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  1. Sorry, moved this to "Trump Humor".
  2. http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/monkey-kisses-the-cardboard-cutout-of-us-presidential-news-photo/620802860#monkey-kisses-the-cardboard-cutout-of-us-presidential-candidate-a-picture-id620802860
  3. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/nov/2/america-must-get-her-groove-back/ “Should things go wrong at any time, the people will set them to rights by the peaceable exercise of their elective rights.” -Thomas Jefferson " Hillary Clinton is running as a status quo elite globalist (perhaps the only thing authentic about her candidacy) — at a time when those things are being roundly rejected by voters across the Western world. She is also a walking example of the kind of elemental corruption the Founders hoped we would purge from government. "
  4. Did I just tune into an alternate universe? Chris Matthews endorses Trump
  5. Really? "If that fucking bastard wins we're all going to hang"
  6. Unintentional. It was the first thing that popped into my mind...and I wasn't laughing. I'm finding this election season bizarre and stressful. Somebody throw a bucket of water on that witch...
  7. Sincere perhaps but lacks insight. McAfee has a very specialized skill set, the FBI encompasses many specialties. Not all are state of the art nor could they be, there will always be a lag, it is not the FBI's job to invent new technology. Law enforcement is always improved by honest citizens willing to help. The FBI is competent unless compromised by political action.
  8. "What's next..." The Assault Air Bike!:
  9. How community organizing (rigging elections) works. " "When we lie for personal gain, our amygdala produces a negative feeling that limits the extent to which we are prepared to lie," explains senior author Dr Tali Sharot (UCL Experimental Psychology). "However, this response fades as we continue to lie, and the more it falls the bigger our lies become. This may lead to a 'slippery slope' where small acts of dishonesty escalate into more significant lies." "
  10. Black Female Trump Supporter Best debate line at 2:44 About Obama: At 3:05: "I voted for Barack Obama when he said "Hope and Change and yes we can" and no we didn't"... Great lady.
  11. From Dave Barry: Trump hater “Fortunately it wasn’t chunky peanut butter, so vehicles didn’t get scratched,” said Chief Deputy Dan Kontos.
  12. I thought Trump did well. Then my wife said she thought Hillary was very good, a better speaker and articulated her points better. I said "she is a polished liar, years of practice", wife says "she sounds better, I don't like anything about Trump". It doesn't matter because we are in California. But I'm still depressed. Can't sleep. Fuck it all. I'm thinking so few people will pay any attention to all the real dirt being released by wikileaks and the videos of O'Keefe that the proof of corruption will make no difference. "She sounds good"...and besides "Roe v Wade". They've been playing that dead issue for decades. I tell my wife, it's a dead issue, no one seriously thinks the right of a women to abort a fetus is going to be taken away, but people who think it's immoral shouldn't have to pay for it. That's immoral. This is a deal killer for a great many people. That and all the other entitlements and the cheating, I think the game is lost. Is it possible the dems rigged the republican primary so Trump would be the opponent for Hillary? I read that she wanted to run against him, that they planned a run against Trump.
  13. The naked truth ... an improvement on godzillary; destroyer of liberty...
  14. Faux Outrage: "Pretending one is offended, insulted or generally affronted by something which they really are not. The faux outrage is usually expressed publicly because it is done in the service of an agenda. Those expressing faux outrage usually labor under the delusion that no one can see through them, but most can." Re #1: much?
  15. Covert persuasion... [A little nutty, a little slutty...]
  16. "This angry cat was left fur-ious by Donald Trump's lewd "pussy" comments"
  17. I believe the consensus on Trump's list of favorites for supreme court nominees is excellent (among Constitutionalists, free market and liberty folks). That alone makes a Trump presidency a success. I don't think anyone has any reason to believe his picks for every top position in the executive branch would be any worse. He is both a collaborator and a decision maker. I am hopeful, unless we end up having a Soviet style election; meaning a sham election and democracy is over in the United States. Or Trump could be killed before the election, but I think the SS guys would give their lives to prevent that from happening (rumor is they loath HC?). Please let Trump win so I can retire with peace of mind... [unfriended Carly...sorry Carly]
  18. Jerry: Dr. Rhonda Patrick interviews Valter Longo, Ph.D. on Fasting-Mimicking Diet & Fasting for Longevity, Cancer & Multiple Sclerosis I've been intermittent fasting for some time. Your views on longer fasts have become more interesting to me. Do you know anyone who has reversed the remodeling effects on the heart of atrial fibrillation by fasting?
  19. How to catch a wild pig Clinton wins: the gate closes.
  20. Scott Adams: Why I Switched my Endorsement from Clinton to Trump Just about sums it up...
  21. This is f'n delightful: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-09-16/media-furious-we-all-got-rickrolled-trump Go Trump!
  22. Hmmm. I do coffee, turmeric, cocoa, and cayanne pepper fairly often. I'll add some cinnamon. I already drink green tea, I'll try all that there too. Thanks!
  23. This is the most bizarre election cycle in my life. I don't remember hitting my head on anything recently but I'm feeling really paranoid. WTF is going on, will there really be an election? Is O'butthead going to be the last POTUS? Not taking any meds but perhaps I should be...
  24. William, What is it about Islam and Sharia and the teachings of the evil psychotic warlord Mohamed you'd like to save exactly? What part of fighting those adamant about imposing Sharia on you is not self defense? And who saying they want to kill those who aren't interested in imposing sharia on the rest of humanity?