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  1. Outliers. Fear mongering. Exceptions to "rules".
  2. Coved won't survive sunlight. Outdoor eateries! Sorry, its sooo depressing that some are maintaining this attitude. "Vaccinated", masked and still....
  3. Lets hope the "happy ending" (death of Ridpath) on 3-23-21 has resolved the issue in Cats' mind. At least there's a finality to it.
  4. Just as there is a minimum age requirement for becoming President, prudence could have determined a maximum age. Its very strange to consider colonists thinking at the time of the Constitutions writing that dementia's role wasn't seen beyong the 25th amendment. A man who seemingly can't stop from saying President Harris certainly is already subjected to the vagaries of the toll age takes. This article suggests American independence might have taken a different form if not for the "Mad King". https://goinggentleintothatgoodnight.com/2015/09/08/profiles-in-dementia-king-george-iii-1738
  5. Debbie Reynolds? “Gene definitely hadn’t wanted me as his costar,” she wrote. “But Louis B. Mayer [cofounder of MGM] himself had chosen me to play Kathy Selden, and there was nothing Gene could do about it, even though he was MGM’s biggest star at the time.” Reynolds, who died in 2016, described her body’s automatic reaction to an on-screen kiss with Gene Kelly, that left her disgusted and Kelly furious. “The camera closed in. Gene took me tightly in his arms…and shoved his tongue down my throat. ‘Eeew! What was that?,’ I screeched, breaking free of his grasp and spitting. “I ra
  6. "So, anyway, part of their (inaudible) was various types of attacks on the Supreme Court, to take down as many judges as they could,....F. Dennis Saylor, a federal judge in Massachusetts; Martha Coakley; Lisa Monaco and her family" (all democrats) 3 pages later at the behest of the interviewer, "Do you believe the death of Antonin Scalia was a part of this same plot," He remembers upon being asked "He was their biggest threat being the most conservative justice" that AS was assassinated. Horse Hockey. RR (the only Obama DOJ survivor, knows who he is, JohnHereToHelp knows "e
  7. China knows how to play the guilt game, camps(reservations?) etc. Its hard to argue how the US, in this instance at least, can take the moral high ground. Biden doesn't attempt it. Meaning no us vs them. And boom goes the dynamite.
  8. You might be thinking of Austin City Limits. But no I think MTV. It comes and goes but not forgotten. I saw it the other night with Ben Folds. But not all is lost. https://www.livefromdarylshouse.com/archive.html ACL is back live. But Joe Bonamassa is streaming a concert there April 1st and On Demand for 1 month. Its really quite a deal, for $35. I saw him at Royal Albert Hall in '19, followed his career for 15 yrs. Talk about blues, live music has been decimated. Now that's sad.
  9. I saw Beck playing with Clapton at a Crossroads concert. Virtually. I have seen him at the Blues Club in Orlando. Legendary. Anyway I saw him play an old favorite, Cause We've Ended as Lovers. He uses volume and vibrato on a Strat like no one I've seen. Actually makes Clapton (god) look human dressed in Granddad clothes. It was written by Stevie Wonder and sung by his wife on the way out. She had a wonderful voice. Syreeta Wonder, a beautiful piece that would have felt like home in a James Bond film. Apple iTunes is maddening. 21,744 songs and its crapping on them. Apple is leaving it beh
  10. 1-800-hell-ova-x? CCP operators are standing by.
  11. Are saying owing to the "vaccination" you are at lower risk of......SARS-CoV-2? I'd wrestle with that dubious number for a while. Think of it like this. The effective rates were said to be high 90 percentile, yes? Except for J&J's. Did that include those in the higher risk cases such as co-morbidities, age etc? I wouldn't read, into the effectiveness level, more than is there. Do you think the efficacy was proven on elderly and co-morbid folks? I wouldn't think they would qualify and even if they did I'd wonder how many in those categories would "risk" an untested "vaccine". This is t
  12. I know for you it'd be a bit much but really.... Who's fooling who? All of the stores I've gone into, without exception, do nothing to enforce state mandates. Its not as if they say no trespassing, violators will be shot upon finding no masks on their person. Its a fools errand to to have an employee designated to confront customers. The vast majority wear masks and the few who don't, eh. Shops need/want buyers. They don't want a scene either and they feel as the majority feels, if you take precautions yourselves that is good for most everyone. Yes, the legal system has seen fit to legal
  13. Drs recommend it not because they see the affects of the "vaccine". But relief. Fear is the compelling factor, once sparked it can't be put out, not like fire. I will lie about it. What I see are eyes registering fear because I cant see disapproving faces. I'm going to lie because folks can be nazi like in their zeal for feeling protected. They don't ask for proof, they want submission. As long as I display submissive behavior its acceptable. A couple of weeks ago I was early to pickleball. Lacrosse hadn't yet let out and as we assembled en masse suddenly I was called out for being mask-l
  14. "I bravely peeled the bandaid? Ouchless for the not so brave. I watched Army Drs give my Europe bound Mom a booster as a needle broke off in her arm. She was brave. Fyi, DTP is now recommended for those in the presence of infants. Mask mandates to be withdrawn as life opens up? Don't hold your breath.
  15. +1. That makes me a Brant booster. Better than a like. One leads to another then another. Keep it up.