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  1. I think she not only imagined it, but predicted it. Atlas Shrugged , is 2016-2028 . Not sure how Ivanka will fare after her first term , maybe the New Democrat party will have evolved by then into a real party and not the second coming of Castro’s Revolutionary party .
  2. And he has no ground game !!! You would figure that the idiots who have not yet figured it out , would have by now but they’re all gonna double down and support Biden ( no chance at winning the nomination ) Bernie ( less chance ) or the field ( the rest of the idiots ). All 50 States , my Emperor shall win. Even if DC gets statehood by then, he wins that too . Greatest President , heck, greatest leader the world has even seen . I love you Mr. President ! John Galt , is my President
  3. President Trump Prime Minister Trump King Trump 2020 , and let’s get 2024 for Ivanka !!!!! God bless POTUS
  4. I cannot wait to see President Trump win all 50 States in 2020 ! I love my President ! Who is John Galt . No more question mark even needed. The answer is quite clear. Nancy Pelosi reminds me of one character particularly in Atlas Shrugged . I will send some maple syrup from up here to whomever guesses correctly
  5. I personally think Trump should be King iof the World ! He is literally that incredible ! I love my President
  6. Oh no , I was saying sarcastically because folks said Trump had no ground game , that’s just me being sarcastic that the anti Trump idiots , have been wrong on every single thing about Trump ! So , when I state “ no ground game “ I’m just mocking all the idiots who continue to be wrong and just don’t choose to see reality yet
  7. I was thinking San Diego , ( La Jolla in particular ) once Trump wins that state in 2020. Did Mme Macron not rob the cradle and marry him when he was like 14 and she was 39 or so anyway ? I would be proud to be a civil servant in Trumps America , no doubt !!!!! As for Monsieur Macron and his Vichy type Government , he probably will step down before Valentines Day nonetheless , is he still at 20% support ? That’s even less than Pelosi , Hillary, Pocahontas and Cortez combined n’est pas?
  8. Golda Meir was owned by Nixon and Kissinger treated her like his personal bitch . That being said, I was not a great fan of hers anyway . Did she not have a nervous breakdown and we still won the war regardless ?
  9. I did indeed call for a sweep of both houses, I do stand corrected yet my President surprised even me with his savy strategy . Let Congress go Dems , and have Bubi actually be the speaker ! I mean , come on , can you imagine how Pelosi is going to totally destroy the entire Dem party now , when even her own party members see that she is a Dingbat of epic proportions , all due respect to Edith Bunker. Pelosi basically hands President Trump the sweep in 2020 , due to her ridiculous antics and back room bullshit , power politics . She is an absolute joke and Trump is the most incredible strategist the world has ever seen since perhaps SunTzu . President Trump is indeed my President as I am going to make Aliya to the US , not to Israel . He is the President of the world in fact . Every leader in the world is thrilled with him , maybe with the exception of Cuba’s new leader. My belief is that before our very own PM Trudeau leaves office , he will become very close to Trump to try to win the election up here but probably a bit too late. Always a pleasure seeing you here , Miss Caroline ,
  10. God bless President Trump! God bless President Trump! and God bless President Trump! Ivanka Trump 2024 after President Trump wins all 50 states in the Union ( guaranteed ) , yeah , yeah , even California folks. I’m the same guy who predicted on this thread numerous times how shorting Apple stock was the play of the decade and Apple just lost $450 billion market cap. Naysayers , naysayers , where art thou , naysayers ? Have you left with William ? And to any of my Jewish brothers and sisters , how any of you could ever vote Democrat again after Trumps Jerusalem move , literally disgust me . God bless America and God bless MY President , Donald Trump
  11. yep, pretty sure Castro took away the guns , not armed the counter revolutionaries as he calls them ( Gusanos )
  12. Makes complete sense , brother
  13. Love all the experts who said he had no ground game and could not even win the nomination. Now they’re experts simply based on them being continually incorrect
  14. Taking power and keeping power are two different games. Trump obviously gets this . You will never keep power by simply staying the course with the same people who got you there . Trump is only two years in to what will probably be a minimum of 4 terms , with whomever continues what he started. Bless President Trump , Has Ann Coulter list her freaking mind , by the way ?