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  1. I've already given myself permission to act in self defense. Do you have a problem with that? --Brant no time for a video It's a snazzy video, worth making time to listen to. Do you act in self defence when government robs you and calls the robbery taxation and claims it has this right because someone scribbled something on some paper and called it the Constitution?
  2. If I give myself permission to rob you, do you have a problem with that? video 9:59
  3. jts

    Human Farming

    Stefan Molyneux is an anarchist. He believes countries are human farms. video 13:10Debate between Stefan Molyneaux (anarchy) vs Michael Badnarik (minarchy). Four hours. video 1:54:05 video 2:08:41
  4. It's in the planning stage. First make the laws that make taking over agriculture legal; then take over agriculture. Besides the executive order there is Agenda 21, which is a worldwide plan. If you click on all the links in the article, you will find small examples of agricultural takeover. These are merely the start, tests to see how much the sheeple will take without protest. Condition the sheeple to accept government control of everything as the normal thing. Do it by stealth instead of all at once. They will do it more cleverly than Stalin did it. This had nothing to do with raw milk being unsafe and nothing to do with fraud. This was about control. Search {"Mike Adams" Rawesome} on Google Videos for the whole story with interviews and everything. Don't wait for them to put the plan fully into effect, in a sneaky way little by little, before acting against it. 21st century tyrants are more clever than Stalin. Instead of a lot of bloodshed, people will gradually accept tyranny as the normal thing and anyone who opposes it will be a kook.
  5. Stalin took over agriculture and consequently millions of people died of starvation. You can find long videos about this. Learn from history or repeat it. "Obama seizes control over all food, farms, livestock, farm equipment, fertilizer and food production across America" http://www.naturalne...ood_supply.html It's not just Obama. He is just a puppet. In a few years Obama will be irrelevant but the USA government takeover of agriculture will continue. In the extremely unlikely event that Ron Paul becomes prez, he will be assassinated. The takeover of agriculture will not be confined to the USA. It will be worldwide under a world government. It will be Stalin on steroids. Deaths will be not millions, but billions. Unless people wake up. I will tell you a little secret. The Powers That Be are terrified. They are terrified that we outnumber them by a big ratio and if we ever figure that out, there goes their way of life. video 2:24
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    We need fats. But there are good fats and bad fats. And the good fats must be in a correct ratio. "Heart surgeon openly admits low-fat diets recommended for years by mainstream medicine actually cause heart disease" http://www.naturalne...ical_myths.html Some people think diet is irrelevant to health and as evidence they know someone who ate a good low fat diet and developed health problems. That is extremely sloppy reasoning. First, if it is low fat, it is probably not a good diet. Second, there is much more to a good diet than just the amount of fat and sodium and calories and the few things that most people focus on. USDA data has about 140 nutrients. And that does not include flavonoids and other phytochemicals. Third, diet is only one of many components of a healthy way of life. Fourth, there is such a thing as genetics. Fifth, one single example is only anecdotal.
  7. A bureaucrat from Washington bans guns in Dodge City. That didn't work. PT1- Gunsmoke in Bureaucrat.mp4 PT2- Gunsmoke in Bureaucrat.mp4 PT3- Gunsmoke in Bureaucrat.mp4
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    Dr. Russell Blaylock

    Don't nobody take any vaccines. 27:08
  9. jts

    Dr. Russell Blaylock

    In 2000, I read the book that this lecture is based on. That is the book that got me off unbound glutamate. 1:06:42
  10. Forcing parents to poison their child with cancer-causing chemicals makes sense to me. How the 773H is the cancer industry supposed to make money if nobody gets cancer? If the cancer industry can use government force to cause people to get cancer on the pretence that it is for their own good, that is very clever. Rights, you say. What about the cancer industry's right to make money from your cancer? What right do you have to interfere with their money making by not getting cancer? http://www.naturalnews.com/035290_pediatricians_chemotherapy_medical_freedom.html
  11. What the 773H are they complaining about in the article below? This is wonderful news for the cancer industry. Now they can get even more business. Does anyone think the cancer industry is in the business of putting itself out of business? In a completely free market (which we don't have) doctors would be in the business of putting themselves out of business, meaning helping people to get well and to stay well and not need a doctor. And the doctor who is the most effective in putting himself out of business (helping people to get well and to stay well and to not need a doctor) would get the most business. Any doctor who is not in the business of putting himself out of business would be put out of business, in a free market. The above described process continued, the eventual result would be little need for doctors and few doctors and low cost of health/disease care. It is fortunate for the cancer industry that most solutions other than cut, poison, burn are mostly illegal. http://www.naturalne...stem_cells.html
  12. jts

    Dr. Russell Blaylock

    Cut thru the difference between science and politics on the subject of fluoride. Dr. Russell Blaylock: Fluoride's Deadly Secret full length 1:05:41 I have a water distiller and I drink distilled water.
  13. Dr. Russell Blaylock is one of my heroes. I listen to his lectures and his interviews and I read his books. In the year 2000, I was incorrectly diagnosed with ALS. That's when I got interested in Dr. Blaylock on brain diseases. I am amazed by his knowledge. In 2006, the diagnosis was changed to spinal cord tumor in the neck, found by MRI. Blaylock knows lots about tumors too. Dr Russell Blaylock Nutrition 48:35
  14. Relax and enjoy the show.
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    GMOs, Jeffrey Smith

    Someone will say GMOs are the same as normal genetics. Not so. Examples; Spider goat: They took a gene from a spider and put it in the goat. So they got a creature that is 1 part spider and 30,000 or so parts goat. The milk from this goat has spider silk. There is no way you could make a goat-spider hybrid by a normal process. Tomato-fish hybrid: They took a gene from a fish and put it in a tomato. So it doesn't freeze. There is no way you could cross a tomato and a fish by a normal process. Corn-bacteria hybrid: Corn with a bacteria gene produces a pesticide that kills insects. How would you cross corn and bacteria by a normal process? Another lecture by Jeffrey Smith. everything you have to know about dangerous genetically modified foods 1:24:53
  16. 59:49There is a conflict between politics and science. When the FDA (Fraud and Deception Administration) approves anything, that is politics.
  17. Here is how government regulates cooperates with industry. Or how industry regulates government. Or whatever the 773H is happening. Isn't there supposed to be total separation between government and industry? Government vs and Industry Click on the picture to make it larger. http://i.imgur.com/PVpFY.jpg Everything King Midas touched turned into gold. Everything government touches turns into shit.
  18. More from my polly ticks list: 10:21 5:47 funny 9:12 7:42
  19. From my Polly Ticks list: 6:26 3:15 47:47 38:26 3:57 4:16 8:42 9:52Pittsburgh Police Using Nazi StyleTactics on Wearechange 09-24-09 10:46
  20. Here is another one everyone should view. Judge Napolitano on the Patrot Act 5:52Ron Paul was asked who he would pick for vice prez. He said Judge Andrew Napolitano pops into view.
  21. I keep well stocked on turmeric powder. I dump large quantities of it on my veggy mix that I make with my Omega 8003 grinder. "[audio] Dr. Russell Blaylock with Dr. Stanley Monteith: Turmeric (Curcumin)" http://tobefree.wordpress.com/2011/08/17/audio-dr-russell-blaylock-with-dr-stanley-monteith-curcumin-tumeric-fights-cancer-tumors-neurodegenerative-brain-disorders-and-more/ http://tinyurl.com/7d2r3hd 1 hour. Scroll down a bit to find it.
  22. Elections in the USA are rigged. Don't matter who you vote for. What matters is who the voting machine votes for. Why Ron Paul won't become prez: 4:05Evidence of election fraud: http://netctr.com/election.html
  23. jts

    Klingon Food

    Funny videos. 1:45 1:25
  24. That helps some. Michael BTW, the list of items that may contain MSG is longer than that, at least 40. But no matter. The FDA (Fraud and Deception Administration) says it's safe. Rational people such as Objectivists trust the FDA and all government organizations. Besides, on philosophical grounds, what you put into your body is of no relevance to your health. And it wouldn't matter anyway, because no matter how healthy you are, you still die. I, being irrational, hold to the view that whatever the Fraud and Deception Administration approves is bad. The day they approve tomatoes and broccoli and beets is the day I will quit those things. I seldom eat anything that has or needs a label. I have a grinder (Omega 8003 juicer). I get the juice and the pulp together so I call it a grinder instead of a juicer. I run a bunch of foods thru it (lettuce, broccoli, tomatoes, beets, cauliflower, pumpkin seeds, Brazil nuts, walnuts, etc.) Then I add a heavy amount of turmeric powder for the curcumin, and I add some cold pressed extra virgin olive oil for the curcumin. Finally I run some distilled water, made with my distiller, thru the grinder and into the mix; that cleans the grinder and adds water to the mix. Then I have me a meal. I have a spinal cord tumor in the neck; it causes weakness neck down. Surgery was rejected because it was too dangerous. According to Dr. Russell Blaylock, putting MSG on a tumor is like putting gasoline on a fire. Obviously I don't want to put gasoline on the tumor that is causing me to be paralyzed neck down. Being paralyzed neck down is not a good way to be; think of Stephen Hawking, even tho his condition is caused by ALS instead of a tumor. I am paranoid about MSG. All food is guilty until proved innocent. It has MSG in it unless I know it does not. In the case of food that comes from a restaurant or a cook, any evidence that it is innocent is ruled out of order. I trust only myself. Everything I eat, I want to know what is in it. Broccoli and cauliflower have an anti-tumor substance called indole-3-carbinol. Tomato has lycopene, which has anti-tumor value. Beets have betacyanin, which has anti-tumor value. Brazil nuts are extremely high in selenium, which has anti-tumor value; and deficiency of selenium can cause tumors. The curcumin in turmeric powder is enormously powerful according to Dr. Blaylock, and has anti-tumor value. In order for the curcumin to be used, it needs oil, hence the olive oil. Things work together in a synergistic way. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. According to Dr. Blaylock, in anti-oxidant math (and I assume flavonoid math and phytochemical math and nutrient math in general), 2 + 2 is not 4 but 12 or 20. This is why I try to mix as many anti-tumor things in one meal as possible, and in my diet. In one study, there were 3 cases, 1st case the mice ate a diet of 10% tomato, 2nd case 10% broccoli, 3rd case 5% tomato and 5% broccoli. The strongest anti-tumor effect was in the 3rd case. This is what I call synergy. I try to maximize the synergy. Sometimes instead of the veggy mix meal, I eat a berry meal, loaded with anti-tumor flavonoids. In the year 2000, my rate of deterioration was rapid. Over the years, my rate of deterioration slowed down. Now, as near as I can figure, it is stopped. I hope. In some ways, unrelated to the spinal cord tumor, my health improved. In April 2009, a tumor that I had for 9+ years disappeared in a few days when I didn't have an opportunity to eat for few days. I didn't plan that fast, but the elevator wasn't working and therefore I was stranded and couldn't get food. Read this chapter by Shelton. autolysis of tumors I didn't give a rat's ass about that tumor, but I got the idea that maybe the same thing could happen to the spinal cord tumor. I did a few more fasts, usually semi-voluntarily when the elevator wasn't working. Nothing more happened other than my body got more adapted to fasting. The extreme weakness that is supposed to happen on the 4th day no longer happens, provided I sleep lots and keep warm. Hunger is mild to almost absent the 1st day, totally absent the 2nd day and thereafter, again provided I sleep lots and keep warm. BTW, the reason for the distilled water instead of tap water is that during a fast, tap water had a very bad taste, almost undrinkable. I figured anything that tastes that bad is probably bad. During a fast, the body tends to get sensitive to things; for example smokers at some stage of a fast tend to get sensitive to tobacco like a nonsmoker. Last summer (2011) I seemed briefly to get better. If I can figure out what I was doing right and do it better, I might yet beat the spinal cord tumor. In any case there is no such thing as giving up. Maybe I will die in battle like a Klingon warrior. Whatever. If I succeed, I figure I will have bragging rights because 2 Medical Deities (MDs) told me it can't be done.
  25. Let's talk about one of your favorite subjects, logic. Let us suppose that A happened and that a short time later B happened. (For example A = Hitler and B = recovery from the Great Depression.) Altho this by itself does not prove that A caused B, let us suppose in a given instance that you can prove that A caused B. Does it follow that if A had not happened that B would not have happened?