel in the idea it will last. They are even sticking their thumbs in the eyes of the prolls they rule , a lintelless column is basically a plinth without a statue , the statues replicated are the remnants of fallen cultures shown in their ruination and not in the original splendor. Nero dancing a jig. Fuck that guy.
  10. RE pattern This morning op-ed in NY Post pushed everywhere, stories about caving in to stimulus bill and this evening all a buzz with Gohmert suit, somebody may be onto to sumptin
  11. I sure hope it's coming and I hope no one can stop it.
  12. I think they are political statements, if they were delivered with recommendations for the general population to seek out possible pre-infection mitigating actions or therapies they would have been medical statements, but it doesn't sound like they were. Has Fauci ever counseled the gen pop to try and up their daily health regimens? better diet, regular exercise, vitamin protocols? I've only ever heard advice on masking and social distancing and a little hand washing from such quarters. "They" say it will get worse, but I don't really get the sense 'they' think or act as if that's ba
  13. Re Unity2020, it is basically a plan to run a third party ticket to break up the ‘duopoly’. Draft two candidates, one from the left and one from the right , and have them run to act as co-presidents, both would have to agree to any executive actions, a little pipe dreamy and pie in the sky like. But I liked his qualifications for drafting candidates the first and most important attributes are that they be “ patriotic, courageous and highly capable” . I think a probable ticket would have been Gabbard and Crenshaw.