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  1. What is a UFO? It is an Unidentified Flying Object. It is a flying object that is not identified. It does not mean it's an alien craft from outer space. It means merely you don't know what it is.

    If you identify it as an alien craft from outer space, it is no longer unidentified; it is identified and should be called an IFO, Identified Flying Object.

    UFOs are real. There are flying objects that you don't know what they are. Alien crafts from outer space are not proved and not likely considering the extreme distances of the stars and considering they are not likely from Earth or from any of the planets or moons in our solar system.


  2. This is the way I understand, or misunderstand, addiction.

    Hunger has been defined in the following brainless and sloppy way: wanting something to eat. Starting with this definition of hunger, there are at least 4 types of hunger.

    1. Emotional hunger. This has nothing to do with need for nutrients. The person has an emotion and is responding to the emotion by eating. If this becomes hard to resist, it might be called an addiction.

    2. Habit hunger. If you always eat at 12:00 noon, your body develops an expectation of food at that time.

    3. Toxic hunger. This has nothing to do with need for nutrients. If there has been no food for a while, the body takes advantage of the opportunity to detox a toxic condition. Detox tends to be unpleasant.Eating stops the detox. The person mistakes the detox as hunger. The illusion that it is hunger can be strong. If toxic hunger is hard to resist, it might be called an addiction.

    4. True hunger. True hunger is a signal from the body that serves notice on the consciousness that food is needed.

    Addiction to non-food things such as alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, etc. are similar to toxic hunger described above. When the detox is complete, the toxic addiction is gone. After the toxic addiction is gone, it is possible that some other kind of addiction will remain. Perhaps an emotional addiction like emotional hunger described above or a philosophical addiction described by Ayn Rand.


  3. This article is from the National Vaccine Center. It lists a whole major shitload of diseases that can be caused by a measles vaccine.

    DISCLAIMER  I had nothing to do with making this list. I am completely innocent.


    Could we go back to the original disease that this vaccine is trying to prevent?

    Yup. It seems so. There are several items in the list that sound like measles.But what I meant was instead of those other diseases.

    Helluva deal.

    My diagnosis of the problem is government control of the doctoring business. Everything government takes over turns into shit. Under freedom, doctors would be in the business of putting themselves out of business, meaning helping people to get well and to stay well. Under government control, doctors are not in the business of putting themselves out of business.

    It's a helluva deal for both the patient and the medical profession but in different ways.


  4. Some time ago on Objectivism Online the idea was put forth that Windows is capitalist and Linux is socialist. And Windows is so much better than Linux because capitalism is so much better than socialism.

    Seems to me a better comparison would be Unix vs Linux. In a scientific experiment you are supposed to keep all variables the same except the one variable you are testing. Unix and Linux are very nearly the same except one is closed source and one is open source.

    Another point is if we think of Windows vs Linux as a race, if it's to be a fair race the 2 runners should start at the same time. MSDOS  started in 1981; Linux started in 1991; so Windows got a head start of about 10 years. Windows 3.1, released in 1992, was a graphical wrapper for MSDOS; then Windows 95 was a thing on its own, not dependent on MSDOS. Linux started with command line, nongraphical, then sometime in the 1990s went graphical and now you hardly ever see a command line but you have it if you want it.Seems to me Windows had a head start of about 10 years but in the foot race Linux ran faster and perhaps now is passing Windows in some ways.


    Then to my surprise I saw this video.


    If Windows represents capitalism and Linux represents socialism, then what is happening here?


  5. 5 hours ago, jts said:

    If enough nonhuman genes are put into a human or if enough human genes are put into a nonhuman, at what point does this hybrid have or not have rights? At what point is this creature allowed or not allowed to own property and to vote? Philosophical questions for the distant future.