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  1. The video at the top of this thread seems to be more about judicial system than about prison reform. On the topic of prison reform, here is the way they do it in the country of origin of the current world chess champion. But maybe we should get rid of prisons and government. Here is how Stefan Molyneux imagines might happen in a world without government.
  2. How do you square this with the only proper function of government is to protect individual rights? Here we have highway robbery by the police.
  3. Probably every person who is familiar with chess has seen this. In chess, unlike in geometry, the shortest distance between 2 points is not necessarily a straight line. And in chess, unlike in geometry, it is possible to go 2 directions at the same time. This composition is elegant in its simplicity (only 1 pawn each side, you can't get much simpler than that) and is almost magical in its defiance of geometry. Maybe some people will call it a paradox, like Aristotle's wheel paradox. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Réti_endgame_study
  4. Monsanto gets a lot of mean mouthing from health nuts. I am surprised that to my knowledge the Objectivist community is not defending Monsanto as a heroic productive company like they did Microsoft.
  5. I will make a feeble attempt at this. Lines m,n,p are on some land. There is a hill in angle 7. Because of the hill, the line (not drawn) connecting line n and line p in angle 7 is longer than it would normally be. Then angle 7 calculates (by trigonometry) to larger than normal.A valley would have the same effect.
  6. Stephen Hawking was physically fit for going to outer space. And you are not?
  7. At the risk of adding to the length of this thread.... Draw a horizontal straight line with end points A and B. Draw a circle (or wheel) sitting on point A. Put an X on the circle where it coincides with point A. Make line AB longer than the circumference of the circle. Problem: Rotate the circle so X again comes down on line AB at point B. Remember line AB is longer than the circumference of the circle. Skidding, slipping, sliding, etc are not allowed. Maybe Merlin the magician can do it. I doubt anyone else can.
  8. The 2018 world chess match has begun. initial moments stockfish analysis finds mistakes on both sides
  9. I assume you mean if they had enough intelligence they would either go to a place like TrueNorth or fast on their own without supervision.
  10. Can you show evidence: 1. That people go there and pay money for the purpose of experiencing a death camp? 2. That Tanglewood was shut down? (He is still making youtube videos from Tanglewood.) I know several disaster stories came out of Tanglewood out of thousands of cases. I corresponded briefly with Loren Lockman about 2 of them. His version of each story is very different from what you get on youtube. I agree that Loren is a risk taker. Alan Goldhamer of TrueNorth is a safety first guy. They have different styles. Loren says the extreme caution way of TrueNorth is almost a guarantee that some problems will not be solved. Perhaps some health problems justify risk.
  11. Try this link. https://www.cbc.ca/player/play/1359453251599
  12. On the subject of fasting causing heart failure: I would like to know how the medical profession in the time of Dr. Tanner got the idea that on the 10th day of a fast is death from heart failure. Many people went far beyond 10 days and I never heard or read of heart failure during a fast. So where did this idea come from? Did it come from an article in a peer reviewed scientific journal? I suspect that it is just a theory that does not work that way in practice. I imagine it might be possible in the case of a person who is so nutritionally depleted as to not have any business fasting and no competent fasting supervisor would allow this to happen. HMS supervised 40,000 fasts ranging in length up to 90 days. Here is a remarkable statement from him. "... I may add that I have never seen a death from "heart failure" during a fast, although I have seen many crippled hearts make complete recoveries during a fast." Show me a case of death from heart failure during a fast and then maybe we can examine the details of that case. Until then it seems like a myth based on only theory. If you are worried about depletion of electrolytes during a fast (altho there is probably no reason to be), you can try water with electrolytes in it, maybe distilled water with a small amount of salts in it. That is an idea from Loren Lockman. But some people think distilled water is better. Sure electrolytes get depleted during a fast. Everything gets depleted during a fast. Fat gets depleted. Reserve nutrients get depleted. That's why the fast must eventually end. So what?
  13. You seem to have a fear based on the ignorance of the medical profession in Tanner's time. They were so ignorant in the time of Dr. Tanner that they did not believe it is possible for a human to live without food 40 days and they thought Tanner's claim was fraud. Psychiatrists have a word - phobia - it means irrational fear. If you really don't have the nutritional reserves, the potassium supplement won't do it. Build yourself up with a good diet with all the nutrients prior to the long fast. And if you have no experience with fasting you probably should do it under supervision at TrueNorth, probably the safest place in the world to fast.
  14. Do you know the story of Dr. Tanner? In his time the medical profession was so ignorant about fasting that they believed death from heart failure happens on the 10th day. Dr. Tanner tried to commit suicide by fasting, expecting to die on the 10th day. Where did this idea come from, that the heart fails during a fast on the 10th day? Shelton supervised 40,000 fasts and says fasting benefits the heart. Alan Goldhamer supervised 15,000+ fasts and in his lectures doesn't seem to know about heart failure during a fast. Where is the evidence that fasting causes heart failure? I tried to track it down and found nothing except theory. Why do people persist in believing this myth? I never heard of any fasting doctor using a potassium supplement. It's not in any of Shelton's books about fasting. It's not in any of Goldhamer's lectures about fasting. It's not in any of Loren Lockman's talks about fasting that I listened to. It's not in Wardolfski's diary of his 42 day fast. It's not in Dr. Goldstein's book about his 42 day fast. The guy who did a 30 day fast every year for many years did not mention a potassium supplement. I did a bunch of fasts ranging in length up to 22 days without a potassium supplement and nothing happened to my heart. I think this idea of heart failure caused by fasting is a leftover from the ignorance of the medical profession in the days of Dr. Tanner. Just theory, not results. Maybe they extrapolate from the first 3 days. There is more than one version of this myth. The more common myth on quora seems to be that the heart loses protein. This has nothing to do with potassium. If your nutrient reserves (including potassium) are so low that you can't withstand a long fast, you have no business doing a long fast, and the fasting supervisor is supposed to watch for problems. and take you off the fast if a real problem happens.
  15. Dr. Alec Burton said you need 2 or 3 colds per year to be healthy. Obviously this is not true if you live right. But I think he meant in this imperfect world it is difficult or impossible to live perfectly right. Even if you need the colds, they don't need to be bad colds. Maybe just a few sneezes and it's over.
  16. A toxemia crisis is an action done by the body in response to the toxin level being above the toxin tolerance level, as explained by John H. Tilden. Why would you want to be immune to this body response? What would that mean? Read the book. https://docs.google.com/viewer?url=http%3A%2F%2Faconc.com%2F020103toxemia.pdf
  17. 1. If you feed a cold, you will need to starve a fever. Starve them both. To eat when you are sick is to feed your sickness. 2. I don't know what being immune to a toxemia crisis means, unless it means you are setting yourself up for bigger trouble.
  18. There are many so-called cures for cancer. Check out this list from wiki. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_unproven_and_disproven_cancer_treatments Probably each and every one of them has someone claiming evidence of success. As a certain wise man wrote: the cures come and the cures go. They are doomed to failure if they don't reverse causes. There are many stories where people claim to have reversed cancer. For example Chris Wark interviewed many people who claim to have reversed cancer. Unless approved by the cancer industry, all these stories are taken as false and their methods are rejected as quackery. We can live in hope that some day the cancer industry will come up with something or approve something that will put itself out of business. Or maybe not. Is the cancer industry in the business of putting itself out of business? I figure the cancer industry has no business being in business unless it is in the business of putting itself out of business. But maybe I don't understand how the real world works. Perhaps they should start with something easier than cancer, for example the common cold. But Dr. John H. Tilden figured out the common cold nearly a hundred years ago. https://docs.google.com/viewer?url=http%3A%2F%2Faconc.com%2F020103toxemia.pdf You can suppress the common cold or you can let it run its course. If you suppress the common cold, that leads to worse stuff in the long run. You can shorten the time required for it to run its course and make the symptoms milder by sleeping, keeping comfortably warm, sipping water, fasting. And all else being equal, the worse your symptoms, the quicker you are getting better; to understand this statement, read the book. A doctor said you need 2 or 3 colds per year to maintain health. If there is any truth to this statement Tilden's book explains why.
  19. Carlsen vs Caruana world chess match 2018 countdown and schedule
  20. Mike Adams explains why the name change from REAL.video to Brighteon.com.
  21. Ayn Rand was a poor excuse for an Objectivist. Smoking is anti-reason and anti-life.
  22. I thought you were talking about smoking.
  23. That's rationalisation. Rationalisation is the misuse of the faculty of reason as a tool of deception instead of a tool of knowledge. Health is a rational value.