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  1. Let's talk about one of your favorite subjects, logic. Let us suppose that A happened and that a short time later B happened. (For example A = Hitler and B = recovery from the Great Depression.) Altho this by itself does not prove that A caused B, let us suppose in a given instance that you can prove that A caused B. Does it follow that if A had not happened that B would not have happened?
  2. Did you read Bastiat's story of the broken window? Did you read Hazlitt's repeat of the broken window story in Economics In One Lesson? Read the whole story, not just half of it. There is a cartoon of a guy reading the broken window story and when he is half way, he hears a crash. A 2nd guy smashed a window with a brick. Next thing, he is smashing all the windows in the block. The title of the cartoon is Economics in Half a Lesson.
  3. From FEE (Foundation for Economic Education): Speech by Lawrence W. Reed: GREAT MYTHS OF THE GREAT DEPRESSION 14:08 GREAT MYTHS OF THE GREAT DEPRESSION (FULL) 1:06:26 Whole bunch of free downolads: http://www.fee.org/library/
  4. A more detailed presentation: 54:33There are many more videos about Agenda 21.
  5. Read the official book about it. 9:59For more information, search "Agenda 21".
  6. Agenda 21 is an Objectivist's worst nightmare. And it is happening, unless it is stopped. 9:32Agenda 21 for Public Officials 14:20
  7. According to AJ, the impeachment of Obama is getting zero coverage in lamestream news. But it ought to be big. Obama takes orders from the UN in violation of the USA Constitution. That means we are already at the start of world government. You will pay a carbon tax, not to the state government, not to the federal government, but to the world government.
  8. About capitalism: Definition of capitalism from Ayn Rand Lexicon: So what do you do with someone who wants to argue against capitalism? Maybe kick the **** out of him or take his property. What will he do? Will he protest that you are violating his rights?
  9. Warning: Don't nobody peddle raw milk in the USA. This could happen to you. 51 min
  10. Speaking of war .... We might be headed for World War 3. This is not certain; there is a small chance that sane heads will prevail. China warned USA to not attack Iran. China said it will defend Iran even if the consequence is World War 3. Russia warned USA to not attack Iran. There was a news item that a Russian aircraft carrier was headed for the Persian Gulf to block USA's supply line. What is the definition of "world war"? 3 of the most powerful countries and 3 continents. Is that enough? USA can't afford more wars. USA is broke. USA citizens are taxed to the limit and that is not enough so the Fed makes money out of nothing. USA will go down because it will be fighting too many wars. There is a rumor from LW on the AJ show that the plan is to (seriously) attack Iran Sept/Oct 2012. And before that there is supposed to be a psyop and it will be blamed on Iran and used as an excuse to attack Iran. With AJ and the people he interviews exposing all this, plans might get changed. The success of a psyop depends on it not being exposed as a psyop. If and when the psyop happens, AJ will be on it like ugly on .. ....
  11. Winning would be designing the building as he wanted (which he did) and having it built the way he designed it (which did not happen) and taking credit for it (which did not happen) and not destroying it.
  12. Seems to me Howard Roark was a loser. He went thru some trials and tribulations (that's okay) and then designed a building the way he wanted (good) and allowed someone else to take the credit (not so good) and it was not built the way he designed it (not good) and then he destroyed it (loser). I call that a loser. If there is a theme to the novel, it seems to be that life is a losing game. If one such as Howard Roark, with his great mind and his extreme focus and his capacity for hard work, ends up a loser, what chance do the rest of us have?
  13. They are trying to impeach His Messiahship. I hope they kick his xxx posterior so hard that he has to clear his throat to xxxx break wind.
  14. At the risk of changing the subject from intuition to chess, here is a color commentary on a game between 2 grandmasters. Probably most people don't think of chess as being as exciting as hockey or football or boxing or wrestling, but maybe it depends on the quality of the commentating. Morozevich Vs. Anand - "A fantastic sacrificial '19th century' performance" Pt.1
  15. Sounds like a conspiracy theory. There is nothing wrong with pink slime. If it tastes good, it is good. Don't matter where it came from. You don't need to know what is in it. Trust your government. Government is always trustworthy. No government ever in human history told a lie. Government is always 100% virtuous. Government is like a loving parent running your life for you. Who are you to decide for yourself what to eat? If you insist on deciding for yourself what to eat and on knowing what is in your food, you are a terrorist suspect and you deserve to be put in a FEMA concentration camp. Who said health is a rational value? Is health something a rational person would act to gain and/or keep? No matter how healthy you are, you die anyway, so what good is health? What if the government doesn't want you to be healthy? What if the medical profession would rather have you sick so they can make money out of you? What if the government wants you dead because you are overpopulating planet Earth? You are not entitled to make decisions about your own life. Diet has nothing to do with health. The notion that diet affects your health is quackery, along with snake oil. There is nothing you can do to take care of your health. Your health is not your responsibility; it is your doctor's responsibility and your government's responsibility. But even if you could take care of your own health, that would be unethical. We have it on the authority of Peikoff himself that health care is not a right. That means you have no right to take care of your own health by such things as diet and sleep and exercise and avoiding pink slime. Honesty in labelling ingredients in food is not always a virtue. It depends on context. For example if they told you what is in pink slime, you wouldn't eat it. In order to get you to eat it, they are morally justified in being dishonest. Ferengi Rule of Acquisition 239: "Never be afraid to mislabel a product."
  16. On the subject of how a whole society can be brought down by getting a thousand or so super smart people to go on strike, as in Atlas Shrugged: In real life there was a rivalry between Microsoft and Borland. Microsoft wanted to beat Borland. Guess how Microsoft went about it. I read somewhere that in any large software company, the success or failure of the software company depends on the top 2% or 5% or something like that. Some programmers are, without exaggeration, a hundred times as productive as the average programmer. And they probably can do things that the average programmer would not be able to do in any amount of time. Microsoft's method of beating Borland was to drive to the Borland campus and wine and dine Borland's top programmers and offer them multi-million dollar deals. With Borland's top programmers hired away from Borland and into Microsoft, Borland became a weaker company. Take away the top programmers, the company collapses. That resembles the theme of Atlas Shrugged. What Ayn Rand did to the world in Atlas Shrugged was like what Microsoft did to Borland, take away the best brains. But what Ayn Rand did in fiction, Microsoft did in reality.
  17. The fact that Obamacare is unconstitutional won't stop it from going thru. That Patriot Act is unconstitutional and that didn't stop it from going thru. They don't give a rat's xxx posterior about the Constitution. Nowadays if you have a copy of the Constitution, that might qualify you as a terrorist suspect.
  18. On the subject of intuition, the topic of this thread. Kasparov devoted a chapter to intuition in his book "How Life Imitates Chess". Kasparov was world chess champion from 1985 to 2000, 15 years, and had the highest Elo rating for 20 years. He perhaps passed Fischer as history's greatest human chess player. (Houdini and Rybka play stronger than any human.) Probably every professional chess player believes in intuition. Petrosian (world champion 1963-1969) said that he knows he is not in form when the first move he sees is not the best move. Some, perhaps all, world class chess players have the ability to play at grandmaster level with little or no thinking. Recently in an interview Magnus Carlsen, the super talented young phenom from Norway, said that he knows what move he is going to play and he doesn't need much time to think about it. So what is he doing spending time thinking? He is checking his intuition. And it is usually useless because he arrives at the same conclusion. Here are some insights about intuition from Kasparov, perhaps history's greatest chess mind. Kasparov says in his opinion it is not possible for a novice in chess to have intuition in chess. He can have luck but not intuition. This is because intuition is based on experience. But you must understand what he means by experience. Experience is not merely what happens to you. It is what you do with what happens to you. That means work. And to develop yourself as a chess player or as anything else, you are supposed to seek opportunities to gain experience. Kasparov says intuition is like a muscle; it can be developed by using it. Kasparov says the things we think of as advantages such as more information and more time to think can easily short circuit what is even more important, intuition. Of course intuition applies to more than just chess. A businessman with some decades of active experience, might have an intuition about a business opportunity. Judge Judy, the TV judge, might have an intuition about whether someone is telling the truth, based on huge active experience. A doctor with wisdom from decades of active experience might have a intuition about a patient's health problem. A scientist with lots of active experience in his specialty might have an intuition about a phenomenon he is investigating. Intuition does not work well where we don't have experience, such as subatomic physics and physics at near light speeds. These things are outside of the everyday experience of most people. From Ayn Rand Lexicon: Here Ayn Rand seems to think intuition is just another word for mysticism. Then maybe mysticism works in chess, at least for world class players, and maybe we should re-evaluate Ayn Rand's opinion about mysticism. But Kasparov's idea that intuition is based on experience in the hard work active sense doesn't sound like "non-sensory" or "non-rational".
  19. WARNING! Don't nobody threaten to reveal secrets about Obama. You might die of natural causes at 43.
  20. Nobody believes anything I say. Some smartass said it might help if I told the truth once in a while. But all those stories that I told are true. And I know they are true because I made them up my own self. I attended a lying contest, a contest to see who could tell the biggest lie. There was the one about the man who was so thin that he had to stand twice in the same place to make a good shadow. There was a woman who was so fat that when she hauled ass she had to make two trips. There was a giraffe with a neck so long that a hiccup took 12 hours. There was a building so tall that it had to have a hole in it to let the moon go by. There was a chef who could slice cheese so thin that the slices had only one side. There was a hillbilly who believed electricity was good for his health. But he was a nature nut and he thought natural electricity is better than artificial electricity. So one day during a thunderstorm he went outside and caught himself a lightning bolt in his mouth. His throat was so hot from the lightning bolt that he caught in his mouth that for a whole month he ate food raw and by the time it got down to his stomach it was cooked. Then it was my turn to tell a lie. I didn't know I was in the contest. I thought I was just a spectator. But they wanted me to tell a lie. And they dragged me to the microphone in front of the audience. I said: "Hey listen youse people. There is some kind of mistake here. I'm not supposed to be in this contest. I don't tell lies. I never in my life told a lie. I couldn't tell a lie even if I tried to." The place went crazy with applause and cheering and whistling and hat throwing. And they told me I won the contest.
  21. If you are asking about my life story ... I tried to go to Heaven where all the good people are supposed to go. But Saint Peter at the gate told me to go to Hell. I followed advice and went to Hell. Satan the Devil kicked me out of Hell. He said: "We have enough trouble here already. We don't need YOU!!!" So I came back to planet Earth. Now my ability to make trouble is somewhat limited by a physical disability. In April 2000, I was falsely diagnosed with ALS (the same disease that Stephen Hawking has). According to statistics I had 90% probability of leaving planet earth again within 5 years of diagnosis. Six years later, April 2006, they changed the diagnosis. It's not ALS. It's a spinal cord tumor in the neck, found by MRI. It causes weakness neck down. The surgeon didn't want to do the surgery because it was too dangerous and I didn't want to push my luck so the surgery was not done. As near as I can tell the tumor seems to not be growing. I minimize pro-tumor things and maximize anti-tumor things, and that seems to be at least enough to prevent the tumor from growing. I had a tumor on a foot for some years and in April 2009 it disappeared in a few days. I have a funny notion in my head that maybe the same thing could happen to the spinal cord tumor. If not, I figure if the tumor doesn't kill me, I will live until I die. The reason why Satan the Devil kicked me out of Hell is I tried to take over his job. I figured if he is CEO of Hell, he should make some effort to promote the g**d*** place. Nobody wants to go there. And I figured he should do something about the bad publicity he gets in the press. Some of the passages in the Bible about Satan the Devil are outright character assassination.
  22. I was a lurker for a long time, reading but not posting. One day I saw a video that I thought needed posting. Being in my retirement with no responsibilities, I spend much time surfing the net and from time to time I see something that I think needs to be plugged.
  23. 3 candidates for prez of the USA. The polls are: Immanuel Kant: 49% Satan the Devil: 49% John Galt: 2% (Not Ayn Rand because she doesn't believe in a woman prez.) If Immanuel Kant gets elected, then we get "the black hole of contemporary philosophy" from a lecture from Objectivist Gary Hull many years ago. He says it started with Kant and evolved to the black hole. The black hole is metaphysics: no reality epistemology: no knowledge ethics: no values If Satan the Devil gets elected, then the USA goes to Hell, and perhaps the world with it. If John Galt gets elected, then the USA is restored to rationality. But the problem with voting for John Galt is he has no chance of winning, so it would be a wasted vote. You gotta vote for the less of 2 evils. Who would you vote for? The above imaginary scenario is an exaggeration or caricature of what happens in the real world. There are the 2 main parties, both evil. Nobody else has a chance of winning, or so most people think. Perhaps that is a self-fulfilling prophecy. The left and the right are the two wings of the same ugly predatory bird. Or the two boots stomping on freedom. They are like two lies with people debating which one of them is true. They are like two big bullies having fun tossing freedom between them while the voter tries to get his freedom back.
  24. People need to be aware of this. The Horrors Of Obama's 'Health Care' Plan- Vid Obscene. Everything King Midas touched turned into gold. Everything government touches turns into s**t.