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  1. http://thehill.com/blogs/pundits-blog/presidential-campaign/284392-hillary-lives-up-to-lying-crooked-website I'm afraid she still has a better than even chance of getting elected. I can almost understand the clueless media listeners but not the so called scholars and intellectuals voting for her because of hating Trump. Brings clueless to a new level.
  2. "We think they're using quantum mechanics to navigate"
  3. What does an aspie (clueless to social niceties) know of bores and barbarians?
  4. Liberal journalist goes to southern border to see if Trump is right
  5. Do you consider yourself an honest man Bissell? Do you think any dirt on Trump that could be dug up wouldn't have been dug up by now? Have you considered that "Trumps" tax returns are private corporate business, businesses being run now by Trump's kids, revealing private information to their competitors could be very costly. If not a requirement of the law why should he reveal information that could cost his kids millions? Go find your own dirt, then prove it, stop the bs. I think you're a clown, you have no idea what's really going on, that embarrasses you, and no, you're not honest about it. You called it: " Me 'n' some of them other "stupid assholes" "
  6. What a complete and total crock of fear mongering shit. Trump's entire life has been totally public. Every single thing he's done is in the public record and he's written books about me! me! me!. What's not to know? Stupid assholes.
  7. Thanks for this Michael. I admit, for myself, some of Trumps early remarks I felt were offensive, but watching the overreach by his opponents, left and right, and then contrasting with his explanations for his remarks I moved closer and closer to his pov. In fact, if he hadn't done it that way I wouldn't have paid that much attention to the issues he concerns himself with. And the lack any attempt at objectivity of his opponents, again both sides, moved me farther away from any regard for them. I think Trump is a good man, I hope he survives this election cycle and wins the presidency. That's not going to end the corruption in Washington but is a step in the right direction. The majority of objectivists of any stripe are once again proving themselves irrelevant in yet another election cycle.
  8. Religion, science, atheism... all swim in the same ocean of ignorance and try to escape the angst and anxiety of uncertainty by claiming to "know" what they cannot possibly know.
  9. Scott Adams: Citizen Government: "There’s something in the air now – maybe because of Trump – that feels intensely American. And by that I mean not waiting around for someone (such as the government) to fix your problem. We’re a nation of problem-solvers. I would argue that problem-solving is the most basic American character trait. You need something invented? We’re on it. You need a dictator removed? Can do. You need economic stability in the world? Working on it! Don’t like having a king? We can design a better system. At the moment, citizens see our government as defective and they see Donald Trump as a wrecking ball. Step one: Demolition." Excellent.
  10. You are contextually inaccurate. These don't create energy either (but they need to be refueled): Edited to add: You remind me of Sheldon (BBT): Sheldon: "I am not crazy. My mother had me tested."
  11. I know I shouldn't bother, but: Mitochondria
  12. When the choice is laugh or cry...laughing is the best choice.
  13. Contrast what you can dig up about Trump's past: http://m.hannity.com/articles/hanpr-election-493995/200-stranded-marines-needed-a-plane-14727522/
  14. Breaking Drudge: Trump turns up the heat on the Clintons tonight when he raises the specter of 'RAPE' when describing Bill Clinton's past history with women. The bombshell is dropped on FOXNEWS 'HANNITY' during an hour-long interview, set to air at 10 PM ET... MORE... Meanwhile Sanders drops an "R" word of his own: http://www.politicususa.com/2016/01/17/sanders-drops-r-word-clinton-accusing-sounding-republican.html
  15. You are a really sick person Jonathan. Perhaps this would help: http://perfecthealthdiet.com/2011/07/how-to-recognize-and-fix-a-brain-infection/
  16. Thank you Peter. "Ted is an interesting person". Yes. He is an eagle amongst peacocks. He has the capacity to reason. An superior memory, intuitive, a Renaissance man, not a rote learner or "scholar" interested only in accumulating trivia about a subject rather than original thinking about it.
  17. I read "Citizen of the Galaxy" and "Star Beast" many times as a kid, and everything else he wrote through the next 20-30 years. Here is Ted Keer's Robert Heinlein page on Radicals for Happiness: http://radicalsforhappiness.blogspot.com/search/label/Robert Heinlein It contains a review of Citizen of the Galaxy and Starship Troopers.
  18. Bob, You can't have your cake and eat it too. Do you claim morality is an illusion? Are you amoral?
  19. Jumping out of an airplane without a parachute is insane. The insane is not moral. Jumping out of an airplane with a parachute is not defying gravity. It is sane and moral. You talk of "moral principles"... What do you think these "principles" are based on if not natural law? Not hurting peoples feelings? Or survival?
  20. Bob, It depends on how you define moral. If you defy the law of gravity, you die. That seems like an objective moral decision to me. I don't suppose you find "benevolent universe" a compelling or meaningful idea either? How do you define moral? Mike E [helping]