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  1. Pound for pound unborn baby parts are worth more. It's psych-ops to normalize later abortions( post 1st trimester). Threats of infanticide are a canard , a negotiating point to pull back from.
  2. I think to be precise " she had his sentence commuted", and with out snark. The court martial involved Bradley Manning. It isn't dead naming to refer to the identity , the legal identity of the individual in the past , only if you refer to the person in the present as their past identity , yeah ? She received a commutation of a sentence he had incurred, legally. No?
  3. Ted (in) Lieu (of fill in the blank) pulled out his cell phone and on the Congressional record called Candace Owens a ****er lover. I saw it !
  4. Lots of things are seemingly apparent on the first of April.
  5. Whether or not brad proposes what if any political solutions need to be adopted to save the planet, but what do ‘sciency’ people have to say about th Green New Deal , I wonder. A thought occurred to me while watching a news personality interview Gov. Inslee about his very green bid for office. The topic of the GND and its price tag came up . I’ve seen estimates that it would take between 90-100 trillion dollars over the next decade to implement . Even stripped of the social welfare : tuition reduction(elimination?) income disparity reparations ect , that still would leave a serious chunk of change. Do people who deal with cold hard facts of reality consider what the ramifications of such spending would have , greenly? GDP is close to 20 trillion a year , adding another 9 trillion of spending sure sounds like a huge increase in carbon footprint , no? Manufacture and installation of a rail system, retrofitting existing buildings , construction of new buildings added ‘on top’ of the normal rate of economic activity seems counter productive to reducing emissions. is it just coincidence that the effort to reduce emissions ramps up spending and short term carbon dispersal , am I missing something? Not to mention China, India and the rest of the developing world not only not reducing but ramping up all the carbon spewing. And what the hell was the Younger dryas ?
  6. If the numbers are up now and until 2020, why ever split? and btw who says their numbers are up? and even more who is 'they', the populace or the 'leaders'?
  7. How long do you think it will take to forget the name of the judge overseeing this decision, I'm not even aware of the name now. Any bets that person retires in say two years, just to be safe, and lives remarkable well on a judge's pension (?) , or am I just too cynical.
  8. "During the session of the House, a Member, Delegate, or Resident Commissioner may not wear nonreligious headdress or a hat or remain by the Clerk’s desk during the call of the roll or the counting of ballots. A person on the floor of the House may not smoke or use a mobile electronic device that impairs decorum. " Hmm, but do you think a Member, Delegate or Resident Commissioner may wear religious headdress nonreligiously ? Speaker Pelosi should tweak some freshman and come to school one day in a hijab
  9. I’d best be described as a silent reader and sometimes snark poster. I’d also say I’m probably best described as ambivalent toward the ‘science’ of AGW but respectful of the scientific method as it applies or is expressed in the field of climatology , et al. I’d like to reach a point of confidence in my understanding of the mechanics of carbon dispersal and its effects on ‘the climate’ to be able to identify reasonable estimates of the function different levels of ‘it’ contribute to the very dynamic ‘system’. But at the same time I don’t view the use of fossil fuels as anything ‘outside’ ‘nature’. Human civilization and its ‘byproducts’ should in my estimation be seen as natural as photosynthesis and volcanic eruptions. Scientists can identify and catalogue all manner of processes and by doing so benefit mankind by virtue of adding to its shared knowledge base . But at the end of the day, in 2019, I’m more interested in what others are willing to do about it, and I’m on a team that defines a ‘large carbon footprint’ as winning.
  10. How integral or statistically significant is the albedo value to the overall maths or modeling? The first link you provided describes cloud formation predictions as a ‘wildcard’, what was the albedo value in the 2500 yr span that you have compared to the post industrial span and consequent temperature ‘spike(s)’ and if indeterminate, does any of that affect your confidence in predictions?
  11. Do you mean what is actually happening, or what needs to be done about human activity because what human activity is actually making happening happen?
  12. Michael Just a blurt to make the blurter feel good, I apologize. It was a sarcastic remark in regard to the Trump-haters/MSM and what their reactions may sound like after reading the posts about the progress Trump and his administration have had toward Making AGA. TDS and their intellectual dishonesty will never allow them to admit any 'good' from Trump without trying to tie it to his personal advantage ( or that of his family and their business dealings) and or how he keeps somehow advantaging Russia and specifically Putin's designs for Russia. I'll refrain from posting until I cobble together more coherent ideas with at least 50 or more words. But blurting does feel good for the lazy, I suppose that is what emoticons/jis are for, and likes and trophies.
  13. Man , Vlad is just leading him around by the nose.
  14. Nike users, may require New Balance