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  1. "#canichangemyvote trending; articles from the past few days... 1 2 3 4 5
  2. It just boggle my mind how people (not just Sharon Presley, though it's ironic, in this case) will reject reasonable evidence out of blind obedience to the authority of their core stories. Reminds me of a Dave Chappelle skit dealing with the R. Kelly tapes (that one also involving disgusting acts with a minor; sensing a pattern, there...), and how people will refuse not only reasonable secondary evidence, but even the evidence of their senses, out of devotion to a character or a cause, and yet will accept without question any accusations against those they don't like, no matter how baseless.
  3. Not real. Russian voice-actors. The leftist media told me so. And the laptop? BS. Sharon Presley told me so. And that Biden's mentally fit, but Trump is psychologically unfit. 'Cause Orange Man bad. Because libertarians can get TSD, too... Some people are just going to reject all proof, no matter how air-tight...must be some heavy-duty core stories, there, so, like turtles, it's "Russians, all the way down..."
  4. Dangit. I meant to write "...was possibly NOT a fake". Sorry, wasn't fully awake, yet. Need more cofvefe.
  5. So does that reopen the possibility that the Kamala Harris video (the one with the blackened eyes) was possibly a fake, as some were speculating?
  6. And I really don't want to hear any hand-wringing about "out of context" quotes or misleading headlines from the left, not after this quote from WAPO: "We must treat the Hunter Biden leaks as if they were a foreign intelligence operation- even if they probably aren't." (Here's the article containing the quote):
  7. Yes, I did. I was just trying to be "oh, by the way, did ya hear..>wink wink<." about it. (Guess I should have used an emoji.) Ah well.
  8. Saw that. His defenders are crying foul, that it was out of context, that "you know what he meant!" Problem with that is that he misspeaks like that all the time...except when he doesn't, and is a terrible liar when called out on it. Like his claim he wouldn't ban fracking, even though he's on camera many times saying it. But "headlines don't tell the story", the new disclaimer goes...but they pulled that one too many times, so he may as well meant it about fraud.
  9. Despite the efforts of ARI to oppose Trump, Ayn Rand herself is not going unheard by the MAGA crowd...(I hear even Leonard Peikoff came out in support of Trump...)
  10. much for ARI "throwing down" with Krugman...(I knew I shoulda put that sarcasm emoji in that post...)
  11. "Then that leads to asking if she is sure Satan is not fooling her when she thinks she is looking at him..." Well, that's sounds like a "turtles all the way down" quagmire...or the Vizzini logic in picking the poisoned chalice in THE PRINCESS BRIDE... Some people are just convinced that the devil IS real, and is in the form of Orange Man Bad. As to Trump/Antichrist re: peace in the middle east and Revelations, don't know how I can penetrate that fear, especially when even someone like Pat Robertson just came out and said that "God told him that Trump will win, and it will start the En
  12. I'm usually not that good at that sort of thing. But I'll say that your method has rubbed off on me a bit. Even though I'm atheist, I'm respectful of her beliefs (and she's a very sweet lady, as it is, so I don't like being confrontational with her, as it is.) . I did bring up with her (as I have in previous conversations) the situations with the churches being shut down. Her own church, in which she's active, just reopened only last month (with restrictions, of course). I mentioned the situation in California and Michigan, where they're still shut down, or forbidden to sing, etc. (I try to me
  13. And yet there are people who are convinced that this signals the worst. I tried to share this news with a coworker as good news, but she wouldn't have it, and is convinced that Trump is a madman. (She is originally from Africa who still returns home periodically, and was telling me about some military base there and soldiers killed, etc...of course, she couldn't give me specifics as to where, etc. I tried to mention Biden and China/Ukraine, but just wouldn't hear it. But she is also orthodox Christian, who believes the Biblical prophecy that peace in the Middle East is a sign of the AntiChrist
  14. Looks like the ARI is ready to throw down with Krugman*: (*sarcasm emoji goes here)