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  1. Horrible, terrible news. I thought his illness was in remission. Such a sweet, quirky guy. I'm so saddened by this. Good night Chris.
  2. Ridiculous. Turandot is a parable about giving into love and the fear of losing control in that love. The Ice Princess has seen what men can do and fears losing control. It's not until she sees Liu's values made real that she opens herself to love. This is a story about values. Liu values Calaf so much that she does not want to live if he is killed. Calaf loves the Ice Princess and only wants her if she truly loves him back.
  3. James Cameron is great at making spectacle, but he's a lousy writer. I'm probably in the minority, but I thought Titanic was awful. I, too, will not be seeing Avatar.
  4. This is wonderful. I don't really care for the statue but the fact that it exists is very nice.
  5. Let's hope USA can make it to the round of 16 this time.
  6. There is no way possible to prepare for anarchy. Further, I'm not interested in living in such a world. If the US degenerated into such a place I'd move somewhere safer or end my life.
  7. I assume you mean some kind of doomsday scenario. If that comes to pass, having gold coins will be the least of your worries. The world is not coming to an end.
  8. Why buy physical gold? You can get the same benefit by buying the GLD ETF.
  9. I watched it last night and enjoyed it. I will follow the series. It has a strong anti-authoritarian theme that will appeal to libertarians.
  10. Judaism is also a culture. I consider myself a cultural Jew - I have an affinity for the music, food, humor, etc.
  11. Hilarious. Sickening, but hilarious.
  12. Singer is all wet on this. His supposition is that the only issue in the children not getting clean water is money. I assert that most of the charity money sent over there ends up in the hands of dictators and criminals. The problem is not money, it's a lack of liberty. If Singer were truly interested in helping those children he'd work to institute Capitalism over there instead of enabling tyrants.
  13. It has a steep price tag. I'd appreciate any recommendations pro or con on buying the book.
  14. Robert has been on Facebook recently. He is writing a book on Environmentalism.