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  1. Basically sounds like BLADE RUNNER..."More Human Than Human..." "4 year lifespan..." "Commerce is our goal here at Tyrell. More human than human is our motto. Rachael is an experiment, nothing more."
  2. To paraphrase Frank Zappa, "Oh [Brian], I'm sorry you gotta head like a potato/ I really am" -"San Bernardino"
  3. Brook did a video last night discussing Ghislaine Maxwell/Epstein and Clinton (with a casual mention of "conspiracy theories", and how the reality is usually worse). To his credit, he calls out both the "me too" movement for its silence, and the decades-long coverup, asking why this wasn't headline news...but, of course, he called out Trump as well for it, quoting him as having been friends with Epstein, etc. (Starting at approx. 58:00)
  4. Michael, I think you might be on to something; FRANKENSTEIN is also mentioned in THE ART OF FICTION (along with Dr. Jeckyll, so it shows that she read BOTH books...) Ayn Rand; Tore Boeckmann. The Art of Fiction: A guide for writers and readers (Kindle Locations 2877-2879). Plume.
  5. I got curious to see if she mentioned FRANKENSTEIN anywhere else, so I looked at JOURNALS OF AYN RAND. Lo and behold, in her notes during the writing of ATLAS SHRUGGED, there's a mention. But not just a mention of the monster, but of creators, energy, and of "horror". Her comments about horror in RM may have made it seem that she wouldn't use such a reference in her own work. But she applies the "horror" aspect in ATLAS to the "parasites". And the appeal of the "creator" aspect of FRANKENSTEIN makes sense, since that subtitle was "The Modern Prometheus", and John Galt was described as "the Prometheus who changed his mind." (Not to mention that the hero in ANTHEM chooses the name Prometheus...) (I wonder if there's a connection for Rand between Frankenstein, energy, creators, and Prometheus, and her admiration of Isabel Paterson's THE GOD OF THE MACHINE?) Ayn Rand; Leonard Peikoff; David Harriman. Journals of Ayn Rand (Kindle Locations 8785-8788). Plume.
  6. Interesting catch. No clue if Rand ever read FRANKENSTEIN, but I remember her name-dropping it in THE ROMANTIC's hard to tell either way from this if she read it, but was at least aware of it (how could she not be?). But she did at least refer to the monster as "Frankenstein's monster", and not the monster as Frankestein, as many do, so there's that... "The Horror Story, in either variant, represents the metaphysical projection of a single human emotion: blind, stark, primitive terror. Those who live in such terror seem to find a momentary sense of relief or control in the process of reproducing that which they fear—as savages find a sense of mastery over their enemies by reproducing them in the form of dolls. Strictly speaking, this is not a metaphysical, but a purely psychological projection; such writers are not presenting their view of life; they are not looking at life; what they are saying is that they feel as if life consisted of werewolves, Draculas and Frankenstein monsters. In its basic motivation, this school belongs to psychopathology more than to esthetics." Ayn Rand. The Romantic Manifesto (Kindle Locations 1640-1644). Signet. Kindle Edition.
  7. Don't be daft. You know damn well what Woods is getting at. That would be Joe Biden's America.
  8. The left was quick to respond, with some gleeful anticipation?, by invoking the 20th Amendment. I guess they think that if it drags out to January to count the votes, or if it doesn't happen by then, that Pelosi becomes president? They even have "President Pelosi" trending on Twitter...
  9. All these people denying the riots are expecting us to doubt the evidence of our senses. Pure gaslighting.
  10. I dunno...maybe not. But even though I'm late to the game (thanks, Jon L, for brining it to my attention), after reading all the Q Posts (and weeding out the wheat from the speculative "woo" chafe that too often surrounds Q discussions), and seeing everything that's happened, there are too many "coincidences" for me to write it off as a larp or a fringe movement. Too much seems co-ordinated with the president's tweets and words, to the minute many times, for example. We shall see..."Who is John Galt?"
  11. As the meme goes, is anything real? Or is it's all cake?
  12. Thanks for the find. I was wondering if this was real or a "false flag". It's been trending on twitter, being depicted as "Gestapo" tactics (people disappearing in the night in unmarked cars), and Pelosi called it a Trump fascist tactic. (Projection, I know.) But it was also being speculated that it was staged by Antifa themselves.
  13. Don't know if you noticed my update edit to that: [update 7/8: hearing now that the story was pulled; that it isn't new money, but money going there previously...]
  14. Ok...the news was that the U.S. was pulling out of the WHO. But now, word is that Trump is giving billions to Gates-founded Gavi? And people are getting p*ssed, saying it's basically going right back to the WHO... [update 7/8: hearing now that the story was pulled; that it isn't new money, but money going there previously...]
  15. You're telling me...I was driving along and had the radio news on for traffic and weather, when "BREAKING NEWS" from KYW came on that "many states are reversing course on reopening because of the SECOND WAVE! Hospitals are being overrun! The TONE is DIRE!" I don't know other how people don't just drive off a cliff when hearing that while driving...
  16. One thing's for certain...this truly is "not another four-year election..."
  17. Re: ARI's anti-Trump stance, in relation to the above: I just thought of something...If I am remembering correctly, the ARI types advocated voting for Democrats not because they supported them, but because they thought it would be better to let the Democrats take the blame for an economic collapse via leftist policies (instead of letting capitalism take the blame). Then, they called Trump a fascist for wanting to use government power to intervene in the economy. Now, if the Q people are correct...isn't the first part of that what is happening? Trump has some pretty broad powers right now, but isn't using them. Instead, he's letting the states make their own decisions regarding Covid and the riots, when everyone was expecting him to intervene. The blue state governors and mayors are acting on their leftist principles, shutting down the economy, letting the rioters run riot, and calling to defund the police...well, isn't that what the anti-Trump, pro Dem-voting ARIans wanted? To let the system crash on the left's socialist terms, NOT the capitalists terms? And yet, it is STILL Trump that gets their ire going (as evidenced by Yaron Brook's ongoing comments, and the above situation MSK describes, above...) I can understand some of their distrust of Republicans like Romney, et. all, but Trump is the one calling out socialism, calling to protect the Constitution, etc. Not consistently Objectivist, sure, but still closer to the ideals Objectivists fight for. And Brook disregards the threat of the Left as "wacky", denies the threat of George Soros/Deep State, and says that gun rights don't matter... (Yes, yes, I know, there's the religious element that Trump brings up that rankles them...Peikoff's "theocracy" warning...)
  18. That, or possibly the opposite; that it's a "dog whistle" (as was suspected with the multiple tweets containing "13") to start some new sh*t , like new riots...or for someone to get "Killary'd"...
  19. To paraphrase Dt. Frank Drebin, "Surely, she can't be serious..."
  20. Makes me think of Dagney Taggart, trying to impart her energy into others around her...and then, her first night on the Gulch, in the room where everyone stays at first to get that misplaced empathy out of their system...(the room Galt never intended for her...)
  21. The Ballad of Alvah Scarrett, Gail Wynand, and Ellsworth Toohey...
  22. No worries! I am just grateful for a place to be able to verbalize some things I have to hold back during the daily grind. ("I got the Blue State blues...") And your response was helpful. Seeing someone like Tim Pool change gives a sense that there's "a method to the madness."
  23. One other thought about "war" in this context that crossed my mind: the blurred distinction between civilian and combatant, in the sense that the civilians are not mentally prepared as the soldier is. If combat gives even seasoned warriors PTSD, what of the civilians watching their streets being taken over in a scene they've ever only seen in movies? Watching their business get looted and burned down. The economic hardship that came with the unemployment of the shutdowns was bad enough to cause "suicides of desperation". They weren't psychologically prepared for this. Hence, my concerns about strategy crossing over into sadism. I know, life isn't "fair". And far worse happens overseas in middle eastern countries to civilians. Still, for most of these people, they've been sheltered from that kind of "life during wartime", and I worry about those "suicides of despair" among people unprepared for this. (It can be said that they SHOULD have been prepared. But still...I'll make moral allowances for the uphill battle most probably faced in this culture to do so. ) That's the most heartbreaking thing to me of all. (It also angers me that this infliction of despair is the goal of these terrorists in response to injustices experienced by others, out of a perverted sense of justice.)
  24. "War." The word on the tip of my tongue, but didn't want to speak. Because once it's clear that it IS war, the whole context changes, doesn't it? And expectations have to change along with it. Admittedly, there is a pang of guilt. Not in the sense of doing something wrong, but in not have done enough, in the sense of, "What more could I have done?" "What could I have done differently?" Shouted louder? Begged, PLEADED for sanity before it was too late? But I think it's ultimately something besides guilt. An emotional reaction? A way to try to keep control over things out of our control? Perhaps we're going through the "five stages of grief" in witnesses the death of what use to be, because once it's accepted that this is INDEED a war, there's no going back. "Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance." And "guilt" is part of the "bargaining" stage, before accepting what's to come. "Does it have to be this way? Was this the ONLY way? What else could we have done? What more can I do?" Bargaining. Acceptance. (I still mourn for Eddie Willers.)