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  1. From the point of view of irrational conspiracy theorists, this is great news. But from the point of view of rational Objectivists, this is a horror story. Therefore I put it in the horror file cabinet. From the general himself. Jeffrey Smith (the narrator) was the master strategist (the general) who masterminded the downfall of Monsanto. So I think of him as The General.
  2. Whole Foods sides with Monsanto. https://www.brighteon.com/5981268710001
  3. jts

    Benevolent Universe premise

    Sometimes the universe is 'benevolent', sometimes 'malevolent', sometimes something between, using those words metaphorically, not literally. For example if you are a zebra being eaten alive by a pack of lions, you might have difficulty at that moment believing the universe is benevolent. Bad things can happen to humans too -- earthquakes, tornadoes, giant ocean waves, hereditary disease or disability. You can avoid most of these things by rational and intelligent thinking but I suspect that even the greatest Objectivist super heroes (with cape and the sign of the dollar on their chest) are not always in complete control of reality. For example even the greatest Objectivist super hero would get old and die.
  4. Is this a statistical possibility if it's not causation? A math problem. Does the source (Brighteon) invalidate the video?
  5. Smoking does not cause lung cancer. If it did, everybody who smokes would get lung cancer. Clear proof that smoking does not cause lung cancer.
  6. Causes are not necessarily that simple. What if cause c1 and cause c2 must both exist to produce effect e? Then the statistics might show that only 2% of the cases of c1 have e and you would conclude that their is no causal relationship between c1 and e. Here is a question to look into. What is the autism rate in populations that reject vaccines? ALS is an example of multiple causes, or maybe we should say cause factors. ALS means simply motor neurons die. The question is why do the motor neurons die? ALS (death of motor neurons) can be produced in lab animals at will. One way is a combination of low motor neuron energy and excess concentration of glutamic acid near the motor neuron. Either one alone will not do it but both together will. It gets more complicated than that because we can ask what causes low motor neuron energy and what causes excess concentration of glutamic acid, and in both we have multiple cause factors Another example is breaking a bone. Let us imagine most of the population slips and falls on ice but only 1 in 90 breaks a bone. If you are consistent in your reasoning you would conclude that the hypothesis that slipping and falling on ice causes broken bones is poppycock. Falling on ice is only 1 cause factor. Another cause factor might be weak bones. Maybe autism has multiple cause factors, like most things have.
  7. I do not understand the word 'evidence'. Dr. Russell Blaylock wrote a book titled 'Exccitotoxins: The Taste that Kills'. This book bashes MSG and other excitotoxins. Prior to writing this book he was warned by another doctor that if he wrote the book the wrath of the MSG industry would be upon him and his life would be hell. Blaylock decided to write the book anyway because people needed to know the truth. To protect himself against the MSG industry he documented everything with air tight evidence (whatever that word means). Surprisingly not a peep from the MSG industry. He said he had private conversations with some of their 'top guns' and he said if it came to him vs the MSG industry, they would lose and they know it and that is why they are silent. But I hear that the book contains no evidence. Perhaps someone can explain why the book contains no evidence. What is evidence?
  8. How do you want me to present his evidence? Do you want me to transcribe him? What do you mean by evidence? Do you mean consensus? Do you mean quoting authorities? What would you accept as evidence? If a study shows that unvaccinated children are healthier than vaccinated children, is that evidence? If the evidence is from a website or a person you don't like, does that invalidate it?
  9. I did. See the Blaylock video I posted above.
  10. Did you read some of his books and listen to some of his lectures? I did.
  11. According ro Dr. Russell Blaylock and the evidence he presents, vaccines do roughly the same to the brain.
  12. Let's see if I correctly understand Bob Kolker. Someone takes a bullet to the head at point blank range and dies almost instantly. Most people would think it's a reasonable hypothesis that the cause of the death is the bullet to the head at point blank range. But this would be sloppy thinking. Maybe it's just coincidence that he took a bullet to the head at point blank range and died very soon after. To conclude that there is a cause and effect relationship would be post hoc ergo propter hoc. A cause always produces the effect, not merely sometimes. A single example to the contrary is enough to prove that it is not the cause. T. C. Fry (a health nut) took a bullet to the head at point blank range and survived! It contributed to his health problems but didn't kill him. This proves that a bullet to the head at point blank range does not cause death. Anyone who thinks it did cause death in a specific case is doing sloppy thinking.
  13. Can and does. You wanted a mechanism. Russell Blaylock explains the mechanism. Now you don't want a mechanism.
  14. In the Blaylock video I posted above, he explains how vaccination can cause autism.
  15. On the question of whether Dr. Russell Blaylock wrote stuff that got published in a peer reviewed scientific journal. For people who think that matters. Here is a list. https://www.researchgate.net/scientific-contributions/58885645_Russell_L_Blaylock
  16. Your distrust of Dr. Russell Blaylock seemed to be based on your trust of majority opinion and/or government approval. I reject the whole idea of trust except where it is unavoidable. Question: What is your definition of 'quack'? How did you reach your conclusion that Dr. Russell Blaylock is a quack? He has the standard credentials, went to medical school and all that. Let me guess. You consider him a quack merely because he says things contrary to the establishment. Did I guess right?
  17. This is Loren Lockman speaking mainly about hydration. 1 hour 22 minutes. My comments are in square brackets. 2:40 He begins by talking about fasting, even tho the talk is supposed to be about hydration. He says processing food takes more energy than anything else we do. [ I wonder how he measures energy to make this claim. T C Fry used to say digestion takes 25% of our energy, no mention of how this is measured. I would expect that the percentage of energy that is used to digest food would depend on the kind of food and the amount of food and the amount of energy one has, and considering these variables the variation would be huge. ] 3:00 He says we tend to lose appetite when we are sick. [ This is called the natural fast, as opposed to the elective fast. It means the body itself calls for a fast. If you are too sick to even look at food, let alone eat it, and your stomach throws the food back in your face, that should be a clear enough hint that your body does not want food. At least one fasting doctor is of the opinion that the natural fast is always correct and the elective fast is always wrong. ] 3:50 He says here that he had 300+ cases of hypertension with a 100% recovery rate. [ Alan Goldhamer published a paper in a scientific journal about fasting and hypertension. The results were far superior to drugs, without the negatives of drugs. These results should not be surprising if during the fast the blood vessels get unclogged. But I have to wonder whether they are measuring blood pressure during the fast or after the fast. If it is during the fast, it is no fair because during the fast the metabolism is reduced and the body goes into a state of physiological rest and so quite naturally the heart slows down and the blood pressure is reduced. ] 4: 20 He says he has a 100% success rate reversing type 2 diabetes. [ It seems that every lifestyle doctor (as opposed to drug doctor) knows how to reverse t2 diabetes. John McDougall's starch based diet reverses t2 diabetes. Joel Fuhrman's nutritarian diet reverses t2 diabetes. Gerson therapy reverses t2 diabetes in just a few days. Fasting reverses t2 diabetes. Even a ridiculous rice and sugar diet (a bad diet) reverses t2 diabetes. It seems that almost everything short of poison reverses t2 diabetes. If all these claims are true, then t2 diabetes is no big hairy deal and is trivial to reverse. But a word of caution. Shelton refused to take cases of t2 diabetes who have been taking insulin for a long time. The reason is the body's ability to make insulin atrophies when it is not used and it can atrophy beyond repair. ] 4: 30 He continues with other examples of the body's ability to heal itself during a fast. The list of diseases is long. [ A word or 2 of caution about fasting to reverse diseases. While everything he says is probably true as is evidenced by success stories, fasting has limits and can be dangerous. Some diseases are caused by deficiencies and to fasting with a nutritional deficiency is as dangerous as all hell. During a fast you rely on nutritional reserves. ] [ Every fasting doctor advises to not fast beyond a certain number of days without supervision. They differ about the number of days. I personally do not follow this advice but following my example is not necessarily a good idea. Fasting can be dangerous EVEN WITH SUPERVISION. It is probably not humanly possible for any one doctor to be qualified to handle all health emergencies that can come up during a fast. At TrueNorth they have a team of doctors, each with a different specialization, all watching their fasting patients like hawks, daily. Not one fatality in 15,000 fasts. If the slightest problem comes up they terminate the fast. There are some fasting horror stories in association with Doug Graham and Loren Lockman. Do they have a team of highly qualified doctors, each with a different specialization? I doubt. Do they recognized the limits of their expertise? I don't know. ] 5:10 He says if you have a health problem, it is not your body's fault. [ This is an exaggeration. Some people have a genetic defect that impairs health. Some people have a genetic weakness that requires them to work harder to achieve and maintain health. And we are programmed to die of old age no matter how healthy we are. ] 6:25 Here he starts talking about detox during a fast. 8:00 Here he talks about the toxicity school of thought and he is about to introduce a different idea, [ He calls Natural Hygiene a philosophy. Shelton called it a science and a branch of biology. One of the dictionary definitions of 'hygiene' is the science of health. Hygeia was the goddess of health. ] 8:40 Here he challenges the idea that the biggest source of poisons is the body itself, metabolic waste. [ Shelton said the body is a poison factory. ] 9:20 Here he says in order to get waste out of the body (both from inside and from outside) the body needs energy and water. He is about to make a big deal about water. Most fasting doctors make a big deal about energy. [ John H. Tilden had the theory that ennervation (deficency of energy, or more precisely nerve energy) leads to toxemia. Loren is adding water to this scheme of things, ] 10:00 Here he starts on his personal theory about hydration, which is the main topic of this lecture. One small but possibly interesting point he mentions is electrical energy. He says food is the fuel but not the energy. [ Tilden and Shelton called it 'nerve energy'. But electrical energy exists in cell walls in general and have to do with how the cell works. It seems we are in large part electrical beings. ] 22:45 Here he mentions odorless bowel movements. [ There is the joke about someone is so arrogant that he thinks his shit doesn't stink. I'm not sure whether he is saying he doesn't need to wipe his ass. ] 26:00 Here he says fasting is about resting. [ OL members who have been reading the stuff I wrote about fasting should know this by now. But here is a professional explaining it. ] 28:00 Here he says the correct way to drink water during a fast is to sip it. [ By coincidence this is what I instinctively do during a fast. Small amounts and frequent. ] Then he goes into the subject of how much water to drink. There is no fixed amount. It depends on the person. [ Alan Goldhamer requires his fasting patients to drink at least 1 quart per day, no upper limit. And he gives them something to measure with. Shelton says drink according to body demand, no more and no less. ] 29:25 Here he talks about why water drinking is important in a fast. [ There is a cult or subculture or whatever it is about dry fasting. They have their reasons but I think it's BS. ] 29:45 But do not drink too much water during a fast. There is such a thing as too much water. You lose electrolytes. It's not so bad during eating because you replace electrolytes but still not good. 32:40 Now he is back on the subject of sipping water. Why is it important to sip water during a fast? 36:20 Here he bashes the regular medical profession. [ You gotta expect this from him. He is what most people call a quack. ] 41:00 Here he states his lack of credentials. [ Most people in OL will enjoy this. ] He explains why and how he became a doctor quack health professional. 44:00 He talks about antibiotics. Antibiotics kill bacteria. But you have ten times more bacteria cells than you have human cells. And you have them because you need them. He explains why we need bacteria. 48:30 The rule of drinking water only when you are thirsty is not good enough. By the time you are thirsty you are already water deficient. [ This is in contradiction to Shelton who said nothing is gained by drinking more than thirst demands. Also it puts in doubt the rule to eat only when hungry. What is thirst? It is hunger for water. ] 49:35 He is starting on a new point here. Drinking water is not enough to get hydrated, no matter how much water you drink. 50:20 You are supposed to get all or nearly all the water you need from food. You are supposed to eat food of high water content. [ It is possible to go without drinking anything for months at a time and presumably forever. Most people don't believe it but it is possible. Most fruits are mostly water. Lettuce is mostly water. This is the water sufficient diet. You can even get too much water this way, without drinking anything. But you need to drink water during a fast. ] 51:20 You gotta get the old stuff out before you can get hydrated. 52:00 A story about a failure from another fasting that didn't get the desired result, probably because of not enough water. [ He didn't say which other fasting place but Loren Lockman and Alan Goldhamer have some differences of opinion about fasting. I don't know if this is a hint or not. ] 52:50 Another bashing of medicine. The old stuff does exist. 54:45 Stories about healing from injuries. 56:50 He walked away from a very lucrative business because he wanted to become a quack help people. 59:50 If your food has roughly less than 80% water, it is taking water from your body. Do not eat dry stuff. 1:01:30 Most of what we call aging is dehydration. 1:04:20 Q and A He claims a good rate of success with cancer. [ One question to ask when success with cancer is claimed is -- was it cancer? Shelton never claimed success with cancer, but he also said most cases that are diagnosed with cancer are not cancer. ] 1:09:50 He is thumbs down on distilled water. [ This is a controversial subject. Shelton was thumbs up on distilled water. TrueNorth uses distilled water. Both sides of the controversy have something to say. ] [ There is a disaster story about a fast with Loren Lockman and one of the complaints was the water was too acid. ] 1:19:50 His experience fasting MDs. All around him people were healing from things that this MD had been trained to believe were impossible to heal from. 1:20:35 The scientific literature on the subject of fasting. Yup. It exists.
  18. With you it's about trust, meaning authority. That's religion, not science. Practise the Objectivist virtue of intellectual independence.
  19. Dr. Russell Blaylock explains how vaccines induce autism. The usual response to Dr. Russell Blaylock is he is not mainstream, he is a kook, his ideas are not generally accepted, etc. Fallacies of reasoning. Dr. Russell Blaylock usually has an abundance of peer reviewed scientific evidence in support of everything he says.
  20. You are saying either A always causes B, or A never causes B. It can't be A caused B in this particular case. Causes have contexts. The elderly woman in my example probably had weak bones. The weak bones would be a context. It is not necessary to say vaccination always causes autism in order to say vaccination caused autism in this case.
  21. Notice, I did not say it is causation. I asked a question. Let us assume that it is happenstance and not causation. Then all 3 of them would have gone down within hours of the time of the vaccination even if they did not get the vaccination. Can you figure out the mathematical probability of all 3 going down in this narrow time frame without the vaccine?
  22. Some years ago I knew an elderly woman who slipped on ice and broke a bone and had to go to the hospital. That was happenstance. The slipping on ice had nothing to do with the breaking of the bone. I slipped on ice, fell down, and didn't break anything.
  23. If you don't want to watch/listen to the video, you can read a transcript of it here. https://www.naturalnews.com/2018-12-23-triplets-all-become-autistic-within-hours-of-vaccination-see-shocking-video.html If you want more medical/scientific garbage about vaccines. go here. http://vaccines.news/ Also every vaccine is supposed to have an insert. Find out the name of the vaccine and google the insert and read it.
  24. How do you square this with the only proper function of government is to protect individual rights? Here we have highway robbery by the police.