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  1. Perhaps studying emotional disorders, like phobias, can help clarify. A phobia a strong negative emotional reaction of fear to some object or situation which is not rational in most contexts. Phobias are overcome by purposeful over exposure to the stimulus. Try visualizing the things which cause strong emotional reactions and reasoning them through. "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail" -Ben Franklin [Lately I've needed to explore anger reactions and temper them with reason. Much calmer now.] [Don't take this as a sign of weakness]
  2. The Case for getting rid of borders Not in the context of a growing welfare state perhaps. Or perhaps it's the cure... Immigrants have a higher energy level and work ethic typically (so I've heard) than the stay-at-homeniks.
  3. Obamas weird I told you so about Syria policy Not so weird. He's acting exactly as if he's doing what he's told (advised) to do and evading responsibility for the result. He's a puppet, a very dangerous one because we don't know who's pulling his strings.
  4. I follow Carly on facebook and today had a conversation with a Carly critic. Turns out he is a democrat, he posted this: "I will follow trump for the republican primary,, since he is the best candidate for the Democrats, but I will vote for Hillary Clinton....best candidate of either party by far, in my opinion" Following the democrat rule of picking your opponent (with the help of MSM trashing those you don't want to run against) Obama's remarks are calculated to increase Trump's chances of being the republican nominee. Obama would not be giving Trump free publicity otherwise. Totally Machiavellian. The left encourages their more avid followers to seek out conservative social media and cause as much grief and doubt as possible. I'm sure this guy has been schooled on what the plan is. I'm amazed he just blurted it out. My reply: "We live in different worlds...I think Hillary has a lot less chance of being the Dem pic than Carly the Republican. I've been fooled before. Let's compare notes in a few months. Best wishes. "
  5. Carly Fiorina's track record is better than you've heard
  6. National Review on "Citizen Carly"
  7. Hollow Vessel Lied: Written by parody writer Patrick McWilliams 3-28-2010
  8. Citizen Carly 50 minutes. But good. I was hooked in the first ten minutes. "She says what she thinks, not what other people think she should say."
  9. I would add he also does a lot of hunting without catching anything. Especially if he's hunting for moose in a desert.
  10. Maybe he'll catch up to Vladimir Putin... Does Trump do shirtless?
  11. Don't tangle with me. Telling me I'm full of shit isn't tangling with me. Only implying I am is smarmy and cowardly. You specialize in these drive bys. This one is especially cheap. Go back to R of R. --Brant Brant, It was humor directed at the irony of putting someone on "ignore" and then not being able to ignore them. MEM posted on this subject before. You deleted your previous post so I can't make a better connection to what you said there. Michael probably thought you'd make a different connection and get a laugh from you.
  12. Why, thank you Jonathan. Bless your heart.
  13. Okay, now I understand. Jonathan is the idiot savant of mental illness. He cannot be surpassed or controlled, he is a force of nature. Remember folks:
  14. Mikee can be very emotional, and he likes to play at being the official Online Objectivish Public Defender of those over whom he has developed odd bromances. He very easily falls for people who merely claim to be fighting for liberty and individual rights, and who sort of pose as geniuses despite their being a bit duncish. He develops deep, deep crushes on them, and gets extremely upset when others question or critically examine the details of their duncery that went right over his head. He adopts the attitude that these objects of his affection are intellectual giants, but yet that they are so fragile that they need to be protected, by him, from any challenges to their ideas or their visions of their own accomplishments, brilliance, fame or importance. Just look at his irrational reaction to me. He's so emotionally driven that he misidentified my challenging and attacking "Wolf's" bluster as being my claiming some sort of victimhood and asking to be coddled and protected!!! J Peter: QED. Need I say more? You can find tons of this stuff on various threads. "Wah, wah, wah"... ad infinitum.
  15. Jonathan needs his diaper changed...but don't tell him he stinks the place up or you'll never hear the end of it... [wah, wah, wah, wah]. Poor baby. Where's mama?
  16. Carly Fiorina draws praise on Capital Hill "The word of the night: "impressive.""
  17. Sounds like an honest account of taking a good shot at climbing out of the box and taking a look around. Beats my lifetime of stumbling around in the dark and bitching.
  18. Turning our backs on our allies and showing weakness and indecisiveness at every turn is the surest route to war. I'm sure Carly will have plenty to say about this and will say it better than anyone else could. It is totally consistent with views she's already expressed. If someone with a spine were in the White House Putin wouldn't be in Syria bombing our allies in the first place. It would be nice if John Boehner is replaced with someone with something resembling a spine. I wonder what other Christmas presents Obama has in mind for the world this year?
  19. "Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina argued the US should “secure a no-fly zone around anti-Assad rebel forces that we’re supporting” and “be prepared” to use force against Russia if need be on Wednesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel."
  20. GRAPHIC CONTENT–’Carly Fiorina Was Right': Group Releases Full Abortion Video Mentioned in GOP Debate
  21. Carly Fiorina with Glenn Beck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajBo03mj3EY "So, when I see a state like California destroy lives and livelihoods with environmental regulations that will make no difference at all to climate change, when I see the Obama administration take that same regulation and apply it nationally – it will make not difference at all. Yet we’re destroying people’s lives and livelihoods. I wonder, ‘why are we doing this? Why are we doing this when it won’t have any impact?’ So I think the answer to this problem is innovation, not regulation"
  22. Why Carly Fiorina? "I want a candidate that has the knowledge and proven track record to put policies in place to allow our economy to thrive and rein in our out-of-control spending. We need a leader who has an understanding of the economy and the insight to guide our country. I truly believe Carly Fiorina is that leader. Given what she has accomplished in her life, my personal experience working for her at HP, and her success throughout her career, Carly Fiorina has a track record to prove she is the one we need to get America back in the leadership business again. Join me in supporting Carly Fiorina for President."
  23. I worked with Carly Fiorina and her critics are dead wrong " We at AT&T saw this pattern time and time again: When Fiorina put her mind to something, she accomplished it. She was relentless, and through persistence, perseverance, and personality she gradually won people over. In the end, her changes were made and all those working within Network Systems benefited. Fiorina’s genius was recognizing the problem, analyzing the situation, developing a solution and implementing the fix. And those of us lucky enough to work with her reaped the rewards of her leadership. These are the exact characteristics we need in our next president. "
  24. "In any compromise between food and poison, it is only death that can win. In any compromise between good and evil, it is only evil that can profit." -Ayn Rand Mugger: "Give me your wallet". Calvin: "No" Mugger: "Let's compromise, give me your wallet and I'll give you bus fare so you can get home" Calvin: "Okay! That's fair, we both give something..." Socialist version of the trader principle. And being "reasonable".