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  1. Republicans and Crony Capitalism "But we don’t look to Democrats for support of free-market capitalism. We expect better from Republicans. Maybe Carly will wake them up."
  2. Adam, What do you mean by "conditioning"? Human nature? Conditioned by evolution?
  3. You are a force for good Michael. [that slipped out. So kill me.]
  4. I'm okay with the one's that say "you can skip this commercial message in 3,2,1..." Ten seconds I'll endure if I really want to watch something. Thirty seconds...close the tab, forget it. Usually. Unless recommended by a friend. I did like it. A little. The weiner and obamacare part, "you're fired!". Great. Reminds me of "You are the weakest link...Goodbye!" Great entertainment. Whatever happened to her? Maybe she should get into politics.
  5. Hillary's personal server is almost ready to turn over: Just a little duct tape...
  6. You make me watch a long commercial...to then watch a long commercial. You should be sorry. I''m sorry, this doesn't make me trust Trump. He could be a Putin a lot easier than a Reagan. I guess that's his appeal. BTW, isn't this supposed to be a Carly Fiorina discussion?
  7. Derek, It's a matter of perspective. Every company culture is top down. The guy on top runs it however he wants, the people he hires take the culture as a given, they self select whether that's a culture they want to work in or not. Sometimes you're guessing, it's hard to know up front how what the environment at a given workplace is going to be as far as recognition of good ideas, hard work, organizational and interpersonal skills, innovation etc. If simply being a warm body that "deserves" a living wage is more important than all of the rest, and your values are different, you move on. I've worked for a couple of dozen companies and moved on many times. I haven't worked paycheck to paycheck since I was a teenager. I am a capitalist and a businessman, my business is my skill at problem solving, my customers are my employers. If you have employees and think they aren't paying attention to how you run your business you may be losing the better ones. If your attitude is it's none of their business, then say goodbye to the best.
  8. Did you need counseling because you were acting violently towards another person? Getting angry about something is not an unnatural act. Behaving violently towards others except in self defense is. An anger management counselor must intervene in that case, that's their job. But simply being angry about something and showing it with no propensity or intention of being violent does not need an intervention. Being visibly angry and raising ones voice or even breaking something is the equivalent for men of women crying. Perhaps because it is inappropriate for men to cry, culturally or innate. It is not violent behavior. Violent behavior not in self defense, that needs to be controlled. "Defusing the anger"...sounds like a euphemism for "repression". You can't trick Mother Nature. I definitely feel calmer after a blow-up, even just "ARRRGGGGHHH". Yeah, that will do it.
  9. Sometimes blowing off steam is surprisingly calming afterwards. And a temper tantrum is just a temper tantrum. Not necessarily aggression, but perhaps a reaction to aggression. Or cutting a piece of trim too short and having to go get another one... As my wife says "the wood didn't do anything to you..." "Thanks dear, but I felt better, can't explain it". The adrenalin has to go somewhere. Hasn't your wife, or any other woman you've known, ever told you that she needed a good cry? Same kind of release you've just described with a sense of calm and/or renewed energy afterwards. I think the point MEM is trying to make is that many people find the inexplicable male version of this (whatever damage you inflicted on the trim you cut too short) acceptable while the female version (a good long cry) unacceptable, even if she does her crying in private. Adam, I really don't understand your reaction to MEM's points. What specifically do you object to? On the rare times I've made my wife cry I feel like I've been speared through the heart. The tears of a woman have far more power, exponentially so, than the somewhat amusing (many people think so) temper tantrums of a man. Not answering your question (or MEMs) I know, but it occurs to me to say that. Objectivity doesn't seem to work for me on this problem. BTW, my wife doesn't deem the damage I do to innocent pieces of trim acceptable. I'm practicing meditation and deep breathing these days. Seems quite healthful.
  10. Could they possibly mean the stuff on this page? [sorry for the distraction. Back to your normal programming...]
  11. Sometimes blowing off steam is surprisingly calming afterwards. And a temper tantrum is just a temper tantrum. Not necessarily aggression, but perhaps a reaction to aggression. Or cutting a piece of trim too short and having to go get another one... As my wife says "the wood didn't do anything to you..." "Thanks dear, but I felt better, can't explain it". The adrenalin has to go somewhere.
  12. I like Cruz, though I gave more pluses to Carson in the debate. I don't ever expect to be quoted by anyone, but I got 68 likes (facebook) for this comment: "zero-based budgeting"...like keeping a set of books that can be reconciled like every business is required to do "under penalty of law". Why do government bureaucrats and politicians get to operate outside of the law? I.E.: insider trading is not applied to congress critters, that's why some of them get so rich doing nothing. Go Carly! Gee, you think a whole bunch of people think the United States government is corrupt or what? Not the government itself but the people that have preempted it for personal power and gain.
  13. I think Carly could be Reagan and Thatcher rolled into one. I've been donating to her campaign for three months today. I guess Robert and I are on the same page. Damn good company I say. Thanks for letting me know. The "Michael Erickson" that posts on Carly's fb entries; that's me.
  14. You insult me and instead of an apology you "give me a pass"...for now. Enjoy your active fantasy life. No real conversation about facts is possible with you. It's your home, enjoy it. You are welcome to delete anything I have ever posted on your site.
  15. Your examples about Trump are of self promotion, gaming the system, buying politicians and bureaucrats, and supporting eminent domain. He will not shrink the government. He will expand the government a great deal, and spend an lot of other people's money. The is no more substance to "Make America Great Again" than there was to Barack Obama's "Hope and Change". The country will get a Vladimir Putin version of "Hope and Change". Your remarks about Carly Fiorina are so far off they are laughable.
  16. I think I am definitely in the wrong place.
  17. Besides cheering for Trump's bombast what has he done that gives you any indication you can trust him?
  18. Rule of Law in the Regulatory State ^ [additional commentary about above post] Here is my point. You don't have to guess what Carly Fiorina means when she says something. She states what the problems are and guarantees she will something about them. I think she is the smartest, most qualified, and trustworthy person in the race. She will eviscerate every leftist argument and smear monger of the left. I don't trust Trump. "Make America Great Again" could very well be Putin-speak. His entire goal of messing up this election may be to keep a Carly Fiorina from getting elected and fixing the system that he benefits greatly from. I don't think he can get elected but he can obfuscate the issues enough to get a democrat elected again. Last chance to change directions I think.
  19. Peter, I don't know why you're cluttering this discussion with your long, rambling, content-less, pointless, amoral at best bilge. I wish you would stop. You are now on my blocked list.
  20. Carly Fiorina on Louder with Crowder New yesterday, pretty darn good. 34 minutes. Short one (~3 min) address to the NRA in April.
  21. They seem very nice. Makes me miss going to church...
  22. Watched the debate on youtube this afternoon. I put a plus next to a name if the candidate said something particularly striking I liked, a minus if something I particularly didn't like. Final score: Carson: +10 Rubio: +6 Cruz: +5 Trump, Bush, Huckabee: +4 Walker, Christie: +3 Rand, Kasich: net 0 I can't see Trump making it. Fiorina/Carson for the win...