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  1. Tony, "No second lockdown, no matter what," he told me. Id have liked Buck to ask him exactly what Trump meant. Northam, in Va, is now requiring face masks although I'm convinced sure it doesn't apply to me. If so I'd maybe be guilty of a misdemeanor. Northam lied. He said in his speech he wasn't enforcing it criminally and then classified it as a Class 1 mis-chevious act. I certainly hope if Trump is reelected there is something in the Constitution or Bill of Rights that allows the President to countermand a Governors mandates. As irritating as Trump is, he has my vote and if he carries through with those words it will mean something special.
  2. POLITIFACTFact-Check False: Biden said he would "be" Biden, not "beat" him PolitiFact is a fact-checking website that rates the accuracy of claims by elected officials and others on its Truth-O-Meter. All fact-checkers who partner with Facebook must be signatories of the International Fact-Checking Network and follow their Code of Principles. Such nuance. Lets parse it and go to the transcript. Ill be damned. Maybe it was too good to be true. Turns out the contextual answer was dependent on the question asked. Biden was asked by host Joe Kernen to address Democratic voters more aligned with Senators Bernie Sanders’ and Elizabeth Warren’s progressive agendas when he made the statement. Well, hell nope, hes as different as pink (o Commie) is to red (CCP). https://web.archive.org/web/20200526165355/https://saraacarter.com/did-biden-say-hes-going-to-beat-joe-biden-on-cnbc-the-network-says-no/ Noting Billions the ShowTime hit is written in part by Andrew Ross Sorkin. He is a host on Squawk Box the show where Biden be (insert whatever you heard). Sorkin is a milquetoast whose foil is host Joe Kernans, just like the Billions pair, Capitalist Axelrod and DA Rhoads. Its often a character test in who can be the villian at any one moment. I would have liked to be the fly hearing backstage remarks and seeing raised eye brows as in "what the hell did he say?"
  3. Jerry, is that we's name? If he is like me he is an I which makes "we" thin gruel. Has individuality been eliminated like mere clothes? The better question is Who Is Ayn Rand. If "a book" is the answer I have mine. Shrug.
  4. I think I understand your point. Listening to the tv you'd hear quips and phrases and it becomes a kind of short handed way of speaking. I learned what was on tv by hearing it from friends. I wasn't allowed to watch it and besides we were often in Europe. First thing the old man did as he walked in the door was to feel the tv. If it was warm there was "hell to pay" or maybe it was punishment. Coupled with the Col's general attitude you could still say I was "brainwashed" or disciplined to fear retribution. Fear of not knowing how to assign meaning leads to attaching to an easier catch phrase language. The way I view communication is to find a simple direct way for "you" and another to "get" on the same wave length. Either through stories that help explain a predicament or a reference to a shared event. Often its mocking, as in, the phrase, the meaning of the word is is. But it doesnt have to be that. I cant tell you how often I see people chumming with one another in a short hand where you really cant tell whats being said. But boy are they getting it. Its funny as I watch tv, what I hear today, for instance, I heard before 2, 3, sometimes 4 weeks ago. The same bullet points, same catch phrased, news. Especially with SARS 2. It happens more with the local broadcasts where I think most people get their news. Just to sample it is beyond what I can sit still for. "The new normal." What Luthur said about that is we're never going back. Really? How does she pretend to know. Or is she brain washing? Ha! I probably see the similar things which might lead to assumptions being the same. But you know what is said re assumptions? They make an a$$ out of you and me. As I mentioned I grew up in military settings. I came into contact with confident, strong people. Coaches, teachers, parents. My boyhood was awash in military lore and something I wanted to be a part of. Its said Basic Training is a kind of brain washing. Turn civilians into killers. My sperm donor was a killer and very cruel man. I lived on a steady diet of being told I was stupid and spastic. It confused me. How could I believe it when I was a pitcher on the little league team. His beratings took a toll. Its much like anything that you come to question and drill down, peel back layers and come to understand better the reasoning or lack of that provides a different perspective allowing someone to move on. And its that sense I have with what is going on with the virus specifically. I wonder and am probably casting my thoughts onto others, but when its discovered, the sheer volume of bs, wrong headed, acceptance someone put themselves through and for what, I think there will be a reckoning. Now, do I see it, no I don't not now. About 6 weeks ago there was a lot of isolation. I ventured out and swapped nasty unhygienic stuff with fellow sports nuts. I went for carry out. And what happened next was unreal mostly because in the first days i really wanted to get sick. ha ha I know how that must sound but I just wanted to put an end to the unknown. I may have had it in early Dec. I was diagnosed with Strep but I had a lot of breathing issues too. Anyway, I stood in line behind a gal paying her bill and picking up her food. Maybe 3-4' behind her. Suddenly a belligerent voice shouts out, "Get away from my wife." I understood right away he was unwilling to defend her. So I turned, "Ask your wife to move, if she wants." There were probably 10 people in a very obvious CORONA stance. Anyway, the guy, "Do you notice whats happening here?" My reply, "Go away with your paranoia." It was very interesting watching faces as this went down. On one hand there were those who chose to not engage, hanging their heads, looking askance. Others were nonchalant. I saw the power of one person speaking out against another and the rebukes from one who forgot what he was doing when I asked if he was in line ahead of me. Heres a part of an article by M. Hurd: "The way these schools brainwash kids is by PRETENDING that socialism is the only system there is, and pairing socialism with things they idealize — virtue, kindness, sensitivity. They also exploit the fear and other insecurities of young people. “Most other people are mean. It’s better to be nice. The world would be a better place if everyone were nice. If we had the Green New Deal, and higher taxes, and progressive policies, then all would be nice. Socialism is what a lot of these young people come to through default, more than the result of any explicit ideological teaching or persuasion. That’s how you indoctrinate a person. Exploit his fear, as well as his honest ignorance, and pretend that your point-of-view is the only serious one worth considering." I then read this: "Because they are afraid. And they are afraid because they don’t have the tools for using their minds." It reminded me of The Comprachicos by Rand. People become what it is others want them to be. When force is used it can be uglier and forever. Ive heard for many years, the mantra exuding from Objectivist types speaking about schools and Why Johnny Can't Think. But I can latch on to this thread of meaning for myself because I lived as a youngster being afraid. Afraid of getting belted and of activities being taken from me. But not afraid of what I think, more afraid of taking action. I was mostly on restriction during the school years but allowed to play sports. Sports were what saved me. More, it was the relationships I had and the brotherhood taken from doing something together that meant a lot. Its just called living, nothing more. Sorry for the way back memories, it was easier to draw from personal experiences And that's where normal comes in, comes back. It will be like a bad memory, a cursory experiment in hysteria and control gone bad not "distancing." Because the human condition is not fated. There is plenty to take away. Its like the magic trick of cups and balls. Fool me once shame on me......the saying goes. Or not.
  5. SARS-CoV-2 from the standpoint of my health is much ado about nothing personally. Though I am dealing with a shortage of germy crud that I thrive on that cant be had any way other than to have personal contact. I have contractors in my house for the next 4 weeks and they are sane, competent and friendly. I didn't think I'd miss people to the extent that I have who behave as if viruses, even pandemics are normal. I figure most people will eventually tire of this masquerade and get on with living. I very much dislike the term, "the new normal". It has a very disturbing trend associated with it.
  6. What I heard about treatment by Zelenko, the NY Dr who claims he treated 400 patients at high risk for severe illness, only two of which died. “There is a very narrow window of opportunity where you can hit this virus hard and early where it makes all the difference,” HCQ doesnt actually do anything in terms of curing or slowing down the SARS-CoV-2 infection. What the HCQ did was open the cell membrane so that the zinc which has already been shown effective to deal with viruses in the bloodstream could actually get inside the cell membrane and attack the virus there. An antibiotic is added because if it was at the point where people we're already fighting off a SARS-CoV-2 infection then chances are secondary bacteriological infections might have already had a foothold.
  7. Gates fancies himself a crusader. His work is squarely aimed at winning the narrative. https://blogs.bmj.com/bmjebmspotlight/2018/09/16/cochrane-a-sinking-ship/ "Gøtzsche is well-known for his blunt criticisms over the harms of breast cancer screening programs, the overuse of psychiatric drugs, and has referred to the drug industry as ‘organised crime’. But his most recent article, with co-authors Lars Jørgensen and Tom Jefferson, was a stinging critique of the quality and methodology of Cochrane’s HPV vaccines review." Mikovits: "On October 29, 2018, pharmaceutical interests, led by Bill Gates, finally succeeded in ousting Professor Gøtzsche. A stacked board controlled by Gates fired Gøtzsche from the Cochrane Collaboration after he published a well-founded criticism of the HPV vaccine." The article at bmj.com: "Cochrane has become too sensitive to criticism of the pharmaceutical industry”, says one board member. Insiders say a ‘possible concern’ might be that Cochrane fears that Gøtzsche’s criticism of the HPV vaccines review would negatively impact its sponsorship from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation."
  8. In the next year this masquerade will be history. Too many have hunkered down for far too long. Mask fatigue is a real thing. 34 Governors will serve out their terms in 2022. There is plenty of bluff behind the bluster so only the harshest Gov's will be challenged in court. Fool them once shame on them, twice is unlikely.
  9. Almost a forgone decision by many accounts that sees Biden fall on his sword after accepting the nomination for Prez. That might be where Obamas protection is.
  10. Good stuff, Mark. Ever the detective and with good instincts. I heard scuttlebutt of the Military World Games in Wuhan in Nov '19. If biological warfare was accomplished despite the Nixonian Statement on Chemical and Biological Defense Policies and Programs in '69 would the obvious occur to anyone re Trump being late on Level 4 travel guidance. Boy, nothing has to be logical to prove malfeasance but youve got to wonder if you pursue this line did Trump bring this on knowing the potentiality of "infecting" the US? There were 2 direct flights from Wuhan to SF everyday so said David Hansen. So the weeks after China discovered the virus on the 14th or so it took until the 31st for Trump to lock down, and it wasnt a total lock down since Americans returned and some Chinese leaked. But if I believe the premise of the bio weapon argument isnt ^^ part of the equation and that prevents taking the hook, line and sinker? Very good plausible deniability. I suppose one doesn't have to be a writer of fiction anymore to be imaginative because the writer does a good job of talking himself into a rational argument. Referencing this by the same author on Unz Review: American Pravda: Our Coronavirus Catastrophe as Biowarfare Blowback?
  11. It was deleted by Salsman. His apology: In two recent posts I harshly criticized a handful of people who I know to have misused ARI to besmirch solid Objectivists and Objectivist organizations whom they oppose and in consequence have risked devaluing Ayn Rand’s reputation. That bothers me very much. It’s just not right. A just rebuke is warranted. But I here apologize because FB isn’t the forum for that, since the matter requires lots of information, background, context, and judgment that most readers don’t have. Those who know it, know it, those who can’t, can’t. It’s hard to be fully objective in so narrow a context. I wasn’t. Contributors to ARI, of course, would (or should) inquire about such things, but I leave that to them, as I should have in the first place. This was the drift of it. You said ARI supported the lockdown and the bailout. Can you support that claim with facts (chapter & verse) please?
  12. Michael, Well, I guess I should expect nothing less from you. Meaning a broad, specific answer to my post. Thx. My time is limited, really. Im not a scientist either, and I also did not stay at a Holiday Inn last night. Thats a joke. Do you remember it? As if I slept so well that now Im a know it all. Where to start.... "For whom and in what context? Do you mean she should be denied her first amendment rights? Or do you mean we should only listen to her or her establishment critics to tell us what to think?" Hows this instead? "Its really her mannerism for speaking glibly and for not keeping to specificity and that makes her seem as if shes not squarely on the rails." Have you ever heard the expression, running ones mouth? In the sense that people inarticulately spout off while others are looking for proofs. The interview didn't do justice to her claims of being railroaded but I know when I hear something worth looking at. So I had to look further and deeper because for me there was a story there and I felt sincerity. I like that you say and want to know what I meant. After I saw her interview, researched her interviewer and then heard MSM and FB hostilities come out against her without an ounce of information other than what I found on Wikipedia I wanted to take a deep dive into the rabbit hole of the web and see what I could discover on my own knowing all the while points of view and agendas differ and I would take them into account as noise and try to discern where Mikovits was coming from and what she is trying to say in a way that I can understand myself. Yes, Semmelweiss reflex, I read references other than Kennedys, and found a "good" rabbit hole and one whose perspective provides a way of seeing through to the things was looking at. There is what Mikovit's claims to have happened in the lab and I can see her patent on the discovery of XMRV's. And I can understand her points of contention with the VP62 clone that had the claims she made spiral out of context to the point that Science did what it did. But she hasnt wavered. She lost her PHD dissertation and all lab papers. I'm half way through her book and am asking myself is there any there/there. There are many tributaries. I find that often people allude to other things when telling their main story and I look to those to determine for myself whether the main story line is something I want to pursue. I was reading Prestons books and along with other sourcing found the Ebola story very fun. I recalled Mikovits saying something about Ebola, then found her saying it and found it puzzling. As most things are at times I suppose there could be an explanation for what she really meant. Again, when she rips off a verbal talking point she apparently doesn't view it as important as I do to her story. So, every step along the way I'm careful not to get pulled in where she seems to be building credibility so I look for holes. I had read an enormous amount of related and unrelated stuff and still cant square her Ebola comment as I said. In re to her claim, her step brother, Kevin, she said was the US Park Police officer to find Vince Fosters body. It was a clever thing to say as she worked it into her story and perhaps true but I had to look. What I found was a Kevin Fornshill, a USPP officer was there and has a presumed Ken (her stepfather she says) Fornshill with a Mikovits family member. Again not proof but Im leaning into to it now. I mentioned the Science fact check just to be helpful as a go to because those elements are germane. Use at your own risk. There are real gems in the book. I'm unsure as to the amount I can put here and wont do it again if I can understand what the standards are. "On July 26, 1961, the New York Times reported that Merck and Parke-Davis were withdrawing their Salk vaccines. The article said nothing about cancer. The Times ran the story next to an account about overdue library fines on page 33. While two drug companies, Merck and Parke-Davis, recalled their polio vaccine in 1961, NIH officials refused to pursue a total recall of the rest of the supply, fearing reputational injury to the vaccine program if Americans learned that PHS had infected them with a cancer-producing virus. As a result, millions of unsuspecting Americans received carcinogenic vaccines between 1961 and 1963. The Public Health Service then concealed that “secret” for forty years. In total, ninety-eight million Americans received shots potentially containing the cancer-producing virus, which is now part of the human genome. In 1996, government researchers identified SV-40 in 23 percent of the blood specimens and 45 percent of the sperm specimens collected from healthy adults. Six percent of the children born between 1980 and 1995 are infected. Public health officials gave millions of people the vaccine for years after they knew it was infected. They contaminated humanity with a monkey virus and refused to admit what they’d done. Today, SV-40 is used in research laboratories throughout the world because it is so reliably carcinogenic. Researchers use it to produce a wide variety of bone and soft-tissue cancers including mesothelioma and brain tumors in animals. These cancers have exploded in the baby boom generation, which received the Salk and Sabin polio vaccines between 1955 and 1963. Skin cancers are up by 70 percent, lymphoma and prostate by 66 percent, and brain cancer by 34 percent. Prior to 1950, mesothelioma was rare in humans. Today, doctors diagnose nearly 3,000 Americans with mesotheliomas every year; 60 percent of the tumors that were tested contained SV-40. Today, scientists find SV-40 in a wide range of deadly tumors, including between 33 percent and 90 percent of brain tumors, eight of eight ependymomas, and nearly half of the bone tumors tested. In successive measures, NIH forbade Bernice Eddy from speaking publicly or attending scholarly conferences, held up her papers, removed her from vaccine research altogether, and eventually destroyed her animals and took away access to her labs. Her treatment continues to mark an enduring scandal with the scientific community, yet NIH’s Bernice Eddy playbook has become a standardized template for Federal vaccine regulators in their treatment of dissident vaccine scientists who seek to tell the truth about vaccines." Heckenlively, Kent. Plague of Corruption: Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science (Children’s Health Defense) (pp. 16-17). Skyhorse. Kindle Edition. No problem, right? Maybe yours is the public Kindle preview. Mine is from the purchased book. It got me to thinking, there's a reason to get my dna tested knowing that I was involved in these timeframes with multiple vaccines over the years. Not in the way 23andme or Ancestry.com does it but in a way that delves deeper with health specific genetic pre-disposition charted and cataloged. There are all kinds of things to find in the vein of Mikovits story, some relevant to me, others relevant to the hysteria that vaccines are our only hope. There were more than one mysterious death so it has elements that so often cannot be solved adding to the overview she talks about with scientists and Big Pharma in lock step. So many holes, so few rabbits. Always knew you were a Va boy! ha ha Not me, although I've live in Va since I were 14. I was an Army brat of a snake eater and have the scars to prove it. Boy I hope that covers it.
  13. Michael, I watched the interview, am reading the book. There is a fact checking article in Science that goes over many of Mikovits claims. One that wasn't is her claim how in 1999 “My job was to teach Ebola how to affect human cells without killing them. Ebola couldn’t affect human cells until we took it into the laboratory.” This is the worst of it. I dont know how she expects a reader to parse through her claims and really its her responsibility to make a case thats passes the smell test. Its really her penchant to speak freely that goes off the rails. Mikovits says she worked at USAMRIID where investigators 10 yrs earlier worked on the only human resistant Ebola. I cant noodle the reasoning for why there would have been an official lab test to find how to make Ebola more hot for humans when it was already found to have occurred naturally. And it was earlier than that Nixon proclaimed biological weapons were not to be used (first) by the US. So I have to ask why would anyone working for the government pursue a weaponized form of Ebola. Hot Zone by Preston shows how Ebola Reston was discovered in 1989 (see article) in macaques at Hazelton Research bought from Ferlite Farms in Manila and is the only human resistant strain. Other strains of Ebola are known killers of our species and first found in '76. https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/politics/1989/12/01/deadly-ebola-virus-found-in-va-laboratory-monkey/d6d94b90-b44e-4fa6-a9d0-d67cc0970aca/ I lived probably 10 miles from Reston in Springfield in '89. Never heard a whisper of it. Its one of these biological nightmares Preston writes so well about. He wrote about the Iraqis having made tons of small pox but as Bush went in with UN invesitigators no WMD's were ever found. Where oh where did the small pox go? He wrote about this in the Cobra Event. Covid has nothing on these lethal weapons. Yes, its (Plague of Corrumption) compelling. She made this reference in how Kuan Teh-Jeang, the editor in chief of Retrovirology, 2nd in command to Fauci came to the realization that he was being duped over an in house SMRV scientific argument. Teh died after "jumping"? from a 4th floor garage at NIAID. "These arguments take place on the very edge of scientific knowledge, so when a well-educated person makes a claim and seems to have some reasonable evidence, it’s easy to believe them." She's known multiple scientists who died mysteriously under circumstances that she likens to Vince Foster who she says her step brother was first to find in the GW park. Id like to go after that claim. She says the note left by Teh was confiscated by the NIH police. Ill bet that has your attention!
  14. According to Whittle.....The primaries will be cancelled. The strategy is after Bidens acceptance, after the convention and before the election the DNC can ask Joe to step down, to fall on his sword and if he doesnt want to they'll start taking Reade seriously. But the DNC can select anyone of its choosing along with a vote from democratic governors, removing Biden and installing someone without voters support but who may stand a chance of winning against Trump. If either Biden or Sanders had clinched the nomination prior to the convention the case for deposing that person is much weaker. What the dems want is they want to say they (Biden/Sanders) didnt actually win the nomination. They want to retain an aura of illegitimacy around Biden because they want to jettison Biden.
  15. Since age 14 I've been riding on 2 wheels. Every motorcycle course Ive taken indicates the left turn across traffic as the most dangerous because oncoming traffic either can't see you or isn't looking for the relatively odd rider. Old adage is look for yourself! The 5 miles closest to your home are also some of the most dangerous seeing how most drive it more often and take the ride for granted. As for waiting behind the driver at a red light it aggravates me to no end knowing were he me he'd always look for things that can take me out. The two incidences that led to my bike falling over were unexpected parking lot asphalt upheavals and country forks with roadside gravel. Beyond that getting on 2 wheels was never a deterrent even after coming home after delivering a Wa Po route with my little sister on the handlebars. The 5 hp Bridgestone engine seized and we went a## over teakettle and was the first of two times that summer I broke my collarbone. I judge this SARS-CoV-2 virus as nothing really "novel". I thought getting it would be a good thing to laugh off of in the face of danger knowing my general good health has held me in good stead and it would calm the nerves to know there is really nothing to fear in the aftermath. Up to this point I've lived through at least 3 "pandemics", the first in '57(Asian) was a real humdinger, the 2nd in '68(Hong Kong) and then '09(Swine). I know the latest version is supposed to be awful but can't bring myself to fear something natural other than the obvious. I'm pretty sure you need a good dose of germs to stay alive. I have the relative safety of my rural area. You must derive a benefit other than $ for driving 100 hrs pw. Beyond sleeping you might eek out 2 hrs to call your own. Most of my day is built around physical activity. Another reason why I don't tolerate the life suck on forums. Been there, did that. If you were to ask, I suppose kegels could be done while driving.
  16. Yes, an all in one article. "Contrary to media reports, “the current scientific consensus is that that most transmission via respiratory secretions happens in the form of large respiratory droplets…rather than small aerosols,” and those heavy droplets typically fall soon after they’re released. This is important, as it directly impacts the usefulness and advisability of extreme social distancing measures. You have to be quite close to an infected person for a significant length of time, or unlucky to acquire the infection through droplets in the air." The action starts at 4:40. Micro droplets. Its a small world after all. A river runs through the room starting with a waterfall.
  17. OAN Networks Liz Wheeler interviewed a Dr whose views were anything less than testing the entire population won't work to stop spread. The nasal swab 7 minute test is still in development but with a wave of the hand the Dr says Trump can be a hero. He discussed a $600 B budget for it in two waves approx 2 weeks apart when everyone can again self test. He has a web site that I forgot. Holes appeared as soon as he stopped talking. 20+ M illegal immigrants would evade the sweep rendering the whole "everyone" aspect suspect. And he advocates for use of force IF (?) for some reason someone chooses not to self isolate. But he picks up from there calling for subsidies to "encourage" self iso, whatever he meant by that. Anything less than camps would be unenforceable for such a large pool. Perhaps the best that can be said of this questionable approach is it offers Trump a graceful exit from the path he set us on. Here in Virginia, despite the Governor, I feel free to come and go as I please. Im playing pickleball outdoors Saturday. Im most discouraged over the cancellation of a stem cell procedure for torn meniscus' and plasma therapy for basal arthritis through Regenexx. The body is falling apart but my heart is full. Having lived through at least 2 pandemics ('57-116,000 US deaths, '68 100k US deaths)and knowing no one close died as a result I'm left thinking either this latest is a century one off or someone has it wrong. Either way somethings going to kill me but I'd hoped it wasn't deliberate.
  18. I'll check it out, Kemo Sabe. Not the Navajo translation.
  19. Andrew Rossi has a program called After Truth: Disinformation and the Cost of Fake News. The first I heard of Jade Helm. He starts there with an interview with a gun shop owner who serves as the local gossiping hole who says with a quip, "I believe none of what I hear and half of what I see." It seemed the folks of that town were skeptical and interested in questions getting answered rather than fearing anything. The "shooter" who drove up from Carolina is seen taken down saying I was checking out the pedophiles and abused children to which the cop can be heard saying, Wha..". The backdrop was Alex Jones' voice at the time. The fear mongering. At one point Alex Jones is filming a piece confronting a CNN reporter and blaming him for his de-platformed accounts. To which Twitter lets him go. The world is better without the nonsense he spouted. The director, Rossi, has slanted views colored by a stint at NYT, Yale and Hawvewd. The backstory is about the owner at Comic Ping Pong (Pizza Gate) being deeply affected but also came full circle to reopen due to community insistence. Seth Rich's brother weighs in. Also the right questions were asked of the FB founder in an interview in the piece. He says something like, Im deeply offended by someone who insists the Holocaust never happened because Im Jewish. But goes on to say who am I to keep curiosity and questioning from occurring on my platform. Really. Cha Ching! All in all a good piece with a slight bias, I think, despite its factual basis.
  20. High Praise from Childs for Don Winslows writing. "Intensely human in its tragic details, positively Shakespearean in its epic sweep, The Force is probably the best cop novel ever written." Reading The Cartel along with watching Ozarks on Netflix. What a ride!
  21. I read 20 or so of Childs Reacher series until I said enough. I dipped in for his last one, Past Tense, where the author channels the monosyllabic tone of Reacher through all of his undifferentiated characters. Michael Connelly and his Bosh and step brother Mickey Haller characters are my favorite so far. Written by a crime scene investigative journalist in crime ridden La where there is plenty to pull from. If anything his books story line increase in intensity. A Darkness More Than Light and its later day The Poet are masterpieces. Tim Tigner is awesome too.