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  1. Wonder what he’ll get for his music catalog . He’s really feeling his relevancy so may make a show of refusing the ‘first offer’. The Boss just got payed .
  2. Rent moratoriums are expropriation of private property.
  3. Won't make it out of the committee because every allegation listed was 100%! debunked?, every allegation was Kraken adjacent? ,every single ballot was ejudicated, every single legal challenge was reversed/denied on merits , every single one ? everybody knows its all a Big Lie ? or cuz politics ?
  4. Yeah we share the same universe, re live and let live people :), I took more of the chronicling and itemizing if you will as the thing that resonated.
  5. Actually 27 more pull backs would bring a Biden total below the required 270 , not sure if pulling delegates from one candidate automatically assigns them to the other , but if neither candidate has the minimum required it goes to the house, so...more fun !!
  6. I thought this was a good piece detailing and explaining the extent of the institutional / culture rot ,wrought. I had thought to use it as the basis for a comment somewhere else in critiquing a blog post about how 'terrible' 45 is/was, how his supporters are too stupid to realize blah blah typical residual TDS. Not to put too pessimistic a varnish on the culture , but until we recognize how deep and for how long the rot has been promulgated and how almost revolutionary the effort must be to rid ourselves of it , the idea that we are somehow "now' at a crossroads" and "the next /this election is the most important of our lives" isn't going to be the idea that changes our predicament. Saturday Commentary and Review #70 - by Niccolo Soldo NICCOLO.SUBSTACK.COM Wokeness is Here to Stay (and win), Neo-Con Gatekeepers, Putin Psyops, the "Need" for Mass Skilled Immigration from Asia, English as...
  7. But I used the magic verbal talisman, I’m not racist , their lives matter I said so , thank god for them I say it , why can’t this one see that!!
  8. I’ve heard stories of Americans who have traveled to Canada and be denied the ability to drive in the country if they have ever been convicted of dui/dwi. Makes me think the people whose profession is operating motor vehicles are some fairly sober minded people, people who take personal responsibility probably pretty seriously, sounds like those kind of people will put up with only so much. I really like those kind of people. The world needs lots of those kinds of people, the good kind of collectivism
  9. Sure as a silly and inane break from the current shit show (s). Perhaps you could review it , and report back if it is at all a window into Canuck culture and humor for Amerikans , I’m thinking there is a little ‘hick’ in everybody ,both sides of the border . caution only intended as silly and mostly inane
  10. I’ve seen a documentary on life in rural Canada, do you live near Letterkenny?
  11. We don’t need no stinking crackers
  12. Chicken soup ?! Fluids?! Not without a faucified double random blinded clinical study ! Trying to kill people or what !! Follow THE fuckin science dude!
  13. well.. their non-temperant colors anyway, animal instincts shine thru the moonshine lol