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  1. This one'll make you feel good. If it lives up to its conclusion, it'll make you feel young again! https://youtu.be/-UAim4E4TSM
  2. Michael, I've lost count of the separate software solutions I had to find, at different stages of putting this together. But the final product was extruded by PowerDirector 13 from CyberLink. You have helped repay me for that much by providing my first compliment from overseas. I guess I can now call myself an odd, international aesthete! More of my madness is at www.cartoondebate.com Hiromi Uehara's "I've Got Rhythm" makes repeated reference to "Rhapsody In Blue" too, unless I'm mixing memories. In any case I love her performance, so profoundly and perfectly poised!
  3. If I said "do it again" to Hiromi Uehara, it would be in the sense that this neglects ...
  4. Here's one (potentially "pop", at least) she could have dug: http://youtu.be/kbvEk6lujTQ