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  1. " I do know God indirectly by personally experiencing the objective reality

    of His physical and moral laws which govern the consequences of my own actions."


    "...the objective reality of the laws which govern the moral consequences of your own actions."

    From Greg's last two posts.  The first is consistent with Einstein.  The second with Ayn Rand.  It's no wonder Greg is enjoying himself...

  2. Donald Trump just exposed America's dirty little secret 

    "[Trump] recognizes that we have a bubble and he wants to make America great again," Schiff said, adding that of all the candidates he has the best understanding of how bad the problems are.

    "To get great again we need to recreate what made us great in the first place, and so we're going to have to let interest rates go up," Schiff added. "A big part of that is admitting that we aren't going to be able to re-pay the debt."


  3. Boo hoo, civilization has come to an end...  Yeah, just like everything that can be invented has been invented.  To figure out Donald Trumps successes one only has to look at the alternatives.  I believe Trump is the most honest, least politically correct potential POTUS in my lifetime.  He even has Reagan beat in that regard.  I think he also has better instincts about when he's being conned by the political establishment than Reagan.  That was Reagan's downfall in my opinion.  He was talked into compromises by a democrat congress (and establishment Republicans) which made his presidency less successful than it could have been.  Trump and his family have more to lose than anyone I can think of if he fucks up the presidency so I think he will try very hard to get the best advice he can find about everything, and it won't be from establishment political hacks.  I've actually become optimistic.  That's a new thing for me, feels kind of strange... 

  4. Whatever resonated in you about your love exists in you.  What you loved in your lover is in you.  Preserve yourself, love yourself.  Your memories of your love exist inside of you.  Cherish them, talk about them.  To that extent he still exists and and effects the world.  Take very good care of yourself, diet, exercise, sleep well.  Love your friendships, your pets, your thoughts, your life.  Yourself.  You are your highest value, your loves are a reflection of what you value.

  5. My god Bob.  You are obsessed with the world of lifeless physical phenomenon which obey the laws of motion only and ignore the world of the living.  Perhaps because you are too close to a lifeless state yourself?

    Christopher Reeves, so long as he was alive, retained the will to live and had the means to direct others to move his limbs on a daily basis in physical therapy, hoping for an eventual cure for his paralysis.  He probably got more exercise in a day than most people do.

    Did it ever occur to you to wonder what purpose the original poster of this thread had in starting it?  Do you imagine it was so he could get a lesson in Physics 101 and the impotence of philosophy?

  6. From Olivia Pierson's blog:  Why Trump deserves to win the American Election

    About Trump haters:  " I am so disgusted with these people for pretending to have such "great judgment" yet are not able to see their own shocking propensity for context dropping, despite their self-proclaimed intellectual prowess. They, in their various critiques, get to feel superior to Trump in some fucked up way - and that is the only emotion which carries them along in their criticism and Derangement Syndrome. I hope they have the good grace to let me know when they have created a family fortune of 10 billion plus, have the heart, guts and competence to want to save their country from becoming a "once was" civilization. I hope they let me know when they have 2 ex-wives as good friends, along with five high-functioning kids who absolutely adore them - and, more importantly, want to learn from them. I won't hold my breath. "

  7. 5 minutes ago, Roger Bissell said:

    Meaning that the rules of civility and engagement on OL are not firm, objective rules, but subject to the Framer's whim.

    Paraphrasing MSK's indictment of Jeb Bush:  OL's rules of civility and engagement are tools of power and persuasion, not commitments, and MSK need not honor and uphold and enforce them when he doesn't like it.

    This is not an insult, any more than MSK's indictment of Jeb Bush was an insult. It's just a statement of fact.


    You are obviously a scholar: a master at answering questions indirectly...i.e; not answering at all.  Would you care to try again?

  8. This is the most amazing campaign season.  The crime scene is America after the last few decades of American politics.  This election is all about the guy with the spray bottle and UV light.  All the blood splatters are shining bright...

  9. 1 hour ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

    A very, very inspiring message from Lynne Patton, a black female executive of the Trump Organization.

    This is the kind of loyalty Trump's employees feel toward him.

    Notice she mentioned he stood by her despite a problem with addiction. That one hits home to me...



  10. 23 minutes ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:


    Most of these people communicate with me privately. I bet all of them are reading this thread. (Hi, folks. :) )

    btw - There are not hoards of these people. Some...

    The fact is they don't post much on this thread or anywhere else about Trump, if at all. And believe me, they exist. But I won't betray their privacy. I figure if any of them want their views made public in our subcommunity, they will post.

    Take a look at how the anti-Trump people get bent out of shape all the time and you will see why they prefer not to discuss it in public. They just don't want the hassle. And some of them get pissed at the constant condescension--I know, they've told me. So they keep to themselves in public about Trump and I'm fine with it. As I've said, silencing people is not the same thing as getting them to agree. And I've also said, most Trump supporters are not angry people. These few, in particular, don't like the feeling of getting pissed from being goaded.

    (I, on the other hand... :evil: :) )

    They may stay silent, but I bet you all of them vote... And they all have friends and families...



    I have a lot of things going on and don't get back here every day but I'll be happy to post part of an email I sent to you a couple of weeks ago:


    Unless I find something new and damning put me on the Trump bandwagon.  I don't think Trump is dangerous, he is not a potential Putin as I suggested months ago.  I don't expect any bad surprises about him, I think he is the genuine article.  Cruz strikes me as a manipulative liar.  Even if Trump is an asshole (I don't think he is) I would pick a transparent asshole with executive skill by far over a manipulative liar.  I've listened to several hours of Trumps speeches and interviews and frankly I like him now...

    ...Thought you'd like to know you've won me over.  I sincerely hope something good happens."

    I'll add that one of the things helping my decision is the success and evident character of Trump's children.  They were obviously positively influenced by and have a good relationship with their father.  I've known a few successful people, owner's, executives, CEO's of high tech electronics businesses, some have not very good relations with their families or their children, the best of them have very good relations with their families and have successful hard working children.  I've observed motivated hard working happy and successful children are a strong indicator of character in the parents.

    Perhaps the election of Donald Trump will give some of the other republicans elected to congress in the last few years the motivation to at least give the appearance of actually having a spine.

    Best Regards,

    Mike Erickson


  11. " What I don't think exists are persuasive arguments in favor of Trump becoming our President. "

    Given 'The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result'...

    Perhaps the best argument is the people supporting Trump are not insane.

  12. " There is nothing wrong with boasting and braggadocio. "

    Of course not.  This is a year long job interview for the hardest job imaginable, particularly following BHO.  Self effacing certainly would not cut it no matter what your politics is.  Pardon me if I think to suggest otherwise is rhetorical bs.

    I was distrusting of Trump earlier, after listening to several speeches and interviews in the last weeks and taking his business decisions in context I don't think he's a potential "Putin" as I stated earlier.  He's the best candidate left in the race in my opinion.  I support Trump presently.  Cruz is too clever by half.  I think he is disingenuous.  Watching him talk I would have a difficult time trusting him.  He is definitely no political outsider.  He is not above dirty tricks.  Crafty Cruzy?  Anything for the win is a leftist or insider tactic, I'm not interested.  Trump appears honest, most particularly when compared to all of the political hacks, regardless of whatever else you think of him.