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  1. According ro Dr. Russell Blaylock and the evidence he presents, vaccines do roughly the same to the brain.
  2. Let's see if I correctly understand Bob Kolker. Someone takes a bullet to the head at point blank range and dies almost instantly. Most people would think it's a reasonable hypothesis that the cause of the death is the bullet to the head at point blank range. But this would be sloppy thinking. Maybe it's just coincidence that he took a bullet to the head at point blank range and died very soon after. To conclude that there is a cause and effect relationship would be post hoc ergo propter hoc. A cause always produces the effect, not merely sometimes. A single example to the contrary is enough to prove that it is not the cause. T. C. Fry (a health nut) took a bullet to the head at point blank range and survived! It contributed to his health problems but didn't kill him. This proves that a bullet to the head at point blank range does not cause death. Anyone who thinks it did cause death in a specific case is doing sloppy thinking.
  3. Can and does. You wanted a mechanism. Russell Blaylock explains the mechanism. Now you don't want a mechanism.
  4. In the Blaylock video I posted above, he explains how vaccination can cause autism.
  5. On the question of whether Dr. Russell Blaylock wrote stuff that got published in a peer reviewed scientific journal. For people who think that matters. Here is a list. https://www.researchgate.net/scientific-contributions/58885645_Russell_L_Blaylock
  6. Your distrust of Dr. Russell Blaylock seemed to be based on your trust of majority opinion and/or government approval. I reject the whole idea of trust except where it is unavoidable. Question: What is your definition of 'quack'? How did you reach your conclusion that Dr. Russell Blaylock is a quack? He has the standard credentials, went to medical school and all that. Let me guess. You consider him a quack merely because he says things contrary to the establishment. Did I guess right?
  7. With you it's about trust, meaning authority. That's religion, not science. Practise the Objectivist virtue of intellectual independence.
  8. Dr. Russell Blaylock explains how vaccines induce autism. The usual response to Dr. Russell Blaylock is he is not mainstream, he is a kook, his ideas are not generally accepted, etc. Fallacies of reasoning. Dr. Russell Blaylock usually has an abundance of peer reviewed scientific evidence in support of everything he says.
  9. You are saying either A always causes B, or A never causes B. It can't be A caused B in this particular case. Causes have contexts. The elderly woman in my example probably had weak bones. The weak bones would be a context. It is not necessary to say vaccination always causes autism in order to say vaccination caused autism in this case.
  10. Notice, I did not say it is causation. I asked a question. Let us assume that it is happenstance and not causation. Then all 3 of them would have gone down within hours of the time of the vaccination even if they did not get the vaccination. Can you figure out the mathematical probability of all 3 going down in this narrow time frame without the vaccine?
  11. Some years ago I knew an elderly woman who slipped on ice and broke a bone and had to go to the hospital. That was happenstance. The slipping on ice had nothing to do with the breaking of the bone. I slipped on ice, fell down, and didn't break anything.
  12. If you don't want to watch/listen to the video, you can read a transcript of it here. https://www.naturalnews.com/2018-12-23-triplets-all-become-autistic-within-hours-of-vaccination-see-shocking-video.html If you want more medical/scientific garbage about vaccines. go here. http://vaccines.news/ Also every vaccine is supposed to have an insert. Find out the name of the vaccine and google the insert and read it.
  13. Is this a statistical possibility if it's not causation? A math problem. Does the source (Brighteon) invalidate the video?
  14. The video at the top of this thread seems to be more about judicial system than about prison reform. On the topic of prison reform, here is the way they do it in the country of origin of the current world chess champion. But maybe we should get rid of prisons and government. Here is how Stefan Molyneux imagines might happen in a world without government.
  15. How do you square this with the only proper function of government is to protect individual rights? Here we have highway robbery by the police.
  16. Probably every person who is familiar with chess has seen this. In chess, unlike in geometry, the shortest distance between 2 points is not necessarily a straight line. And in chess, unlike in geometry, it is possible to go 2 directions at the same time. This composition is elegant in its simplicity (only 1 pawn each side, you can't get much simpler than that) and is almost magical in its defiance of geometry. Maybe some people will call it a paradox, like Aristotle's wheel paradox. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Réti_endgame_study
  17. Monsanto gets a lot of mean mouthing from health nuts. I am surprised that to my knowledge the Objectivist community is not defending Monsanto as a heroic productive company like they did Microsoft.
  18. I will make a feeble attempt at this. Lines m,n,p are on some land. There is a hill in angle 7. Because of the hill, the line (not drawn) connecting line n and line p in angle 7 is longer than it would normally be. Then angle 7 calculates (by trigonometry) to larger than normal.A valley would have the same effect.
  19. Stephen Hawking was physically fit for going to outer space. And you are not?
  20. At the risk of adding to the length of this thread.... Draw a horizontal straight line with end points A and B. Draw a circle (or wheel) sitting on point A. Put an X on the circle where it coincides with point A. Make line AB longer than the circumference of the circle. Problem: Rotate the circle so X again comes down on line AB at point B. Remember line AB is longer than the circumference of the circle. Skidding, slipping, sliding, etc are not allowed. Maybe Merlin the magician can do it. I doubt anyone else can.
  21. The 2018 world chess match has begun. initial moments stockfish analysis finds mistakes on both sides
  22. I assume you mean if they had enough intelligence they would either go to a place like TrueNorth or fast on their own without supervision.
  23. Can you show evidence: 1. That people go there and pay money for the purpose of experiencing a death camp? 2. That Tanglewood was shut down? (He is still making youtube videos from Tanglewood.) I know several disaster stories came out of Tanglewood out of thousands of cases. I corresponded briefly with Loren Lockman about 2 of them. His version of each story is very different from what you get on youtube. I agree that Loren is a risk taker. Alan Goldhamer of TrueNorth is a safety first guy. They have different styles. Loren says the extreme caution way of TrueNorth is almost a guarantee that some problems will not be solved. Perhaps some health problems justify risk.