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  1. George, I continue to admire you and your work. I hope to glean a lot of value when I have the time to read it. [inaccurate parts deleted]
  2. "Let me channel my inner Donald" An improvement, I must say...
  3. Laughing?!?!? Stay inside if there's a thunderstorm...Zod is angry...Except...what is knelling? Maybe that's a stifled guffaw? Oh, here we go: Sentences Including 'guffaw'"Her concluding suggestion caused me to stifle a guffaw by blowing my nose loudly." So it probably means "blowing your nose loudly". I'll put that in the Zodish Talmud...I guess you're okay. Aren't you supposed to be taking pictures?
  4. I'm outta here if any crows are harmed... How about a really dried out overcooked turkey wing? Covered in Tabasco sauce? "Blackened Turkey". Metaphors work for me.
  5. Seems pointless to me. What's the purpose?
  6. Please, no more talk about shooting crows. They are actually civilized.
  7. My father was raised on his step dads farm. His step dad said this about children: From birth through seven years old you get a free ride, room and board. Seven through fourteen, you pay your own way (work for your keep), after fourteen through twenty one you pay back the first seven years. Then you're on your own. A simple barter system, work for your keep. You need to get a farm Derek!
  8. As with the "anti-science of global warming" and the "anti-anti science of anti-global warming". Right on the money, works for me. Thanks William, there's hope.
  9. Something like in 'Trump Humor'?: FOGOASO! [thanks to Dennis]
  10. Kind of like the pope talking about global warming...
  11. You're are inviting me to overstep my cognitive abilities. I will tell you what I think of NIOF after nearly fifty years of thinking about it. I favor action rather than inaction and principles rather than rules. NIOF is a rule, not a principle. Inaction against immorality is immoral. The highest principle is reason. [here's where you say "you already have". True...maybe]
  12. His economics follows praxeology, does not precede it. You have a deterministic view "All we need to know..." etc. It's possible you personally cannot evaluate a Ludwig Von Mises. BTW, my links contain a great deal of information about praxeology, its history and adherents, than just Von Mises. Ayn Rand finding Von Mises was all about checking premises about human nature. You cannot have a valid opinion about human morality without understanding human nature.
  13. Great! Cat: "When I grow up you'll make a nice meal..." Crow: "Catch me if you can!" A couple of springs ago I look out the back door and my cat smokey has a blue jay in his mouth by the breast feathers. The BJ is flapping his wings whacking Smoke on the ears. Smokey lets go and the BJ flies away. The rest of the spring we always knew exactly where Smokey was, we'd hear the BJ: "squack, squack, squack!!". He would land and hop right up to Smokey and scold. The funniest was when Smokey was in the house on the spare bed trying to sleep. The BJ spotted him through the window and sat on the fence outside "squack, squack, squack!!!". Sad when the season ended and we didn't see Smokey's friend anymore. How to care for a baby crow separated from his nest.
  14. I meant if you get the economics right everything else follows. Not diminishing the importance of other human endeavors, philosophical or otherwise, but you need freedom first, freedom from others, freedom from always worrying about your next meal. Then create great works. Freedom means self ownership, and ownership of your works and property, as an extension of your body. Through freely trading and cooperation we can leverage our individuals efforts to the stars.
  15. George Smith, where he mentions Nathaniel Branden and NBI referencing Von Mises and others. Also: Praxeology: Who needs it? by Roderick T. Long
  16. I discovered Von Mises from Ayn Rand. Economics is everything. Capitalism is freedom and property rights and self determination. People have to have the will and desire to create, the right to property gives people motivation to improve their lives, to thrive. Free markets, trading and the right to own property and make win-win profits creates the motivation, all other political systems crush self motivation and individual initiative except for the desire for power over others. Free markets and capitalism and people trading freely while respecting the rights of others is humanity in a state of nature. Man's natural state. From an interview by Anthony Wile - December 13, 2009, The Daily Bell: "Nathaniel Branden: Rand disagreed with Mises, as best I remember, not about economics but about ethics and epistemology."
  17. LOL! I don't try to predict the future. 2x Obama cured me of trying to predict the will of the American voter. What will be, will be. I like Carly. I don't like Trump's support of eminent domain. Excruciatingly painful, not an individualist. "Make America Great Again"...appears to be hot air. I doubt he can go the distance. He hasn't even begun to feel the heat yet. Not a prediction, call it a hunch. No crow eating potential here, nothing to see...
  18. Stop mealy mouthing. If you have something to say, say it.
  19. I was imagining black feathers in Michael's poop... But I like crows, a lot. I hope it's a road kill crow.
  20. I admire a big mouth as long as the person is not a liar. A big mouth in politics, in a democracy, is a requirement I think. They should not be kept silent by the threat of long drawn out and expensive legal actions. If Levant is a liar, that's a different story, and he should be held accountable. I have always admired your facility with words and debating skills, your sense of humor and intelligence. I learned some time ago you recognize an error when you make one and apologize for it. You have all of the characteristics I admire in a person. Intelligence, superior reasoning ability, integrity, sense of humor, empathy for your fellow man and for the human condition, awareness of the future and progress of humanity. What I don't understand is your socialism. It is a grievous error. People are individuals, individualists whether they recognize it or not. Von Mises has it exactly right in Human Action. His Praxeology is as true as the laws of physics in my opinion. The laws governing human action, the motivating factors, are as understandable as the laws of motion. Command societies cannot work. Someone is always being exploited for the enrichment and power games of someone else. The fact that the exponents of command structures propagandize the opposite, that free societies exploit people, is strong evidence that they don't. The people who lust for power always blame others for their own tactics preemptively. The problem with our discussions is instead of spiraling in to a point of agreement, they blow up into a fireworks display. Entertaining, but almost useless most of the time. I admire Mark Steyn, thanks for the link. I'm glad we're mostly in agreement. Probably more than you think. I don't want or expect anyone to agree with me, I mostly want to be left alone. I would be happy to ignore the world, read my books, work out with my kettlebells, play my guitar, go for hikes with Karen, work in the garden and keep our cats fat and happy. But the forces at play in the world are worrisome and require engagement.
  21. A persecution then. Inappropriate for a free people. Shooting at someone's feet to make them dance doesn't kill them but they have a right to complain nevertheless. Blame the stupid pointless whoopee on Chak and Canadian political correctness, not Mark Steyn. What if Levant simply ignored the whole thing? What happens then?
  22. Nope. Some numpty by the name of Arman Chak "filed a complaint with the Law Society of Alberta," as noted in the story you linked to. Mark Steyn is an awesome writer, one of the finest polemicists alive. But a witless complaint to the Law Society is far from being charged with a crime. Hmmm. According to Ezra Levant himself, he is being prosecuted. I believe he's asking for help to offset the expense of his defense.
  23. "Always check your generalizations, William." About 192 to go
  24. Greg, Do you use Medicare? Or Social Security? Civil courts? Or ever call the police? Or can you imagine a situation where you would use any of these? [you did say anything] [with emphasis]