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  1. Seeing as how Rand founded her ethics on an inquiry into value, basically assuming on the part of living beings that they "act to gain and/or keep" ends as part of their nature, I think her account of value could best be restated if it was founded on the Austrian school's axiom of action. I also think that it's necessary to stop regurgitating phrases such as "man's life qua man", "life makes value possible", "there is only one fundamental alternative in the universe: existence or non-existence", etc. For me and for some others I know, their meanings were fuzzy and they prohibited the understan
  2. Either economics or public policy. (I first thought of doing history but didn't want to end up permanently unemployed. No offense to any history majors lol.)
  3. Hi kids. So I consider myself a classical liberal and a believer in objective morality and natural law grounded in man's nature, which I think the secondary literature on Ayn Rand shows she provided solid ground for. Almost everyone else on my campus at the University of Toronto is either politically apathetic or a socialist-egalitarian of some kind. You will not be surprised to hear that the professors don't question the basic premises of collectivism. I remember the first week, we got a lecture on Benjamin Constant where liberalism was presented as this kind of bizarre, dated curiosity in wh