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  1. I marvel at the length of the discussion about the wheel paradox so-called. Is it possible to be that stupid?
  2. Mike Adams says youtube bans stuff and he created an alternative to youtube called real.video. It is early in development and has a long way to go. He has grandiose ideas. Warning: He plans to include stuff that is not generally accepted. So if you are a member of the cult of the establishment, you might want to stay away from real.video. On the other hand if you want to know the 773H youtube is censoring, this might be the place to go. https://www.real.video/5815764651001 Even before the internet I got information that seems to not be on the internet. Out of print books, perhaps lost forever.
  3. Free time does not imply lack of purpose. For some people free time might reveal lack of purpose.
  4. Fabulous wealth for everyone does not imply equal wealth. Not everyone has fabulous wealth now (2018). Those who do have fabulous wealth but are not happy probably have either bad health or lack of free time. In the future (100 to 1000 years) probably 99% of the population will have fabulous wealth (some more, some less) and excellent health over their entire lifetime and lots of free time. Those 3 things are necessary for a near perfect life: wealth, health, free time. If the question is asked, which is the most important, the answer is which is the most important leg of a 3 legged stool?. The answer is the one that is missing. Having lots of free time and not needing to work more than 10 hours per month does not imply that people will have nothing to do or will do nothing. It means people will be able to do what they want. This might even include working to make even more fabulous wealth. Some people will consider making money they have no use for a waste of time and energy and will choose to do something they think is more worth doing. If by utopia is meant perfection, then what is perfection? Perfection is that which has no room for improvement. Do you know anything that has no room for improvement? Even if we can't achieve a perfect world, we can make a damn good world, maybe almost perfection, and be royally pleased with it.
  5. Let me guess. A psychiatric drug. Either being on or getting off.
  6. If humans survive all the bad stuff that is happening, reduction of work to almost zero with robots taking over jobs. And fabulous wealth for everyone. Bob Black -- The Abolition of Work
  7. jts

    Carnival of Venice

    This guy plays the violin like you probably never saw a violin played before./
  8. Some people think the purpose of fasting is to lose lard. In order to lose lard and keep it off, you want to change your eating habits. If you just lose lard and don't change your eating habits, you will put the lard back on. This is true even if you lose the lard by fasting. The focus should be on changing your eating habits, not on losing lard. You can lose lard and keep it off without fasting. Altho lard control is not my main interest, I picked up a few methods of lard control. I will merely list them and will leave the questions of proof and evidence to whoever wants to investigate further. Starch based diet: Dr. John McDougall says 80-90% of our calories should come from starch. And he is thumbs down on all animal source foods. You can eat all the greens you want and even some fruits. If you do this, you are suppose to lose an average of 2 pounds a week without trying and continue until you get to your correct weight and then the weight loss stops. Nutritarian diet: Dr. Joel Fuhrman promotes a high nutrients over calories ratio, which means greens. This is supposed to produce hunger satisfaction so you don't want to overeat. Avoiding the pleasure trap: Dr. Alan Goldhamer says there are certain substances that work on the brain in such a way as to induce overeating. These are sugar, salt, oil, flour, dairy. That is 5. I believe monosodium glutamate (under dozens of names) and aspartame (under multiple names) should be added to the list, bringing it to 7. Sensitiveness to these substances varies from person to person. Avoid them and lose 2 pounds a week without trying. 500 calories per pound rule: This is from Jeff Nelson. The theory is to eat meals of the correct calorie density. If the calorie density is too high, by the time you feel like you have had enough to eat, you have eaten too much. If the calories density is too low, you will have difficulty getting enough calories. 500 calories per pound works for most people but the number can be adjusted according to your caloric requirement. Physically active people can raise the number; sedentary people can lower the number. That's the first rule, calories per pound of food. The second rule is if you are eating a meal consisting of a high calorie food and a low calories food, you eat the low calorie food first; this cuts down on the chance of overeating on the high calorie food. You can combine probably all 4 methods. How to cut down on hunger, real or false: I have noticed many times that sleep has an anti-hunger effect. It seems to support and speed up the transition from eating mode to fasting mode.
  9. Perhaps you misunderstand the statement that hunger is not a problem during a fast. At TrueNorth they supervised 15,000 fasts, last count, hunger is not a problem. Shelton supervised 40,000 fasts, hunger never comes up as a problem in his books. Loren Lockman supervised thousands of fasts, hunger never comes up as a problem in his youtube videos. Jack Goldstein wrote a book about his 42 day fast supervised by Robert Gross, hunger was not a problem. As soon as the body transitions from eating mode to fasting mode, hunger is gone. This takes an average of about 3 days, not long enough to be a problem. With me it's usually gone the 2nd day and it is brief and mild the 1st day. Hunger is not a problem during a fast. Anyone who thinks hunger is a problem during a fast is not speaking from experience. This is not saying there are no problems with fasting, only that hunger is not one of them.
  10. There are hazards to fasting. Hunger is not a problem.
  11. I evaluate doctors for myself, not for others. I don't need status. This is the Objectivist virtue of intellectual independence. I do not let government evaluate doctors for me.
  12. Nobody said fasting is a panacea. I don't know where that idea came from. You assume without evidence that Alan Goldhamer knows ONLY chiropractic. Alan Goldhamer probably knows more about fasting than anyone else on the planet. (Loren Lockman might disagree.) Supervising fasts is a specialization. So far as I know there is no government recognised qualification to be a fasting supervisor. Having an MD is not a qualification to supervise fasts. Most MDs know little or nothing about fasting. Typically they do not study fasting in medical school, and typically they have no experience with fasting. To be qualified to supervise fasts, they must go thru internship. One example of how ignorant an MD can be about fasting is one wrote that the body can't tell the difference between voluntary and involuntary, and he used this to debunk fasting. The difference between fasting and starving has nothing to do with voluntary. The body certainly can tell the difference between burning fat and burning muscle. Do not use examples of starvation to debunk fasting. That is gross ignorance. I am not impressed by that kind of ignorance. With a little effort you can learn the difference between fasting and starving. At the risk of oversimplification, the difference is the difference between burning fat and burning muscle. They are very different and they feel different. Usually when the body is in fat burning mode, there is no hunger. When the fat runs low and there is danger of burning muscle, hunger comes back. About Loren Lockman. Do not confuse between him and Alan Goldhamer. They are 2 different individuals. They have disagreements between them about how to supervise fasts. Do not judge one by the other. Loren Lockman is a risk taker. He says symptoms are ALWAYS either healing or detox, which I don't believe. That attitude would scare me. There is a story from Steve Solomon about a man went into signs of mineral deficiency as early as the 10th day. So Dr. Moser and Steve Solomon immediately took him off the fast and fed him the greenest veggies in Steve Solomon's garden. (The greener the veggy the richer it is in minerals.) If Loren Lockman had been on that case, he would have regarded the symptoms as either healing or detox and would have continued the fast and the result would have been a disaster. Symptoms are -usually- healing or detox, but not always. One of the duties of the fasting supervisor to be be alert to real problems. Some people have health problems that can show up during a fast. I don't think Loren Lockman does it right. Every fast I ever did was without supervision and I always had a rule for myself, if anything goes wrong I terminate the fast. Fasting is not supernatural and I don't know where this stupid idea came from. Perhaps it came from Franklin Hall. You can look him up. Franklin Hall was a religious leader who thought fasting gives you a better telephone connection with God. But I don't believe in God and I have no use for religion. Fasting is simply total rest. There is nothing supernatural about total rest. It is almost a law of physiology that when 2 major physiological processes are happening at the same time, there is a trade-off between them. Each is at the expense of the other. Fasting, properly done, merely puts the body in full healing mode. Sometimes things happen that seem almost supernatural but it is not. There is a story about a blind man who got back his sight during a fast. When all of the body's energy is used for healing, sometimes unusual things happen. But it is not supernatural; it is physiology. About my spinal cord tumor. I'm learning all the time. I made some very serious mistakes in years past; but I'm no longer making them. The fat lady is not singing yet. If I beat the tumor, I will have bragging rights because the medical profession says it can't be done.
  13. I don't evaluate doctors by government approved credentials.
  14. What is your point? Do you have a point? Can you tell me the name of someone who has more knowledge about fasting and more experience in fasting than Alan Goldhamer?
  15. The Use and Abuse of Tobacco by John Lizars, M.D. (Edinburgh: 1856, 1857, 1859, reprinted, Philadelphia: P. Blakiston, Son & Co, 1883) Read the whole book. http://medicolegal.tripod.com/lizars1859.htm TOBACCO. Snuffing, smoking, and chewing are bad habits, and we advise any gentleman who is not hopelessly abandoned to either, to give it up.—Medical Circular. -viii- NOTICE TO THE EIGHTH EDITION IN this Eighth Edition I have made some alterations, chiefly as regards arrangement; but I find, that less or more of a desultory character must necessarily attach itself to a brochure, intended merely as a vehicle of Practical Observations. The reader will see that I have found myself called upon to make some allusion to the recent attempts [1831-1833] at that fatal operation—excision of the tongue. The object of the Author will be attained, if his Observations have any appreciable tendency in arresting the progress of excessive Smoking, by drawing the attention of the Public to so important a subject. It is difficult to estimate, either the pernicious consequences produced by habitual Smoking, or the number of its victims among all classes, old and young. The enormous consumption of Tobacco can be ascertained from -ix- yearly returns made by the Government Custom-House; but its physical, moral, and mental deteriorations, admit of no such tangible analysis. These, although certain, are slow and imperceptible in their development, and it is therefore impossible to ascertain the extent of the injury which the poisonous weed inflicts upon the public health, or the alteration it must necessarily effect upon the character of its inhabitants. The consumption of Tobacco is stated to be, in 1853, 29,737,561 pounds, thus showing an allowance of considerably more than a pound, on an average, to every man, woman, and child, in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. The prevalence of Smoking has been of late greatly on the increase, and the use of the narcotic commences with the young from mere childhood. Such a habit cannot be more lamented than reprobated. The injury done to the constitution of the young may not immediately appear, but cannot fail ultimately to become a great national calamity. JOHN LIZARS. Edinburgh, South Charlotte Street, 1859. -x- Table of Contents Advisory viii Preface: Notice to the Eighth Edition ix Chapter I. General Characteristics of Tobacco 13 The Introduction of Tobacco into Europe 13 The question of its intention for the Use of Man discussed 15 The Botany and Chemistry of Tobacco considered 15 Physiological Effect 20 M. Fiévé [1857] 21 Chapter II. Practical Observations on the Use and Abuse of Tobacco 23 Contagion from Cigar-smoking 23 Syphilis propagated by smoking tobacco 23 Condition of Paris 24 Effect on a Fever Patient 25 Local Effects on the Mouth 26 Ulceration of the Lips, Tongue, Gums, Mucous membrane of the Mouth, Tonsils, Velum Palati, Pharynx 26 Constitutional Effects enumerated [1854] 27 Dyspepsia from use of Tobacco 30 Diarrhoea 31 Effects in Cholera 32 Disease of Liver 32 Congestion of Brain 32 Apoplexy [1830] 33 Palsy 33 Mania [1854] 34 Loss of Memory 34 Amaurosis 34 Deafness 35 Nervousness 35 Emasculation 35 Cowardice 36 General Effects 36 Quotations from various Authors, and narrations of peculiar cases of poisoning by tobacco 38 Chapter III. Communications and Extracts 53 Opinions of Dr. Prout [1840] 53 Boussiron [1844] 54 Dr. Pereira 54 Orfila [1817] 55 Sir Benjamin Brodie 55 Dr. Cleland [1840] 56 Dr. Johnston [1855] 56 King James I [1604] 59 Rev. Dr. Adam Clarke [1797] 63 Mr. Solly [1856] 65 Dr. Wm. Henderson 66 Mr. Fenn [1857] 66 Dr. Tod [1856] 71 Mr. Anton 81 Mr. O'Flaherty 81 Dr. M'Cosh 81 Camden 83 Mr. Erichsen [1857] 105 Account of Hospitals for the Insane in the United States [1843] 107 Report of the Penna. Hospital for the Insane [1849] 108 Communications from numerous Scientific men in illustration of the evil effects of Tobacco 109 the Half-Yearly Abstract of Medical Sciences 111 Dr. Laycock [1846] 112 British Anti-Tobacco Society 118 Cases reported in the Lancet [1857] 124 Dictionnaire des Sciences Médicales [1821] 132 Darwin, &c. [1794] 136
  16. Chris Langan is a puzzle. According to Jordan Peterson, IQ is the best predictor of a bunch of things.
  17. Here is a video of him shovelling horse manure. with an IQ of 200.
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    rant about North Korea

    So far as I know it was just pain, no deformity of knuckles or very little. That was in the 1980s. I didn't buy all her groceries, just most, for me and her both. I bought what I wanted, mostly fruits and veggies, and she accepted it. I tried to suggest to her that the diet had nothing to do with the vanishing of the pain but she was convinced the diet did it.
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    rant about North Korea

    Addiction is different for different people. Some people get addicted to alcohol; some don't. Some people get addicted to gambling; some don't. A quick search shows that some people get addicted to tylenol. A little anecdote about arthritis pain that probably doesn't prove anything. Many years ago my mother had arthritis pain. I did most of the food shopping for the family. I asked my mother what I should buy. She left that to me to decide. Her arthritis pain vanished and stayed gone. I don't know if this was a coincidence or not.
  20. jts

    rant about North Korea

    I explained how I see drugs for high blood pressure. I went slowly and tried to make it as clear as I could. You did not explain how you see drugs for high blood pressure. Your response was quack quack quack. What am I supposed to make out of your response? Perhaps you have no response but instead have a blind trust in the authority of mainstream doctors and perhaps to you anything contrary to mainstream doctors is automatically quackery. I understand that most people think MD stands for Medical Deity but I don't worship doctors (not even the good ones) and I don't take orders from doctors.
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    rant about North Korea

    Pumpkin seeds for zinc. The only supplements I take are those I can't get enough from food. They are kelp for the iodine, vitamin D when I don't get enough sun, methylcobalamin (the best form of B12). I started taking these after I quit salmon. (I'm not sure what all this has to do with North Korea.) In NK you probably would have difficulty getting your nutrients.