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    rant about North Korea

    Name calling ('whoopee') is another fallacy. Using such words as 'idiot' and 'bigotry' tends to put a damper on rational discussion. I am not convinced that drugs are based on rigorous Objective epistemology. I will explain my rejection of drugs by a reasonably concrete example. High blood pressure. You can take a HBP drug and it will lower blood pressure, no doubt. Who can argue against that? All the peer reviewed scientific studies and the experience of doctors and experience of patients shows that it lowers blood pressure. Fact. I'm guessing you would call that rigorous Objective epistemology. Anyone who argues against this drug is an idiot and a fool and whatever other nasty names you can think of. Are we on the same page so far? Ask an important question. Why does the patient have HBP? Dr. Johnston told me "We are not good at causes", speaking for the whole profession. Most symptoms are not the problem but a body response to a problem. In the case of HBP it might be plaque in the arteries, causing obstruction to flow of blood, requiring higher pressure to produce an adequate flow of blood. I'm not saying this is the only possible cause but it is a possible cause. So the HBP drug works if by 'works' we mean merely that it lowers blood pressure. And there is plenty of scientific evidence that it lowers BP. So what's the problem? Does it remove the plaque? No. The obstruction to flow of blood is still there, requiring more pressure to produce an adequate flow of blood. So what we have now is an inadequate flow of blood. Plus the drug is a poison, which is why it works. Well along comes someone who believes in 'natural remedies'. Chinese herbs. Maybe this is better because it is natural. Not so. Natural does not mean good. Poison ivy is natural. So is snake poison. This guy goes to a Chinese herbalist and get a herb that lowers BP just as the drug did. Does it remove the plaque? No. It produces the same result, inadequate flow of blood. Plus it is a poison. Chinese herbs are just poisonous plants and that's why they taste bad. What is the correct procedure? Remove the plaque. Then with the obstruction to flow of blood removed, there is no need for HBP. How do you remove the plaque? Ask how the plaque got there. Maybe diet had something to do with it. Maybe a change of diet would help. You don't need to go to a doctor to do that. The above is just one example of the rule of thumb that most symptoms are body responses to a problem, not the problem itself. Another example is pain. What is pain? Pain is a flashing red light. You can stop the pain by a drug (a poison). What did you accomplish? You stopped the flashing red light. The problem is still there but you don't know it. And as usual the drug is a poison and that's why it works. Obviously many more examples could be added.
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    rant about North Korea

    It was merely a point of logic, not an accusation. Perhaps you are looking for a fight. I'm not. It is a common fallacy. Say something about Islam, get accused of being a hate monger or a racist. Disagree with some doctors, get accused of hate mongering doctors. (I learn from many good doctors but I disagree with all of them on something, without hatred.) Call Kim Jong Un a monster, the speaker has personal problems. You probably can find this fallacy on a list of fallacies. .
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    rant about North Korea

    Interesting game. First side to move loses. If NK strikes first, Pyongyang gets turned into a smoking hole in the ground. If USA strikes first, China steps in, followed by all hell breaking loose. Conclusion: nothing will happen.
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    rant about North Korea

    I did not say that you did.
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    rant about North Korea

    Does anyone here say Kim Jong Un is not a monster? If so, how do you support that statement? Calling Yaron Brook and Craig Biddle hate mongers to prove that Kim Jong Un is not a monster is not valid reasoning. (Even if they are hate mongers. (which I don't believe))
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    rant about North Korea

    Maybe Kim Jong Un's bad health and bad health habits will soon kill him. That would be easier than assassinating him.
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    rant about North Korea

    This is long but worth listening to. Yaron Brook explains why Trump should not talk with Kim Jong Un.
  8. Chris Langan has a plan to prevent unfit people from making babies. You might ask who would judge who is fit to make babies. Chris Langan would be willing to do that job.
  9. Richard Dawkins dies and meets God.
  10. Sometimes I am confused by the difference between selfishness and altruism. Example 1: A soldier gives his life to save others. Some people would call this an act of altruism. Objectivists probably would call this an act of selfishness. Example 2. A man decides to practise the virtue of selfishness. So he gets a job and takes care of himself instead of living on welfare and being a parasite.Another man decides to practise altruism. So he gets a job and takes care of himself the same as the first man did. But he tells himself that he is practising altruism because he is relieving others of the burden of taking care of him. Example 3. An act of charity or generosity such as giving money to the poor and needy or to the Ayn Rand Institute can be viewed as an act of selfishness or as an act of altruism depending on how you look at it. Yaron Brook would have you believe that you can give money to the ARI without buying anything and do that as an act of selfishness.
  11. Immense meteorite headed for Earth, about to destroy all humanity. Rockets don't fire. Only one way left, ram the spacecraft into the meteorite. 2 options. Option 1: Perform an act of selfishness (or whatever) by saving self and letting all of humanity die. This seems to be consistent with Ayn Rand's virtue of selfishness and perhaps would be a heroic act. Or perhaps this would be an exception to the principle that selfishness is a virtue. Option 2: Perform an act of altruism (or whatever) by giving one's life to save humanity. Under Objectivism perhaps this would be an unspeakable evil. Or perhaps an exception. Maybe we can come up with some sophistry (or whatever) to show that option 1 is altruism and option 2 is selfishness.
  12. Chris Langan on Objectivism. https://www.scribd.com/document/235166266/On-Ayn-Rand-s-Philosophy
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    chicken plays piano

    More about that chicken.
  14. The game of chess has rules that say what it is. One one these rules is checkmate. Based on these rules, including checkmate, it is possible to deduce that one ought not play this move because it allows your opponent to checkmate your king. Maybe this qualifies as an ought coming from an is by purely deductive logic.
  15. -- Charges in 6 minutes. -- Travels 320 kilometers. (I take that to mean when it is new.) -- Energy density 3 times higher than lithium iron phosphate. -- 90% of the capacity even after 20,000 charge cycles. (A lead acid battery lasts about 300.) -- It is in the testing stage. -- The price is unknown. Could this be it? The battery that makes the lead acid battery obsolete?
  16. The philosophy of Karl Marx is not yet dead. It is being kept alive by Richard Wolff, Marxist professor. Is there any chance of a lengthy formal debate between Yaron Brook and Richard Wolff? They seem to have opposite missions, Yaron promoting capitalism and Richard promoting Marxism. He has a whole shitload of videos on youtube promoting Marxism. I give credit where credit is due. Richard Wolff is more articulate than most socialists I listened to. That's not necessarily saying much. Here is Richard Wolff on the Peter Schiff show. Skip the first 40 seconds. I think Yaron Brook would do better.
  17. Question: What would you do if at the age of 15, with most of your life ahead of you, were given a million dollars tax free? How well would your mind match it? We saw stories about people who won the lottery and didn't do well with the money. I suspect that a person whose mind can match it wouldn't need it. People like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs probably didn't need it. Richard Wolff, the Marxist economics professor, seems to think the way capitalists get rich is first somehow get some money and then buy or build a business and then get rich by having a bunch of people working for you while you do little or nothing. As if the business runs itself and the capitalist doesn't need to do anything except own the business. I doubt it's that easy. Money will not serve the mind that cannot match it. Neither will anything the money is turned into. Paraphrasing Ayn Rand, a business (or a factory or a farm) will not serve the mind that cannot match it. Do I have that right?
  18. Karl Marx would have done better if he had followed his wife's advice, instead of writing about capital to make some.
  19. Your questions are rhetorical, not sincere. If you really wanted to know who the hell Steven Greer is, you would do a simple search and you would quickly find this website that explains it all. http://disclosureproject.org/ You draw a conclusion without any information. Usually a rational person gets information first before drawing a conclusion. The big question is not who the hell is Steven Greer. That is easy to find out for anyone who is interested. The big question is: Are the 500+ government, military, and intelligence community witnesses testifying to their direct, personal, first hand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology for real? Or are they a bunch of liars or kooks? I don't know. I didn't go thru all that information and even if I did, I probably would not be able to evaluate it. So instead of drawing a conclusion, I don't know. If this stuff is true (not saying it is), then we might get technology that would make petroleum and coal obsolete. That should be a reason to be interested.
  20. According to Steven Greer, planet Earth is under quarantine. Humans are not allowed to colonize other places. First humans must grow up and learn to be more responsible for the environment and not make war. According to Steven Greer, there are civilizations out there that don't have a word for 'war'and don't know what war is. I heard a rumor that the reason why the USA didn't go back to the moon is they found somebody already there who told them to not come back. For more science fiction, listen to Steven Greer videos. It's better than Star Trek.
  21. Repeating the Ayn Rand quote at the top of this thread. I do not believe Ayn Rand understood addiction. Addiction is something that happens as a result of doing a drug (or whatever) too much and too many times. In the quote Ayn Rand describes what happens -before- addiction, the motivation to take the drug before addiction. The addiction comes later. The addiction itself, setting aside the motivation for starting, has nothing to do with philosophy. The motivation for starting might be philosophy as Ayn Rand says but that is not addiction. Addiction is a physical condition. This physical condition might by concidence exist together with a philosophical or psychological state of mind that prompted the behavior that led to the addiction. Addiction is a physical health problem. Or we could say it is evidence of a physical health problem. But to understand what I'm saying you need to reject the conventional paradigm of what health is about. In the conventional paradigm health is built and maintained mostly by poisons. There are various schools pf thought about which kind of poisons are best, allopathic poisons, homeopathic poisons, naturopathic poisons, etc. All are poisons. If someone comes along and rejects poisons, that is heresy. When a poison habit is indulged more than the ability of the body to get rid of the poison, what happens? At some point the body decides to conserve energy and nutritive resources by adapting to the poison, to live with the poison. It must do this to survive. There is always a cost to the adaptation but the body survives. Now what happens when the person tries to quit the poison that his body has adapted to living with? Detox and healing, which are not always pleasant. Well he can fix that by a dose of the poison and he feels fine. The detox process seems to have 2 stages, intercellular and intracellular, or between the cells and inside the cells. The 2nd detox stage, the inside the cells stage, begins at about day 10 to about day 15 of a fast according to my limited information. The first stage seems to not usually accomplish much. The second stage sometimes seems to produce dramatic results. When the cells are detoxed on the inside, they work better. A blind man can see. Diseases reverse and doctors don't believe it. And sometimes addictions are broken. There are dangers to fasting. So don't nobody do it unless you know what you are doing.People with a history of drug use might be at risk during a fast.
  22. AA got started with 2 drunks trying to keep each sober. That setup worked. As long as they were trying to keep each other sober, they succeeded. When they tried to do it alone, they failed. Later AA got corrupted by religion. It was better without religion. I admire the stomach of the guy who put together this website. I don't have the stomach to read more than a small amount of it at a time. https://web.archive.org/web/20161202185738/https://www.orange-papers.org/
  23. On the theme kill humans, not animals. Vegan Gains sometimes has a dark sense of humor. I suspect that he is not nearly as bad a guy as he pretends to be. This video perhaps qualifies as satire.
  24. In 2008 Boris Spassky (world chess champion 1969 - 1972) had an interview and press conference with Susan Polgar where journalists asked him questions. One question was a young aspiring chess player wants to know whether he should devote his life to chess. How can he know whether he has the talent to succeed? Maybe it would be a wasted life and he should do something else. Spassky pointed up and said something about 'Commandant'.