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  1. Jan 6 part 2. These people will do anything to stay in power.
  2. This reminds me of 2016 no ground game. Every move Trump made people would question then Kaboom! News would come out. Trump is acting now like he did then and the Kabooms keep happening. Heck, I even remember some idiot on this board who said that Trump was done and Rubio would be the next President.
  3. I would have loved that!!!! Right down the street to the west a few blocks they had some great schnitzel places!!!!!!!!!! Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. And dont forget that we also elected twice Fidel Castros son, Justin. Ironic because as we embrace communism here in Ontario, those in Cuba are fighting against it.
  5. So you walk into my house and steal my TV set. I go to the police station, video in hand , and say that you stole my tv set. The thief says that I stole the tv set from them. The police say that they refuse to look at my video and the courts say that I do not have evidence, nor standing. Alice in Wonderland. The Matrix
  6. Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater, How about #99, and perhaps President Harris!!!!!
  7. Our beautiful President, Oresident Trump, sure seems like he knows something. He was quiet for quite a while, now he seems like he did during the Primaries ( #nogroundgame , #MarcoRubio ). Trump, Biden or Harris? Wonder what the Vegas odds are for who is The President on December 31 2021. I'm not sure what the numbers would be if it even existed but if I were preparing the odds, I think the order of favourites would be Trump, Harris, Biden.
  8. Love it!!!!!!!! The MIC, that's a blast from the past, that sounds wat better than deep state!!!! DE, now Donald Trump! Both victorious!!!!!!!
  9. D-Day started well before President Trump came down the escalator. In regards to D-Day in Normandy, and similarly this D-Day, they both required an international effort and incredible planning.
  10. If someone wants to bet that a black bird will fly through your window and circle seven times around his head and then land on his left shoulder.......... Never take that bet. The Trump wins keep piling up, drip...drip.....drip.....drip.....Kaboom!
  11. Oh and btw Ms.Carol, checkout that boxing club in Etobicoke that refuses to allow any vaccinated folks join the club. Wonder what Premiere Ford is gonna do, if anything?