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  1. jts

    How could Ayn rand smoke?

    Ayn Rand was a poor excuse for an Objectivist. Smoking is anti-reason and anti-life.
  2. jts

    How could Ayn rand smoke?

    I thought you were talking about smoking.
  3. jts

    How could Ayn rand smoke?

    That's rationalisation. Rationalisation is the misuse of the faculty of reason as a tool of deception instead of a tool of knowledge. Health is a rational value.
  4. jts

    How could Ayn rand smoke?

    But that's quackery. The scientific way is to stop symptoms with poisons drugs.
  5. jts

    How could Ayn rand smoke?

    You could have taken drugs to stop all those symptoms.
  6. jts

    How could Ayn rand smoke?

    This book is not about morality. It is about health effects of tobacco. The title is 'The Use and Abuse of Tobacco'. In the book tobacco has only 1 use, insecticide or insect repellent. It does nothing good for health according to the book. The reason why I posted this book is not merely to point out that it exists but also for you to read it and consider the evidence in the book. I thought this would be understood without being said.
  7. jts

    How could Ayn rand smoke?

    A cigarette is a pipe with a fire at one end and a fool at the other end.
  8. jts

    How could Ayn rand smoke?

    It is often said the health effects of smoking were not known in Ayn Rand's time. Here is a book published before Ayn Rand was born. http://medicolegal.tripod.com/lizars1859.htm The Use and Abuse of Tobacco by John Lizars, M.D. (Edinburgh: 1856, 1857, 1859, reprinted, Philadelphia: P. Blakiston, Son & Co, 1883)
  9. World chess champion Magnus Carlsen will put his title on the line against challenger Fabiano Caruana in London, November 9-28. The match will be commented by neural net Leela Chess Zero. Leela will be running on super-powerful hardware and will be expected to perform at about elo 3500, which is over 650 rating points stronger than the strongest human. http://www.chessdom.com/world-chess-championship-2018-live-with-a-neural-network/ Carlsen will be severely tested in this match, judging by elo ratings in the link below. Carlsen 2839.0, Caruana 2834.5, nearly the same. Also Carlsen's rating seems to be staying put while Caruana's rating seems to be going up. Caruana won the 2018 Grenke tournament ahead of Carlsen. Caruana won the 2018 Norway tournament ahead of Carlsen. https://2700chess.com/
  10. I will assume you all listened to the videos above by Rich Piana and Brian Shaw. The theme in both is to &^%$# EAT! Here is another comical contrasting video by Loren Lockman.
  11. It is for people who are interested, not for people who are not interested. It is not likely to be of interest to you if government is your religion. I can give 2 bits of advice about how to get thru 10 hours, for those who are interested. 1. You don't need to go thru all 10 hours at one time. You can pause the video and take breaks. 2. You can multi-task. For example while I'm listening to Larken Rose I might look at somebody's best chess games or see what's happening on TCEC and other stuff not involving sound. It is easy to do that with audios that have no visual appeal.
  12. "The Most Dangerous Superstition" by Larken Rose in audio form, 10 hours. He is thumbs down on government.
  13. Karl Marx was better at chess than he was at philosophy.
  14. A game of chess played by Karl Marx. http://www.chessgames.com/perl/chessgame?gid=1278768 I don't have the foggiest clue what this proves or what this has to do with the topic of this thread. What kind of non-Aristotlean logic did he use to play chess?
  15. jts

    who's a bird brain?

    What would happen if you took the most intelligent males and females of some species of animal and mated them together and continued in this manner for lots of generations? Could dogs, chimps, whatever be selectively bred to equal humans in intelligence? I think there is a limit based on the gene pool. To exceed the limit would require a mutation.