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  1. Remember when the mere appearance of impropriety was a thing? It was a thing right ?
  2. Saw a great T-shirt Biden’s Laptop Matters
  3. It's 3 pm edt, still time for a diagnosis to spring up ..
  4. Though she may be a politically inverted version of her predecessor , the import is her jurisprudence and legal/constitutional philosophy. Go Amy , Go Amy
  5. Check out the Democracy Fund too . It seems the methodology for their polling passes muster, though not sure I entirely grok their explanations of statistical rigor, but seems legit?( Voter Study Group) Given their findings are accurate, notwithstanding having not seen the wording of the specific and full study, I'd wager they are interested in gauging the populations' confidence in institutional norms. Though I suspect, given the funding behind them , their usefulness in the findings will be in determining when the confidence level in institutional norms is an appropriate level cond
  6. William Thanks for the data, I’ll look into the group that put it together. But on first blush the study almost makes a Truth and Reconciliation Commission sound a needed salve, eh ?
  7. Ellen Regardless the chimera reference, do you think people who advocate for a Harris- type American leader are cheerleaders looking for an authoritarian figure to go after their 'enemies'?
  8. Michael I get that impression too, but people who want an obvious rattlesnake like Harris in a position of power in America are cheerleaders for 'impertinent bastard getters'. Like the pet owner who eventually gets bit, before the venom affects them they get to enjoy the 'getting' of the impertinent by their pet, they enjoy the illusion of power over the venom. They blank out on their own susceptibility to the effects of the poison. A Harris -type power weilder is a poison/cancer for the concept of protecting individuals rights, the trite and colloquial knuckle dragging under pinning o
  9. So the Biden campaign got DJT to basically cancel the last debate by having the PDC to announce a remote setup. Looks like they are employing the same strategy for the next , first elimination of the tradition final debate centered on foreign policy and now a mute feature. I hope the President announces he’s fine with all that , by Wednesday afternoon Biden will be diagnosed with China Death Plague.
  10. Ever notice all those foreign nationals that make all that money in the giant narco market in the US. Weird we don’t have like an Ohioan El Chapo .
  11. see what he did there? exposing espousing
  12. Now if he had said he was trying to get the Pres to listen Eric Weinstein and the problem of the DISC, you may have had two to get off , lol .
  13. Not for nothing, but Noam Chomsky is old enough to be his dad, how did that generation do leaving 'stuff' for 'their' kids? Where's the beef ?( or where should it be)