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  1. Michael, thanks for your thoughts about Ted. I thought of him as a professor and have emailed lots of questions to him for many years and he was very good at replying. I've been saddened by his death for awhile and wondering what I will do.
  2. Sorting out my old books, including Paul Lepanto's "Return to Reason". Unable to find him but found this: https://reason.com/people/paul-lepanto/all.xml There is a Paul Lepanto in San Diego, wonder if that's him? I liked him.
  3. I like Lou Dobbs: http://video.foxbusiness.com/v/5581390588001/?#sp=show-clips
  4. " This speech will go down in history as one of the greatest a US President has ever made to the UN. " I agree with you Michael. I hope Donald Trump survives...
  5. I found the quote I read which prompted me to place the interview here (added the quote in the first entry).
  6. http://www.hoover.org/research/carly-fiorina-future-united-states " Carly Fiorina: Well, it was a whole process of living life and going to work. So, the reason I mentioned I started as a secretary, when I landed at AT&T, which by the way, my very first job after I got my MBA was here in Washington DC, at AT&T. It's where I met my husband, who's here tonight, 36 years ago. I didn't have any plan to be a CEO. I was just grateful to have a job, and hoping that I didn't blow that job. But, everywhere I went, I found problems that had been left unresolved, and everywhere I went,
  7. This reads almost like the definition of moral relativism.
  8. 100% of US Warming is Due to NOAA Data Tampering
  9. Kluss, Ayn Rand wrote many non fiction books about Objectivism. Tibor Machan was a fan of Ayn Rand, lectured and wrote many books and articles about liberty and free societies. He died this year in March, He was one of the founders of the Reason Foundation. Hedonism, the pursuit of pleasure, is not the same as egoism and individualism.
  10. Really enjoyed this: Scott Adams - Steven Molyneux Merry Christmas!
  11. A synopsis of JMK: https://www.maynardkeynes.org/ The bugaboo is his economics: "... when national economies suffer a downturn, governments should borrow and spend money to boost economic activity. Part of the proceeds of the resulting economic growth should then be used to repay the debt. " But I understand from my past readings of Austrian economists who actually corresponded with Keynes that he had misgivings or didn't stand by this characterization of his ideas later in his life. But of course, to the left, he became the bible in reference to government interference in the econ
  12. "You didn't build that" ... to the carpenter who didn't invent the hammer... RIP Dr. Heimlich.
  13. Greg is completely consistent in describing what he thinks are the narratives that drive peoples perspectives and opinions and why he chooses a different point of view. His perspective is different but consistent and interesting for that reason. William's attempt to characterize Greg as "bigot" is laughable as is William's "I call out what I consider his gross cognitive errors and ugly statements." regarding Bob "not demeaning", I presume because they are personal slurs therefore politically correct? So, it's okay to show contempt for others as long as it's personal? If so, I think Greg