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  1. Was there only one ‘8 minute and 49 second’ video? I’ve never seen an entire video of the incident, but most of the clips I’ve seen seem to be of Floyd on the ground and from the same angle. Given the amount of obvious exposure , and the nature of social media , is it odd that not much seems to be known about the person who took ‘the video’? Or is this person known and I just missed it?
  2. In that thread in all caps , Robert Reich announces that absentee ballots and mail in voting is the same thing, what a tool.
  3. 700 people were admitted to hospitals in one night ?!
  4. I wonder how much of the NYPD budget was reallocated to reimburse hotel owners to house the homeless. There have been a number of stories about four star luxury properties in various cities suddenly becoming socially conscious.
  5. So the definition of capital is accepted across all ‘schools’ of economics, it sinks , it is non-floating? Grizzly Adams has all his goods in his cabin , but if he brings them to town they acquire the ability to become capital ? I’m floating the abstraction by applying the term in describing solitary actions ?
  6. Doesn’t capital itself have to be a form of profit? Capital is any good(s) beyond subsistence, no?
  7. Well... I'll stipulate I saw Mr Kaplan leave a bridge and enter into a moving body of water.
  8. Art imitates life. The tv drama series "The Blacklist" follows the goings on of a rogue FBI agent turned renegade criminal mastermind/syndicatist who gains immunity from prosecution by turning in other master criminals to the FBI , the Blacklisters. The lead character Raymond Reddington (?!) is played by James Spader and should be recognized as one of the most endearing and revered characters of criminal masterminds ever portrayed on television, love love love Raymond! The show touches on a lot of corporate nastiness and bringing just deserts to the elitist class actors there in, fun stuff. One episode showcased a Blacklister that to the world was the head of a global foundation dedicated to protecting victims of human trafficking and eradicating the practice there of. Raymond knew otherwise, of course , and the episode is centered on exposing the foundation as a leading member of the human trafficking cabal. James Spader , in at least all of the interviews I've seen of him, always works in his childhood friendship with JFK Jr , Sunday dinners, schoolmates, how Jackie O got him his first job, ect.
  9. I was looking forward to baseball coming back , I thought it could be galvanizing like in 01, the Yankees back after 9/11. Ronan Tynan and the whole she-bang. But .. nixing Kate Smith one strike, clicker-gate and the hush up strike two the bench clearing kneel , you're out, I miss the ole Evil Empire. F- MLB. and F for now my once beloved Yankees.
  10. Wow, that one seventeen year old basement troglodyte really got under Twatter's skin. All four hundred pounds of ze.
  11. Good ole salt of the earth Joe probably wouldn’t fare well under such scrutiny, nor many many others after decades of ‘public service”. I wonder how Lindsey would make out.
  12. I just googled around a little bit after hearing Yuri Deigin on Bret Weinstein’s Darkhorse podcast. The article posted was a very generic overview of viral basics, no discussion about this particular viral infection. Viruses are rather ‘host’ specific , given the number of viruses ones that can ‘jump’ from one species to another and thrive are ‘special’. The circumstances that allow those situations are scientifically interesting, no ? More so than an article on how a virus works? What did you find so interesting about the Sci Am piece, enough to help guide attention to it ?( I did glean a little , Golgi’s apparatus has seemingly been elevated to a complex, so there was that )
  13. The article /slideshow kept crashing toward the end. Did they discuss furin? It’s speculated that this particular virus has seemingly “corrected” encoding that enables cleaving with human furin , which is weird because bat proteins are different. Regardless the origins of this virus , it seems the biological threat is nothing compared to political/governmental threat to life.(not to mention liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the stuff of life ). Weird , right?
  14. Got anything on how a bill becomes a law?