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  1. If you are asking about my life story ... I tried to go to Heaven where all the good people are supposed to go. But Saint Peter at the gate told me to go to Hell. I followed advice and went to Hell. Satan the Devil kicked me out of Hell. He said: "We have enough trouble here already. We don't need YOU!!!" So I came back to planet Earth. Now my ability to make trouble is somewhat limited by a physical disability. In April 2000, I was falsely diagnosed with ALS (the same disease that Stephen Hawking has). According to statistics I had 90% probability of leaving planet earth again within 5 years of diagnosis. Six years later, April 2006, they changed the diagnosis. It's not ALS. It's a spinal cord tumor in the neck, found by MRI. It causes weakness neck down. The surgeon didn't want to do the surgery because it was too dangerous and I didn't want to push my luck so the surgery was not done. As near as I can tell the tumor seems to not be growing. I minimize pro-tumor things and maximize anti-tumor things, and that seems to be at least enough to prevent the tumor from growing. I had a tumor on a foot for some years and in April 2009 it disappeared in a few days. I have a funny notion in my head that maybe the same thing could happen to the spinal cord tumor. If not, I figure if the tumor doesn't kill me, I will live until I die. The reason why Satan the Devil kicked me out of Hell is I tried to take over his job. I figured if he is CEO of Hell, he should make some effort to promote the g**d*** place. Nobody wants to go there. And I figured he should do something about the bad publicity he gets in the press. Some of the passages in the Bible about Satan the Devil are outright character assassination.
  2. I was a lurker for a long time, reading but not posting. One day I saw a video that I thought needed posting. Being in my retirement with no responsibilities, I spend much time surfing the net and from time to time I see something that I think needs to be plugged.
  3. 3 candidates for prez of the USA. The polls are: Immanuel Kant: 49% Satan the Devil: 49% John Galt: 2% (Not Ayn Rand because she doesn't believe in a woman prez.) If Immanuel Kant gets elected, then we get "the black hole of contemporary philosophy" from a lecture from Objectivist Gary Hull many years ago. He says it started with Kant and evolved to the black hole. The black hole is metaphysics: no reality epistemology: no knowledge ethics: no values If Satan the Devil gets elected, then the USA goes to Hell, and perhaps the world with it. If John Galt gets elected, then the USA is restored to rationality. But the problem with voting for John Galt is he has no chance of winning, so it would be a wasted vote. You gotta vote for the less of 2 evils. Who would you vote for? The above imaginary scenario is an exaggeration or caricature of what happens in the real world. There are the 2 main parties, both evil. Nobody else has a chance of winning, or so most people think. Perhaps that is a self-fulfilling prophecy. The left and the right are the two wings of the same ugly predatory bird. Or the two boots stomping on freedom. They are like two lies with people debating which one of them is true. They are like two big bullies having fun tossing freedom between them while the voter tries to get his freedom back.
  4. People need to be aware of this. The Horrors Of Obama's 'Health Care' Plan- Vid Obscene. Everything King Midas touched turned into gold. Everything government touches turns into s**t.