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  1. More alternatives to youtube: https://www.bitchute.com/ https://d.tube/ https://videos.utahgunexchange.com/
  2. I am surprised. I didn't think you of all people would have a weight problem. And how did you get the idea that we were talking about weight control? A healthy person can go without food for days or weeks without being weak or dizzy. Fasting is a truth revealer that reveals weaknesses that are not normally apparent. I eat anything I want (some things I don't want) as much as I want any time I want without putting on lard. My diet is high carb. I have no great interest in weight control and I tend to be bored by the subject. My interest in fasting has nothing to do with weight control. I can understand why you might go for low carb if you have a problem with carbs. But a truly healthy person has no problem with carbs and has no need of such an extreme and abnormal dietary restriction.
  3. I'm going to question something Loren Lockman said in the videos, maybe even disagree. Not only Loren Lockman but also Joel Fuhrman and Herbert Shelton and all those guys with the theory of what Joel Fuhrman calls 'toxic hunger'. I'm going to assume you listened to the videos. If you didn't, you might want to go back in this thread and listen to them to understand the theory. He explained a 'false hunger' caused by detox. You don't eat for a bit, the body takes the opportunity to step up the rate of detox, then most people take the symptoms of detox as hunger. This is what Joel Fuhrman calls 'toxic hunger'. There is something confusing about this theory. After 2 - 4 days, or an average of 3 days, hunger (real or false) goes away but the detox continues and even gets more intense. Why does the detox not create this false hunger after a few days? Why does 'toxic hunger' go away even when the detox gets more intense? Some years ago I posed a question like this on a forum with experts on fasting, but got no answer that I found satisfactory. Shelton seems to think that the fact that 'hunger' goes away is evidence that it was not hunger. His view seems to have some rationality to it. Why would a need for food go away upon continued not eating? At the risk of practising the Objectivist virtue of intellectual independence, I will offer a hypothesis that strongly suggests itself. There is a transition time from eating mode to fasting mode. For people who are pampered by modern living, this transition takes an average of 3 days. Our ancient ancestors tens of thousands of years ago who were not pampered by modern living probably made the transition from eating mode to fasting mode almost instantly. People who are in practice make the transition quicker. Apparently the body can be trained to fast, so the transition time is almost instant. People who take 3 days are out of practise. What happens during the transition time from eating mode to fasting mode? You are burning muscle! When you are in full fasting mode, you are burning fat. When you are burning muscle you are hungry The body does not want to have to burn muscle so it calls for food.. When you are burning only fat and no significant amount of muscle, you are not hungry. This is why you get hungry for a bit and then hunger quits. Very simple and very obvious. But if you are in practise, the body is trained to make the transition almost instantly. Dr. Alex Burton said he does not favor short fasts. A series of short fasts puts much more stress on the body than one long fast. Make the transition once and stay there.
  4. Practise the Objectivist virtue of intellectual independence. Do not believe what he or anyone else says on authority. Consider his reasoning. Do you disagree with his reasoning? His slender body is probably what you should expect from: -- his mostly fruit diet, a salad twice a week, no cooked food, no animal source food, about half the normal calories -- his ideas about exercise, animals usually don't exercise But he says he can run faster than any of his students, even tho he is getting a little up in years. His diet seems similar to the diet of T C Fry who died at 69 (if I remember right) of protein deficiency. Vetrano wrote a book about the death of T C Fry. The autopsy showed that T C Fry died of protein deficiency. A young woman who followed Fry's diet ideas had health problems. Vetrano diagnosed the case as pure protein deficiency, no other problem, which is rare. Vetrano told her to eat a handful of nuts each day, in addition to the Fry diet. In three weeks all her health problems were gone. There are other diet "gurus" (or whatever you call them) who have similar ideas about hunger but include more kinds of foods in their diet.
  5. From the point of view of irrational conspiracy theorists, this is great news. But from the point of view of rational Objectivists, this is a horror story. Therefore I put it in the horror file cabinet. From the general himself. Jeffrey Smith (the narrator) was the master strategist (the general) who masterminded the downfall of Monsanto. So I think of him as The General.
  6. jts

    Alex Jones and Bullying by the Establishment

    You didn't explain why licensing must be done by the man with the gun.
  7. jts

    Alex Jones and Bullying by the Establishment

    I am not convinced that Alex Jones is a bully. But he is a fighter. His response to being bullied was he learned how to fight. Some years ago he was attacked by a bunch of guys and they got worse than he did.
  8. jts

    Alex Jones and Bullying by the Establishment

    Seems to me most people trust government, even if they would say they don't. For example licensing. A person has a licence to be a doctor or lawyer or whatever. If he has the licence, he is legit, otherwise not. Who grants the licence? Government. Thus people trust government. Another example is regulation of products and services. If it passes FDA or a building code or somesuch government entity, it is legit, otherwise not. Again, people trust government. But what is government? Government is essentially the man with the gun. Government is not reason or wisdom or benevolence. People trust the man with the gun, merely because he has a gun. Having a gun does not necessarily carry with it wisdom or intelligence or benevolence or rationality. Government is simply the man with the gun. But most people seem to think government, the man with the gun, is a wise and benevolent god to be worshipped. So what happens when Alex Jones and others of his kind come along and say a bunch of bad things about what government is doing? That is blasphemy against most people's government religion. Blasphemy against the man with the gun who has set himself up as a god to be worshipped. Thus it comes about that Alex Jones is evil. He bad mouthed the gunman that you worship as a god. How dare he! All criticism of government is false. Government, the man with the gun, is right by definition, the ultimate authority on all controversial subjects. The man with the gun never commits crimes. If he did, that would be a conspiracy theory and we all know all conspiracy theories are false.
  9. jts

    Alex Jones and Bullying by the Establishment

    Alex Jones was bullied when he was a kid. That's why he hates bullies.
  10. jts

    Alex Jones and Bullying by the Establishment

    Alex Jones is a fighter. He will kick their asses so hard that they will have to clear their throat to fart. They will wish to God they never tangled with Alex Jones.
  11. jts

    Alex Jones and Bullying by the Establishment

    Yaron Brook has no use for Alex Jones. AJ is a conspiracy theory nut and a disvalue, says YB.. YB says AJ has a right to do his stuff but youtube and all those have a right to ban him but government does not have a right to ban AJ. The question is: is government involved? Government has no right to censor.
  12. jts

    Alex Jones and Bullying by the Establishment

    Is there evidence that government is involved in banning Alex Jones and Mike Adams?
  13. "Expose the Truth" was a HUGE website with lots of antiestablishment videos and other stuff. There are other websites with a similar name but the one I men is gone. Of all the websites that I have bookmarked, http://netctr.com/ is the one that most resembles it in both content and size. If you explore netctr in detail you will see that it is huge. But exposethetruth had a very different appearance. Perhaps we should not be surprised if netctr suddenly vanishes permanently.
  14. The Alex Jones channel is gone. It had thousands of videos. Give the censors time. They will block more stuff. Some stuff will get past the censors until they find out the content. Some stuff was uploaded long before youtube started to ban Alex Jones. If they ban Alex Jones and don't ban Kevin Shipp (eventually), seems to me they are inconsistent. Listen to these videos while you can. There was a gigantic website called "Expose the Truth". It is gone. Some of the information that was on it may be gone forever. Think logically. If there is collusion between youtube and government (which may or may not be true), do you think government would knowingly allow videos that expose illegal activities by government?
  15. CIA (Criminals in Action) . Shadow government. I doubt they would allow this on youtube. He is risking his life revealing this information.