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  1. I have about finished with solopassion so I'll try here. I see Rand as a great post modern philosopher, solely and only from her fiction. I completely ignore all her non-fiction, Objectivism, the Brandens etc.

    Once upon a time I was an Objectivist, went to NBL in Philadelphia before it became NBI during the years of 1960-62. Yes it totally influenced my life. I am grateful that the Brandens presented Objectivism formally as I was incapable of learning it any other way at that time. And I "needed" it very badly.

    Right now I blog about post modern thinking through the media on a number of blogs:film; books; Events; etc. I also include my ongoing thinking about Rand and Nietzsche. Whitewashed out of her letters and journals as much as possible, but no matter.

    And I like your software here.