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  1. He has said "I love you" to someone, and he's on pin and needles waiting to hear "I love you, too."
  2. There is nothing forced or artificial about saying to young girls "you could be a CEO" and then in the next breath saying to young boys "you could be a stay-at-home parent." It only becomes artificial and forced when you attempt to fit an individual into a role that she or he doesn't want or isn't suited for.
  3. The genders are equal, although biologically not the same. Teachers are, indeed, to be admired. It's not a job I could do. We can agree to disagree re: gender freedom. If speaking from a purely legal perspective, sure, but I sincerely doubt that "precisely the number of men who wanted to be nurses... are now nurses." There is just too much societal pressure for men to be manly, and nursing (or speech therapy, or preschool teaching or GASP! stay at home parenting) is just not mainstream manly. Nursing is becoming more so, though. How that relates to The Squad is just that it's a very typical thing I often see in the workplace. A woman wants to be equal, and yet she calls herself (and her colleagues) out as part of an exclusive group. In this case, she chose an unfortunate pop culture reference that puts her in the emotional league of high school girls. How that relates to the original post is that there are many many women out there who want it all without acknowledging that something must be conceded. "We will never have true equality until 50% of organizations are run by women and 50% of homes are run by men." Paraphrasing Sheryl Sandberg.
  4. Merlin, Squad (noun): a small group of people having a particular task. In popular culture, it's a term well known to apply to a group of women (usually young ones) with a close friendship and shared values. Google "girl squad." The images alone should give you an idea of how that term is used. It's a simple, albeit somewhat juvenile, concept. AOC was showing immaturity when she applied that term to herself and her colleagues in a professional capacity. Personally, I would distance myself from that in regards my career as I would see it as undermining my professionalism. Peter, We don't have gender equality. How many men are nurses? Or speech therapists? Or preschool teachers? Probably about the same percentage of women who are CEOs. Sadly, it's rare for anyone who talks about equality to look at both sides of the equation.
  5. I can't think of any logical reasoning behind a leap from "working in STEM" to marijuana farmer, so I will assume you're joking. LOL hahahaha you're so funny.
  6. Well, no, I wouldn't go that far. I worked tobacco farms as a kid/teenager. Always someone else's farm. Of course, my family always had a garden, or else we ate poorly. The agriculture I was referring to in the post (and the experience on which I was drawing originally in this thread) was from working in STEM for a global agriculture corporation.
  7. I'm sure you did clarify. However, since I've slept many times over since 2014, and I haven't worked in agriculture in 3 years, I have no basis on which to continue debate. :-)
  8. A Writer's Prayer by Neil Gaiman "...let me say true things, in a voice that is true, and with the truth in mind, let me write lies." From an interview with Neil Gaiman: "...I always felt like I was real and changing things and doing something sensible when I was writing..." I quote Neil Gaiman because his work is kind of out there. If one can point to any author's body of work and ask what's the point other than to be fun (and often dark) and certainly entertaining, it's this author. He is all over the place in terms of genre and format. Yet, by his own words, the importance of his work to him is quite evident.
  9. That episode gave me nightmares. (But that series was amazing! Is another "season" coming?) A 72-hour hold is the most anyone is going to get in any state in the US. There is no good solution to mental health issues that require involuntary commitment. From experience, I know how difficult and expensive it is to get real help for someone who needs it but is not capable of getting it for himself. An entire family can be prepared to invest hours and hours of their lives and tens of thousands of dollars to ensure that a diagnosed bipolar, borderline, schizophrenic doesn't injure himself or others, and yet... injure himself and many others he will because those hours and dollars will have been wasted when the 72 hours is up. And the next 72 hours. And the next 72 hours. Still, when the front page is filled with his crimes, everyone will be asking why didn't someone get him help before this happened. The answer? Those someones dropped all ties and didn't tell him where we moved to after his last attempt to cut our throats and the best we could get was a 72 fucking hour hold. So yeah, there's some kind of way to find a balance here, but we in the US have not figured it out yet.
  10. My favorite moment from that season of Big Brother... “I’m wearing that bitch’s shoes.” I’ll go back to lurking now.
  11. Did you catch Omarosa on Celebrity Big Brother? She was entertaining.
  12. I would expect so as well, but I wonder if she would have admitted as much.
  13. Things like this make me appreciate that my son’s current interests allow him endless respawns.
  14. I think you summed it up nicely. Rand had some quirky ideas about sex, but I believe she would have felt about MeToo just as you described. However, I’m not following MSK on the priestess bit. It’s not him. I’ve had a string of blonde moments today. ?