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  1. Socialist principles applied by force (government) are immoral. When applied by private individuals on a group (business) are simply stupid. They don't work in either case. If you find an example where they do, please share.
  2. Tony nailed it. I don't see how anyone doesn't get it, or how Adam doesn't see the parallel with Twentieth Century. "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need" doesn't work anywhere, anytime. Dan Price "The idea struck him when a friend shared her worries" is an idiot and I wouldn't want to work for him for that alone. Incidentally, when I first looked at this article I read the first paragraph and clicked on the link. I posted my reply without reading the rest of the article. My connection to the Twentieth Century Motor Company was completely independent of the rest of the article. So, again, I don't see how you don't get the connection.
  3. Derek, If you divorce compensation from merit hardworking employees who don't believe they've been recognized and compensated for their hard work will hit the road. I've done this myself. I have no degrees but am an electronics engineer, I've had many jobs, I don't mind starting low, proving myself and then getting a raise commensurate to my value. If it doesn't happen I'm gone, usually in a year or two. I would never even start at a company run like "Gravity" because it would be a dead end. I understand the employees who left Gravity perfectly. The five year employees I think you were mocking had already hung on too long, when he announced his new policy they knew exactly the situation they were in and went elsewhere. Hard working problem solvers can always find work.
  4. "Americans keep forgetting about the miracle that this Limited Constitutional Republic..." The last two or three generations were not taught that, except home-schooled perhaps, and a few with enlightened and engaged parents. "Every conqueror since antiquity has known what our government knows: just take over how the children are raised, the rest will take care of itself. From the way we were taught to think in school, to the way we are conditioned to parent by the media—the parents of today are raising people who believe in and grow up to create bigger and bigger government." -Roslyn Ross
  5. " Dagny rescues a hobo who is riding the rails. He used to work for the Twentieth Century Motor Company. He tells her that the company put into practice the communist slogan, "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need," a scheme that resulted in enslaving the able to the unable. The first man to quit was a young engineer, who walked out of a mass meeting saying that he would put an end to this once and for all by "stopping the motor of the world." "
  6. I'm sorry Brant. Hope you feel better soon. A relaxed kitten: You can get ten free guided meditation sessions (ten minutes) at headspace.com I tried one. I liked it too much, I'm suspicious it could be addictive. [i don't mean to be an asshole]
  7. Brant, You're constant playing with semantics misses the whole point. What are you, over educated? You make me feel very tired and lonely sometimes. Tony, Thank you, very well said, and succinct.
  8. "Resorting to ad hominem is a sign that you are wrong." It's also a sign someone is being very tiresome and not worth bothering with. If you piss people off enough they will call you a fucking idiot. Calling you a slow learner is pretty mild. [warning: unsolicited irrational insults follow] Peikoff is a fucking idiot, what do you call people who listen to dozens of podcasts of fucking idiots? A: slow learners. Disclaimer: With disgust I slammed the first book I had picked up with Peikoff's name on it back onto the bookshelf, I think it was at a Barnes & Noble, and swore I'd never read anything from him again. I still will not. I was excited to see a new book with Ayn Rand's name of it, Peikoff's smarmy writings were a disappointment to say the least. Ayn had been dead maybe three years, I considered LP a carrion eater, nothing with Ayn alive, has made a living off of her, withheld access to her writings, generally been a pain in the ass all of these years. It's too bad any real admirer of Ayn Rand has to deal with him. Well, they don't really. [just having fun]
  9. "The system is overzealous in diagnosing learning disabilities and many of the special needs teachers themselves are learning disabled." Can you see the irony in this sentence?
  10. "..is too thin to stand up" -No By "rational" you're injecting you own expectations of other people's behavior onto them. An individualist, like Ayn Rand, expects people to behave rationally according to their own interests and calculation. In a state of nature, uncorrupted by notions such as "altruism" and external coercion, peoples selfish actions end up benefiting everyone. Being selfish does not need euphemisms.
  11. Jules, nice! A pose, just like this one: How do you make them do that?
  12. I think Ayn Rand nailed it in VOS. What has always been interesting to me is the admonitions in psychology and spirituality to "find your center". Well, yeah. My boss is an ex Navy SEAL. He was involved in extractions in his past. A few years ago I brought up the hostage issue in the mid east. What can people do? I ask. Don't be a victim he says. Guys like him were killed trying to rescue stupid people who didn't have the situational awareness to look after themselves, or who thought someone was going to come to their rescue. There are a million examples big and small about what happens when people are not "self centered" and don't look after #1. They are a useless drag on themselves and everyone else. The "altruism" mantra is simply a device used by con artists for extracting wealth from productive people. I don't think we need new words to obfuscate the message, 'you are the center of the universe' you are a drag on everyone else if you don't know it.
  13. Deanna, I believe Teresa posted the video and started a discussion on RoR in January. I also bought Roslyn Ross's book on Kindle ($2.99) and read it. Well, I haven't read it entirely yet, I don't have any kids, my reading list is long. (If I stopped buying books I'd be good for at least a year or two. I plan to catch up when I retire). MEM is an idiot in that discussion, as usual. Never disappoints. My only disclaimer about Roslyn is she is a work in progress. I expect great things from her future writing. She has her hands full with her son Anders presently, and her husband no doubt. She appears to be working things out and throwing things out there for feedback. I think you'd be great feedback by the way. "Awesomeness, meet awesomeness".
  14. Daisy Ad [wiki] Johnson: "These are the stakes. To make a world in which all of God's children can live, or to go into the dark. We must either love each other, or we must die." Of which the last bit was plagerized from W. H. Auden's poem "September 1, 1939". The left went into moral free fall after JFK, resulting in the community organizer B.O. and the likes of Nancy Pelosi. I piss on Johnson's grave. Added: the fact they pulled the ad and then aired it continuously in the media made it more effective (by design no doubt).
  15. Roslyn Ross: "Parenting like Ragnar and Kay: How to raise an individualist with high self-esteem" Roslyn is also on facebook, and has a blog. I am very impressed with Roslyn Ross. I was startled by some of her insights in "How to raise an individualist...". In a very good way, it resonated strongly with memories about how much I disliked being around certain adults when I was a child and how much I really liked a very few others. Totally consistent with Roslyn's insights. She has a unique and important perspective and is a work in progress. I look forward to her future writings.
  16. IBD: Trump's Appeal is GOP's Failure to Repeal I still like Carly, hoping for VP. How about 8 years of Trump followed by 8 years of Carly? After that I'd be dead and don't care. Thomas Sowell thinks Trump could get another Democrat (Hillary) elected. Can't discount the analysis of the great man. But he's been very pessimistic for the last few years, rightly so. Maybe we're all Pollyanna's thinking something good could happen... F'*** the RINO's.
  17. Apparently, Trump has a book out there with his plans and specifics. Also, Trump is not gimmicking this race, folks had better get used to the idea that he is serious. A... Time to Get Tough: Making America Great Again "President Obama has been a disaster for this country. He’s wrecked our economy, saddled our children with debt, and gone around the world apologizing for America—as if the greatest nation in the world needed to apologize for being the land of opportunity and freedom that we were before Obama became president. Now, America looks like a broken country—stripped of jobs, stripped of wealth, stripped of respect. And what does President Obama do about it? He plays nice with the very same foreign governments who are eager to watch America burn. This can’t go on. And if Donald J. Trump has anything to say about it, it won’t." Sounds good.
  18. At least two yes votes for every negative vote. Only as prescribed by the Constitution.
  19. Speaking of people I know personally, a friend from Cambodia, immigrated with his mom and four younger brothers. As a child he saw piles of bodies of people killed by Khmer Rouge. Came here at 11-12, did not speak English. He's doing well in high tech, very good electronics designer and troubleshooter, married w/ two kids. His younger brothers all enlisted in the Army and have gone to Iraq and Afghanistan, one is special forces. They are all very patriotic, very glad and grateful to be naturalized citizens. Second generation.
  20. NBC/WSJ poll: Barack Obama gets more positive than negative (barely), Trump more than 2 to 1 negatives over positives. Hillary more negative than positive, but not as much as Trump. Hillary against Trump: Hillary wins. Because turnout would be about 20%? The more the options sicken the more the left agenda driven voters win. Cynicism and low turnout benefits the left. Isn't that how Obama got a 2nd term? Replace Hillary with Biden, probably same result. Biden wins. I'm haunted by my laugh out loud in 2007 when Obama picked Biden for a running mate. Biden would protect an out of office Obama and his agenda, quid pro quo.
  21. I used to believe democrat politicians "meant well" but weren't very smart. Now I believe they are just criminals. Like rotten apples they corrupted everyone around them, including their opponents (by design). Not morons: hyenas. Carrion eaters. Clever in a inhuman way. It is always a mistake to underestimate your opponent.
  22. Target and destroy every piece of Iranian military hardware, planes, ships, boats, identifiable anywhere in the world. Destroy every identifiable element of the Iran Revolutionary Guard. Start the instant Iran is identified as the source of aggression. Every single minute counts. Immediately go on full war alert. Congress declares war within hours. Be prepared to support the uprising of Iranian people to overthrow their tyrant government. Peace in days.
  23. You could fit any high achiever into most of those descriptors. 'Asperger syndrome' has been replaced with 'autism spectrum disorder' and 75% of previously diagnosed Asperger's have been kicked off the list. "...while many people are not gifted conversationalists, someone with Asperger's may continue talking about a favorite subject for some time, remaining oblivious to his listener's loss of interest..." Perhaps he's just a bore...
  24. Knell to the Zod! [blows nose loudly]