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  1. So that being said, the powers to be today, are loading up their money , probably in Bitcoin, or fleeing, or killing themselves, or hiding , n'est pas?
  2. What did the Nazis do when they knew that they were going to lose? That moment when they all started to realize that they had months, weeks, days or hours left. What moves did they make?
  3. Every woman is either MaryAnne or Ginger and everyman is partial to either or.
  4. Bravisimo!!!! Masters v Slaves Free v prisoners
  5. Greatest transfer of wealth in the history of the world happening in the last 19 months and as we speak.
  6. Well said, Nathaniel! Thank you, Anthony
  7. I remember being a teenager and when the Jonestown massacre happened and all those people drank the poison, wondering how they could do that. Pictures of Jews as well walking in a straight line into an oven ( and I undestand why at that point they could not fight back ) and folks getting onto the trains headed to Auschwitz telling others that its ok and not to worry. All these years, the mantra of Never Again, and here we are.
  8. Right?!?! I like looking at deaths from the flu pre 2020 and comparing 2020 and 2021 flu season to those numbers
  9. Ask the Nazis who are dragging people to the trains if its ok to get on the trains!
  10. Work shall set you free. Vaccines shall set you free. 1940's 2020's
  11. No one even refers to people who took the "vaccine" as vaxxers, so why is there even this term anti vaxxers? Total freaking propoganda, and its all compliance and zero to do with anything else. Anti Vaxxers are the Jews Masks are the yellow stars Lockdowns are the Warsaw ghetto Same play different era. COMPLIANCE.