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  1. Slow down there tiger !!!!!! I’m a old futures trader and with the election in November , I’m not buying the votes till then , but work on another 1000 votes and we’ll talk !!!!! why buy the votes today , I mean risk/reward scenarios would be out of whack as the votes are not even useful till November
  2. It was horrifying to watch and Pelosi makes me sick to my stomach. 30k Dow is a given , and soon we will have a “ reverse stock market crash”. The market has climbed a “ wall of worry” and now corporate earnings are starting to catch up , which means a higher Dow. Market sentiment has been very very bearish , while the market climbs, so eventually , our friend Brant will be correct, just not this quarter and the icing on the cake is the new 20 year US bond that’s back
  3. Long live John Galt We have taken the White House and renamed it Galts Gulch
  4. No apology needed !!!!!!!!!!!! Canadians hate Trump and love the Royal Family ( my basic feeling from informal polling ). I hate the Royal family and love my President , POTUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I literally love Trump so much, I am offering anyone $100 to sell me their vote in November. Unlimited votes accepted and will pay you by PayPal or crypto or whatever.
  6. My answers are yes yes yes yes Yes yes yes yes yes President Obama disgusted me for all 8 years and tell you a funny story Barbara was terrified of Obama and numerous times, she would say to me that it was the end of the US with Obama as the President. I thought she was overly dramatic, but she was correct . He ( she , would have finished the job ) God Bless Mr. President !!!!!!
  7. Sickly in love with my President, yes !!!!!
  8. Apologies , not trying to bug you but we spoke about this stuff and Apple stock a while back. sentiment now is really bearish indeed, short interest , open interest on options, insider trades, volatility index, markets are going to have a reverse crash day of up 10% one of these days. folks are shorting the markets here, markets going up once the Dems bullshit implodes foreign investors will rush the markets
  9. Quoting myself , how rude !
  10. I think that CNN should have a Dem debate but invite my King, President Trump to participate. He was a Dem, way back then. ratings would be great
  11. Oohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh Miss Ellen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! John’s Galt is in the White House Atlas is not Shrugging If I have another child, I’m naming her Dagny !!!!!!!!!!!! I pray every night that one of President Trumps kids marry a Canadian and becomes Prime Minister of Canada !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. All due respect sir , but I’m missing in action for a few years and the Dow goes from 16000 to 30000 and you’re still calling for the market to go down. Rates are minuscule, DT is The King 👑, we got at least another 9 years , and the Dow is going to 50k
  13. Rand gave Barbara Branden a pen, which Barbara gave to me. it was inscribed ,paraphrasing ( opps and sorry ! ) this pen is your sword or something like that ( again apologies , but MSK , our fearless leader knows the quote. Those pens 🖊 ‘S will be the swords that metaphorically cut Pelosi’s throat , and each pen will cut the throat ( metaphorically , because I wish them all to live to 120 ) of the DO NOTHING DEMS
  14. If my President wants our confirmation, I give it to him here ! We confirm Mr. President !!!!!!!!! I love you , my Emperor !!!!!!!!
  15. Emperor Trump anyone !!!!!!!!!!!! Hail, my president , my Emperor, my King !!!!!!!!!!!! I love you , Mr. President !!!!!!
  16. I think she not only imagined it, but predicted it. Atlas Shrugged , is 2016-2028 . Not sure how Ivanka will fare after her first term , maybe the New Democrat party will have evolved by then into a real party and not the second coming of Castro’s Revolutionary party .
  17. And he has no ground game !!! You would figure that the idiots who have not yet figured it out , would have by now but they’re all gonna double down and support Biden ( no chance at winning the nomination ) Bernie ( less chance ) or the field ( the rest of the idiots ). All 50 States , my Emperor shall win. Even if DC gets statehood by then, he wins that too . Greatest President , heck, greatest leader the world has even seen . I love you Mr. President ! John Galt , is my President
  18. President Trump Prime Minister Trump King Trump 2020 , and let’s get 2024 for Ivanka !!!!! God bless POTUS
  19. I cannot wait to see President Trump win all 50 States in 2020 ! I love my President ! Who is John Galt . No more question mark even needed. The answer is quite clear. Nancy Pelosi reminds me of one character particularly in Atlas Shrugged . I will send some maple syrup from up here to whomever guesses correctly
  20. I personally think Trump should be King iof the World ! He is literally that incredible ! I love my President
  21. Oh no , I was saying sarcastically because folks said Trump had no ground game , that’s just me being sarcastic that the anti Trump idiots , have been wrong on every single thing about Trump ! So , when I state “ no ground game “ I’m just mocking all the idiots who continue to be wrong and just don’t choose to see reality yet
  22. I was thinking San Diego , ( La Jolla in particular ) once Trump wins that state in 2020. Did Mme Macron not rob the cradle and marry him when he was like 14 and she was 39 or so anyway ? I would be proud to be a civil servant in Trumps America , no doubt !!!!! As for Monsieur Macron and his Vichy type Government , he probably will step down before Valentines Day nonetheless , is he still at 20% support ? That’s even less than Pelosi , Hillary, Pocahontas and Cortez combined n’est pas?
  23. Golda Meir was owned by Nixon and Kissinger treated her like his personal bitch . That being said, I was not a great fan of hers anyway . Did she not have a nervous breakdown and we still won the war regardless ?