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  1. There are a great many articles on ARI watch. The author is a good writer and prolific. There are many uses of the word 'look'; transitive verb 1 "to make sure or take care (that something is done) fits the context of the article best. It also describes the position of a hapless population forced to deal with the unintended consequences of all kinds of legislation passed by self interested social engineers and ivory tower intellectuals. Full Definition of LOOKtransitive verb1: to make sure or take care (that something is done) 2: to ascertain by the use of one's eyes <look what I brought you> 3a : to exercise the power of vision upon : examine b archaic : to search for 4a : expect, anticipate <we look to have a good year> b : to have in mind as an end <looking to win back some lost profits> 5archaic : to bring into a place or condition by the exercise of the power of vision 6: to express by the eyes or facial expression 7: to have an appearance that befits or accords with <looks her age> intransitive verb1a : to exercise the power of vision : see b : to direct one's attention <look upon the future with hope> <look at the map> c : to direct the eyes <looked up from the newspaper> 2: to have the appearance or likelihood of being : seem <it looks unlikely> <looks to be hard work> 3: to have a specified outlook <the house looked east> 4: to gaze in wonder or surprise : stare 5: to show a tendency <the evidence looks to acquittal>
  2. Five deputy clerks have agreed to carry out the duties repugnant to Kim Davis and have been ordered to do so, she has been ordered to not interfere. I don't think she can stop her deputies from carrying out the judges orders unless she tries to physically restrain them. That's a whole other kettle of fish. We'll see then how she likes assault charges on top of contempt.
  3. Truths got nothing to do with it. It's all about the rimshot... I do blame Peter. [somebody please kill this thread. Delete the whole damned thing.]
  4. I had a girlfriend pee on me. I took it as a compliment. Still makes me smile. Good times...
  5. William is not right to suggest Barack Obama Sr. was not a Muslim or that Barack Obama Jr. was not strongly influenced by the Muslim religion in his early years (his origin). He is also not correct in diverting the whole purpose of posting the article, that is to consider the facts contained in it, to an attack on the veracity of the author of the article that misrepresents the authors own words. It is a distraction from discussion or even thinking about the article. I don't question Williams own veracity but I think his emotional reactions to things he doesn't want to see here cause him to over-steer greatly. I also believe Barack Obama Jr. misrepresented, on purpose, everything he was planning to do as POTUS. He covered up his true intentions, he still does. He is the most Machiavellian leader this country has ever had. It will be very hard, if not impossible, to recover some semblance of the basic principles the country has been founded on. I believe this is the result of decades of planning, a purposeful coup of the left and Obama is simply a puppet. The perfect lazy self obsessed arrogant sociopath ideologue dressed up and presented as something completely different to a dumbed down and fatigued by decades of political correctness electorate. A home run by the left, may they rot in hell.
  6. The formatting of the article suffered slightly copying it here. It is available at the link Tony provided to the original article. Of course -- I read 'Nuclear Jihad' at the Gatestone site. I do wish Tony had either added some paragraph breaks or reduced his citation/recommend. Mine was a minor style/courtesy note. We can set that aside as neither here nor there, or as an unpleasant interjection. I will do so, perhaps, after Tony gives more detail of his opinion on aspects of the article, should he wish. No, Barack Obama senior was not a Muslim. The author did not say Obama was a Muslim, he said he was of Muslim origin. Which he was. "My father was a Muslim and although I did not know him well the religion of my father and his family was always something I had an interest in. This interest became more intense when my mother married an Indonesian Muslim man and as a small child I lived in Indonesia and attended school alongside Muslim pupils. I saw their parents dutifully observing the daily prayers, the mothers covered in the Muslim hijab, the atmosphere of the school change during Ramadan, and the festiveness of the Eid celebrations."
  7. He married Maria Shriver... Hilarious his wiki page has his height at 6'2", he's actually 5'8". BTW, I'm about 1/2 way through AotD. Don't think I'm going to make it to the end, I'm liking Carly more and more... Is his more recent book better?
  8. The formatting of the article suffered slightly copying it here. It is available at the link Tony provided to the original article. I read it and did not find any part of it inconsistent with anything I've read regarding Iran, even the ravings of the Iranian leaders themselves. Please tell what you believe to be untruths and unsupported propaganda. Besides your insinuation that the author is a "birther" regarding Obama. You intend to impugn the objectivity and honesty of the author of the article by quoting a true sentence? ["Barack Obama, an intelligent, well-read man of Muslim origin ...] What about that sentence is untrue? His father was Muslim, true? He is intelligent and well read, true?
  9. Peter is oblivious to any attempt to modify his behavior, it just starts his engine. It's all entertainment... "Those were the days my friend..." postscript: I regret starting this topic.
  10. I'm not even using them. The order is already there. I'm only recognizing a preexisting pattern. By default, your ONLY argument is to claim that there there is no pattern and no order to events which have already taken place... when one obviously exists. That's denying objective reality. There are odds of 1 in 2,555 possible days that the biggest stock market collapse in US history would have taken place on Elul29 in a Shemitah year. What are the odds of two?... How about three?... Greg If you use purely random as your criteria to calculate the odds they are quite high: 2555^2 = 6528025, 2555^3 = 16679103875 but...this situation is not purely random. A couple of weeks ago I posted: Correlation is not causation. Free market economists have been looking at the actions of central banks and debt growth and easy money for years and predicting a huge bubble which has to burst sometime. Tens of millions of people exactly like you fervently pray, and act, to make your biblical predictions (the timing of a catastrophic event) come true to confirm your beliefs. Thresholds events can be strongly effected by tiny step functions such as the biases of a relatively small population. The noise floor, small unpredictable random fluctuations, can be overcome by small step functions at the threshold. You said yourself, a very large population has been taught to act in a particular manner on certain preordained dates. Like the butterfly effect, small actions can have profound consequences. But it's still individual human actions and mathematics. No mystical explanations necessary. The stock market, particularly in the age of computers, is not a random numbers game. It is highly engineered with computer algorithms developed over the last thirty-forty years to analyze trends and react to them. Micro-seconds matter, small spikes can cause big reactions. There is a feedback effect, what the market does causes slower changes in 'meatspace', where actual human beings are thinking and reacting. Here the panic becomes real, these reactions are in turn reacted to and things can go down hill fast. I wish Fred Barlett were still here to add his perspective, he spoke very eloquently in his unique way about how the stock market is manipulated by software. I can give you an example of how a small timed event can be picked out an amplified from my days as an analog circuit designer if you like. Neutron detectors, these days filled with He3 gas, detect thermal neutrons by producing ions when the neutrons pass through the gas. There is a high voltage wire, ~1000 VDC, running down the middle of the tube. The free electrons from the reaction of the neutrons and HE3 gas migrate to the positively charged wire and can be detected. But the charge is very small, a fraction of a picocoulomb. This small change in charge is converted to a voltage change and amplified a great deal. But if you look at it at this point it looks like random noise, nothing remarkable, you can't tell that the detection event has occurred so it can't be counted. It takes several stages of pulse shaping, narrowing the frequency response down to the typical rise time of the electrons arriving at the input of the amplifier to see a defined pulse. Then a stage of pole-zero compensation and viola! You have a countable event. There are still random fluctuations in the signal however. You set the threshold of detection above where the noise is, sometimes by trial and error, taking counts and doing a statistical test. Stock market software can be engineered in exactly the same way to pick trends out of all the random activity of the market. A trend would be a sudden broad sell off, even if it were only by a few thousand true believers convinced a particular date had biblical significance. This would make the odds of a stock market crash happening on that particular date become much less remarkable, particularly with a market teetering on the edge as it is at present.
  11. Q: Use Sharmuta in a sentence... A: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MfgYOlG7QQ
  12. Yes. The nihilism of the left has found its nadir in Obama. Perhaps, assuming the republic survives, the pendulum swings in the other direction. Or maybe human nature is not designed for peace and plenty. Not enough noble souls.
  13. Yes. One thing after another, always keep your opponent off balance. He doesn't act like a lame duck. Makes one wonder what that billion rounds of ammo to homeland security is for and whether there will even be an election next year. Is this stuff just a distraction? [over active imagination...not paranoid... ...shit, maybe all those damned anarchists are on to something...] whistling in the dark.
  14. First of all to the Geography President Obama, it would be the 58th State. However, your MO is to be out of phase and unfunny. And since as Mikee just noted, a Biblical thread. So Babel on Peter... and you can deny this three times and really mix the Babeling A... Perhaps by Obama's accounting there are (were) 58 states. "Barack Obama is no fan of McKinley, who practically overnight turned America into a "colonial power." Winning the Spanish-American War, the Republican leader took control of Puerto Rico, the Philippines, Guam and effectively Cuba, which became a U.S. protectorate."
  15. Obama Is Removing McKinley's Legacy From Hawaii, Not Just An Alaskan Mountain From the article: "Barack Obama is no fan of McKinley, who practically overnight turned America into a "colonial power." Winning the Spanish-American War, the Republican leader took control of Puerto Rico, the Philippines, Guam and effectively Cuba, which became a U.S. protectorate."
  16. Ta-rump-a-trump-trump (music of little drummer boy) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJ_MGWio-vc
  17. Not even close to the right thread for this Peter. I missed the mark a bit myself posting the excellent article about Thomas Sowell, but at least it's about the economic idiocy leading the predicted economic collapse which is the thread topic. Well, perhaps the real topic is "Biblical Armageddon: It begins"
  18. Yeah, along with everything else you have to have brain damage... But, thanks for the compliments on baseball!! Isn't it a great game? I totally sucked at it, I mean really. So, there's this never ending fascination. Those guys are amazing. I'm sure I would've sucked at hockey too though, if I ever tried it.
  19. Now you're just trolling. I'm convinced you belong to a public school teachers union. Won't you get some kind of hobby? I mean, where you actually do something, like hiking on slippery rocks near a raging river...
  20. Peter, I'm not sure the occasional gem from your archives is worth the million pages of stream of consciousness drivel that comes with it. Are you a middle school teacher or something? [from memory: the worst incessant drivelers to a sleeping audience]
  21. Mt. McKinley vs. Denali: A Teachable Moment on TyrannyVery good points made in this excellent article. "By letting Obama cut constitutional corners for policies the public favors, we create a faulty foundation for the sake of those the public rejects (like the Iran deal, which remains overwhelmingly unpopular)."
  22. Large pile of heads first, then tribute and slavery. Tried and true, improved on the Mongols. They'll be all dead eventually, hopefully soon. Then, perhaps, this sorry chapter of human history will be over.
  23. The March of Foolish Things ^From the article: " Thomas Sowell turned 85 years old this summer, which means he has been teaching economics to Americans through his books and articles for some four decades. So it seems like a natural question: Have we learned anything? Has the level of economic thinking in political debate gone up at all? “No—in fact, I’m tempted to think it’s gone down,” Mr. Sowell says, without much hesitation. “At one time you had a lot of people who hadn’t had any economics saying foolish things. Now you have well-known economists saying foolish things.” "