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  1. It’s Gaia, SCLU, spontaneous carbon lock up, last time it happened was in some desert, big triangle piles.
  2. Michael, I do share your optimism and enthusiasm about what the future could look/ be like with people like Candace in it. This still IS America, the narrative that it is over or even that America was never a shining city on a hill is false. I suppose my pessimism stems from the bridge laying/knee bending supplicants and what some may do to prove their fealty to the "cause". T
  3. Candace is awesome , she is courageous and intellectually rigorous, do we need to be fearful for her ?
  4. One of the sad parts is it seems he was being originally detained for trying to pass fraudulent currency , either counterfeit bills or a bad check. The Eric Garner case had its origins in selling contraband cigarettes to the public. In 2020 is developing a safer restraint system a better way for the citizenry to feel better protected by police? ThatI sounds a little Robocop/Judge Dredd creepy. Not that petty crime should go unpunished and resisting arrest changes the situation immediately, but citations and court appearance should be the preferred remedy. In 2008 you could knowingly crash the US and world’s economy and not expect to have knee on your neck , but it seems during a pandemic falsely passing counterfeit money is detainable. edit to add that neither one of those arrest incidents was the ‘cause’ of the civil unrest , just a spark needed to start another try at energizing the rabble that has been being groomed for a long time
  5. Sitting in my fairly rural armchair I wonder why municipalities didn’t deactivate cell towers after curfews in their cities. I bet the crowds would have thinned by at least half if ‘instas’ and selfies in front of a burning vehicle weren’t possible. Emergency and police personnel could have coordinated the use of radios and satellite comm/ phones.
  6. It was quite the optic and pretty ballsy walking through the park after it just being cleared. I noticed Ms Hicks in the entourage, forgot she just came back. Tucker sure doesn’t like Jared, started his show with a fairly scathing description of the Admin’s handling of the rioting so far. He did give the President an out in that a stronger response going forward will be seen as regaining some lost ground.
  7. So was it that Plan A didn't work ? Take away the freedoms and livelihoods of the low, mid and mid-class( the 'deplorables') to foment insurrection? Only instead they used civil disobedience to force a return to civility and normalcy. So they resorted to inciting the rabble, exploiting the networks that infest the cultural left? Did they miscalculate ? Did they think the deplorables would join ? It's more than heartening to see the people in Minneapolis return to the riot scene the next day armed with brooms and shovels , I hope they keep returning and I hope they come back armed and ready to take out the Bolsheviks.
  8. I thought maybe in was Peter Robinson , from Uncommon Knowledge or his brother.
  9. I heard they had to dip it in Sauve to get him to keep it on.
  10. Do you guys, who aren't looking for a hook-up and have been down that road before, ever run into reformed Furries at naked resorts?
  11. It’s the only way to jump off a cliff and go for a swim? on second glance they don’t seem real.
  12. As far as xtian churches having “such a negative” response to public nudity, I think the answer to their reaction comes from the teachings/doctrines/dogmas that they have in common. I’d say I’m culturally Christian , but philosophically/ theologically I’ll ‘self-identify’ as an atheist. Pretty sure cultural pushback to public nudity is deeper and wider than a theological basis. Perhaps an argument can be made that individual psychological aversion to public nudity is somehow rooted in and promulgated by cultural roots especially in those cultures influenced by abrahamic religions, but I doubt that is the beginning or end of it. There is say December in Minnesota considerations too .
  13. The pandemics in 1957 and then again in 1968 killed roughly 100k Americans each, they were influenza viruses , I don't know of any societal wide reactions that match this one. Did we flatten a curve ? Or do curves just do what curves do? It doesn't seem like lockdowns did much other than economic damage. I mean pandemics suck , but yeah they suck. Hurricanes suck too . ? It's starting to really feel like we've been played , no ?