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  1. "There are four characteristics which brand a country unmistakably as a dictatorship: one-party rule—executions without trial or with a mock trial, for political offenses—the nationalization or expropriation of private property—and censorship. A country guilty of these outrages forfeits any moral prerogatives, any claim to national rights or sovereignty, and becomes an outlaw." - Ayn Rand, “Collectivized ‘Rights", 1963 Fast-forward to 2022: Biden Surgeon General Suggests Joe Rogan Podcast Should Be Censored: Big Tech ‘Has Important Role To Play’ Biden Surgeon General Suggests Joe Rogan Podcast Should Be Censored: Big Tech ‘Has Important Role To Play’ | The Daily Wire WWW.DAILYWIRE.COM
  2. Something I just thought of: to the question of WHY the CIA would use LSD as mind control, and why would they promote atonal music: I don't know much about atonal music, but I remember Ayn Rand talking about it in THE ROMANTIC MANIFESTO, how it disintegrates the mind, something like that. That makes me think think of how LSD supposedly causes schizophrenia, and "fractures" the mind...I don't know the exact reasons (beside money laundering) that the CIA would promote atonal music, and maybe this is a stretch, but it's hard not to see a connection between the "disintegrative" properties of both LSD and atonal music...and if the CIA was willing to utilize mind-altering drugs, why not "mind-altering music"? (But then again, I never got the impression that atonal music had much of a following, unlike the "psychedelic" music of the sixties, which seems at least still based on normal scales...mostly...then again, Hendrix and the Grateful Dead had some far-out stuff,
  3. Listened to a little bit of it...I'm not into avant garde, but this sounds like it could work in a horror/suspense/thriller movie...or even some Looney Tunes background music.. As to Zappa, I don't know if he "liked" it or if it was a put-on...but was more interested in how it (the CIA/atonal music connection) related to his CIA/drug claims... I haven't listend to his orchestral avant guard-inspired works (I know mostly his "Valley Girl" and "Don't Eat the Yellow Snow"/DR. DEMENTO novelty- type of songs...) And not to derail the topic too much, but just for fun, then, here's him doing a Varese composition...
  4. BREAKING: Supreme Court Justice Announces Retirement "Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer is retiring at 83 years old." "Breyer is expected to leave his position in October, which is when the current term ends, according to NBC News. "He is a liberal justice, which means that President Joe Biden’s first appointment will likely be someone with a similar progressive legal ideology. "According to NBC News, U.S. circuit Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson and California Supreme Court Justice Leondra Kruger would be in the running. "The court currently has a 6-3 conservative majority, and that will not change with his retirement." Read more here: BREAKING: Supreme Court Justice Announces Retirement PJMEDIA.COM Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer is retiring, which will pave the way for Biden's first court appointment.
  5. Lest one think that Zappa's love of the avant garde made him a communist: quite the opposite. While there was no love lost between him and the Reagan-era, he was still anti-communist, and more "Libertarian" in that sense. (So it makes sense that he would be the one calling out the CIA, while his lefty peers in music would be shilling for the Democrats, and the ones who didn't fry their brains and OD would become "useful idiots" for communists)... From THE REAL FRANK ZAPPA BOOK. Communism Mr. Gorbachev has apparently stumbled onto one of the best-kept secrets in recent Soviet history: Communism doesn't work. It's against a basic law of nature: "PEOPLE WANT TO OWN STUFF." Perestroika virtually certifies this as an axiom. You still want to call it "Communism"? Sure -- g'head -- call it what you want. We don't need to say, "I told you so." Leave a guy some dignity. The Cold War? Have another Pepsi -- it makes you moonwalk. In exporting their philosophy, the Soviets employed a technique reminiscent of U.S. evangelical TV ministries. They told people who were hungry and sick they'd give them food and penicillin. The evangelists forced them to read the Bible; the Communists made them read The Little Red Book -- and if you couldn't read, the motherfuckers would recite it to you through a bullhorn. The Soviets have spent many years (and a lot of money) marketing and maintaining a political Edsel, fueled by the assumption that entire populations will cheerfully endure Spartan conditions, then hand over the fruits of all labor to a benevolent bureaucracy which would redistribute the wealth in an 'equitable manner.' What? In every language, the first word after "Mama!" that every kid learns to say is "Mine!" A system that doesn't allow ownership, that doesn't allow you to say "Mine!" when you grow up, has -- to put it mildly -- a fatal design flaw. From the time Mr. Developing Nation was forced to read The Little Red Book in exchange for a blob of rice, till the time he figured out that waiting in line for a loaf of pumpernickel was boring as fuck, took about three generations. Television helped to speed up that cycle. Decades of indoctrination, manipulation, censorship and KGB excursions haven't altered this fact: People want a piece of their own little Something-or-Other, and, it they don't get it, have a tendency to initiate counterrevolution. Why, then, do so many Americans, while professing to adore Freedom and Democracy, support -- even demand -- that actions be taken by their own government which bear a striking resemblance to Old-Style Evil Empire Communism? (Censorship? Disinformation? The Public Library Spy-Squealer Program?) Are we really that unspeakably stupid?
  6. Zappa on the CIA and LSD (from THE REAL FRANK ZAPPA BOOK): Other Options If we were to decriminalize and commercially 'recontrol' the "controlled substances" (dispensing them on a rack next to the alcohol in State Stores, or in chains of Federal Party Pharmacies, for example), benefits to the U.S. Treasury could be substantial, as would domestic 'cocaine brewery' profits. At least one aspect of our agricultural problem would be solved ("What should we plant next year, Wanda?"), the prison population would diminish, and, most importantly, we could put a crimp in the pipeline feeding cash to the guys in the jungle. I don't know about you, but I have never issued a 'temporary license to govern' to any guy in any jungle, but, because they made so many friends in Washington during the last eight years (just helping out with 'the war effort'), they act as if it had been granted by proxy. Would 'recontrol' put the cartels out of business? Probably not. What if RJR Nabisco decided to open a 'brewery division' -- Dan Dorfman would report rumors of another big takeover, the stock would soar (a lot of church and pension-fund buying) and the cartel would wind up as a legit U.S. business -- just like some of our most illustrious old-money families who hit it big when the booze trade got redignified. What if a kinder, gentler CIA chose to produce a low-cost 'designer drug' with special 'social engineering characteristics,' and mount yet another covert civilian test for profit, arranging for this New Buzz to drive Traditional Flavors out of the marketplace? It worked with LSD. (And doesn't PCP -- makes you crazy; takes five guys to hold you down; etc. -- have a sort of'militarily useful' aura about it?)
  7. Zappa on Stravinsky, Weber, and Varese (from his autobiography, THE REAL FRANK ZAPPA BOOK): Stravinsky & Webern The second 33 1/3-RPM record I bought was by Stravinsky. I found a budget-line recording (on Camden) of The Rite of Spring by something called The World-Wide Symphony Orchestra. (Sounds pretty official, eh?) The cover was a green-and-black abstract whatchamacallit, and it had a magenta paper label with black lettering. I loved Stravinsky almost as much as Varèse. The other composer who filled me with awe -- I couldn't believe that anybody would write music like that -- was Anton Webern. I heard an early recording on the Dial label with a cover by an artist named David Stone Martin -- it had one or two of Webern's string quartets, and his Symphony op. 21 on the other side. I loved that record, but it was about as different from Stravinsky and Varèse as you could get. I didn't know anything about twelve-tone music then, but I liked the way it sounded. Since I didn't have any kind of formal training, it didn't make any difference to me if I was listening to Lightnin' Slim, or a vocal group called the Jewels (who had a song out then called "Angel in My Life"), or Webern, or Varèse, or Stravinsky. To me it was all good music.
  8. For an example of Zappa's personal experience that informed his insight: Frank Zappa - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG
  9. Frank Zappa would. He once made waves by suggesting that the CIA was responsible for the introduction of LSD into the hippie counter-culture. (In addition to his "regular" music, he was also creating his own orchestral "avant garde", as well, inspired by Edgar Varese...hmmm...) He was mocked at the time, but it's since come to light that it was true. Even more relatedly: Hollywood and the counter-culture at that time has a connection to the CIA and military, with "Operation: Mockingbird", "Laurel Canyon"...and many of the hippie artist's parents and musician's management were military-adjacent. (A lot of it revolves around the California desert and military operations. For example, Zappa's father was a chemical scientist for the military and Jim Morrison's father was military...notably, and ironically, Zappa was anti-drug/anti-hippie, while Morrison and others died from overdoses. Zappa knew...) )Think MK-ULTRA. Zappa was mocked, but proven right; this is NOT conspiracy theory, either; it's all been acknowledged. This is the stuff that makes the "Q" phenomena at least plausible, putting aside all the supernatural/alien nonsense from some of the anons... (And to connect it to current events: Compare the CIA's "Poisoner in Chief", Sidney Gottlieb, who was behind the LSD experiments, to Dr. Anthony "I am the science" Fauci...and it's wondered why people don't "trust the science...") The CIA's Secret Quest For Mind Control: Torture, LSD And A 'Poisoner In Chief' WWW.NPR.ORG Journalist Stephen Kinzer reveals how CIA chemist Sidney Gottlieb worked in the 1950s and early '60s to develop mind control drugs and... Were We All Brainwashed By The CIA With Sex, Drugs, And Rock & Roll? - The True Reporter THETRUEREPORTER.COM Were you aware of the fact that the CIA invented LSD and hippies in the 1960s? Not a clue? Well, the plan was to hook kids on sex, drugs and... LSD, ECSTACY AND THE MUSIC OF POLITICS on JSTOR WWW.JSTOR.ORG The purpose of this article is to establish a connection between music and politics. In Western societies añer the Second Worid War... “There’s this guy from the CIA, and he’s creepin’ around Laurel Canyon…”— Frank Zappa, “Plastic People” Laurel Canyon - David McGowan report WWW.MYGEN.COM
  10. Wisconsin Assembly Votes to Advance Rep. Ramthun’s Resolution to Reclaim Wisconsin’s Electors For President and Vice President That Were Certified Under Fraudulent Purposes "The legislation will now move forward to the Wisconsin Rules Committee and to the Wisconsin Senate, bill 743." **HUGE BREAKING NEWS** -- Wisconsin Assembly Votes to Advance Rep. Ramthun's Resolution to Reclaim Wisconsin's Electors For President and Vice President That Were Certified Under Fraudulent Purposes -- VIDEO WWW.THEGATEWAYPUNDIT.COM Rep. Tim Ramthun The Wisconsin Assembly voted unanimously in a voice vote in a privileged resolution to move forward Rep. Ramthun’s...
  11. Soros-backed prosecutor ordered to turn over concealed records to Just the News Documents concern St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner's alleged misconduct in botched prosecution of ex-Missouri governor Soros-backed prosecutor ordered to turn over concealed records to Just the News JUSTTHENEWS.COM Documents concern St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner's alleged misconduct in botched prosecution of ex-Missouri governor
  12. More good news: "OSHA withdraws vaccinate-or-test mandate" "Less than two weeks after the Supreme Court blocked the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s vaccine-or-testing mandate, OSHA disclosed on Tuesday that it is withdrawing the emergency temporary standard. “After evaluating the court’s decision, OSHA is withdrawing the Vaccination and Testing ETS as an enforceable emergency temporary standard,” OSHA said in a document released Tuesday. “Notwithstanding the withdrawal of the Vaccination and Testing ETS, OSHA continues to strongly encourage the vaccination of workers against the continuing dangers posed by COVID-19 in the workplace,” it added. OSHA issued the temporary emergency standard on Nov. 5, requiring that employees of employers of 100 or more be vaccinated or tested regularly against COVID-19. This is a developing story. Please check back for updates. OSHA withdraws vaccinate-or-test mandate - News - McKnights Home Care WWW.MCKNIGHTSHOMECARE.COM Less than two weeks after the Supreme Court blocked the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s vaccine or testing mandate, OSHA...