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  1. I like that you keep thinking and don't turn away. Good points.
  2. I was thinking of a small bridge in the Northwest and bicyclists... I'm sorry Adam. I don't get the reference. I looked, really. Don't know the right search terms evidently.
  3. Evidently just a drive by... Mak: BTW, the spelling is 'Machiavelli', but too much trouble to look it up, right? The little things are the tells.
  4. That's the tactic of the left and collectivists, argument by emotional reaction. Are you trying to persuade someone to get a rifle and shoot a doctor?
  5. I could have gone the rest of my life without seeing that. Could you make it about 1/10th the size? If you ask Michael he can do it.
  6. Orthogonal is not the direction to go when solving problems. The discussion was about unborn babies and whether our culture reflected in our laws should revere them as potentially valuable members or be indifferent to their fate. I think the amount of reverence you have for unborn babies reflects your valuing of human beings in general. Casually talking about the dismemberment of babies over lunch rightly caused outrage. This is a difficult subject. I have known very ardent libertarians who were against abortion and would argue fiercely about infants rights. The pregnant mothers were simply regarded as irresponsible having been totally in control of getting into the situation in the first place. The behind the scenes social engineering going on and implemented by encouraging abortion is another outrage. Definitely a third rail subject, designed to be so by elements on all sides of the political spectrum. Unfortunately it benefits the left liberal social engineers far more than the right by guaranteeing the women's vote.
  7. And Steve Forbes for VP. Trump for ambassador to Mexico.
  8. "Pretty Good means Not That Good" In Obama's case it means "I out-suck a Hoover". He has alienated everyone, left and right, the military and the bureaucrats. He'll be lucky to stay out of jail and collect his pension.
  9. Great speech at a great location. [download the pdf file for easier reading]
  10. Ideologue's are never confused. "Deserve's got nothing to do with it"
  11. Yes. Really interesting programs, all over the place; politics, science, business, economics, art. Great guests. I listen to at least one podcast on the weekends.
  12. There's a book on that: "Are you Liberal, Conservative, or Confused?" Just kidding. Can you elaborate?
  13. MEM's picture should be in the encyclopedia next to 'stream-of-consciousness', 'over-reach', and 'crow epistemology'. [Not risk averse though, that's good...]
  14. William, I think guessing who's going to win a political race is pointless if not stupid. Saying who you would like and why makes sense. I used to give you the benefit of the doubt but lately I think you post here for no good reason other than your own amusement. You too often show barely concealed contempt for too many members here. What is it about Ayn Rand that you like? Tell me why I should read anything of yours.
  15. Donald Trump: scam artist? [John Batchelor on "Trump University"]
  16. The community organizers are waiting for the word from Obama to go pack her events...[crickets]
  17. Colorful. I like the comment: "That locks it... Rodman for Ambassador to North Korea."
  18. Absolutely, Mike. Bureaucracy only creates problems. It never solves them. It can only sustain itself by creating the need for solutions to the problems it creates. Look at the cities ruled by liberal bureaucracies. They're social and financial disasters which insure the bureaucracy's growth to produce programs that only treat the symptoms of the problems it creates. Bureaucrats never want a problem to be solved, for to do that would end the need for them. Bureaucrats revel in the convoluted complexity of 2,400 page Obamacare bills, or a 67.000 page tax code. Creating complexity is what secures a useless unproductive failure's employment in a bureaucracy. Greg Exactly. The "real world [cough] rules" which "anyone follows" per William. Incidentally, the Obamacare bill, as large as it was, created a thousand times more pages of "rules", incomprehensible, which nobody can explain or understand but we're obliged to follow "under penalty of law". Destroys the rule of law (based on principle, not rules), creates contempt for society and law, allows selective enforcement against "enemies". None of this is an accident.
  19. You are thoroughly depraved. "...real world rules, like anyone else..." Borg, beyond hope. You reveal yourself more and more.
  20. Help us out here with a link or something, wouldja? Please ... http://www.religionnews.com/2015/07/17/cardinal-george-pell-takes-swing-pope-francis-environmental-encyclical/
  21. Greg, Your post (which I really like) motivated me to find this list: 8 Things Really Great Problem Solvers Do Reading the list it occurred to me: this is EXACTLY the opposite of the bureaucratic mindset.
  22. Nonsense. Sorry. Are you anticipating Deanna's reply? Why don't you just wait for the reply.