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  1. Fizzled. Yea, a turkey. There are shudders going through big tech corridors. From laughing in the face of danger. https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/executive-order-amending-executive-order-13959-addressing-threat-securities-investments-finance-communist-chinese-military-companies/
  2. Ah, I remember the day my son was instructed, for his own good, on his use of FB. He was smart enough not to ask, "you mean you don't want me to insult threaten or harass people?" It wasn't as if I was threatening to take away an allowance. ha ha There was a photo right of Animal House, he was so proud of, hugging a toilet with a sh3t eating grin. He said no harm, no foul, right? The world is a toilet.
  3. I don't mean to be a Debbie Downer. But really, "just beginning"? Soaring or empty rhetoric? The last 4 years ushered in good policy all to be undone by this next crew before its had a chance to jell. What will become of the heart and soul of American Patriots as Trumps days are ending? Trump doesnt even say, "I will return". Thinking that would be a tell. Remembering the miscalculations and subsequent years in Bataan before the return.
  4. More aptly Wood can't handle the truth. Silly gamesmanship, no substance. Where's the beef?
  5. Uh, yes. Today I celebrate my news after receiving the vaccine. Da, eh Yes, today I received a vaccine for SARS-CoV-2. Uh, um, ahem, it will be great help and because I am selfless soul search of pюдle to help I Will хlтngо subjected myself to сегодня effects and come to the душа of my country to…Im sorry, Di Di Dizzy, Да, мне сделали прививку от SARS-CoV-2. Это будет большим подспорьем, и поскольку я самоотверженная в поисках людей, которые могут мне помочь, я охотно подверг себя воздействию и пришел на помощь своей стране, чтобы помочь всем хорошим людям в погоне за быстрой коричневой лисой,
  6. I suspect the reason to be MSM wants to show Trump associates as dumb ass risk takers. At least 11 Dems in Congress tested positive to the 19 Republicans listed. https://www.npr.org/2020/04/15/833692377/how-the-coronavirus-has-affected-individual-members-of-congress Not mentioned on the list of Rep senators - Democratic Sens. Tim Kaine of Virginia and Bob Casey of Pennsylvania both said they tested positive months. I'm slightly jealous. I'd heard of there being only 200 reinfections world wide. Early on I wished to contract the Wuhan if only to have first hand information of it
  7. Quote of the fight. "I wear draws, I don't do draws." Roy Jones Losers quote before the fight. Rafael Cordeiro trained Tyson. "I had shoulder surgery from holding pads for Tyson." History won't care about who won or lost this fight.
  8. Its a good attitude to have. Its something I'd tell my son. Mannerisms in my written way of communicating are different than my internal methodologies. When the score has me down to my opponent I haven't lost. Not while I can mount an offense. Do I deal with my morale? Of course. Its part of regaining an edge. What you said "I am so pissed at them I could spit." resonates. It is personal. Though making others targets of my animosity doesn't improve my chances of winning anything. I have so little mental space to waste on an outcome, on an occupation for feeling as if I've gained trac
  9. https://hereistheevidence.com "Due to the irregularity of this current 2020 Presidential Election, this is a crowdsourcing tool for organizing anomalies and legal issues. Our desire is that more of the election process would be made transparent so there would be unquestionable confidence in our voting systems. This is for aggregating publicly available items of evidence that would be admissible in court, not general election news stories or updates. Submitted items may be edited or deleted to ensure quality of content. To submit another source under a claim, use the same cl
  10. The upshot. Masks work. "Only recruits who shared rooms and were part of the same platoon spread the disease. In particular, even recruits who were close by and shared a bathroom with those infected didn’t get infected. Hence, only those who lived two to a room and who worked closely together got this virus." https://regenexx.com/blog/new-nejm-article-covid-19-disease-transmission-is-close-contact/ "The upshot? This military recruit study is about as good as it gets, which is why it was published in the New England Journal. Meaning, it’s rare to find a real-world study where thi
  11. Yes, Trump has exposed the idea that tying the hands of the military with antithetical ROE's means endless wars and loss of lives. Change the tactics and win. VDH is a thinker. Clapper from as far back as his lying testimony is real bad. At about that time Snowden became a hero for me.
  12. 235 retired senior military officers backed the reelection. That's a lot of duty, honor, country. There are just as many or more warring generals against Trump determinedly undermining it. Its been a shit show for a long time. https://www.nationalreview.com/2020/06/not-so-retiring-retired-military-leaders/ Nothing short of a hackers' affidavit attesting to software changes will do. The person is no doubt known within circles. "He" doesn't have under the radar protections that Snowden planned for his own escape as fraught with peril as it was and still remains. On Joe Rogans podcast
  13. There are direct quotes from Giuliani among others. That is good sourcing. “Sidney Powell is practicing law on her own,” said Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and another lawyer for Trump, Jenna Ellis, in a statement. “She is not a member of the Trump Legal Team. She is also not a lawyer for the President in his personal capacity.” I recall SP saying she isn't good at math. That others could attend to that. In Bannons' War Room on YouTube she aligned herself with people who knew others with "direct" information about Hammer and Scorecard not just the ex-General who by the way