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  1. The virus isn’t a hoax, the explanation that it jumped species and was as contagious in humans as it is reported probably is, the need to quarantine healthy people probably is ,the need for officials to discourage and make unavailable treatments/chemicals whose use has been proven safe and potentially affective probably is, the need for mass inculcation during a pandemic probably is , the need to discourage mask use and then the need to encourage multi-layer masks probably is , the idea that time spent in large buildings with large groups is an acceptable risk while time spent in smaller bui
  2. Like law enforcement careerists who end the careers of human traffickers? That kind of second handedness ?
  3. you're right the FBI is currently focusing on rounding up all the armed insurrectionists , but that guy sounds like archetype Greatest Generation, great story. How do you think he would feel about marine maternity-ware and the current Navy logo ?
  4. No proof Fauci called Xi and said " yeah tuesday would be good" But the FBI hunts patriots not traitors, the FDA actively discouraged and would not approve available medications for treatment of Covid allowing for a 'vaccine' to receive r&d funding and EUA, the NSA? they're extragovernmental and barely fit into any structure other than their own. So maybe not murder/torture , yet, but probably a good idea to hav a chit chat in Gitmo, just for the motivation factor
  5. Fauci did all that, is it that the punishment is too old testamenty for you ?
  6. That's the beauty of EUAs, you think you know and in time you get more info..
  7. That’s the usual pattern, fore mating instincts lead to secondary cleaning up concerns.
  8. Is it true that if there is a treatment extant for a disease, the federal government can not by law approve a vaccine ? Whew , glad thing Ivermectin never caught on or Pfizer would never have been able to develop and receive approval for marketing its lipid encapsulated gene therapy, that ,by the way,has met FDA approval without having to have safety studies on American citizens as do all other medical technologies, it is illegal to gain approval based on foreign studies, or was or is except you know ..covid. Inexpensive and readily available chemicals were thankfully avoided and mi
  9. But humans have zero, zilch, nada , not one iota of instinctual behaviors, right ?
  10. "But biologists debate whether or not human beings are as governed by instincts as other species seem to be. " But humans have zero , zilch, nada, not one iota of instinctual behavior, biologists are commies.
  11. I’m not so sure the metric is praiseworthy, but some people did some thing and set up quite the wiz bang , eh? It certainly wasn’t the skinflint in current chief..
  12. Quite clearly I was speaking about pubescent males being attracted to provocative images of women. And the fact that generally teenage boys find younger adult females more sexually attractive than older females . There are very good theories on why this is generally true , that both sexes have sexual preference for potential mates that exhibit characteristics of health and vitality, which is good for the species , because the healthy and virile are typically the most successful reproductively. A thirteen year old male doesn’t have the ability to self analyze, lacking the experience,
  13. Yeah that sounds about right, prepubescent me decided I preferred blonds with erect nipples. Perfectly logically deduction. Funny how a rational choice can produce such visceral yearnings. What of the notion though, that the image jarred my libido and the rational choice I made was not acting out on it and physically interacting with the photo in the poster store?
  14. Just doing a little introspection, trying to identify the pattern of psychological learning and my reasoning at thirteen, when at the poster store I chose the Farrah Fawcett one , even though the Kate Smith was right there.