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  1. ThatGuy


    That's like saying "I don't know that having 'no career' is really the worst quality a person can have. The worst people in history have all had a career." Or children. Or money. Or oxygen. The standard of quality can't be whether or not other people have used those things for nefarious purposes.
  2. I already received one email tonight from the Trump campaign with the subject line "Slow Joe and Phony Kamala".
  3. Press conference was interrupted by shots fired outside White House...resuming now... I'm sure more will come out, but I saw pointed out that a half-hour before, #interrupttrump was trending on Twitter. Apparently, journalists were calling for others to "interrupt Trump" when he starts "lying" in his answers to reports... I wonder if that was a "dog whistle"?
  4. I know that's possible. I just had heard good things about him from a friend of mine who had met him. Disappointing, if true.
  5. I just don't get how they can't see the Left/Deep State for what it really is, though, whether they're operating from principles>reality or reality>principles; the evidence of the senses should be enough, at this point! (I mean, if we're using O'ist jargon, then sensation-perception-conception, then the left is the sensation that should be triggering some instinctive pain perceptions, and triggering concepts of danger... )
  6. What does one make of this? People are intent on finding the "gotcha!" in this (not just leftists, either), but this is gobbledy-gook legalise, to me...(I'm not a tax expert...) "Payroll tax" is the ~16% FICA gouge they hide half of, by pretending your boss pays it. It's 36% of the overall take ("revenue"), to fund the "mandatory" 2/3 of the annual blow ("expenditures"). The balance, of course, they print. He's definitely pandering." Does Trump's order mean that employees will get more in the paychecks, or not?
  7. Goodness, now Justin Amish is crying about "constitutionality?" Do libertarians not see what is going on with the left? (and with many on the right?) Do they think they're playing in some kind of a fair, unrigged game? Does Amish think that Congress gives a damn about the Constitution?
  8. I'm already seeing complaints of "what about those who make OVER that! It's not fair to them!" (And others who were ready with "but that doesn't help those who are unemployed!" without even letting the man finish, to hear his unemployment plans...) Some are so ready and eager to pounce with the "gotcha!" moments... Glass half-empty/half full, I guess...I mean, I understand it on one level, but considering what Trump has to do just to get around Pelosi and co. to do this alone, can't expect it all in one order...