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  1. " For my choice, the election's lookin' awfully good... "

    Assuming we get that far...

    BO has total control.  The right has been completely impotent and cowardly his entire administration.  The people of the United States have been passively taking whatever insults and takeaways have come their way.  Who's going to do a goddamn thing if the left preempts the election?  Trump is a perfect smokescreen to let that happen.  What is the Constitution?  What are principles of government?  Where are the free people?  Where is the home of the free and the land of the brave?  Who's even talking about it?  It's all about personalities and "the rules say this and the rules say that".  BO has been breaking the rules for eight years.  Who the hell is going to stop him now?  He's acting a little too relaxed this late in a criminal administration.

  2. 17 minutes ago, Jon Letendre said:


    In a honest count, not a Wiki towing the official bs figures, we have already paid many times over the cost of the wall in gifts and various giveaways to the Mexican state.

     "Reparations reasoning"?  You're not in good company...

  3. 17 hours ago, william.scherk said:

    Formatted podcast style as part of my will and testament, OL for the Blind

    It could be that Peter still uses a work in Word (or Wordstar or Notepad) -- and a  copy-paste from such software -- path to comment.  At one point I harried Adam and Peter for what my inner Ms Manners considered crimes of attribution, missing URLs -- in Peter's case he seemed to have an aversion to posting href links even plain, for what was obviously something copied from a website. Mike Erickson harried me in turn, or rather pointed out that I was being Ms Manners, and so I gave up that line of work.

    In Peter's case, he simply follows age-old paths through the internet, never stopping to copy the freaking link as part of his plod. Adam is actually terrific and consistent in his attributions. Peter is the hold-out.

    But, so what? -- since a select-and-search turns up Peter's capacious borrowings in a relative instant.  Which was Mike's point  So Peter is excused on the grounds of inadaptability. As with the stalwart and stubborn Phil Coates, there are Modern Conventions that he Will Not Adopt. 

    I got a thrill today in thinking Peter had moved into the modern era, with multiple hotlinks in  his post!  But that is just an effect of the processing of his borrowings. He mostly mentions a writer or source, so ... we can concentrate on his argument, where one appears. It takes a bit of HTML tinkering with Peter's splodges of Times New Roman large to render it into the default sans-serif 12pt, but I made the effort today ...

    Peter, I am so proud of you and your multiple links to sources, even if such links were an inadvertent effect of your habits.  To the notion that trespassers at Trump rallies can be identified and removed without violence -- it just takes some will and discipline among security and Trump supporters. Removing trespassers is potentially uneventful.   If the streets outside a rally are infested with devils, police lines can separate the angels from them, preserving quaint notions of the right of assembly. 

    Oof. Yeah. But. 

    I figger the Trump campaign has smart people at its heart.   The wonks and politically-informed GOP operatives on Trump's side have wonked out on all the rules, state by state, clause by clause.   What is missing from the (Roger Stone) exclusive at Infowars are links to the two skeddy rules Stone proposes will be invoked by the Monsters.   

    Rule 38 and Rule 16(d).  It takes reading the actual rules in context to assess Stone's alarmism. Wouldn't it be nice if I gave links?  But I am being Peter Taylor now, holding it back, although I will give hints:

    Hint: all wonkish OL Front-porchers should have already been reading about the rules at both Greenpapers and Josh Putnam's website.   The detail at the pages I don't link to show that Stone is exaggerating and spinning to a degree.  So, there's the internet. Hop to it, everybody who wants to figure it out themselves.

    To the notion that there will be a criminal-ish conspiracy to deny the anti-Monster party their candidate, I have long stressed that details matter. The wonk-killer-ops at Trump Central are just as full of "plots" as are the Sea Island Crime Cartel, I surmise.

    Again, I urge folks of distinction and outsized reasoning capacity to go slog through the details of all the plausible events to come in Cleveland.

    To the overall conclusion I allow myself, it is that Mr Trump needs only about 52% of the remaining delegates to be allocated to achieve 1237 before Cleveland. So from here on in I am watching a slope on a graph, so to speak (and thanks again to Merlin for sharpening my view).  If the slope stays the same as it has so far, somewhere around June 4-ish I will have my final TrumpGasm of the primaries. I will know in my loins that Mr Trump has crossed the point of no return. 

    I don't know what kind of orgasmic political moments will come during the Cleveland festivities. I do know that the enormous circus of Hoopla will be at its most intense to date. Talk about wall to wall excitement. I am going to probably have to wear adult party pants as I am sure to pee myself at least a couple of times.

    (to my backstage minions and fans, yes, I will be live broadcasting on Youtube for at least one podcast during the festivities. Probably during the immediate run-up to First Ballot.  My mental rule of comparison will be the hideously boring Joe Clark election to the Tory leadership up here back in Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz ... )


    OL for the blind!  I like it! (sometimes I'm too tired to keep my eyes open).  Here are those rules:  GOP 2012 Rules

  4. I've learned more about nutrition and human health on Paul Jaminet's blog (Perfecthealthdiet.com) than all the other books I've read combined.  Start with your core, emotional health follows physical health, all your other values follow naturally.  Your greatest value is you.  Screw the troglodytes.  Lift weights.  Go for long hikes in the hills.  Eat gourmet paleo food.  Intermittent fast.  Sleep well, dial in your circadian rhythms.  You already read a lot and are a deep thinker.  I love Nathaniel Branden too, meeting him changed my life forty years ago.  You are just fine, life is long, you are your own personal work of art and that's all that's important.

  5. 1 hour ago, Selene said:

    If I was advising my grandparents in 1928 from 1958, I would have told them that they would have been smarter to buy stock in GM after the crash rather than purchase half of a brownstone off 2nd Avenue near where the Triborough Bridge would be developed nine months before the crash. 

    They still did well and it was their home also.

    This was a very successful step for two individuals who arrived at Ellis Island from Northern Italy in 1905 unmarried in a brave new world. 

    I have never understood the probative value of Monday morning quarterbacking statements.


    What I took away was that Trump inherited a fortune...and essentially preserved it.  How he preserved it includes declaring bankruptcy multiple times and buying politicians to invoke imminent domain on his behalf multiple times.  He is not what anyone would call a "corporate titan" of the Atlas Shrugged variety.  His vulgarity and personal attacks, his misstatements, his ignorance of economics (except of the crony capitalist kind), world politics and the strategy of warfare, his admiration of thugs and thieves, (I noted first in his book AoD), is an embarrassment for one aspiring to lead the greatest nation in the history of the world.  But then, after two bouts of the Obama plague, who could complain?  I believe our government (reflected in its people) has become so corrupt decent men of accomplishment and ability will have nothing to do with it.  That's not Monday morning quarterbacking, that's a cold assessment of the facts in front of our faces.

  6. Wow.  It is a great pleasure to make your acquaintance, Cassandra.  It is interesting reading your opening post.  I am 67, I read Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" when I was 17 working in a community college book store.  I felt as you did, I already believed everything Ayn said.  I was an individualist through and through, I did not need to be converted.  I joined the Navy (I was 1A, about to be drafted if I did not choose my own way).  While in the Navy I read the rest of Ayn Rand, and went on to read Aristotle and all of the Austrian Economics I could get my hands on.  I debated my fellow sailors on capitalism and individualism.  One fellow didn't agree with my views on the military draft.  We agreed to a debate.  We talked for perhaps two hours, I laid out all of my individual points and one by one got agreement.  At the end I concluded "therefore the United States should end the military draft"...after a few seconds this fellow got up and as he was walking away said "No!  If I've got to go, they've got to go".  So, there it is.  I learned a great deal in that exchange.  I have never given up my beliefs or principles these 50 years.  I am happy.  Never give up.  I look forward to your writing.

  7. ["Just a worker"]...  If you are an objectivist you are a trader.  Meaning, always a student, a business owner, and a worker regardless of what your talents are.  As well as a thinker, problem solver, mentor, forward thinker, entrepreneur, producer of capital and a creator of a better future for yourself and your partners.  And a fan of all that makes a human being a truly human being.

  8. William Wordsworth: "She dwelt among the untrodden ways"

    SHE dwelt among the untrodden ways

    Beside the springs of Dove,

    A Maid whom there were none to praise

    And very few to love:

    A violet by a mossy stone

    Half hidden from the eye!

    --Fair as a star, when only one

    Is shining in the sky.

    She lived unknown, and few could know

    When Lucy ceased to be; 10

    But she is in her grave, and, oh,

    The difference to me!

  9. Jerry,

    Thanks for this. I am doing personal research on diet for myself and my wife lately. Two books I've just ordered: "Diabetes Epidemic and You" & "Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution".

    I've had limited success with intermittent fasting the last few months. Some days I feel great, other days not so great. But I have the issue of the heart procedures for afib which are not completely resolved yet and am taking the anti-coagulant Xarelto everyday for the next few months. The recommended diet in the above books are low carb. But I'm learning that animal meat is not a requirement. I may stick to fish and eggs for protein, plenty of coconut and olive oils for cooking, lots of green vegetables, raw nuts liberally.

    Regarding your posted videos: #1: I made if through the first couple of minutes. Question: do you think domestic animals bred for the purpose of eating would not go extinct if humans stopped raising them for that purpose? Anyway, I call the contents of video 1 moral begging and can't stand to listen to it. #2: Very much enjoyed this one, I really like Patrik. Thanks very much for introducing me to this very bright and accomplished young man. I have an observation; strength maintenance is much much easier than building strength. Do you think this man could have developed the muscle mass in his early training on a vegan diet? I'm also sure his health and recovery improved when he switched to vegan. And also strength (the ability to contract your muscles) is neurological, "strength is a skill" [per Pavel Tsatsouline]. Patrik's success as a strongman may not have been possible if he had been vegan his whole life. Nevertheless, his example and experience may be very instructive for us older guys trying to maintain our health and vitality as we get older. Thanks again.

  10. http://www.rationaloptimist.com/blog/humanisms-rise/

    Matt Ridley's blog:

    "Fifty years ago, after the cracking of the genetic code, Francis Crick was so confident religion would fade that he offered a prize for the best future use for Cambridge’s college chapels. Swimming pools, said the winning entry. Today, when terrorists cry “God is great” in both Paris and Bamako as they murder, the joke seems sour. But here’s a thought: that jihadism may be a last spasm — albeit a painful one — of a snake that is being scotched. The humanists are winning, even against Islam."

  11. Jarret, Axelrod, (Davis) O'bama = pure marxism/communism and now they run the country...pretty amusing? Nope, a bloodless coup right in front of our eyes.

    I wonder how many former members of ACORN are now permanent members of the bureaucracy, ideology intact? The real Trojan horse. Obama's administration does not end with his presidency.

    How many officers and men in our military have been forced to retire? Replaced by community organizer hand picked mentally deficient weaklings?

    This is the equivalent of losing a world war and being ruled by "community organizer" occupiers. I think the patient is terminal.

  12. What I Learned about Climate Change: The Science is not Settled

    -David Siegel

    "I’m a Democrat: I think governments play a key role in helping preserve our environment for the future in the most cost-effective way possible. Over the years, I built a set of assumptions: that Al Gore was right about global warming, that he was the David going up against the industrial Goliath. In 1993, I even wrote a book about it.

    Recently, a friend challenged those assumptions. At first, I was annoyed, because I thought the science really was settled. As I started to look at the data and read about climate science, I was surprised, then shocked. As I learned more, I changed my mind. I now think there probably is no climate crisis and that the focus on CO2 takes funding and attention from critical environmental problems. I’ll start by making ten short statements that should challenge your assumptions and then back them up with an essay."

    Critical Thinking:

    "M y journey into critical thinking has taught me to hold strong opinions loosely. I’ve been more wrong in my life than I thought was possible. Now I try to put my reactions aside and look at all the evidence before coming to a conclusion."

  13. Welcome Pekka! I'm an admirer of a couple of your countrymen, Mikko Salo, crossfit champion, I followed his competitions and videos for a few years. So sorry his injuries prevented him from defending his title. He was quite popular over here, I don't know if he was known much in his home country. For some time I've been following Timo Lauttamus on his youtube channel (19Kamau79). What a beast! I particularly like his winter treks around his home. I'm drawn to the stoic and understated nature of the Finnish athletes, possibly because my grandfather was born in Orebro, Sweden, the men that raised me were something like that. I'm looking forward to your posts and point of view.