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  1. Thanks you for that and for your very quick response. My local library has both books which I've borrowed and started reading. It seems on a quick scan of the books and some internet reviews that these theories have had no experimental verification, and nor for that matter has supersymmetry. Also seems like the last 20 or 30 years of particle physics has seen a dearth of results let alone breakthroughs that have characterised physics until recently. Sounds like it isn't technically even a hypothesis let alone a theory which makes it good company for the NPA fringe, speaking of unification. I
  2. I only just found this site, so sorry for coming in so late. I'd have thought that Physics "is empirical down to its basement." too. Can anyone advise me of what's empirical about superstring theory and M-Theory? I'm trying to find some experimental evidence that validates it. The presence of a Higgs boson, as indicated by the most recent experiments at the Large Hadron Collider, validate the Standard Model. James Satrapa