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  1. I know, right?!? Both points!!!!! I'm eating lots of crow, lol.
  2. President Trump is still our President. From Florida, from DC or from Mars, he is still our President for the next four years. God bless President Trump.
  3. Its that scene in the movie , A Bronx Tale (bar scene), its five minutes. All I know is that that is what is happening right now. President Trump is still the President tomorrow. Regardless of who is sworn, and regardless where his desk is,he is, will be and still is The President tomorrow at 1pm.
  4. So much going on all over the world right now. It's almost as if there is a storm happening worldwide.
  5. Because he is John Galt. Because he is an incredible military strategist and a fantastic chess player. Because my President is not going to hand over the country to communists. Imagine if nine days before D Day, the military strategists told the world what they were going to do? Then D day would have been unsuccessful. There are way too many things going on right now, the real stuff ( like her laptop), the propaganda, the misinformation, the blackouts, the resignations, the hysteria among Repubs and Dems, it's a war,and it's really quite foggy. Congratulati
  6. Ellen, we got you and bestof luck for your eye!!!!!!!!! Trump has this!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Yes indeed!!!! Muchas gracias! It was great!!!
  8. There was a video posted earlier ( not sure if this thread or another) it was 50+ minutes and some military dude. Can anyone help me locate it please? Thanks in advance