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  1. WARNING! If you are in possession of a certain video showing what happened in Christchurch, New Zealand, you could be arrested and put in prison. https://www.naturalnews.com/2019-03-17-violent-videos-on-the-net-possessing-the-nz-mosque-shooting-video.html If you want to find that video and find out what the government is hiding that they need to put people in prison for finding out and maybe post it on OL, your best chance is probably Brighteon because youtube tends to censor stuff. BTW, naturalnews.com seems to be blocked by chromium but not by firefox.
  2. jts

    Chris Langan

    I don't have a high enough IQ to fully understand these videos.
  3. Whole Foods sides with Monsanto. https://www.brighteon.com/5981268710001
  4. Sometimes the universe is 'benevolent', sometimes 'malevolent', sometimes something between, using those words metaphorically, not literally. For example if you are a zebra being eaten alive by a pack of lions, you might have difficulty at that moment believing the universe is benevolent. Bad things can happen to humans too -- earthquakes, tornadoes, giant ocean waves, hereditary disease or disability. You can avoid most of these things by rational and intelligent thinking but I suspect that even the greatest Objectivist super heroes (with cape and the sign of the dollar on their chest) are not always in complete control of reality. For example even the greatest Objectivist super hero would get old and die.
  5. Smoking does not cause lung cancer. If it did, everybody who smokes would get lung cancer. Clear proof that smoking does not cause lung cancer.
  6. Causes are not necessarily that simple. What if cause c1 and cause c2 must both exist to produce effect e? Then the statistics might show that only 2% of the cases of c1 have e and you would conclude that their is no causal relationship between c1 and e. Here is a question to look into. What is the autism rate in populations that reject vaccines? ALS is an example of multiple causes, or maybe we should say cause factors. ALS means simply motor neurons die. The question is why do the motor neurons die? ALS (death of motor neurons) can be produced in lab animals at will. One way is a combination of low motor neuron energy and excess concentration of glutamic acid near the motor neuron. Either one alone will not do it but both together will. It gets more complicated than that because we can ask what causes low motor neuron energy and what causes excess concentration of glutamic acid, and in both we have multiple cause factors Another example is breaking a bone. Let us imagine most of the population slips and falls on ice but only 1 in 90 breaks a bone. If you are consistent in your reasoning you would conclude that the hypothesis that slipping and falling on ice causes broken bones is poppycock. Falling on ice is only 1 cause factor. Another cause factor might be weak bones. Maybe autism has multiple cause factors, like most things have.
  7. I do not understand the word 'evidence'. Dr. Russell Blaylock wrote a book titled 'Exccitotoxins: The Taste that Kills'. This book bashes MSG and other excitotoxins. Prior to writing this book he was warned by another doctor that if he wrote the book the wrath of the MSG industry would be upon him and his life would be hell. Blaylock decided to write the book anyway because people needed to know the truth. To protect himself against the MSG industry he documented everything with air tight evidence (whatever that word means). Surprisingly not a peep from the MSG industry. He said he had private conversations with some of their 'top guns' and he said if it came to him vs the MSG industry, they would lose and they know it and that is why they are silent. But I hear that the book contains no evidence. Perhaps someone can explain why the book contains no evidence. What is evidence?
  8. How do you want me to present his evidence? Do you want me to transcribe him? What do you mean by evidence? Do you mean consensus? Do you mean quoting authorities? What would you accept as evidence? If a study shows that unvaccinated children are healthier than vaccinated children, is that evidence? If the evidence is from a website or a person you don't like, does that invalidate it?
  9. Did you read some of his books and listen to some of his lectures? I did.
  10. According ro Dr. Russell Blaylock and the evidence he presents, vaccines do roughly the same to the brain.