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  1. Well what a weird week it's been. My Objectivist themed blog article at went viral and has now had over 38,000 readers ( a new record for the site, which I think was previously around 8,000 readers of one blog, but am not sure. The site has around 45,000 members ) and the extreme left has gone wild over it, accusing me of everything in the book, and putting up at least a dozen sites bashing me. As they usually do, they project and accuse me of just about everything they are, and do themselves. Keith Olbermann at MSNBC featured me in his "Worst person in the world" segment at Some have gone to my book's site at ( ) and have written bogus bad reviews, though none have read my book. I've been referred to as a "right winger" ( I'm not ) and a "tea party leader". ( I'm not - just an individual who has blogged on that site for a year or so. ) I've had harassing phone calls, and emails, with people calling me every name in the book. Our small home based business has pretty much been shut down by this, and we fear for our safety and lives now. ( Good thing we're armed. ) And one of the latest sites calls me a traitor, outs me and my business, tells people to harass the business organizations that I'm a member of, to tell all the attorneys and judges in Colorado about me, and has a "Wanted" poster with my picture on it, apparently a call for harrassment and possibly killing me, if some far left kooks act on it. That one is at It's amazing how rabid they become, when you refer to the works of Ayn Rand and advocate something like this. It's like pouring water on the "Wicked Witch of the West", and they start shreiking, just like some of the characters in "Atlas Shrugged". Please feel free to pass this on to as many Objectivists as you can, I could sure use some supportiveness right now, I'm feeling pretty threatened. All the best, Melissa Brookstone Author and Founder of "The Planetary Bill of Rights Project".
  2. So what kind of "birding", Selene? Like flying pigeons? We have 6 pet birds in the house here, mostly various parrots.
  3. Yeah, but that's certainly not how I'm supporting myself. It's buried under about 2.5 million other books there, hardly anyone knows it exists, and most people frankly aren't the slightest bit interested, only in how they can fight each other for the most handouts from redistribution of wealth, and the exertion of power and control to tell everyone else how they must live. I actually developed the book, not only from the influence of Jefferson, but of Rand too. I consider Jefferson the original influence, and think that Rand evolved the philosophy to the next level and this book ( as preliminary and unpolished as it is yet, because of my own present frailties ) is my attempt to evolve it to the next level, and globally.
  4. Sounds like the battle I've occasionally heard about, between the two major Objectivist factions. Haven't gotten into what that's all about, but it seems a bit like the last two Kokopo birds in the world, fighting over which one is the rightest? Hey everybody, we're verging on extinction - is that really a good idea?
  5. Shy about which group? Melissa: Welcome to OL. Working with the principle of the fruit from the poison tree, Diana Hsieh being the representative tree, Peikoff and ARI as the root, both groups should be handled with an intellectual and philosophical HAZMAT suit: Out of curiosity, what type of victim's sanction work do you engage in to support this repressive statist administration? Adam LOL, what a loaded question that is.
  6. Thanks Mike. Not sure what these "salons" are, but will find out. We have a little home based business here that's been down by about 60% since Obama took office and started his war on capitalism and attempting as hard and as fast as he can, to collapse and globalize America. I rather suspect that a lot of people are in the same boat as I am right now. I have come up with an idea for a new type of auto engine, that might get 15 MPG more, without losing any horsepower, but don't even have the money to patent that right now, it's disgusting. It's the kind of thing that could raise us above the fray, if I can figure out how to get it going. Pondering that. From Colorado, Melissa Brookstone Author and Founder of "The Planetary Bill of Rights Project".
  7. Thanks Dennis. I didn't mean alone in the sense that I need anyone to complete me. It's just been pretty depressing, watching my country, freedom and prosperity being flushed down the toilet by forced-collectivism, we have left vs right forced-collectivists bickering with each other, while both being the cause of the problem, most people going around thinking that the "system just needs to be fixed, when the system is the problem, and only about 1% of us know what it would take to decisively save our nation, but are being ridiculed instead by the big government statist types. And yes it feels exactly like something out of "Atlas Shrugged". Melissa Brookstone Author and Founder of "The Planetary Bill of Rights Project".
  8. Thanks to both of you. Yes I've tried FRO online, but unfortunately couldn't afford the cost of their get-togethers. They were meeting at some higher end places.
  9. Hi people, I just decided to seek out some forums like this, because as an Objectivist, I feel like one of the loneliest people in the world right now. A little background: I was a 60's liberal up until the early 90's when some things happened to me that got me questioning all that - the original premises that I was brought up on, that government was supposed to make life fair and easy, were shattered for me. I reread "Atlas Shrugged" and gradually started reading more of Rand's works, along with things like "The Sovereign Individual". I had also become involved in an online discussion group in the late 80's, with some libertarians and anarcho-capitalists and had been thinking that over for quite awhile. So by the late 90's I considered myself a Libertarian, and by about 2006, I'd made the leap of reasoning to consider myself a full fledged Objectivist. This didn't make me any friends - nearly my whole family were liberals. My sister is all that's left of them now, and she still is, and will forever be. We have to avoid politics. I was a long term fan of Glenn Beck, from when he started on CNN until the end of Fox News, but the more he started pushing religion, the more I felt pushed away, as I suspect many others did too. But I consider him like a "Paul Revere" of our times, because of all that he exposed about the current administration and what I agree are their plans to collapse and globalize the United States. I do not think that Obama is simply incompetent, a bad leader and inexperienced, though I'm sure he's all of that. But I think that's a simplistic naive view of him and his allies and cronies. I think they really are planning to collapse and globalize the United States, and they are serious about it and trying as hard and as fast as they can, to achieve it. As you can see, Obama has assumed many of the powers of a king or emperor already. I've also been a fan of Freedom Watch, but have gotten discouraged with it lately, as it seems that about all the Judge can do is chronicle how our freedom is being poured down the toilet - essentially watching as our freedom slips away. I think his heart is in the right place and agree with him on most things, though. But it was the influences of people like Jefferson and Rand, combined with my own experiences and thoughts, that led me to write and publish "The Planetary Bill of Rights Project" earlier this year. It's just that lately I'm feeling a bit like it was in vain, almost no one in the world will appreciate it - most people are too invested in their forced-collectivist system, and about the only options left to us, are to just watch the world collapse now, as "Atlas Shrugs". From Colorado, Melissa Brookstone Author and Founder of "The Planetary Bill of Rights Project".