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  1. True, but don't hold your breath... That's been explained many times before, only to be ignored just as many times so that one can continue to mock the strawman version.
  2. Another example of "poor, innocent CNN" being played- I mean, playing from the dirty playbook:
  3. Mengele was a doctor, too, as were the doctors involved in the Tuskagee experiments that were done on naive, unsuspecting soldiers... "Mother, should I trust the government?" - Pink Floyd "Stop saying you did your research before you got the injection...You ARE the research." And for those who say "But the CIA/FBI/Government saviors would have arrested Fauci already if....": "To really understand the heinous nature of the Tuskegee Experiment requires some societal context, a lot of history, and a realization of just how many times government agencies were given a chance to stop thi
  4. Truth: "Stop saying you did your research before you got the injection...You ARE the research."
  5. That was unintentional on my part; corrected.
  6. Pretty condescending, coming from a naive government bootlicker.
  7. Oh, I take her an apologist for statist corruption. And I don't buy the whole techno-luddite gag she's running, either, for what that's worth. I've seen these games before; this is all straight out of Alinsky's RULES FOR RADICALS. And I'm not falling for it. The gig is up.
  8. Trying to vilify Project Veritas and James O'Keefe? Nothing "Second-hand" about it. He's exposing the rot and corruption in our media and government. Trying to vilify him just sounds like a desperate attempt to save face at one's own refusal to see the fucking truth about the state of the world and the corruption they refuse to acknowledge, or worse, condone.
  9. CNN ("The Most Trusted Name in News" is playing from that playbook, playing the "pig-fucker" gag on Gaetz: “So, we’re [CNN] going to keep running those stories to keep hurting him ad make it so that it can’t be buried.”
  10. I saw others making the same comment as well, but I couldn't say personally why one is more beneficial than the other. And it seemed like it was J&J's decision. But then, I saw other comments saying if it's only 6 people out of 7 million, there must be something else there not telling us...(which would make more sense to me, if it was J&J's decision). But who knows? I don't... I'm just like a mushroom, kept in the dark and fell bullshit.
  11. Now, the Johnson & Johnson shot is the vaunted "1 dose" version, correct? And was truly a DNA modified "vaccine", as opposed to the other 2... "Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine works in a similar way, but stores the genetic instructions in DNA instead. The gene is inserted in a modified cold virus called an adenovirus."
  12. "The nine most terrifying words in the English launguage are, "I"m from the Government and I'm here to help." - Ronald Reagan Err, I mean "just get the damn shot."
  13. Because "positronic brain"...see, it's funny because...