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  1. Yes or No: Is Carly Fiorina Presidential Material? "She is a person of tremendous courage, character, capacity and conviction. Carly is the one of the brightest, most articulate, candid, well-versed and engaging leaders I have ever known. Period."
  2. Carly Fiorina with Hugh Hewitt interview Sept 3 "HH: Carly Fiorina, thanks for joining me on short notice and pre-taping this before any of the question set got out there, and agreeing to do so. I appreciate your short availability and come back soon before the Simi Valley debate."
  3. and believe they are obeying God to impose their idea of God's law on others by force.
  4. Thank you William. Disappointed in Cruz. Carly nails it. The cartoon: exactly.
  5. As far as Kim Davis rights regarding her moral convictions: she represents the law of the land and the coercion that comes with it. She is essentially imposing her religious beliefs on others by force, basically her own little bit of Sharia. Particularly in today's world and the fact there is a religious war going on which may reach our shores I think we need to be very aware of all of the ramifications of this issue. Her religious convictions mean nothing in this case except that she is violating them if she does not resign her job given the contradiction between the law she has taken an
  6. She took an oath to uphold the constitution. If she has any reason she cannot keep that oath she should resign her position, elected or not. That would be the ethical action she should take. She essentially was lying when she swore to uphold the duties of her office. Her moral objection is moot if she doesn't resign in the face of her self imposed contradiction. She is obstructing justice.
  7. Kim Davis Ordered Jailed in Kentucky Gay Marriage Dispute My question is why couldn't they just have fired her for not doing her job? Why does this stupid person get to get in front of the Supreme Court? She took an oath to uphold the constitution, she violates that oath she's fired with no benefits. I hope she gets jail time and no pension.
  8. Mikee


    I don't like the phrase "innocent liberty". There is nothing innocent about what it takes to create liberty. Liberty speaks for itself and does not need "innocent". "How? is the question" you know how.
  9. Enjoy the jail time, fines and car repair bills...idiot. Did this go viral? Maybe youtube will pay his fines for him.
  10. Mikee


    It says everything you need to know about a persons "sense of life" regarding humanity that when talking about a three or four year old they jump immediately to "could become a Hitler". Undeniably true. You just walk away slowly... I think it's nature and nurture. Nice to see you William.
  11. Carly's in In other news: Obama might cancel the election
  12. Thanks for posting this Peter.
  13. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/08/31/exclusive-hillary-shared-an-email-network-with-the-clinton-foundation/
  14. Forbes: Why Trump Dominates "And on it drearily goes. One would never know that Trump’s rivals have substantive records in politics, business and/or medicine. Instead they come across as high-pitched miniature dogs, pathetically yapping at an unassailable alpha dog. They have only themselves to blame for Trump’s steadily increasing lead. Why? Because these veterans of the public square violated the first law of politics: They let Trump set the agenda." Well, except for Carly...
  15. I cleaned up a bit, following Brant's suggestion. Of course I mean no disrespect towards OL and the vast majority of participants and guests here.
  16. No hitter spells doom for the market
  17. Brant, I get a security warning from Firefox, bypass that, then a "Not found" error message. Message received. Except...I have a lot more to say about how certain objectivistist's make Ayn Rand's message and purpose a twisted unrecognizable but unkillable tumor of self righteous self referring disconnected from reality bludgeoning to express their hatred of humanity. Unlike Ayn Rand who loved what it means to be human, what it took for humans to survive on earth, and how important philosophy is in our lives, everyone's lives, not just a few self anointed word twisters who show their contempt
  18. Every word you highlighted you demonstrate every time you touch the keyboard. You've got nothing else. We're not arguing.
  19. You're not the judge of anything. You have no substance at all except parroting someone elses ideas. Wishing someone would drop dead because of their total lack of originality and their abuse of others is not ad hominem.
  20. A kid, a dog, a puddle... I don't know how to embed this...but it makes my day.
  21. Such a brave remark Peter Taylor. Now, name something I said you disagree with, or something, anything, Marcus has ever said with sincerity or originality, other than insults. Also brave of you to address me directly and then announce you won't respond to my reply. You expect to be taken seriously?