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  1. Such hostility. I expected better from people who call themselves objectivists. Are the bones at the bottom of that pit Ayn Rand? Are they her ideas? No, they are bones. Her ideas are what matters, and her bones are not her ideas. The bones of the dead provide us with no ideas, no thoughts. They are just bones. If there wasn't a sign specifying to whom the bones once belonged, then would it have mattered? I thought this section was called chewing on ideas? You didn't even give any thought to what I had to say, just knee jerk emotional reactions. A true objectivist would be able to take that crap, all while reading a copy of Atlas Shrugged.
  2. You have been hiking for hours along an unfamiliar trail, when suddenly you feel the stirrings of what is possibly the most unpleasant bowel movement you will ever experience. You continue further down the trail trying to find a comfy looking out of the way spot to relieve yourself, unfortunately you can't seem to find a spot that isn't occupied by some variety of thorny vegetation. Luckily during your desperate search, you happen to spot an outhouse in the distance. You rush as fast as you can to the outhouse, open the door and rush in. You are surprised to find that the outhouse is rather clean, unusually so for an outhouse and rather pleasant smelling, and then you spot a sign right next to the toilet paper dispenser. The sign reads, "Below you in the hole lies the cleaned and polished bones of Ayn Rand, famed author." You are surprised by what you read, but regardless of your surprise you still need to defecate. Yet you know that you have just enough time to get outside to evacuate your bowels in a nearby blackberry bush. What do you do? Utilize the outhouse in comfort and privacy, or jump into the black berry bush and try your luck?