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  1. Young girls are not damaged by random music videos, even music videos that have 42 million views. They are damaged by a lack of exposure to healthy relationships in their homes and peer groups. They are damaged by not having adults in their lives who model how men and women should treat each other. They are damaged by a lack of education and by emotional and physical neglect or abuse. Their interest in random music videos is a reflection of the damage they've already suffered.
  2. What exactly about having a facelift makes one inappropriate or unqualified to do a job that they otherwise would have been appropriate or qualified for? Disclaimer: Asking this question should not be construed as my personal support or endorsement of any specific person for any specific job.
  3. You fellas assume a very thin skin of the OL women... all 2 of us.
  4. Altered Carbon. It's fiction, but posits some interesting conundrums around cloning and digitized human consciousness.
  5. My fella introduced me to a trio called The Trouble Notes. He took me to see them at a small venue in New Orleans. I wasn't expecting the musicians themselves to be greeting people at the door, so after talking to the violinist for a minute, it struck me who he was and my hillbilly self blurted out, "Oh my gosh, you're the fiddler!" (He's a classically trained former concert violinist and child prodigy.) He didn't seem offended, but my fella was mortified. What followed was a transcendent experience up close and personal in this tiny venue with brilliant music. When you say gypsy fid
  6. I never said he exhibited superior intelligence. I said that he put me in mind of a particular group of people who have exhibited superior intelligence within their cohorts. I drew conclusions about him and empathized with him from that perspective. My strategy for communicating with him was influenced by my experience with that demographic of people. Had he chosen to continue communicating, no doubt my strategy would have changed as I gained new information. From that frame of reference, there really shouldn't be anything that mysterious. Also, I'm quite familiar with the "brain
  7. I'm breaking my own general rule about cherry-picking here because the notion expressed in this quoted sentence is quite different from what I was trying to communicate. You seem to be using "mentality of 15 year olds" in a derogatory way. In fact, all the teenagers and very young adults (who range in age from 15-22) I've talked about in this thread are intellectually superior within their cohorts and high achievers in both the academic and professional realms. Yet, they have in common with other teenagers and very young adults a lack of experience in communicating their ideas in a way that
  8. I’m road tripping today and passing my time as a passenger surfing the internet. I rarely have more than a few minutes these days for this kind of activity, so I tend to be quite selfish with how I spend those minutes. Hence, my much reduced activity here in general and my hesitance to devote a lot of energy on this thread. But I see there are others attempting to speak on my behalf and perhaps being offended for me, so .... Regarding a Socratic circle, I have no idea if there is a correct way to do one, and I’ve never participated in one. I only know what the young people in my lif
  9. I didn’t miss that he was a college graduate. I was a teenage college graduate. My son is on track to be a teenage college graduate. I have two direct reports who were teenage college graduates and an intern who will be a teenage college graduate next spring. That last one doesn’t even drive yet. I am surrounded by very young high performers and over achievers who are earnest yet awkward in their communication styles. All of them have learned a particular type of discussion method called a Socratic Circle. I am accustomed to my son opening discussions in the manner in which phantom did s
  10. Or a very young adult as I already said. Absent of any other evidence, yes I still assume so.
  11. He's a child or else a very young adult. The graphic is General Iroh from Avatar: the Last Airbender an anime series that ran from 2005-2008 and is still popular today. The hand gesture Iroh is making is likely part of a kata as he often imparted wisdom to his grandson while they trained together. My 15-year-old and I loved that series and quote from it on a semi-regular basis. The very next line after the graphic, our mystery poster says, "So here I am, trying to draw wisdom from a new source." I read him in the same way I would have read my teenage son - more mature and smarter
  12. No, not at all. Not to everyone.
  13. He has said "I love you" to someone, and he's on pin and needles waiting to hear "I love you, too."
  14. There is nothing forced or artificial about saying to young girls "you could be a CEO" and then in the next breath saying to young boys "you could be a stay-at-home parent." It only becomes artificial and forced when you attempt to fit an individual into a role that she or he doesn't want or isn't suited for.
  15. The genders are equal, although biologically not the same. Teachers are, indeed, to be admired. It's not a job I could do. We can agree to disagree re: gender freedom. If speaking from a purely legal perspective, sure, but I sincerely doubt that "precisely the number of men who wanted to be nurses... are now nurses." There is just too much societal pressure for men to be manly, and nursing (or speech therapy, or preschool teaching or GASP! stay at home parenting) is just not mainstream manly. Nursing is becoming more so, though. How that relates to The Squad is just that it