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  1. I'm new to this forum (and forums in general) so If I'm posting in the wrong place, just let me know. This area seemed like a good general starting point. My question is fairly broad, and is this: What are the best techniques which Objectivists (or any reasonable people) use to not be overwhelmed by the general insanity one comes across on a daily basis in the news? For instance, today I read that a former jailed banker is going to paid $104 million by the IRS for informing on his former employer, a Swiss bank. I find this sort of thing very discouraging, as I (and millions like me) make great efforts to make an honest living through constructive work - and usually an not rewarded for it. In a broader sense, the question is, on a day to day basis, beyond reading a great novel like Fountainhead or Atlas, how do good people continue to find the motivation to do good work in a society where good is ignored and evil (or frivolous or whatever) is so richly rewarded? Thanks for your thoughts on this.