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  1. Wolf DeVoon

    Video lectures

    I've recorded a series of video lectures to express my ideas about government, the rule of law in a free society, self defense, and aspects of family life. The material is presented as concisely as possible. It's an opportunity to meet me in an intimate setting and to consider whether it makes sense to explore my novels and nonfiction books. I do not expect to do more video. This is it, a lifetime of creative thought. More than once I have wondered whether my ideas will do more harm than good, if widely accepted. In the past, I answered that question by saying that the American Revolutionary War of Independence was perceived as painful by most people. Thomas Paine ridiculed and damned Philadelphia's wealthy Quakers who refused to fight, remained loyal to England, didn't contribute a farthing to advance liberty. I would much prefer to devolve and dissolve the government incrementally, selling off its assets in reverse value, the worst junk first, leaving open the matter of military power to be considered in fine detail, although I would argue for immediate auction of overseas bases. The sensible ancap goal is defense of the United States, to be determined and provisioned by a consortium of commercial enterprises. The videos explain why. https://vimeo.com/user66655576
  2. Wolf DeVoon

    Judge Kavanaugh and the Crazy Lady

    Hi. Not to detract from everything else posted above, but - er - you realize that Christine Blasey Ford was reportedly involved in CIA recruiting at Stanford, right? Her father was CIA, and her brother allegedly worked at law firm Baker Hostetler and organized Fusion GPS. Another "big law" outfit, Perkins Coie, was the Deep State money laundering pipeline. In 2009, President Obama appointed Robert Bauer, chair of the firm's Political Law practice, to become his White House Counsel. Bauer returned to private practice with Perkins Coie in 2011. In 2015, Hillary Clinton named Marc Elias as general counsel to her campaign. Hmm. Somebody explain it to me, what's a "Political Law" practice?
  3. Wolf DeVoon


    Could be, I guess. Google initially relegated by latest novel to Amazon's Mexican server, invisible as an English-language title. It's possible that I annoyed someone in government. My important stuff is uploaded at Vimeo https://vimeo.com/user66655576 and there are three more videos in the can, recently completed, which I will upload to Vimeo when I have wider bandwidth at a neighbor's house, perhaps tomorrow. Evil saboteurs can complain to Vimeo, if they wish. Special thanks to William. It matters enormously to receive encouragement.
  4. Wolf DeVoon


    Good news. Dear Alan von Altendorf: Thank you for submitting your video appeal to YouTube. After further review, we've determined that your video doesn't violate our Community Guidelines. Your video has been reinstated and your account is in good standing. Sincerely, — The YouTube Team
  5. Wolf DeVoon


    Sorry, it was deleted by YouTube, a strike against my account for reasons I cannot comprehend.
  6. Wolf DeVoon


  7. Wolf DeVoon

    Please read and review

  8. Wolf DeVoon

    Please read and review

  9. Wolf DeVoon

    I'm finished, I think

  10. Wolf DeVoon

    I'm finished, I think

    I've completed a new novel, set in 1975, when the Cosa Nostra had an iron grip on the city of Milwaukee. It's embarrassing to ask anyone to read and review it, because it's a tragedy and ends badly for the hero and the brave brainy girl he marries. 'Partners' begins and ends in a hard Wisconsin winter, from the first few flakes of November to snowbound Christmas, a February blizzard, finally a freak March ice storm, an actual event that occurred in 1976 and paralyzed the city of Milwaukee for an entire week. After the ice storm melts, winter is over and the tale ends, four months of gun battles, love, and loss. When the story opens, cold weather worries a lonely young man, reading Help Wanted ads at 3 a.m. in the Water Street Ham and Egger. His adventures take him to Mequon, Brady Street, the Port of Milwaukee, Shorewood, Oak Creek, Winneconne, Door County, and the Core. https://www.amazon.com/Partners-Wolf-DeVoon/dp/1722608595
  11. Wolf DeVoon

    I'm finished, I think

    It is my fervent wish that no one reads Partners. It starts out innocently and immediately gets worse and worse and worse. The profound happiness of newlyweds freed from hardship and danger, alone together in a remote snowbound cabin is almost too much to bear, given their fate. Do not read this book. The ending is so intensely sad that I find myself unable to write in the future, as if I had crossed some terrible red line, a lifelong moral law against tragedy.
  12. Wolf DeVoon

    Real men don't read

    Partners completed, 68K, available on Amazon in a week or two. If you'd like a pdf for review, email wolfdevoon@gmail.com
  13. Wolf DeVoon

    Real men don't read

    All I can report are the books I loved, RLS Kidnapped and Treasure Island, C.S.Forester Hornblower series.
  14. Wolf DeVoon

    Is freedom to breed a right?

    Kind of you to reply. Not every kid is a winner in the game show of life. One of the defects in Miss Rand's work is the 12-0 jury nullification of Roark's felony.
  15. Wolf DeVoon

    Is freedom to breed a right?

    Too late now. As we say in the card game schaapskopf, what's laid is played.