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  1. https://www.nytimes.com/reuters/2020/07/06/us/06reuters-health-coronavirus-ppp-ayn-rand.html board member Harry Binswanger and senior fellow Onkar Ghate wrote that the organization would take any relief money offered from the CARES Act. "We will take it unapologetically, because the principle here is: justice," they wrote, adding that "the government has no wealth of its own…. It can only redistribute the wealth of others." Feeding at the public trough unbecoming. I know a wealth manager in Kansas who made plans after considering worse case scenarios and put away enough money to pay 100 people for as long as it takes. No one will lose a job due to his vision. No feeding from the public trough. https://www.riaintel.com/article/b1l6990yhw9y5m/creative-plannings-three-year-cash-reserve-pledge-and-why-other-rias-wont-promise-the-same
  2. The Republicans are the god damnedest feckless betrayers of our country since instead of choosing the high road where many voters wait they chose to neglect instead of champion a non governmental free market healthcare option and chose the status quo and only taking out the Shared Responsibility Payment in '19 (?)while they had the chance in 2014 when they had control of the House and Senate. You've only to ask yourself to reason why they don't fight against the mob. When no other explanation can be found the simplest one will do. Its their sanction given to Democrats that allow Dems to do what they do, what they please by taking this country to ruin. Tucker does a good job of sounding the clarion call but what good is advice to not vote if politicians don't support your views? They'll do anything they want while in office. What good is it if a pol is seen as supporting an issue you're for and then caves? The vote was already cast. This has been the issue all along and why the only power of the constituency lies in term limits, something they won't themselves vote on.
  3. Ok, ok. You know what they say? If you have to explain? That goes for me trying to explain why it isn't funny too. Your material IS the funniest of the bunch! lol
  4. That's a Bio Safety Level 4 space suit, pressurized. Not for SARS-CoV-2 butEbola, Marburg and Lassa fever etc. Hes in an echo chamber with many others who haven't quite found the right memes for millennials. I mean if millennials are listening (they're not). Take another point away for grammar. Forgot the s.
  5. My wife and I drove 4.5 hrs to her dentist. They did a temp scan and she registered a close call at 99.5, coming from an a/c truck. 100 was the cut off. Her dentist's was 101.2 and after sitting awhile he was 97.8. FLIR cameras detect temp differences of .xx. 99.99 makes the cut off. Hurricane fans aimed at groupings prior and up to the test points might help. Definitely achievable.
  6. What was done to Floyd wasn't a choke hold, not really, although the technique accomplished what a choke does by rendering incapacity. BBJ's version is the rear naked choke. It can cause a Valsalva maneuver which is like trying to breath out just not through the nose or mouth. You'd recognize it when sitting on the toilet. Its purpose is to render the opponent unconscious not dead. But there's no real difference between death by suffocation and blood starvation other than manner of death as reported by forensics. Drowning is different than choking but after about 5 minutes of no breath or breathing in water or no blood being pumped you're dead as dead. Most will lose consciousness in 7-10 seconds when rnc is applied properly. It would be difficult to apply a rear naked choke for over 5 minutes. The choke hold ban takes away a useful tool, imo. If holds were limited to say 15 seconds those take the stuffing out of anyone. If holds are applied improperly many things can go wrong. It wasn't the choke hold that killed Floyd. It was murderous intent. Rogan proved it. ha Anyway half the numb skulls Ive heard talking about this seem to think the scene was played out by crisis actors. Gawd. Don't ya just love a conspiracy?
  7. Give me a good anesthesiologist. No ribbing.
  8. Just how better a branding agent was Famous Amos than AJ. Nancy Green, who Rush effusively praised as if it mattered. She was an actress, formerly a slave yada yada. In other words she tried out for a part and became an emissary for the product. Who cares? I like Log Cabin and will not be guilt tripped over a building that can be torn down despite my efforts. If only the building could be found it would be a thing. But clearly an update after 130 yrs is in order. BFFL's Aunt Jemima. Sometimes 130 yrs does change the landscape. Syrups changed. And all's good with the heavy stacks. Move on, nothin to see. As if it mattered. Ive come to think of sugar in any form in small doses as good only for nap time.
  9. "n order to ferret out any underlying philosophical causes of these systemic problems at TOC, I also re-read... Truth and Toleration, for the first time in 10 years. .... strong disagreement with critical elements of the arguments on almost every issue: moral judgment, tolerance, sanction, and Objectivism as an open system. None of my disagreements are minor. All seem to bear upon... disturbing trajectory over the years. But I regard the last, that Objectivism is an "open system," as the most widely misunderstood, deeply flawed, and practically dangerous of the lot -- and as the basic source of my own unhappiness....." 2004 10 Years after and 10 yrs since. Boy, what a decade flying Solo makes. Just a cursory reading makes note of how far the once mighty public intellectuals have fallen.
  10. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/trump-tweets-conspiracy-theory-buffalo-protester-police-officers/story?id=71150154 OANN did a piece, as far as I know, taking apart the innocence of the 75 yr old demonstrator in Buffalo. Leaving aside the feint push. He was filmed talking with the photographer who later filmed his fall. He was waving his phone near the holstered gun of the leo. He tweeted F the police. He was on an anarchist website. His name is Martin Gugina. Heres a piece echoing OANN news. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2020/06/06/buffalo-officials-duped-by-professional-antifa-provocateur-arrest- In other news......OANN filed a defamation suit against R Madcow. An Obama appointed judge found her comment saying OANN is a communist network news, to be a personal opinion, she's not a journalist an entertainer.
  11. Bruce Lee: "The medicine for my suffering I had within me from the very beginning, but I did not take it. My ailment came from within myself, but I did not observe it until this moment. Now I see that I will never find the light unless, like the candle, I am my own fuel." Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee's daughter. After her brothers death from a prop gun she found comfort in her fathers words. "How might you find the medicine for your own suffering?" The ailment came from within myself but I didn't observe it until this moment. That I have suddenly put my fate in my own hands and if you are willing to take up the mantle of healing yourself being your own fuel, being your own light, then you can shift your perspective and you forge your own path." "For the first time in my life, it occurred to me that everything was in my own hands. Through my father's words, I was able to come to terms with the fact that I was waiting for something to rescue me from this situation (shades of Nathaniel Branden) of grief and depression. But life doesn't offer up some magic cure. So I asked myself, "How can you change how you feel? How can something from the outside change this loss and this grief?" I was the only person who could make friends with that, who could go deeply into that notion and explore it and come out on the other side. My father's words helped me truly ask myself, "How might you find the medicine for your own suffering?".
  12. American Chinese Playwright Frank Chin, on racism. 1960's ish. "I live here. My Grandmother lived here. She died here. So I belong. I hate this place. If I were an outsider Id just burn it down and leave. But because this is my home ridiculously, absurdly, cruelly my home, I don't want to burn it down. I'm fifth generation and the 6th generation is growing up now. I don't want to see another generation just completely mind wrecked. I don't want them to grow up with the "Either/Or" thing so they feel that they're foreign born."
  13. Tucker is an outlier, an anomaly on tv anyway. If you think he is a good writer check out OANN's Tipping Point, Liz Wheeler. If his rant sounds foreign to a viewer then imagine what "principles" rather feelings would need to be overcome to align ones self with it. Knowing it to be true he is a voice in the wilderness. We know this because he makes the news almost as often as he creates his news pieces. Its similar to Face Book folks copying and pasting news worthy stuff while saying nothing themselves (the journo's). AR wrote about American values falling from grace in the '50's. By this time 40 yrs after her death, she had already conceived of the present state, or wrote about it, certainly knew it might happen, though seeing the full fruition of her fears culminate with today's culture its now ours to realize the distance we've fallen.
  14. An appearance meant to represent submission is anything but. Why doesn't Nadler know hes supposed to raise his fist in a show of solidarity?
  15. Ive run across the same information she reels off but in other forums. She's not unlike my plumber who said, "I don't know what to believe anymore." Insert, its all crazy gibberish and bs. And his helper, "Its all political." The Mighty Oz spoke and people aren't listening like they did to authorities. In rounds of my local area there are slightly more masks than non masks. Phase 2 is in effect just today. Few seem to be questioning the need except as an internal dialogue. No confrontations either. Someone pointed out, Ive not yet verified, that the HIPAA penalty for businesses is $70k while in Virginia not wearing a mask is a misdemeanor carrying a $2500 fine. The Governor then adds a contradiction that further demasks his authority saying he wont enforce it with police but with health workers. Most stores post a letter indicating a hands off approach, not asking why no mask instead assuming under HIPAA the non wearer has a medical reason for non adherence. The messaging surrounding Floyd registers as weird, incomplete, fishy and questionable. You're right, it adds up to turn off the boob tube, there's nothing here of merit. There are too many holes in reporting from MMS and the actions of leaders pushing pandemic and racism for the average nincompoop. Everyone's sniffer is on full alert and questioning it all from different angles non stop. Thats what I see. Everyone has encountered this as a youngster. Upon hearing one message that exposes the speaker as hypocritical and confused the adolescent learns that Mom and Pop aren't omniscient, not even close more like not with it resulting in being "turned off." It usually starts when you meet a friend who wonders what the hell is going on in your home.