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  1. I found Ratcliffe, on Marias' show, despite his seemingly sincere want to expose corruption as a guy who just takes it on the chin as additional lines of inquiry come out. In response to Schiff saying the Biden thing is Russian disinformation, he stated it came from Bidens' laptop...its not disinformation. He stated the electorate will have to answer the question as to how it all gets resolved. Why? I could see it in his face. He's beaten down by the clogged wheels of government legal justice immediately before an election that has Uge consequences. He seemed unable to conjure anything
  2. Whats the downstream affect of voters hearing this and reckoning a change of mind? In Virginia, at least, Oct 15 was the last day to register as a Republican, and for that matter Democrat as well. The most that Dems can do at this point is not vote. https://www.vote.org/voter-registration-deadlines/
  3. Im pretty sure this has an answer to it from yesterday from me at 8:04
  4. Interesting headlines. Biden Family financial enterprise ties to foreign entities signal Presidential candidate unfit for President. I heard Tucker comment, "never" have we seen the likes of this and Completely believable." I thought, yes we have. '16 is in the rear view window but the potential for an outcome then of a sitting Presidents conviction was narrowly avoided not by evidence or a finding of truth but by a couple of votes. Again, not by a finding through a preponderance of evidence but virtual party line vote. Stories are sown through Psy Ops. Both the Russia/Trump and
  5. I like entertainment and substance. Trump was that and more. He rarely repeated himself and he ate Savannah's lunch. He had the eye of the tiger when he left Walter Reed. I saw the same tonight. The guy was on. It was good to see. He did himself no wrong on (M)orons (S)pouting (N)onsense (B)y the (C)artload.
  6. Admittedly Ive got nothing to do before the election re politics so I wondered. If Biden contracted SARS-CoV-2 as Trump did and died before the election what does the Constitution say about a dead guy on the ballot? ha ha Well there are rules governing this as you might expect and it actually happened before in a Presidential election in 1872. There are several scenarios. https://people.howstuffworks.com/what-happens-presidential-candidate-dies.htm "The deceased candidate's party picks a replacement (who may or may not be the vice presidential candidate from the ticket), an
  7. For me, in 2000 that level of domestic terrorism? Would have been unthinkable. I was full tilt a working stiff. That marked the end of passive thinking and ignorance. In many ways it helped expose internal workings of my childhood mentality and those who raised me, so repressed was I. Pelosi's lost it (25th A-again), the Dems have lost the discipline they once had a long time ago. Trump crossed the rubicon forcing the Dems to come clean with their vile hatred of everything American. There isn't even a veneer to cover the dichotomy. I'm glad for it because its easier when dealing with goo
  8. Certainly no shortage of death wishes, ill will for the President. Wouldn't be taken up casually by anyone seriously interested in results. To believe it you'd have to consider it to be a pros job. Someone who could isolate, concentrate the virus and move around easily within the Presidents entourage, subject themselves to SS scrutiny and then because its too much of a wish and prayer for it to be delivered to its subject with an exposure level likely to kill render in a lot of luck. Hypothetically, I figure it wouldn't be difficult for someone like Hope Hicks to get bumped and carry liv
  9. Well, not by ordinary human standards. He has the strength of 4 men and more to say he does.
  10. I forgot to include this '16 and '20 take. Take a look at his energy levels. See how vociferous he becomes while 4 yrs later hes saying, "Sure". And then gobbledegook, "stand back and stand by." I'm not anti Trump by a long shot. Gotta leave room for me seeing things differently, I guess.
  11. I don't think the lefts "response" on Trump extends to the virus is all I said. I'm limiting my part in this discussion to the 200 attendees with 11 testing positive which to me sounds like a sampling of the population at large who contracted the virus, also considering no masks and no 6' distance at this event. Is it possible? Sure. And its a great story line with banter created on all sides. I do realize and know that suspect rumors going on since '16 and virtually all had a basis in truth. We just had to wait for the evidence. Now, for me, at least, I prejudge on the basis of most all
  12. The '16 Trump and '20 Trump debates shows the now and then comparison, an obviously weakened President. Not a surprise is the toll on an office holder and the oldest President of record. His immune system was compromised is the plausible. Why must everything be a conspiracy? Because is is? The hell to pay will be extracted from those who would take a bullet but expose a President to unseen dangers. What doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger, Trump really needed a week off, SARS-CoV-2 or no and will be a model for beating the virus to the virtual choir of MAGA lovers.
  13. All the above counties were among those heavily affected by SARS-CoV-2. Not overwhelmingly pro Trump. In Henrico County, VA 57.4% of the people voted Democrat in the last presidential election, 36.6% voted Republican, and the remaining 6.0% voted Independent. In Chesterfield County, VA 46.0% of the people voted Democrat in the last presidential election, 48.2% voted Republican In Richmond County, VA 36.8% of the people voted Democrat in the last presidential election, 60.4% voted Republican
  14. Just that. I recorded the debate so am looking at "undoctored" material and I don't see the same things as Michael posted.
  15. Does anyone have a home recording? Not an internet creation? Therein lies the lie-internet fluffery. Its not as if Im denying he has assistance. Its the proffered video and photo are rigged. And I showed the un-rigged and explained how it differed. See for yourself. Signed, Ripley. Thery're both doddering septuagenarians.