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  1. You are guilty as charged. The offense? Stupidity. Lack of comprehension. Your arguments are as dull as a mis-used butterknife. Or perhaps a granny's old, polished off dildo. Mark "The Tribesman" Hunter somehow believes that I said or implied that America is a "color-blind utopia" of which I did neither. Seeing that is as easy as going back and re-reading my earlier comment. If you can manage that then come back with a real argument. Not a strawman. This a forum discussion. I tolerate you, that does not mean I don't challenge any of your nonsense. This is pure rot. You have the imagination and personality of a hyena. "I tolerate you" !?!? You remind me of the idiot at the turn of the 19th century who claimed "everything that can be invented has been invented". In your case you believe all of philosophical history ends with your conclusions. Marks most offhand remarks are more interesting and insightful than the sum total of your pedantic and sycophantic ravings.
  2. Peter, I don't like dishonesty in any form. Your large amount of gibberish containing implications of things that are not true is dishonest. A television contains neither a microphone or a camera. Using Skype requires both. If you set up a connection and broadcast your voice and picture to another person of course it can be intercepted. So what. If you don't shut the fucking thing off, what happens? It's still on! Surprise! Not a conspiracy to invade your privacy. If your toilet keeps running and you don't fix it, your water bill is higher!! Not a conspiracy by the water company to screw you out of your money! This is not rocket science. If you think something you're doing is important from a privacy standpoint, encrypt it. 99.999999% of information transmitted over the internet is of no interest to anyone. Your signal to noise ratio is vanishingly small. I suggest much shorter, to the point offers with an occasional nugget of real information.
  3. Decline of financial independence in America " What's the difference between a Socialist Paradise where 95% of the people work for the state or a quasi-state institution, and a supposedly "free market economy" in which 95% of the people work for the state or a cartel-state institution? Given that the vast majority of employees are trapped in their jobs by the threat of losing their healthcare insurance, how much freedom of movement and non-inherited financial independence is available? This reality is described in Health Care Slavery and Overwork (via Arshad A.) " The solution: stay healthy, never see a doctor and you never need heathcare or insurance.
  4. Almost since the advent of cable providers have been able to track the programming their customers have been using. Seeing and hearing everything people are doing in their homes through their TV sets is bullshit. Your credibility is zero, you are on the wrong website. Go to "UFO's are real" or some such other bullshit site. Or get a job or another hobby. Stop using technology, especially the internet.
  5. ...And display all the character and integrity of a toy poodle... "Of course" meaning promises are easy to make...if you have no plans to keep them. You should try to act like an adult sometimes and not like a little kid running around the neighborhood naked.
  6. "Virtually any TV or monitor can be turned into a window.." No. Your credulity is showing...
  7. Second Market Crash May Be Imminent: Violent Selling Could Return On Thursday
  8. Thanks! Beat me to it. I like this comment from Bloomberg: "It was the second instance this week of a former fellow executive coming to Fiorina's defense. In a Wednesday op-ed for the conservative Internet site IJReview, Joe Russo, who worked with Fiorina at telecom company Lucent before she joined HP, said recent examinations of her record were mostly "written by someone who has never worked with Carly and has little to no experience actually working for or running a business." Fiorina was "open, honest and inspiring" as well as "just plain cool," Russo added." Carly has a facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CarlyFiorina Excerpts from and links to interviews, plus Donate buttons!
  9. Peter, That was Chicago back during Sandburg's time. Now there are no more farmer boys or meat packers. Now we get this: And don't forget Obama... Talk about trashing a great city. Where's the goddam O'Leary cow when we need it? Michael
  10. Mark Cuban mentions Trump [Can anyone interpret this?] " He said he agrees with Donald Trump’s views on hedge funds. “I one hundred percent… I one thousand percent agree with him. A thousand percent. He is so right on the money that carried interest is not. It’s really just a vig, right? It’s like what the house takes at a casino." [vig?]
  11. http://freebeacon.com/politics/only-one-woman-running-for-president-pays-women-as-much-as-men/ http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/08/26/exclusive-girl-on-fire-carly-fiorina-ranks-in-top-10-across-12-state-polls/ I have been underestimated all my life Carly Fiorina's campaign is mad, and with good reason
  12. Peter, You announce that people trying to find solutions outside of govt healthcare and regulated insurance are automatically getting ripped off? And they're stupid? Whose side are you on? From here: http://www.healthcaresharing.org/hcsm/ "A health care sharing ministry (HCSM) provides a health care cost sharing arrangement among persons of similar and sincerely held beliefs. HCSMs are operated by not-for-profit religious organizations acting as a clearinghouse for those who have medical expenses and those who desire to share the burden of those medical expenses. HCSMs receive no funding or grants from government sources.HCSMs are not insurance companies. HCSM do not assume any risk or guarantee the payment of any medical bill. Twenty-nine states have explicitly recognized this and specifically exempt HCSMs from their insurance codes.HCSMs serve more than 480,000 people, with participating households in all fifty states.HCSMs’ participants share more than $430 million per year for one another’s health care costs.HCSMs strive to be accessible to participants regardless of their income, because traditionally shares are a fraction of the cost of insurance rates."
  13. Tried to find him. Found this: Nicholas Dykes...demise is much exaggerated He does have a website and email address.
  14. Okay, I have the Kindle version and will read it. Interesting, my Firefox browser locked up when I went to the Trump "Art of the deal" page. Did it several times. I don't usually have any problems with Firefox and Amazon at all. Chrome worked okay, so I got the book. I will try to be as open minded as this guy.
  15. Greg, Correlation is not causation. Free market economists have been looking at the actions of central banks and debt growth and easy money for years and predicting a huge bubble which has to burst sometime. Tens of millions of people exactly like you fervently pray, and act, to make your biblical predictions (the timing of a catastrophic event) come true to confirm your beliefs. Thresholds events can be strongly effected by tiny step functions such as the biases of a relatively small population. The noise floor, small unpredictable random fluctuations, can be overcome by small step functions at the threshold. You said yourself, a very large population has been taught to act in a particular manner on certain preordained dates. Like the butterfly effect, small actions can have profound consequences. But it's still individual human actions and mathematics. No mystical explanations necessary. You're welcome. Mike
  16. The issue will not go away when Rand Paul goes away. It has to be addressed. Trump's actions speak for themselves. "For the people" to the left means welfare state, for libertarians means personal freedom and property rights. "Make America Great Again" could mean anything, replace 'America' with 'Russia' and it could be Putin speaking. I believe Trump's popularity for the moment is a backlash against the cowardice of buckling under to political correct speech by virtually everyone left and right and the middle for the past couple of decades. People have been watching everyone talk around everything without saying anything. Watching it they say "fuck you chickenshit assholes" under their breath. Trump's saying it out loud, the countries letting out a sigh of relief. This could really backfire you know. If under closer scrutiny Trump's character doesn't turn out to be a pristine as you evidently believe it is now. I don't like the bragging about buying politicians and I don't buy the 'everyone's does it to get things done' argument. I don't like eminent domain, it is theft, Trump has no problem with it. It is a character issue. I'd like him to speak out about things like this and name his principles else I will have a very difficult time supporting him if he becomes the nominee on the right.
  17. Rand Paul: Trump and eminent domain National Review 2011: "The man has a track record of using the government as a hired thug to take other people’s property."
  18. Dow closes at 15->666<- "The Dow Jones industrial average and the S&P 500 closed about 1.3 percent lower after rallying nearly 3 percent earlier, their biggest reversal to the downside since Oct. 29, 2008." [can't keep overlooking the signs...] Prep for heading for the hills; 1. Subaru with 18.5 gal gas tank and best awd traction control in automobiles: check 2. Copy of How to stay alive in the woods: check 3. Guns & Ammo, knives, axes, tools: check, etc. [need a good varmint rifle] 4. Hiking boots, tent, bags, maps, compass, warm clothes, rain gear: check 5. Fit for hiking in the hills: check - [you can always be more fit] 6. Cash: check 7. Loves hanging out in the forest with no heat and AC or regular hot showers or running water or nearby Mexican restaurants: not so much. Note to self: get out on the range and target practice regularly.
  19. Carol! You are a treasure! We are in desperate need of some good poetry. I just can't get anywhere: "Trump the chump" "In the rump with Trump" "Dump Trump" [i was working on it first] Your most casual effort would be more than welcome! Hopefully you have a kind word for Carly Fiorina? Nevermind Hillary, when Obama stops protecting her...-->straight to prison! Fondly, Mike
  20. Dismal science ?!?!: Rolling A Wheelbarrow Of Dynamite Into A Crowd Of Fire Jugglers"Don’t be fooled into a false sense of security by the bounce back today and any subsequent bounces this week. The uptrend has been broken. Last week was a walk in the park compared to what is on the way. Steep vertical losses dead ahead."
  21. I think 'anarchy' is synonymous with 'chaos' except with an assigned cause: absence or non recognition of authority. I think the best defense of anarchism is David Friedman's and even he is not convinced that it could be a stable working system except for brief periods in defined settings where universal agreement exists for settling disputes. And where non-conformists of the criminal kind can be banished permanently. Even an imperfect government can create enough stability where people can thrive.
  22. I don't dislike any of my neighbors, but some I give a key to, some I never would. No one at my work disgusts me though I think it could be managed better. There are some liberals I leave the room when they get talking. I'd get in too much trouble if I didn't. Usually no rudeness or disrespect in my local stores though I believe the people (shoppers and workers) were more congenial thirty years ago when I first moved into this neighborhood. I think the majority of people here are decent. We still have the American work ethic for the most part. All of the elements are there for a robust economy that includes everyone if the government could just be gotten out of the way. They are parasites, a tumor on the republic. I'm in dream mode too. You are part of the reason why Adam, I know there are a lot of people working very hard for a new vision of the American dream. Perhaps someone was right years ago "we have to hit the bottom first, then people will wake up".