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  1. "Look at the evidence", how dare you?!??!?!????! 1984
  2. That troubles me too, because these are real folks, with real kids,who want to drink real milk and eat real food. Communists dont think about the people, but my beautiful and glorious President, President Trump, only thinks about The People.
  3. People have lost their jobs and that's not fake at all. What's fake is that the current President is President Trump, so whatever Biden signs, it's irrelevant and will be reversed. Casualties of war, about the jobs.
  4. Biden et al can do whatever they want to do because it's all fake, not constitutional, and not supported by the people. Everything will be reversed. President Trump is playing an incredible game of chess against folks who are really, really bad checkers players. Thick Face, Black Heart. All your answers are in that book.
  5. Aa blue as California and NY for me
  6. What would have happened to the two hosts if they actually let him speak? It was worse than CNN, less polished though.
  7. 116 or 116 and a day!!!!! Either way, a beautiful Aquarian!
  8. That was horrifying to watch, and I had that feeling in the pit of my stomach, and still do, while watching it.
  9. Hmmmmmm, wonder how many CEOs have stepped down since Schmidt from Google when President Trump signed that EO way back when. Sure are lots of coincidences happening.
  10. I love the President of the World. Only President Trump could play chess so beautifully that when the Senate trial begins, he will put evidence in on election fraud. Everytime I think that President Trump is so brilliant, he even does something more brilliant! I love you, my President, President Trump. God bless President Trump, and God bless The World! Pelosi, Biden and the whole group v President Trump. It's not even fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #nogroundgame #cantbeatRubio #cantbeatHillary #ShawshankRedemption
  11. "Its going to be biblical". Funny how SP and LW both use that term. President Trump is still my President, and I know that President Trump has a plan.