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  1. Muslim says: My wife said I'm a pedophile. I thought that was a big word for a 9 year old.
  2. jts

    fake science

    Jeff Nelson did a series of videos about Dr. Fuhrman's claims. Here is one of them. This is on the topic of fake science, 'science' to peddle a product. You can get the whole series of Jeff Nelson's videos on Dr. Fuhrman's claims on the vegsource website.
  3. Loren Lockman explains why you should be suspicious of scientific studies. There is real science to find truth and there is fake science to market a product.
  4. #MOGA! The Interview - Make Objectivism Great Again! Perigno bashes Obleftivists Yaron Brook and Harry Binswanger and the Ayn Rand Institute.
  5. This is the way I understand, or misunderstand, addiction. Hunger has been defined in the following brainless and sloppy way: wanting something to eat. Starting with this definition of hunger, there are at least 4 types of hunger. 1. Emotional hunger. This has nothing to do with need for nutrients. The person has an emotion and is responding to the emotion by eating. If this becomes hard to resist, it might be called an addiction. 2. Habit hunger. If you always eat at 12:00 noon, your body develops an expectation of food at that time. 3. Toxic hunger. This has nothing to do with need for nutrients. If there has been no food for a while, the body takes advantage of the opportunity to detox a toxic condition. Detox tends to be unpleasant.Eating stops the detox. The person mistakes the detox as hunger. The illusion that it is hunger can be strong. If toxic hunger is hard to resist, it might be called an addiction. 4. True hunger. True hunger is a signal from the body that serves notice on the consciousness that food is needed. Addiction to non-food things such as alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, etc. are similar to toxic hunger described above. When the detox is complete, the toxic addiction is gone. After the toxic addiction is gone, it is possible that some other kind of addiction will remain. Perhaps an emotional addiction like emotional hunger described above or a philosophical addiction described by Ayn Rand.
  6. The winner of the USA 2016 Lying Contest. Whoever wins the USA 2020 election will also be a liar.
  7. The Perfect Storm for a VACCINE HOLOCAUST is Now Here video, 36 minutes -- Mike Adams https://www.brighteon.com/8879b5af-59b3-4ed3-98e6-f9037f22ade5
  8. Update on Brighteon. Version 2.0. https://www.brighteon.com/5482efc5-839c-4f73-9927-378c54c821da
  9. That movie is still on Dailymotion.
  10. This article is from the National Vaccine Center. It lists a whole major shitload of diseases that can be caused by a measles vaccine. DISCLAIMER I had nothing to do with making this list. I am completely innocent. https://www.nvic.org/vaccines-and-diseases/measles/measles-vaccine-injury-death.aspx Could we go back to the original disease that this vaccine is trying to prevent? Yup. It seems so. There are several items in the list that sound like measles.But what I meant was instead of those other diseases. Helluva deal. My diagnosis of the problem is government control of the doctoring business. Everything government takes over turns into shit. Under freedom, doctors would be in the business of putting themselves out of business, meaning helping people to get well and to stay well. Under government control, doctors are not in the business of putting themselves out of business. It's a helluva deal for both the patient and the medical profession but in different ways.
  11. This story is false. Islam is the religion of peace. No Islamic government would do such a thing. Muslims do not do acts of violence. Maybe some other religion but not Islam.
  12. jts

    Fallacy Bingo

    On the statement that autolysis of tumors is not well understood. Most if not all cells of the body have things called lysosomes. When these break open the cell self destructs. Perhaps this is the mechanism of how tumors frequently shrink or go away during a long enough fast. Shelton saw at least hundreds of tumors autolyze during a fast. Shelton writes that he saved hundreds of women from breast surgery. Other doctors have seen tumors autolyze during a fast. Autolysis of tumors is a well known phenomenon to doctors who have experience with fasting. Most people know little or nothing about fasting. During a fast (water only, no food) the body has no choice but to live on its own tissues after the food in the gut and the glycogen in the liver are used up. The body differentiates between expendable tissue and nonexpendable tissue. Fat is the most expendable; brain and nerve tissue the least expendable; muscle is intermediate. Sometime a tumor is consumed during a long fast as an expendable food source. There seems to be a competition between fat and tumors for being consumed during a fast. The less fat on the body, the faster the tumor goes away. The time a tumor takes to go away completely during a fast is highly variable. The average for a breast tumor, says Shelton, is about 3 weeks. The shortest Shelton saw was 3 days. If a tumor is very large it might not be possible to fully autolyze it in one fast and several fasts may be needed. There are stories, true or false, of tumors going away without fasting. All such stories that I heard of were about some form of nutrition therapy. Dr. Russell Blaylock says that sometimes the self destruct mechanism of cell is impaired and therefore the cell can't self destruct even when it should. And sometimes the self destruct mechanism is restored by ... guess what ... nutrition. To me autolysis of tumors is not all that mysterious. Learning more details might be useful but we have the bird's eye view. Some so-called experts make rationalist arguments to prove that tumors can't autolyze. Rationalism is a fallacy of reasoning well know to Objectivists. It means arm chair reasoning without looking at the facts. One rationalistic argument is it is not in the nature of tumors to go away by themselves. This is proved wrong by the fact the sometimes they do. Another rationalist argument is tumors are caused by impaired DNA and it can't be corrected; therefore tumors can't autolyze. Perhaps tumors are caused by impaired DNA but sometimes they autolyze. Autolysis does not mean the DNA is repaired; it means the tumor goes away.
  13. Use Google Maps to count how many mosques are near you. Then listen to this.