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  1. Maybe he does know it. But an 80 yr old under pressure fidgets and isn't more normal than not? At his age he likely wanted to leave his post sooner. Now under pressure he finds he cannot and still live with the person he became.
  2. Welp, I durn near live in a holler in Virginny. Like a pig in a poke. No joke Again I say I can guarantee your statement on SARS-CoV2, vax's, and health are overwrought hyperbole. Similar to Hill Billies and Janes, SW Virginia is isolated by it's strict adherence to lock down protocol because they are of one mind, FEAR, that keeps the unvaccinated unworried in the extreme. Ye, though I walk through "The Valley" (local reference to Roanoke Valley) the fear attaches like stench leaving residual affects and behavior patterns for the next wave whether it comes or not. I can feel it like I can taste water differences. Never thought to give credence to FDA approvals but none of the vax's had that since Warp Speed was ushered through by Big Pharma. So what do you trust more? And isn't it too late. Quit harpin on your opine as you still sound unsure of everything. if i wern a dag hillbillie n'er trus folks who holler da know. Yall pre sum, aint no squat.
  3. 'Mam, you have the internet and appear interested. If its evidence you want. You made an interesting connection. It may not be apparent. In a similar fashion the root cause for terrorism that made its way past our FBI guardians, those entrusted to insure justice (principle for right action) would stay intact; took a few days off (HA). Yet the consequential (willingly) blind (prosecution) leading the blind (jurors) led toward, I say, the same "fate". That is the act of bedrock principles failing. Both situations missed their aim by long shots. Did you read the autopsy report? "Signed by Dr. Andrew M. Baker, it says Floyd had tested positive for the novel coronavirus on April 3. A post-mortem nasal swab confirmed that diagnosis. In addition to fentanyl and methamphetamine, the toxicology report from the autopsy showed that Floyd also had cannabinoids in his system when he died. Floyd also had heart disease, hypertension and sickle cell trait..." What I find strange is so commonly understood about SARS-CoV-2 yet is conspicuously missing. These findings should at least have mitigated a murder charge into probation given the officer was carrying out MPD training protocol.
  4. Floy died of a heart condition and Fentanyl. He also tested positive for Covid. Someone with the vaguest knowledge of SARS-2 will tell you breathing is compromised. But that simply scratches the surface. The resistance he offered was met with a training manual hold. The mere fact that he died isn't nearly enough to connect a charge of murder. I don't know where you get your news from but its clear there's not depth to it.
  5. I know if you want you can obtain less prejudicial information than that. Try harder.
  6. The f'g injustice of it all. Derek Chauvin found guilty of 2nd degree murder and sentenced to 22 1/2 yrs. He's 45 yrs old. Consider the bigger picture for those who want something to burn. The police procedures for restraining criminals who resist. Oh no, that would be an indictment of training methods. Its clear proper methods were used. https://www.theepochtimes.com/derek-chauvin-sentenced-to-over-years-in-prison-over-george-floyds-death_3874596.html
  7. Here's an obviously beautiful song. Notice the octave change. It had been so long since I last heard this I didn't recall it. It's a Franklin Glider capo. It makes the song.
  8. Yes, its the melody not the lyric that is so evocative. Exactly. Plaintive....heart rending lamentation. You've listened to a lot of music to describe this so well. Though Guantanemera sounds like the aching of one persons heart I'm beginning to recognize what is known as "call and response" ie; a questioning phrase and its answer. I suppose the give and take in it is between the listener and the song. It's in the pocket.
  9. I was down in ole Cozemel having a drink and 2 guitarists made their way towards my table, being the only gringo in the crowd they may have figured I'd pay to hear them. Right they were. "Do you know Guantanemera", I asked.? Si Senor. I asked them to play and sing it 3 times. Love the song as one of those I latched on to in my youth. Same with Sukyaki.
  10. Probably will lose her job whether it was advertising her Craig List for sale items or asking single males to contact her FB page going rogue has a price. Same for the network guy who didn't cut the line after 5 seconds. Makes for a great bloopers moment.
  11. https://www.chordai.net I like electronic gadgets. I wanted to see if the chording for guitar is accurate. It is. Its a phone app. Play any recorded song from Itunes, Spotify, You Tube etc and it gives key recognition, tempo, real time chord charting etc. There are chords constructed using many fingerings, but while I knew a lot of fingerings I sometimes don't know the chord names. And after a 40+ yr pause and losing a fretting joint it was helpful. It made sense to me but we'll see if it can save money on tablature and print outs. There's this site https://www.hooktheory.com/hookpad. It also shows chord progressions for many popular songs. It was helpful after learning major/minor keys and how find complementary chords for song writing in western music.
  12. Leads to a "page not found", Mark.
  13. Its an interesting story that I think reflects on the single biggest aspect of his love lives (3 at once) and the turmoil they caused. Yes, of loving more than one woman, of carrying on simultaneous relationships with them and why and how he felt doing it, in fiction (?). He explores this, and perhaps the seemingly greatest emotional contradiction held by Ayn Rand too. Though now I see from his writing and can imagine as one becomes a different person over time how it is possible to hang on to a sentimental attachment and move towards another romantic partner while loving both. Its a powerful inside look at the complexities of Branden and what he considered worthy of retelling. About the stinging rebuke and the sorting that needed doing. What else could he write than something he perhaps knew more painfully and better than anyone could articulate? "But in any event the worst of it for me was not the breach of my responsibilities as a psychotherapist; it was the betrayal of my marriage." "I knew that I was taking the biggest gamble of my life.” “Look,” she said, “apart from the guilt, which I don’t feel, we’re in the same situation. I’m in love with XXX—want to spend my life with him. But here I am—and you know what I feel for you. Both feelings are real. And how it’s all supposed to fit together, I don’t know. You’re not the only one who’s confused. Maybe things are possible that most people don’t think are possible.” “Like being in love with two people at the same time.” Branden, Nathaniel . Layers. Kindle Edition.
  14. Thanks for sharing. I'm enjoying reading it on many layers. eh
  15. Specifically attending to the warrant authorizations? Fruit of the poisonous tree too? Rudy so much better a lawyer than an agent but an agent sticks to his guns, you know?