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  1. The Church of buying politicians perhaps. I know, I know...the self defense rule. Pardon me for being suspicious. The eminent domain thing too... Perhaps only the church of Trump has property rights. [grumpy this morning, traffic is terrible and I haven't left for work yet]
  2. Agreed. Open borders is like advocating world anarchy. You either have countries with defined principles and borders competing on the world stage or...nothing. Sometimes I think "philosophers" are trying to be bureaucrats, making rules rather than defining principles. Their self interest (reputation among their "peers") more important than principle. They certainly don't care if anyone beyond their tiny group understands what in the hell they are saying.
  3. Or she's finally found a father for her children. She's horny for Trump. But she's too religious for him, he will say something insulting to her beliefs and she will turn... [stream of consciousness babble (everybody does it!)]
  4. Ah.. My sister started early (she has a GED). She eventually left her Marine Corp husband (multiple tours in Vietnam, made it to Gunny, then warrant officer, a fine man). She then got a programming degree and was a programmer for 35 years until retirement.
  5. Well, except for nature's moral law: #1. you fuck up, you die. Man says: "but I like fucking up? Can I fuck up, please?" Nature says: "makes no difference to me" [see #1] Man's moral law is trying to figure out #1. And like it. [but it's so hard! (whiny voice)]
  6. Bob! What's the hold up? My niece's daughter has two boys now, that makes me a Great Grand Uncle, I guess. And I'm only 67! My sister is a couple years older. Just kidding. May you live in happiness to see your Great-Great-grandchildren. I think the world is going to make a turn for the better. We'll find the deepest part of the hole and start climbing out. The climbing out part is where life is the most rewarding, so much to look forward to for your progeny. I've learned much from you. Thank you.
  7. "What we've got here is...failure to communicate" [More universal...] Congratulations on your distant relationship to an actor who wasn't in the cast of Cool Hand Luke.
  8. "Do I look like I'm in charge of anything?" Yep, good likeness. [Not my fault! What difference does it make? I didn't technically break the law as it was on the day you said I did, etc, etc] If the Obama administration and justice dept and the media stopped propping her up she'd fall like a bucket of lead on Jupiter.
  9. "It all depends on the meaning of 'all'... y'all."
  10. Peggy Hubbard's facebook page is active with comments and follow-up by Peggy. Great lady.
  11. So...bowing is it, no more knelling? You're a fickle finger of fate.. I preferred "blowing one's nose loudly".
  12. A person can't go wrong by asking themselves "what would Robert Heinlein do?" Happy belated Birthday Adam. I hope you have many, many more.
  13. I wondered. Kasich pretty much sat out the debate (no pluses or minuses). Playing it safe? I think the government would grow under a Trump administration, individual freedom would not grow, and Trump himself would make a Nixon level blunder at some point. He will become a gift to the left. He is, however, very smart. He sees the direction things are going and the safest place for him to be to protect his assets is inside the government. If you think he's doing it for you, for freedom, democracy, the founding fathers, small business, conservatism; I think you're wrong. He will achieve his goals. None of yours are in his top ten. I could be wrong.
  14. Psychologists call these people “Machiavellians” ..."researchers said they found that Machiavellians’ brains went into overdrive when they encountered a partner who exhibited signs of being fair and cooperative. Why? Tamas Bereczkei and his team say it’s because the Machiavellians are immediately figuring out how to exploit the situation for their own gain."
  15. Carly Fiorina is a devil who drowns puppies Hmmm. She must have a chance if they're going there already...
  16. A drunk comatose in the street doesn't have a "right" to be pulled out of the traffic. A accident victim in a coma for months doesn't have a "right" for people to care for them until they retain consciousness. What if the accident victim is on the public dole (no insurance or savings)? Pull the plug? Are they non-persons because they don't have functioning brains? Does a soon to be born human have less potential or more potential than the above examples? Would a Marxist decide an incorrigible free market advocate has zero potential as a good citizen [a non-functioning brain] and harvest his organs for the good of society?
  17. Fight the good fight [WSJ] A different perspective on Carly's tenure at HP and why Carly Fiorina is a good choice for the future.
  18. At least they don't use anti-aircraft weapons and tie people up first.
  19. Carly Fiorina with CBSN's Vladimir Duthiers Missed this last week. Trump supporters will like the crass comments.
  20. Are you thinking of A Tale of Two Cities, Madame Defarge? In which case, who's HRC? No...this is the historical reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tricoteuse But there was comedy I believe, with a little old lady knitting and cackling "guillotine! guillotine!". Probably decades ago but it popped in my head thinking of HerLIAR RodDAMN Clinton or, HRC.
  21. Ann Coulter "I despise Carly Fiorina with the Hot, Hot Hate of 1000 Suns" [i can't watch the video interview 'til I get home...darn]
  22. Russia insider is having fun with Trump: "wig latin--> English"
  23. [little old lady cackling "guillotine, guillotine" while doing her knitting, waiting for HRC to be brought out] [What movie was that from?]