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  1. Don't know whether this has been mentioned. Joe Rogan interviewed McCullough on Dec 13. Episode 1747. Excellent piece and long at 2:45 hrs.
  2. In Uttar Pradesh a part of India that compares in population to the 7-8 largest country, 241 Million people were treated with Ivermectin crushing SARS-CoV-2 while an adjacent state was crushed for not using it. Merck holds the patent for the bacteria in Ivermectin. It doesnt want to repurpose a drug when it can push a higher cost Monupiravir.
  3. The woke military and its academies. As seen on Woke Point Face Book page. Meet West Point's Brigade Respect Captain! Cadet Menna Mohamed, an Arabic major, and New York City native chose West Point after developing a burning desire to serve the country that made the American dream possible for both of her parents. West Point was introduced to her by her older brother, Samir Abdelkhalek, USMA Class of 2016, and older sister, Amira Mohamed, USMA Class of 2020. “I hope to invoke prominent change in bettering our culture of Respect.
  4. Me too. He said he was working out again within 5 days. He knew the score with which drugs and doctors to use to go after it aggressively. The Joe Rogan protocol is not....wait.... I found an online source that connects drs with people requesting z pac and invermectin through local pharmacies. Might be a good pro active plan. The media will not mention facts that challenge the status quo. It's known how to treat this, Fauci lied to Congress about supporting gain of function at the epi center for the virus and his role as #1 health advisor despite the profound and bizarre coincidence, invermectin won its discoverer the Nobel prize, and its rarely toxic. Nope, instead MSM'll (Rolling Stone) talk about fictitious gun shot victims having to wait because people have overdosed on horse wormer. There's nothing in it for them because admitting to any single fact exposes it to the masses.
  5. Its almost as if it were planned. heh The General Officers are thinking about double dipping once they get relieved of their commands. Nothing like a wrench thrown in to cause a stir.
  6. Your tone is condescending. You would not consult other advice if serious enough that a Dr is telling you you're going to lose a limb or organ or libido just accept it, is that what you're telling me? If I had done that I'd be living in pain. 2 torn meniscii, tennis elbow and basal arthritis. An ortho cancelled on me and I instead researched and was treated with my own stem cells and my own blood (PRP). By a non cutting kind of Dr. Sure, I paid. Not a covered event. But I'm worth it. Falling into the trap of never changing perspectives, routines and stifled information might not save your life. And I thought you were making the over arching point that your life or mine is important. Silly me.
  7. Listen to a Dr? As one who knows everything there is? They aren't scientists. I spent less time on getting a shot for SARS-CoV-2 than on this newly minted lack of bedside manner, "Dr" who upon seeing an "elevated" score for cholesterols next words were statins. F'em and the horse they ride in on. Long gone are the days of trusting whatever comes out of their mouths without giving consideration to your mind, your body first. Have you seen the Olympics? Ever hear of a Dr Larry Nassar? No? Or the corrupt Olympic organization (that allowed Russia to pose as ROC this year after its use of drugs in RIo) that attempted to give $200M to the over 150 girls that he penetrated? Sure trust the Drs', lawyers, vendors that come into your home, politicians, Chinese. Care to add more?
  8. Michael, Thanks for reminding me why I read Objectivist Living. On a side note. I listen to a podcast of Victor David Hanson. His arsenal is sets of facts that he straightforwardly (with no axe to grind) goes through whenever asked about how we got here. Its plain to see the extent of the moral crimes from the items he lays out that are self explanatory. So...just thank you.
  9. Every time I made a prank call on an old princess phone land line I felt the same rush.
  10. The aha moment - Their immune system is far more robust. A few bugs, rats, feces in meals never hurt anyone. I have a home and a relatively good life without covid shots and as healthy as a 68 yr old can be.
  11. Shades of Vince Foster without the subsequent years later exploration of details. Coroner finds cause of death but who orders an autopsy when a death is deemed unsuspicious? We may never find out while the Capitol still resembles a war zone and efforts to find those involved in the "insurrection" take all admin time of police. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the general population and 230 officer suicides were reported in 2019.
  12. Vaccinations keep people safe? Gibraltar Located on the southern coast of Spain, the British overseas territory fully vaccinated 99% of its roughly 34,000 residents by June 1st. COVID-19 is supposed to be gone, right? But cases have exploded in July. Despite virtually everyone being double jabbed, restrictions are coming back. Now let’s investigate the Nordic island nation of Iceland. Iceland has a population of around 369,000 individuals. The ‘Land of Fire and Ice’ has vaccinated roughly 90% of its adult population and briefly dropped all domestic restrictions the previous months. Everything back to normal, right? Iceland has witnessed an explosion of cases the previous two weeks and restrictions have returned with a vengeance. Follow on Telegram @WeLoveTrumpNoah Iceland has reinstituted masks, social distancing, and lockdowns in response to the spike in cases. Despite one of the world’s highest vaccination rates, Iceland continues to set new daily case records. In fact, Worldometer indicates Iceland set another daily record on the day of this writing.
  13. Oh, I harken days of yore when I could park without authorization in the 2nd parking lot and walk unimpeded to my destination. I carried a box of tools and parts and could go anywhere by myself.